If she could be anything, she would be mist.

She cannot be caught by magic, or your hands, but only seen.

My wand cannot harm her.

For the day I do bring my wand against her,

Will be the day I have stopped thinking about her-

How she is, or if she's in good health, if she's safe.

The night that I will think of her is never ending,

Just like her capacity to forgive.


Chapter 1

It started out as a normal day for the both of them. "Ok, Sir that will be $7.59."

"Do you know who I am? How dare you charge me?" He snarled, and she groaned.

"Sir, just pay the bill."

"I refuse."

"Pay the tab so I can get on with my life and meet my quota for the day, please."

"I said I'm not paying for it."

"Well, you're not leaving this store without paying." She said frankly.

"You dare talk to me like that!"

"Come on, man, I've got a husband and 8 kids to feed!" She hissed and he hesitated.


"NO! Just pay the god-damn bill!"

"FINE!" He paid the bill, took his things and left, and she turned around and walked away from the counter.

"BOSS! I'm taking a fucking smoke break!" She snarled, grabbing her coat and going out the back door, pulling out a pack of smokes and lighting up, exhaling. "God, I hate my job!" She said, looking to her left, seeing the same guy she had been arguing with not too long ago. Oh crap. He had a wand out and everything. "Jesus- what now?"

"I'm going to kill you for your tone with me." He said, and she sighed, taking another drag of her cigarette, exhaling, looking at him.

"Oh- but first-" She offered him a cig from her pack of cigarettes, "You want a smoke?"

"This isn't a laughing matter, and no, I don't smoke!"

"Well after chatting it up with you, I need one." Suddenly, something went through her and she blinked emotionlessly. "Was that all you got, big boy?" He was confused, and she put out her cig. "Look- my shift ends in 5 minutes; feel free to try again after that." She said, and went back inside.

(5 minutes later)

She exited the store from the back, and he was standing there, waiting, "I will kill you now!" She nodded,

"Cool, cool. Have fun." She said, walking down the road, and he kept shooting off his deadliest spells- they didn't affect her. Even the killing curse didn't work, as she vanished down an alley.

"I haven't killed you yet!" He yelled and found the alley empty. "Where-?"

"Would you cut it out!" He looked up, seeing the woman standing on the roof of a house, her yellow and blue scarf floating on the cold, bitter wind. "I- have no interest in you following me anymore, so quit it. I want to go home alone." He stared at her- the hatred in her deep blue eyes. "Leave in peace." She said once more, before he cast another spell on her, and it went right through her. "73- That's the seventy-third time you've attempted to kill me. Have you not realized that your spells have no effect on me? This has gotten boring, so I'm leaving now." She told him, and a mist filled the streets as she jumped down and went right into it, the mist thickening into a fog, and she vanished. He went after her, and when the fog had faded away- so did the hazy shadow that was once her. He was livid! There was no sorcery mightier than he, and his pride could not be damaged by a girl, none the less!

The next couple days, he had his minions look for the girl- no sight of her. He had given them all a drawing of her features, and when they showed it to the clerk, he did not know who she was nor had he ever seen or heard of her. They looked into his mind to see if he was lying- he was not- and they returned to their master, empty-handed. He looked himself, but could not find her- until months later when he happened to go to the same shop for something quick. "Going to try and leave without paying a single pound again, are we? That's shoplifting, you know." Rang her voice, making him look up and she stood there.

"YOU!" He exclaimed, and she raised an eyebrow, confused, but otherwise, unfazed, by his yelling at her. "I've been trying to find you for months!"

"What an honor to be sought out by someone like you when I, myself, am of such humble birth." She said emotionlessly, ringing up his items, "That will be 15 pounds." She told him, and he was amazed and belittled by her actions. One again, he demanded if she knew who he was and she didn't even give a hint of emotion, "I know who you are," She said, leaning forward to his ear and whispered, "Voldemort." She withdrew and gave him a frosty look, "But that doesn't change the fact that you're going to pay for your items." She added bluntly, and he glared at her. "Are you going to try and kill me again?"

"No, no." Two black cloaked men appeared on either side of him, "I'll only torture you."

"Just pay for the things you got at least before you do." She said, and he growled, doing so, and she gave him his change back. "Ok, have a nice day." She told him as if he was just another customer.

"How dare you!" On of the men said, glaring at her, and she tilted her head to the side,

"Hey, I'm just doing my job. I'm a convenience store clerk- not a criminal." She laughed, "But at these prices, it's practically stealing! Sorry, I have to say that ten times a day before I go home- and now I can go home." She said, and, like the last time, made a quick exit, the two jumping over the counter, one slipped and fell on his ass, the other went after her, Voldemort glaring at his retarded minion, who scrambled to his feet and followed the other one. They went out a door that went straight to the alley, and she was no where in sight. The Two minions looked around and heard nothing- "Now I'm all up in your FACE!" She said and one of them stumbled backwards and hit the wall behind them, panting, and she stood there. The Goon looked at his companion then her as did Voldemort. "Well…I expected them to be so much stronger…Oh well." The other pulled out his wand and aimed it at her, spitting a spell that went right through her. The next moment, she was in front of him, and her ankle level with his face, before she delivered an upper-cross kick, sending him spinning the other way- whizzing right past his master- and into the other one who had only just regained his footing. Theo two grunted in pain as they both fell to the ground in a heap. She put her foot back on the ground, and walked off as if nothing had just happened, and right by the twisted goons, who both growled at one another to 'get off them' when it was easier said then done.

She rolled she shoulder in its socket, looking back at Voldemort who looked back with an air of irritancy, making her smirk, "If you hate me so much- then why not put a little more effort into searching me out? If you put your mind to it, you will go far, eh?" She chuckled, and walked off into the fog that had appeared and embraced her warmly, hiding her from view, before leaving the alley. Voldemort flew after the fog as it slowly rolled away and sent a spell to disperse it. Only barely, did the fog thin, and a shadow appeared. He reached forward and reached for something- anything- when he hooked something, he pulled back and the girl glanced back at him, the fog rolling away reluctantly, some staying just in case. "Oh, you actually went out of your way to grab me?" She questioned, the Fog raced back and wrapped around her, as what he held turned into nothing but thickened air, "I can do magic too." Her voice echoed, before the Fog grew higher and higher over Voldemort, his minions getting in front of him protectively, attempting to get rid of it, but the spells held no results, as the Fog towered over the three like a tidal wave. "Let's play a game. You have 3 months to find me- if you can find me within those 3 months, then you are free to do what you please with me. If you fail, then you will suffer a penalty. Sound Fair?" she asked, as her image appeared to be lounging on the fog as if it was her enormous pet.

"I accept your terms." He replied and she smiled,

"Ok. Feel free to use any methods you see fit, as I will to. Let the Game begin." With that, the large Fog wall crashed into them with an unseen force, only Voldemort was able to hold his ground- and that took a little more effort than he thought, as his minions were pushed back, out into the street. She was god, and the fog dispersed.


"Maybe a Spell?" One of his minions offered, and he reclined comfortably in his large leather chair, thinking.

"How about we make a fake store!" Another squealed girlishly (she was a girl), "Oh, we love to shop!"

"No spells- no shopping." He said softly, deep in thought. A knock at the door, one of his minions coming in with a screaming message, "I wonder who this is from." They ripped it open and it flew in front of Voldemort,

"Good Evening, Lord Voldemort (and his ugly henchmen), I would like you inform you that on the last day of the 3rd month, at midnight exactly, if you have failed to find me, you will lose the game. If you have any responses or questions to this message, please give it to my pet, who delivered this- after half an hour he will come home to me. Have a good night." The message ripped itself to pieces, and Bellatrix huffed, tossing her hair over her shoulder,

"Well, what a rude girl! Wouldn't she come over and tell you that herself? Who would dare tempt Lord Voldemort with such a message!" She said confidently, hoping to get praise from her Master for her show, but instead, Voldemort snapped at her,

"Hold your tongue, Bellatrix." He growled and she flinched and looked around, the other Death Eaters glaring at her, and she looked away, "Snape, get me some paper to reply to her message with. What type of messenger did she send?" The door opened to Wormtail, leading a sleek, elegant, white dog, into the house, "What are you doing letting that animal in this house!" He growled, and his goon flinched, look wounded,

"T-This is the messenger, which came with the screamer. I brought it just incase Master wanted to respond…She's a pretty girl." He said, petting the dog, and it wagged its tail very, very slowly.

"First off, that's a male dog." Lucius pointed out, "Second, it's a rare breed, (only 5 in the world I think), and third, not even I could buy that dog." Bellatrix went over to it, and the Dog snarled at her, making her withdraw.

"I work hard to keep this coat clean and its going to stay that way, got it wench?" the Dog asked, and she blinked in surprise. "I only have 14 minutes left- then, I must go out to grab a bite to eat. I have to run, because if I'm not fast, all the virgins will be gone and I will have no dinner!" It growled with a degree of irritancy, and they were shocked.

"Are you a dog or are you a rapist?" Bellatrix asked and the dog glared at her angrily,

"Your opinion doesn't matter, here, WHORE! Go sell your body to someone else!" the Dog snapped, and the other guys in the room (aside from Voldemort) congratulated the Dog, who accepted their compliments, as Voldemort offered up the reply. "Thank you for your response to my Mistress's letter, have a nice day." The dog said, taking the letter, and leaving the house.

"Follow the dog." Lucius and Bellatrix did so, stealthily though- only going out to see the dog had vanished.

"Where could it have gone?" Bellatrix asked stupidly, and Lucius sighed, "If it's a DOG it couldn't have gone that FAR." He said obviously, and there was a scream. "Maybe it attacked some one?" they went towards it and saw tall figure in a black cloak, having pinned a girl against the wall. They peeked out from around the corner, watching, as she slapped him across the face- she looked like the girl Voldemort was looking for. As she tried to make a run for it, the figure grabbed her arm and pulled her back, grinning sinisterly,

"My, my, my, what's the rush, little girl? Wouldn't you like to spend the evening with me?" She struggled in protest, "Oo, don't you look delicious? Unfortunately, you're just my favorite blood type-" She blushed and He ran a hand through her hair, kissing her neck, withdrawing slightly, opening his mouth, and his canines grew extremely long, and she shivered, "Relax, my darling, I won't hurt you- I just leave beautiful love bites…" He grinned, before a rock hit him in the back of the head and he snarled, turning around, letting out a high-pitched shriek at the two, eyes glowing evilly. "What the FUCK!" Lucius glided forward and Bellatrix stayed on his heels, and the creature raised an eye brow, still baring his fangs, the girl shivering behind him.

"We need that girl." Lucius purred and the creature put her in a head lock- his arms under hers, the palms of his hands on the back of her head, and he looked at them from behind her as she groaned softly in pain,

"I don't think so, Warlock." It purred, and kissed her neck, sinking his fang into the soft of the right side of her neck, and there was a loud crunch. She panted hastily, and her pupils shrunk, the irises changing to blood red, and her own canines lengthening. The figure- was a Vampire. The Vampire withdrew and kissed where he had turned her, licking the wound seductively, whispering something into her ear, and released her quickly, the Girl growled and glared at the two. "I will take my leave now- she wasn't really that much of a meal, but I know where to get a good one that will fill me up." He chuckled, walking off, "Take care of them, Dear." He said, blowing her a kiss, and walked off. The girl glared at the two, "Make sure to hurt the whore." The turned female lunged for the two, her nails now claws and she growled.


The white wolf came into the house through the doggie door, and changed forms immediately. "Oh, Omi, you're home. What took you so long?" She asked, looking up, and he handed her the reply from Voldemort. "Oh? He replied? Did you get a bite to eat before you came home, Omi?"

"Yes." He told her, kissing her cheek, taking a long whiff of her scent from her neck, "Mmm…you always smell better than all the flowers in the desert!" He exclaimed, kissing her neck, "Tonight, you and I will share a bed, yes?" He asked, his husky voice made her smile, "Your scent always turns me on." She laughed, pushing him away,

"Yeah, yeah, what did you do this time?" She asked, turning another page in the magazine that lay atop her folded legs while she sat in a large chair. He stood and brushed his finger tips under her chin as he walked by to the kitchen,

"I turned an innocent into one of my slaves- the Black Wizards tried to follow me home as I was having my snack- I had to make a delay or the game would be over, right?" she smirked, responding with an 'of course', as he started dinner, and he smirked, looking back at her, "Such a naughty girl to want to play with such a powerful Wizard as Voldemort!" She looked at him,

"Yes, well," She looked back to her magazine, "If he wins, then he won't regret it, but if he loses- well, I'll just give him a second chance- then we'll leave the country." Omi perked up, his wolf ears twitching at the last part.

"We're leaving the country? When, when?" He asked excitedly, and she laughed.

"When V fails the game." Omi 'ooh'd and continued making dinner. "shut up and make my food, slave!" She snapped and he laughed, "Yes, Dear." Omi replied and continued with his cooking.