Sex-Flavored Daiquiri

~Kiss of the Scandalous Sex-toy~

Seymour opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling, a knock at the door having woken him up, "Breakfast is ready, Sir. Come out when you're ready. I put some new clothes on the dresser for you." The maid's voice rang and vanished as soon as it had come. Seymour groaned, covering his face with his hands, and running his hands through his blue hair. His lower abdomen felt really sore- and he couldn't remember much from last night. The images were fuzzy- the only vivid things were the color of the Vampire's eyes that seemingly glowed in the dark, despite them, themselves, being of a dark color. The warmth of the vampire's breathing against his skin, which seemed hot enough. The icy feeling of the Vampire's flesh against Seymour's. Passionate moans rang in his head from the night before, but he had difficulty deciphering whether they were the Vampire's or his own. Seymour got up and went to the bathroom, finding the tub already full of hot water. He slipped in and started to clean himself, blinking in confusion when he found finger-like bruises on his hips. Seymour was slightly confused, and then it hit him like a slap in the face. He had gotten raped! Seymour scrubbed his skin until it was raw and then dried off, throwing on the clothes that had been neatly folded for him, and exited the room.

In the Dinner hall, the maid was already serving the Master of the House his food (who was in the chair at the end of the table), half of the curtains closed around the Master. Seymour stomped into the room, "YOU!" He yelled, and the Maid flinched, panicking as she fumbled to catch a crystal glass, and did so successfully, while he stormed over. The Vampire looked up and was punched in the face,

"M-Master!" The maid cried, as he fell to the floor with a heavy thud, the chair falling as well. "Master, I will get the 1st aid!"

"No, its fine." The Vampire said, getting to his feet slowly, "That actually stung a bit, Little Guado." The maid vanished and returned with a cloth, dampened with some sort of liquid, and cleaned the blood off his lower lip. "Thank you."

"You raped me last night!" Seymour said and the maid blushed, taking a hasty leave, and the Vampire sneered,

"Oh, it wasn't rape. Your passionate moans filled the air of my chambers all night. I remember how you begged me for more a consecutive amount of times during the night. You passed out, so I put you to bed. I could have left you outside, in the freezing cold, completely naked to the whole world outside." He pointed out and Seymour blushed furiously. "Unfortunately, you made quite a bitter drink. I don't appreciate that. We'll have to work harder tonight." The Vampire added, setting his chair up and getting back to eating his hearty, meaty breakfast, of a rare, 18 oz. steak. The blood pooled at the bottom of his plate, but he ate anyway, and often drizzled the leftover blood over the steak once every so often. The Vampire looked Seymour in the eyes and Seymour looked back, blushing faintly, "Would you like some?" Seymour's temper flared and he balled his fists, as they where at his sides rather stiffly, before he snapped 'No, I don't!' "I see. You're mad because of the bruises, right? Well, shall I remind you that you asked me to put them there?"

"I can't remember anything! I'm madder about that than anything else." Seymour admitted and the Vampire sipped his drink, and finished his food,

"That's because I specially made your drink that you drank last night. Your memory would be a bit fuzzy, but it would be a lot less painful for you. I was considerate." The Vampire said and Seymour frowned slightly, as he stood, "Take your time eating, and do what you want to entertain yourself. I want you in my room when the sun and its rays vanish." He left and Seymour watched him, vanish into his room. Seymour occupied most of his time in the large library the Vampire owned- and watching the Maid put books away, getting a fantastic view of her ass as she did so.

"Master owns so many books and he only checks out a few at a time! Such a waste." The Maid said, mostly to herself, and Seymour sighed quietly, looking back at the book he was reading,

"I know what else is a waste." He muttered under his breath and she perked, looking at him, knowing he had something, but went back to putting the books back. As soon as the sun vanished, Seymour prepared himself for another encounter with the Vampire, and the Maid allowed him his last few sane moments as she went to speak with the Vampire herself. Eventually the maid knocked on the door, "Sir Seymour, the Master wishes to see you." Seymour sighed and opened the door, the Maid leading him to the Vampire's doors as she had the night before, and left him to enter on his own. Seymour took a deep breath and pulled open one of the large doors, slipping in, and shutting it behind him. The smell of incense wafted thickly in the air. Just like the night before. Seymour felt the incense working its magic on his muscles, and was a little taken back by how much faster it was working than last time. In the darkness, among the dim lights of the candles, a pair of grey eyes opened and looked at him.

"You know my name, but may I know yours?" Seymour asked the eyes, which were joined by a set of glistening white teeth in a toothy smile.

"Maybe later." They answered, "How about a drink?" Seymour refused to let his guard down and watched as a long-nailed hand appeared and picked up a glass that held some sort of liquor. Vodka, maybe moon shine? Seymour was unsure, but the Vampire drank it down smoothly. "No?"

"Not right now." Seymour answered and they nodded,

"Your choice. I only suggested it because you showed some…discomfort…last night. It may not be as fun as taking pills, but it relieves the pain faster." Seymour blushed faintly and looked away.

"C-Can we just… talk tonight?" The Vampire raised an eyebrow in the dark, and sighed, setting down the glass,

"I see you just want questions answered tonight. Fine then." The Vampire's unwavering and menacing gaze settled on Seymour without the slightest hint of being fazed, "What is it you want to talk about then?" Seymour looked around and found a chair, not too far from where he stood, but closer to the bed than he desired. He sat down in it anyways.

"How is it that it's only you and your Maid in this place?"

"I came here seeking isolation and rumors in the Village below swarmed about me being the 'King of Demons', so the Villagers stay away for a few hundred years." They answered, refilling their drink, and taking a light sip. "I stumbled upon Symphonia while I was walking- I raised her based off how I saw the Human fathers raising their children."

"And you let her go to the Village?" Seymour asked cautiously. If the Vampire let the Maid leave, then maybe Seymour could coax her into letting him carry back groceries or what not, and escape.

"Occasionally- I make sure that I send her with something to make the villagers doze off. She takes what she needs, pays, and comes home." The Vampire answered. Seymour mentally smiled. An opening. "Have a martini, won't you? You look tense." Seymour mentally shrugged, getting to his feet and accepting the martini from the Vampire. Why not?

~15 minutes later~

Seymour fell on the bed, panting heavily, his face a dark red, the Vampire kissing him passionately and Seymour kissed back, hugging his neck. His skin was cold as the marble that was in the floor of most of his home, but ironically, his breath was hot. Everywhere he touched, Seymour felt hot, but the Vampire withdrew, leaving the Guado laying their, on the verge of begging for penetration. "Hah, hah, V-Vampire…" Seymour murmured pleadingly and he grabbed something from the night stand,

"Just a moment, Little Guado." The Vampire assured him, unscrewing the top to the light green tube in his hand, and squeezing a generous amount of it's opaque yellow liquid into his left palm and putting the tube on the night stand, "Get on your hands and knees, Little One." Seymour blushed furiously, a protest on his tongue, but he was too deep in ecstasy to argue and did what he was told. The vampire applied the liquid to cover his hands and it resembled honey, but was smeared all over Seymour's lower region. Seymour moaned softly as the Vampire circled the opening on his anus with his fore finger, teasingly probing the entrance with the tip of his finger.

"Ahh…W-What is this-?" Seymour asked, panting as his inner body temperature raised and the Vampire ran his hands over Seymour's chest from behind and down his back. The hot surge now inclined to electricity all over his body.

"An aphrodisiac I purchased over some strange network called 'The internet'." The Vampire answered, licking Seymour's neck slowly, "How does it feel?"

"I-It feels good!" Seymour answered, his mind a blur, the Vampire slipping a finger in his rectum, smirking,

"It seems my finger went in very easily. Were you a bad boy when you were alive?" The Vampire question and Seymour gripped the sheets, moaning softly,

"Y-Yes! Please, punish me for my past life!" Seymour begged and the Vampire smiled, Seymour laying his lower body on the bed, his ass in the air. The Vampire spread his cheeks to get a better look, Seymour started blushing and looking back at him, "D-Don't spread it-!"

"You sound like a girl about to get her cherry popped." The Vampire mused and Seymour blushed harder, "Didn't I tell you last night? I don't treat my playthings badly." Seymour blinked through the hazy that his brain had become, and he processed a single thought- 'plaything'? The fingers swirled around inside of him and Seymour jolted, moaning in pleasure, before the Vampire lifted him up and set him in his lap, the Vampire grinning at him. "Oh, little Guado, you'll help me made a good drink tonight, right? Not another disappointment like last night?" The fingers that one pleasured him had been pulled out, and he was on the edge of ecstasy and that climax; he was slowly losing it.

"Of course not, Master Vampire!" Seymour whimpered, and the Vampire smirked, "Please use me to make a better 'drink', Master Vampire!" The Vampire sneered evilly, his eyes glowing in the dark,

"What a brave offer. Then- let's get down to it." Seymour jolted at the Vampire slipped into him and he moaned in pleasure, unable to swallow properly. The first thrust was slow and Seymour was impatient, despite how good it felt. "Tell me how you want it, Little One." The Vampire whispered tauntingly in his ear, and Seymour moaned,

"Please go faster," "What's the magic word?" "…Please go faster, Master." The Vampire obeyed and Seymour shouted out in pleasure; the Vampire hitting his G-spot as if he had known it was there for the longest time. While that was going on, the Vampire nibbled on his sweet spots until Seymour was worn out. The Vampire laid him down, having spent himself while Seymour was blinded in his own bliss. The Creature of the Night left the bed as Seymour laid there, panting in exhaustion, peeked past he thick, almost invisible curtains, out a window. They blended in with the room, and he slowly let the curtain cover up the window once more,

"Hm- it seems as if we've spent a good amount of time of the Night in my chambers…" The Vampire mused aloud, and went back to the bed, kissing Seymour, whose eye lashes fluttered shut, as he drifted off to sleep. "Thank you," The Vampire whispered in his ear, before towering over the Guado and kissing the side of his neck, before pulling his lips back to show off glistening fangs..

~ Next Morning ~

Seymour awoke in his bed and groaned, sitting up- naked- his ass and his body in pain. God damn it- it happened again. The door was opened and the maid poked her head in, "Oh! Good Morning, Sir Seymour." She greeted, and set a fresh change of clothes on the dresser, as he got up and wrapped the sheets around his waist, "If you have any dirty clothes, please collect them so I can clean them-" She looked over to where he was supposed to be on the bed, and found her face an inch or two away from Seymour's own. She blushed, "S-Sir?"

If- the Vampire was going to go against Seymour's wished and ruin his own 'forbidden fruit', then why not pick the Vampire's weakness? Seymour took her lower jaw in his hand and kissed her passionately. This way-Seymour had something to wadger, in exchange for his freedom…

The Virginity of the Vampire's beloved maid, Symphonia.

To Be Continued…