Heaven Sent

Chapter 1

She grabbed the comforter from the basket, heavy with its extra water, and she tried to get it onto the clothes line, her pet growling. "I can do this by myself, Akuma." she told it, heaving it over her shoulder, before it was lifted from her and placed on the clothes line.

"You should leave such taxing chores to me." came a deep voice, and she smiled, looking over her shoulder.

"You have training to do…" He ran a hand through his long hair, "Kagetora-Kun." He looked at her.

"I don't need training." e said bluntly, and she flicked him in the forehead. "Ack!"

"Tch! Silly boy! Of course you do! It you don't have enough control over your body, you'll never be able to be of any use!" she told him, but he knew well enough that her harsh words only translated to what his inner desire was. "So much like your father- he rarely thought ahead as well."

"Oh?" Kagetora grinned, leaning, but in a way that he was looking up at her face. "Akuma was your last present from Father, right, mama?"

"I suppose you can say that." she said, looking away, as he stood up and hugged her from behind.

"I love you, Mama." He told her, and she sighed.

"Stop making up excuses and go and get the groceries, you procrastinating son." She told him, and he chuckled, leaving, Akuma watching him as he did so, and hissed shortly at her, as she lowered her head.

"Hey- I said don't cry, Mama." Kagetora said, covering her eyes with his hand, as tears slipped down. "Don't let the Bosses harass you anymore today. My Mama isn't a pushover." He told her, kicking the basket, and walking off, as all the clothes fell onto the line perfectly, and hung there to dry. "You really should get some sleep, Mama." She said nothing, as he walked off.

"What a strange child." She said to Akuma, who nodded. "Come on- I'm going to make some tea." Akuma wagged his tail, and scurried after her, as she went back into the house.


He opened his mouth and sunk his teeth into the sweet bun he had bought for himself, ripping off a huge chunk, before pulling it in and chewing on it, staring at one of the many bases his Father was said to have stayed at. He liked this one the most. It was abandoned- but he liked it the most. It was gem, hidden deep in the crevices of a place you could not reach by boat, but if you walked across the water, you could get to its stairs. It was tucked securely in a cliff so that you could only attack form above or the front, but above was difficult if you didn't know where to look.

Its roofs were red, and it had large windows- the highest tower had nothing but windows all around- its where he always fell asleep. Kagetora reclined, chewing on another bite of the sweet bun. Thank fully, all the groceries were fine, if not put in the fridge for a while- he had time. Maybe he could take a nap- the warm sun was so relaxing… He'd go to his study after he returned the house, drop off the food, and if his mother was home, she'd probably cook something up for him and Akuma. He rummaged in his pocket and pulled out a burnt picture, holding it up to look at it.

It was- well, once upon a time- it was a picture of 4 people. It Mother was in it, smiling happily, and he was just a small boy. Then there was the black-haired boy standing behind his mother- the right part of the picture, had been eaten away by the tragedy that made them relocate. Its as if he was looking at a sad memory that he had forgotten. For the fourth person- was supposed to be his father- but there was only a ghostly pale hand on his mother's shoulder left, from the fire's greedy jaws. Something cold touched his shoulder, but he already knew this familiar sensation.

"Kagetora-Dono, is that the family photo again?" A girl's voice came, and she giggled, standing up, and Kagetora looked at her, stashing the picture once more. "Kagetora-Dono, you don't play with me anymore!" she whined, as he stood up, clinging to his arm, pressing her voluptuous chest against it.

"I don't need your strength." He said bluntly, looking away, as she pressed herself against him even more, so close her scent suffocated him.

"You're right- you sides with the Devil to get your body so-" He shoved her off and she landed on her ass. "W-What the hell?" She demanded and he glared down at her. "Oh, right- touchy subject."

"My mother was given Zaki- but I'm stuck with Sumire the slut. Why does this happen to me?" He pointed to her accusingly, "36, 34, 36. The perfect, 'coco-cola' frame. Not too fat, not too thin. Girls with your measurements disgust me." He told her, and she flinched.

"H-How can you say that? When I heard that you'd be my partner, I worked so very hard to have this body!" she said, gesturing to her form. Bones held up and covered her breasts, and made a bustier for her out of their form, and a long, black skirt, open in the middle for easy moving, was attacked to the bustier. So it was more of a skimpy dress. "How dare you not pay any attention to my body! I get jealous when you look at other girls and-" He jumped down from the cliff and landed on the water, leaving the groceries there, and she leaned over the ledge. "Kage-!" She blushed, hiding, as Kagetora stood there, three other people in front of him.

"Are you Uchiha Sasuke?" He asked they, anyone willing to stand in general.

"I am." The identified person answered. "What of it?"

"Do you know someone named 'Kat-Chan'? She may have lived where you did." Kagetora said, and Sasuke was silent.

"I do." He answered, and Kagetora perked up. "How do you know her?"

"You won't mind spending a minute or two do you?" He asked. "If…we go now, she may still be home."

"…We can spare some time." Sasuke answered and his companions looked at him in horror, as they left and Sumire grabbed the groceries, running off to the house.

~The House~

Kagetora opened the door, "We're coming in. Hey, Mom!" She poked her head out from the high counter in the kitchen, that Kagetora could easily look over, but she couldn't. "I brought friends, I hope you don't mind. There's four of them." He said, and she vanished, Sasuke walking over to the kitchen. "H-Hey, you're really not supposed to-!"

"Kat?" He asked, and she looked at Sasuke."…It is you."

"eh? Sasuke!" she exclaimed, blushing. "Wha! If I had know you were coming, I would have straightened up my look a little more." she laughed, wiping her hands on the white apron she wore, her hair tied in a loose and sloppy bun- the one that you would make if you tried making a pony tail, but didn't pull it out completely. "Well- um- I was just making dinner, so- You'll stay for that at least, right? Or where you just stopping for a quick rest? That's fine too." He didn't say anything, but Kagetora watched, at they stared at one another, and she smiled happily. "That's great. Stay as long as you want. No matter what's written in the past, it should not predict the future." She said, getting back to chopping up some of the vegetables Kagetora had brought.

"…Alright." Sasuke said, and sat down. "We're staying here for the next couple nights, guys." Sasuke declared, and they sighed in somewhat relief.

"All of the rooms here are vacant- except the first door on the left and right. So feel free to pick your rooms." She told them, and Kagetora Leaned on the wall, staring at Sasuke, who glanced at him.

"Hey, you don't know my mom in any taboo ways, right?" He asked, before being hit in the head with a frying pan.

"That's rude, Kagetora-Kun!" His mother said, a vein pulsating on the side of her head, and a red-haired girl stood up. "Sasuke-Kun would never do anything so degrading!" She said to the already down boy.

"I fell asleep on her once." Sasuke spoke up, looking at her for confirmation. "Right?"

"Yep. I remember that." She confirmed, and the red-haired girl flinched. "Care to introduce me to your friends or not?"

"The loud one is Karin, the one with the large sword is Suigetsu, and the tall one is Jugo." Sasuke said, and she nodded.

"I have sweets for dessert, but, I'll make something unsweetened for you, ok, Sasuke? I know how you don't like sweets." Sasuke nodded, and closed his eyes, as she set his plate on the table, as well as everyone else's but her own. "Dinner." they went to the table and she stayed in the kitchen, eating her portion. "There's more for seconds if any one wants seconds." she informed them, taking a few bites of her own meal, as they ate.

"Sit down." Sasuke said, looking at her, and she looked back, licking her fork.

"Its easier for your body to disgust your food if you stand." She told him, and Kagetora got up, walking off and returning with an extra chair, and setting it at the table.

"You really should sit down. Standing make keep you away, but sitting is more relaxing." Kagetora said and she sighed in defeat, sitting down.

"He really is persistent." Sasuke commented, and she nodded, continuing to eat. "…I'm sorry." He said, what seemed rather randomly, to everyone else, but she knew what it meant.

"Sasuke, none of that matters now. Just eat, ok?" She said, patting him on the head, and contuing her meal. There was a knock on the door, and she stood up. "Kagetora- stash your guests please."

"Yes." Kagetora agreed, and Sasuke wondered what the hell was happened, as Kagetora put up a genjutsu , hiding himself and the others from view, as Akuma wadded out of his bed and his mother opened the door to a cloaked person.

"Good Evening." they greeted, tipping their hat to her slightly, letting their hand fall. "We request your assistance." They said, and she sighed.

"Alright- I'll go get my things." The person tried to enter, but she pushed them out. "Sorry, my Kagetora-Kun is having lady friends over- I can't let you get in the way of something so important as getting him married off."

"Ah, yes, my apologizes." They said, and she shut the door in their face, locking it, and Kagetora let down the jutsu.

"Thank you for using me as a scapegoat, mother." Kagetora said as she walked by, and she patted him on the shoulder.

"No problem. Make sure they're comfortable. I'll be back tonight, hopefully." She said, and went to her room, exiting in a white coat and a black shoulder bag. She made an extra plate of dinner, and went out the door, handing it to the cloaked person, who eagerly accepted it.

"Yes!" They said rather excitedly, and the two left.

"That was the Akatsuki…" Karin observed, and Kagetora sighed. "Yep- We call them 'bosses'. At least it wasn't the Big boss today. He's rather annoying." Sasuke was silent.

"Your mother works fro the Akatsuki?"

"Well- kinda. She's a surgeon for hire, and they just happen to have her on a one year contract for her abilities. I think she just cuts open dead bodies for them because- Its something she likes to do." Sasuke stood up, and went down the hall behind them and picked the room next to Kagetora's mother's, and shut the door.


The front door creaked open, and Akuma perked up, growling, before being pet. "Sssh." Someone coaxed, as Karin stepped out from her room. "Kagetora-san?" She asked, and he stood up, looking back at her, wearing a coat.

"Ah- sorry, did I wake you?" She shook her head. "I'll be back in a couple minutes- I'm just going to get my mother." He said, and a pair of red eyes opened up behind him in the darkness, before looking at him.

"I'll come with." Sasuke said, stepping out, and Akuma growled, getting up.

"…Alright." Kagetora agreed. "Akuma, Come." Akuma snorted, and shook his head while doing so. "You rather curl under the couch you wuss?" Akuma got up and snarled at him, before waddling out, and Kagetora shut the door after Sasuke left.

Kagetora kept a hand on his coat, and Sasuke kept walking, as Akuma lead the way. "It's raining, so, there's only one place she could hide." Kagetora said, and Akuma growled, galloping off, and they ran after him, before Akuma jumped off a cliff, and fell, Kagetora grabbing him, setting him down on the stairs of his secret hide out. He produced a key and opened the door, shaking off the rain water, and the two of them continued walking, going up a flight of winding stairs, and Kagetora unlocked the door to a pair of large, brown doors, and opened them, a flash of lightening, served as a guide. The room's floor was littered with papers and opened, but unread, unfinished books. There was a desk against the far right wall, where Kagetora went to, as the rain ran down the surrounding windows, and thunder clapped.

"MOM!" There was a crash and a whimper. "Mom, this isn't the place to sleep! You said you'd come home." He grabbed her hand, and pulled her out, as she rubbed her head. "You can't sleep here mom, you need to sleep in your own bed, come on." Kagetora said, leading her away, and Sasuke watched, about to leave, but glanced back, and caught a glimpse of something under the desk, as the lightening flashed, before he too, left.

~The House~

Kagetora carried his mother to her room, Akuma opening the door, and letting him enter, setting her on her bed. Akuma jumped onto the bed and curled up, his muzzle under he hand. "Good Night, Sasuke." Kagetora said, going to his room, and shutting the door. Sasuke entered her room, shutting the door, and found a chair next to the bed, taking up residence in it.

"How did he get so big? Even for his unnatural growing rate, it would have taken him 4 years to get that big." Sasuke said, and there was a short silence.

"He told me he made a contract with some thing, and I didn't press on." She answered honestly, closing her eyes.

"It seems he doesn't have any recollection of who his father is. Are you ashamed to tell him that his father was considered a criminal by most, and a traitor?" Sasuke asked, and she covered her eyes with her left hand.

"I haven't stopped crying long enough to tell him." she answered, tears slipping down her cheeks. "I told him what I thought of his father- he had a different and unique view of the world around him, but he was a good man."

"That's a vague way of putting it. Why don't you tell him the truth?" He asked, and she was silent.

"If I told him the truth, he'd probably hate me as much as he'd hate you. You're the only one who understands best that he's all I have, Saucey. So just- don't tell him." She said, trying to stop her voice from wavering.

"Why don't you shun me?" He asked.

"Because it wasn't your fault." She told him, closing her eyes, and letting her hand fall back down. "I wouldn't dream of blaming Sasuke for anything that has to do with me- Sorry Kagetora bothered you."

"I was actually wanting to see you, but-" She looked at him. "I went to where your last house was and it was just a pile of rubble. I didn't even know where to start looking, so, Kagetora actually helped me. Why was it burnt to the ground?"

"That's because- the Akatsuki came over and wanted me to be part of their Organization- and I refused. So, they burned the house down- us inside. We were only able to save a few things, before the entire building collapsed." She told him, looking at the ceiling. "I relocated here because of the base- I thoughts it would be a good place for Kagetora to hide if anything ever happened to me but- then he turned out like that and wanted to do everything himself. Thankfully, you're a guy, so you won't know how hard it is to be a mom."

"You can to terms with the Akatsuki?"

"No. They wouldn't leave me alone, and they annoyed me so much- I just want them to leave us alone- and they did- for a time, before they came back and offered me a job. To make sure the causes of death of some of the bodies they received, were anything but poisoning and predict if they were healthy before they died. I guess some of them had some problems with Organ Honors or something- they said they'd pay, so I accepted." Sasuke was quiet, and eventually, she fell asleep. Sasuke heard the sound of something hitting glass ad being deflected- but he couldn't tell what part of her room it was from.

~Next Day~

She stood there. "Oh…my statue fell over…" She said sadly, seeing one of the two statues in their back yard, had fallen over. Akuma growled, dipping his head under it, and pushed it back to a standing position. "Oh, thank you, Akuma. You're such a good lizard." Akuma mumbled something then rubbed up against her leg affectionately. "Come, let's do the laundry." She said, and Akuma growled, and followed her, as she went to the clothes line and hung the clothes she had cleaned earlier that morning, on the line. The front door opened, as she had hung up a shirt, and she looked back, seeing Kagetora.

"Mom, I'm going to the Village- I have papers I need to sign." He told her, and she nodded as he left, his scarf flying behind him, as he left. Their life was peaceful and simple- and her secrets were buried deep within the recesses of her heart and soul- just like she liked it. With no possibility of slipping out- until now.