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Chapter 14. Father

She takes his hand and brings it to her stomach. "Here, Hiccup. Feel that?"

He smiles. "Yes."

The baby makes Astrid tired; she doesn't like getting out of bed in the morning, needs to lean against him when she walks anywhere. The baby makes her grumpy. "I don't look good right now, Hiccup, okay? Stop lying to me."

But it isn't a lie. He thinks she looks beautiful.

He couldn't quite get used to the idea of a little person growing inside her until the kid is actually born, all the extended family has gathered at their house, come to meet the newest member, and Stoick's pounding him on the back, grin splitting from ear to ear. "I'm a grandpa!"

And he—he, Hiccup—is a daddy.

Astrid twines her trembling fingers through his. Her face is pale, her eyes dark with exhaustion, but she is positively glowing. "Look at him! He's so tiny! Look at his eyes—green, like yours! And his toes, and his nose, and his ears—oh my goodness, he's the cutest little thing I've ever seen. What should we name him?"

Ah, it doesn't matter. (Just don't name him Hiccup the Fourth, okay, sweetie?)

The baby is just perfect. He spits up and cries all night and pulls Toothless's tail. He is always needing to be changed; Astrid is always refusing to be on diaper patrol; and Hiccup is always giving in and doing it himself.

Stoick, despite being an enthusiastic grandfather, is actually not all that big on babysitting.

So Hiccup does that too.

He gets the first smile all to himself. The first laugh, the first 'dada' and 'Toofiss' (Toothless). Astrid is there too for the first step, and she finds the first tooth one day while the baby is being fed.

Hiccup cannot remember a time he got enough sleep at night. Cannot remember a time his world didn't revolve around the kid who invaded their home and made them a family.

He takes the baby outside to toddle around in the woods behind the house. He makes sure it's soft, grassy, no sharp rocks hiding in the dirt and no pointy twigs sticking out of the underbrush. He watches his little boy suck on his fist and point at the birds chasing each other across the sky. The scariest thing Hiccup can think of is what if I raise him wrong? What if I can't give him everything he needs?

And the best is what he'll become someday. He looks more like his mama with each passing week; he can make animal noises and says 'buh-bye!' whenever someone leaves the house.

The baby dumps a pinecone at Hiccup's feet and sings away, "Ah-ah-bah-bah-bah." Hiccup echoes instinctively; the baby giggles, kicks at another pinecone and collapses into his daddy's lap.

Astrid comes outside, closing the back door behind her. "Are you guys going to be ready for dinner soon?"

Hiccup pulls her down to sit beside them and kisses her forehead. The baby reaches for her ("Mama!") and laughs again as she gathers him into her arms.

"In a minute," Hiccup tells her.

"Okay," she says.

A minute is good.

Hm, too cliched?

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