Chapter 6

The Basement door to her home began to shiver, before it trembled and broke off the hinges, falling to the ground, along, thin shadow, sneaking out, and looked at the Guest room, drooling, before dragging itself up the walls and towards the room. It slowly made its way to the bedroom, but became wary of entering, seeing a wand, but it grinned wickedly, moving the wand just out of reach, before entering the room and sucking in any light so that there was just darkness. Its dark grin widened and widened, even when Voldemort woke up. "I have no fear of- whatever you are." It chuckled, like it wasn't here for his fear, before his flesh began to peel off and went to the dark monster, and it opened its mouth, welcoming the cold and twisted flesh. Voldemort clenched his teeth, finding he had trouble moving. It wasn't an illusion- and it HURT.

"Welcome to my dark Realm, Volde-" Suddenly, Voldemort's flesh dropped to the floor and the monster swiped away from the door, shivering, Dokuhime standing there, staring at him. Her hair mussed from sleep, and her night gown's strap had fallen from her shoulder.

"Get. Back. In. My. Basement." She ordered and it shivered, chuckling,

"I've eaten! You think you can defeat me now, wench?" It demanded and she sighed, flicking her hand. Voldemort found that whatever had held him down was gone and his wand flew to his hand, and she watched as the creature blew up and blood splattered against the walls, him, and Dokuhime, who seemed unfazed. She blinked, wiping the blood from her face, "Stupid beast." She said, walking over to Voldemort, the strips of flesh that had fallen surrounded her and she looked at him for permission, "May I?" He nodded and she put her hand on his arm, and his flesh lost and removed, returned to where it had vanished. The flesh that did not piece back with the rest of him, that what was in the beast's belly, was taken from her flesh in exchange. When he was 100% back to health and flesh, she removed her hand, "And this is why I suggested you stay in my room." Was all she said, before leaving for downstairs? She came back up with a glass and walked right past,

"What was that?"

"It was a wild demon I got Omi to catch for me. I needed him for something- but now that he's dead, we'll have to go back and get another." She said, sighing, "Ai, I go get a cup for some water and this happens. How irritating." She groaned and went back to bed. Voldemort got up and went to her room, as she lay in bed and set a glass down on the nightstand, he slipped into bed next to her- to her right, where Omi occupied the other side. She didn't seem to mind him much, as she fell asleep like he wasn't there, and Voldemort wrapped an arm around her waist and moved closer for her warmth.

Although the next morning, he woke up cold and alone. He got up and went down stairs, smelling food, and came to the kitchen where a plate of food had been set out, freshly made, and still hot, as Dokuhime put on a scarf, and Omi slipped into a thick coat. Dokuhime left, and Omi noticed Voldemort, "Dokuhime made breakfast for you. Have a good day."

"Where are you two going?" Dokuhime glanced at Omi over his shoulder with a look that asked him why he was taking so long,

"Well, you killed Mistress's experiment, so, we're going to catch more creatures to use." Omi bowed stiffly and shut the kitchen door. Voldemort looked at the breakfast and sat down, helping himself, and went to his own hideout.

~Romania- Mountains~

He peeked over the edge, and saw the dragon- big, fierce, and with a coat of thick fur, to keep it warm in the cold of the mountain summits. Its fur was a deep blue, and it was drinking from a fountain. He silently readied his bow and set and arrow, pulling the drawstring back, aiming for the creature's neck- before 5 dragon pups barked and yipped, jumping into the spring. The Dragon gave a low growl and pulled them out. Its children- those were the Dragon's own pups. He lowered his bow- until another rival dragon appeared with a coat of dark brown fur, and began to challenge the Mother, who shielded her pups from the other dragons' attacks. He let the air sail through the air, and it pierced the dragon's thick armor with its enchanted arrowhead, and the male fell to the ground, dead. He jumped out from his hiding place, putting the bow on his back and the female growled at him warningly, but he only pulled out the air and the dragon watched, stiff, as he wiped the arrow head of blood, and put it back in its quiver, looking at them and pausing. "Go now, Mother. All is well." The Female looked at him, and then nudged her pups in the other direction and they flew off.

"Oh- you got a male dragon? Good job, Omi." He looked back, seeing Belladonna, who wore a simple cloak, wrapped around to keep were warm and went to her ankles. "He'll be a little heavy- but you'll be able to get him into the basement, right?" she asked, and he looked at the dead dragon.

"If I was to cut him into pieces- the neck, between the shoulder bladed and hips blades, then the beginning of the tail and wing blades- we should be able to, I believe. The wings look a little worn- he must have been an Alpha Male or the brother of one and fought for the Leadership position at some point." Omi said, "I almost- killed the mother of 5 pups before this guy came and started trouble." She nodded, "We're being watched right now, Mistress."

"Get to work, we have to get Big-Daddy here home and get the others." Omi nodded at her order and she walked off, "I think I spotted a Griffin not too far away…" She murmured, and took his bow from him, "Let me use this." She said, and walked off, taking not a single arrow from his quiver, and vanished into the snow-covered crests of the mountain tops. She strode up behind two other men, watching Omi, and she tapped them on the shoulder, making them look back, "Is your master here to?" They jolted. "Lucius Malfoy. Wormtail."

"Eh- H-Hello." Wormtail nervously said under her cold gaze, "My Lord is here-" Lucius hit him with his cane and she hit Lucius across the face with Omi's bow.

"How dare you?" Lucius growled, getting to his feet, and she looked at him calmly, "He was answering a question of mine, not yours. Do not hit him again or I'll kill you." Lucius put his wand to her forehead, and she was unfazed. "Your wand can't harm me." She turned and walked off, crouching and silently making her way towards a griffin not too far away, and produced an arrow from her cloak and set on the bow, pulling back and aiming, and the air glided through the air, and in the blink of an eye, it had hit a tree, near the roots and tied something to the nearest tree- tightly. She put the bow on and Lucius scoffed,

"You didn't even hit him! You missed!" Lucius said, and she was silent, and put her hands over her mouth, mimicking a dragon's roar- acutely well. The Griffin startled, stumbled from side to side and tripped on the invisible trip wire she had just set and she ran at the bird, tying up its beak, feet, and wings. "…"

"If you looked a little closer, the sun glistened off my trip wire, but the Griffin could not see it for I had set it low enough so in the griffin's position, it could not see it." she said, "A skilled Hunter would know this- but you're a spoiled and pampered BRAT." She stroked the griffin, "Shhhh…You'll be fine." The Griffin stopped struggling and relaxed under her touch, before Omi let out a yell, and the Griffin flinched, the three people going over to see what the problem was.

"Mistress, the Dragon male!" Omi yelled, and she looked over, seeing the Dragon on his feet, growling, and Voldemort behind Omi, his want not in his hand. The dragon charged and Omi was able to get out of the way- Voldemort didn't have the agility to dodge, but Belladonna has the speed to counter attack. She dashed in front of Voldemort, threw her cloak in the dragons face, and jumped into the air, holding Voldemort in her arms. Under the cloak, she wore nothing but a pair of daisy duke shorts, and a small short of tan-top that just covered her breasts. She landed away from the dragon and it ripped off her cloak, glaring at her, as she set Voldemort down, holding the bow and the dragon growled and turned to her.