"You communist bastard! I know you're hiding Mattie! Now come out and face me like a man!" Alfred kept pounding on the Russian's door. Then something was thrown out of the window and hit Alfred. "OWWWW! What the hell!"

Alfred found the brick that hit him, on it, there was a note attached. "Help ME!" It was written in blood. His eyes widened.

"G-Ghost! Oh my god!" Alfred ran quickly away.

Inside the house...

"Vanya? What are you doing?" Katyusha asked her brother as he had a bucket of red paint and lots of paper covered bricks.

"Protecting Comrade Matvey." He replied as he painted another message on a brick.

"Okay?" She didn't question her brother's 'ideas.'

Ivan saw Alfred come back with Arthur. He smiles in delight.


"Dad, I told you there's a ghost in there." Alfred said, scared as hid behind the shorter British man.

"Please, Alfred. How can you believe in such things? There are no such things as ghosts."

"But you always talk to your 'fairies.'" Alfred whined.

"Faires are REAL! Ghosts aren't. I have never seen such an apparation." The Brit hmmphed.

"Whatever. Now go and see it!" Alfred pushed Arthur to the door.

Arthur sighed and knocked on the door.

A minute passed and Katyusha opened the door. She smiles nervously at them.

"Hello, Mr. Kirkland. What are you doing here?"

"We are here to see if uh..." Arthur turned to Alfred. "What is his name again?"

"Mattie!" Alfred said, annoyed.

"Oh right." He turns back to her. "If Matthew was here."

"No, I'm sorry. I haven't seen him for a long while." Katyusha said as she shook her head.

"You liar! I know he's..." A brick hit Alfred square on the face. He fell down. He screamed in pain. "OWWWW!"

Arthur frowned at his son's pain. He went over and picked up the brick. It read 'Go Away!'

"What kind of foolish joke is this?" Arthur said.

"HEY!" Alfred gets up as he cries a little. He puts his hand up to his nose and his eyes widen dramatically. "I'm BLEEDING! I think it's broken!"

Arthur looks over at Alfred and quickly pinches Alfred's nose. Alfred starts screaming like a banshee.

"It's nothing." Arthur pulls out his handkerchief. "Here put this up to your nose to stop the bleeding."

Alfred sniffled and took it and quickly scrunched it to two plugs and put it in his nostrils.

Arthur frowned, disgusted by Alfred. "Let's go home."

"But, Mattie! I know he's here!" Alfred wailed, sounding muffled due to his plugs.

"She said he isn't here. I'd like to believe her. You on the other hand are disillusioned."

"I am not disalluu-cioned!" Alfred said the last word slowly.

Arthur shakes his head and grabs Alfred's ear. " Come on, it's time to reeducate you in English." Arthur slowly drags Alfred away.

"NOOO-" Alfred got a brick thrown into his mouth. Alfred looks up and see Ivan smiling widely. Ivan waved to him.

"BASTWAAA" Alfred started screaming but Arthur pulled harder on Alfred's ear. "OWWWWW!"


"Vanya, now what do we do?" Katyusha asked, worryingly.

"It's okay, Sister. Comrade Matvey got all the brains in their family." Ivan stretched out his back. "After all, the stupid pig first thought I was a ghost." He chuckled childishly.

She sighed in slight relief. "Okay. If you say so."

"BROTHERRR!" A shrill screaming resounded through the house.

Ivan started shivering in fear. "Well, goodbye Sister." He kisses her on the cheek and gets ready to jump out of the window.

The door slammed open and there a raging Natalia. "I FOUnnD YoUUUuuU!"

Ivan quickly jumped out and landed. He winced in pain but still hobbled as quick as he could away.

Natalia jumped after him. She spun like a ball and landed perfectly. "BROTHER! YOu ArE Not GeTtING AWay!"

She sprints after him. Katyusha just sighs and shakes her head. She closes the window.

"Sometimes I wish they were more normal."

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