Chapter 1

The light tune forever drifted around her form, turning long lost words of ancient power into an indescribable melody that was embedded in her heart, soul, and memories. All else that was once held within her slowly drifted away to be replaced by The Song. Even now the few memories she'd held before once more returning to this place were slowly fading, leaving her devoid of all but one memory. A memory that most would see as inconsequential to the bigger picture of one's existence, but it was all the song could do. It would fill the void left by those distant memories made at such a fragile time of peace. It would protect her just as it had always protected that which held both the beginning and the end. It would leave her with the ability to fight for what she cared for if she so chose. They would always be connected, always share the same heart. It had already failed once and even now only had strength left to protect this one. To send her to a chosen warrior it knew would keep The Song safe.

The final notes were set and the weapon it bore in-grafted into her system. Finally after years spent in the darkness light once more greeted her form. Eyes of amethyst gems began to peak open as if to view her companion amidst the darkness one more time, but her vision was soon illuminated by the silvery blue light surrounding her form. Once more her eyes closed and a single tear slipped free as if she somehow knew of the trials soon to come; of that which she had already been parted from, that which she would have to return to, and what she would have to give up in order to end this chaos. It would finish with her just as it began.

After all, she was the key.


A spiky haired boy lounged across the sand of his island as he viewed the waves. Waves that were becoming increasingly agitated as a storm brewed on the horizon. The boy watched with weary bright blue eyes as the storm seemed to draw nearer to his home as time grew. His attention was turned to the people approaching him as they shouted for him. The sight of his friends safe quelled the little anxiety that had been unconsciously building in his heart, and allowed him to rise to his feet and watch in amusement as the most volatile of his friends immediately began to yell at him. Despite being 16 and soon to be 17 years old he always seemed to be getting into some kind of trouble.
"Didn't you hear us calling for you Sora?" Said boy grinned at the little duck shaking his feathered fist at him.
"Sorry Donald, I guess the wind was too strong for me to hear well." Donald merely grunted in irritation and turned back to muttering to a giggling Goofy.
"Watcha doing out here anyway Sora? Didn't ya see the storm coming?" Goofy asked the teenager who had turned back to look at the ocean at the mention of the storm. Riku had joined his side as he also turned to view the looming waves that now crashed against the surf. At least Sora had had the good sense to get to higher ground when he saw the waves were getting a bit high.
"Yeah I noticed, it's what brought me out here in the first place." Kairi soon joined the duos side as she looked from Sora's eyes to the storm and back.
"What do you mean?" Sora turned to her at the sound of worry heavy in her voice. He didn't blame her for it either considering a storm was what had ripped them from their home to begin with. That seemed like such a long time ago now.
"I don't know really, something just told me to come out here." A sudden strike of lightning flashed and the crash of thunder soon followed as the group watched the approaching storm with vexation. They had only just gotten back to Destiny Island after Riku and Sora's Mark of Mastery exam which had left Riku to be a new Key Blade Master and Sora a proud friend. Kairi, Donald, and Goofy had only just come back to the islands for a visit a couple of days ago. Kairi had finally begun her training to become a Key Blade master and had been staying with Master Yen Sid. Donald and Goofy had decided to tag along when Yen Sid had unexpectedly told Kairi to go visit her home and friends. It caught her off guard considering all the training she had been enduring due to the pressure of the coming war heavy on all of their hearts the request had taken her by surprise.

Another clash of thunder accompanied what appeared to be a particularly bright flash of lightning that had them all cringing at its intensity. However their eyes soon turned into looks of wonder as what appeared to be a glowing figure began descending from out of the sky where the lightning had just flashed. Even the normally quiet Riku was stunned out of silence.
"What is that?" The group all fixed their stares on the falling figure fast approaching the waves beneath the angry sky. A loud gasp tore their eyes away from whatever it was to see a flustered Sora kicking off his shoes. "Sora—" a confused Riku asked before they all cried in horror as Sora began to run towards the ocean.
"What are you doing?!" Donald cried out in disbelief thinking the boy had finally lost it.
"She's gonna fall into the ocean!" Sora replied before diving into the troubled waters without hesitation. He heard Riku and Kairi call his name before another voice seemed to pull his attention to the rapidly approaching figure.

"Save her!" A voice cried, feeding Sora's courageous strength as he fought the difficult waves. The figure finally struck the water with an impact that formed a large wave before sinking under the surface. He grunted as the wave loomed over him and prepared himself for its assault. Being born and raised on an island he had been taught tactics to survive a turbulent ocean in case he ever ended up in its clutches. Employing these skills now he sucked in a deep breath and went under the water just as the wave crashed over him. Opening his eyes despite the stinging the salt caused him he searched desperately for the body that had sunken under just moments ago.

A bright light caught his attention and without hesitation he quickly began to swim towards it. As he approached he soon learned that the glowing figure was that of young girl appearing to be around his own age. Long silver hair drifted around her sinking form covered only by a gray dress. The silver blue light surrounding her seemed to penetrate the darkness around them. Finally Sora reached her and took hold of her wrist getting caught slightly off guard as the glow immediately seemed to disperse at his touch. "Protect her." The voice said once more before drifting away with the remainder of the light from her form. Gaining a new found energy he dragged both himself and the girl to the surface, clutching her form and panting he looked up at the sound of his name and spotted Riku frantically swimming towards them. He made sure his arm was wrapped securely around her waist before he began to swim towards Riku. His silver haired friend didn't ask questions as they finally reached each other, merely taking a firm hold of the girl's arm and fighting with his best friend to return safely to the shore.

They ungracefully flopped down on the beach exhausted as the adrenaline rush left them at the feeling of the malleable but firm land beneath them. The remaining group soon reached them, Kairi asking the boys if they were alright and Donald and Goofy fussing over them. Donald in particular couldn't seem to hold in his worry and anger at the sudden actions on Sora's part.
"What were you thinking?!"
"Yeah Sora, why'd ya do that?" Goofy chimed in also curious and worried about his friend's rash behavior. Still panting Sora turned his attention from his friends to the girl tucked into his side. The group seemed to finally realize her presence as Kairi quickly rushed to her side checking her pulse and breathing.
"Oh my god, is she alright?!" She exclaimed as she fussed over the girl. Sora finally seemed to catch his breath as he attempted a reply.
"She…the one… that fell from the sky." He caught Riku's eye as they both looked to the girl still unconscious in his grasp. Sora hadn't noticed before due to the glowing light but she was very pale and cold to the touch. She looked as though she were merely sleeping rather than unconscious.
"Let's get her inside and warm." Kairi spoke, always the voice of reason also taking note of how cold she was. Sora nodded before scooping the girl into his arms and leading the group to one of the safe cabins on the beach; built on high solid ground to give refuge for those caught out in a storm just like this.

The group clambered into the cabin relieved to be safely away from the storm, though it appeared to be letting up a bit. Riku immediately went to work making a fire as Kairi rushed to get blankets from the closet. Sora softly placed the unconscious girl on the couch as Kairi came back and wrapped blankets around her. Riku joined them in observing the girl as the fire crackled in the background, Goofy and Donald also approaching to stare at her.
"Gosh I hope she's ok." Goofy spoke. This seemed to spark Sora into voicing his own thoughts on the sudden situation.
"So...should we try waking her up?"

A voice permeated through The Song that danced around her conscious. She was almost annoyed at the insistent voice that seemed to be calling her away from the calming tune but she felt it was important. Besides, whomever it was sounded like they desperately wanted her to answer them so she tried to gently tell The Song she'd listen to it another time, laughing in amusement as it seemed to turn to an almost pouting note before receding.

Everyone watched with anticipation as Sora shook her gently and softly called to the girl to wake up. To their sudden surprise and relief she seemed to respond and began to awake. Sora seemed to unconsciously lean forward as her eyes began to slowly open. Violet gems so bright they almost seemed to glow met his sky blue gaze. She blinked slowly as if to shake off the heady call of sleep before focusing on her surroundings and the people looming above her. The spiky brown hair of the boy closest to her caught her attention and her breath caught in sudden surprise and wonder at the sight of those blue eyes blinking at her.
"H...hello." She let out softly, barely discernible from the crackling fire roaring in the background. Her voice seemed scratchy as if she hadn't used it in a very long time and her eyes held a curious, but confused light to them as they took in their surroundings. Riku seemed to be the only one aware of the growing anxiety in the girls face as the group remained in shocked silence. Sora in particular couldn't seem to find a voice and merely stared at her with wide expressive eyes. Riku cleared his throat quietly so as to wake up Sora from whatever daze he was in. It seemed to do the trick as Sora jumped slightly and backed away a bit from the girl, clearing his own throat in embarrassment much to Riku's amusement.
"Oh! Uh, hi!" Sora inwardly cringed at his awkward stumbling. "Are you ok?" He wanted to slap himself. Of course she wasn't ok; he had just witnessed her falling at least a thousand feet into the ocean.
"Y…yes I'm fine. A bit cold and…wet?" She tapered off as though just realizing that she was indeed soaking wet and covered in blankets. Glancing at her surroundings beyond the group she assumed she was in what appeared to be a cabin was housing herself and the people around her. A soft chuckle brought her attention back to the boy with the pretty blue eyes as he rubbed the back of his head nervously as if he were at fault.
"Yeah, you um, well you kind of fell out of the sky into the ocean. I had to pull you out with Riku's help," he nodded at the taller silver haired teen she hadn't taken much notice of till now. "You know, before you drowned."

She blinked; then blinked again. Riku let out a sigh as Sora lack of a buffer to the poor girl at all. Kairi cried out Sora's name in disbelief and Donald reprimanded him for his lack of tact when saying something like that to someone who had been unconscious. The girl herself seemed to have been shocked speechless as her mouth gaped like a fish.
"I…I see, the sky you said? Wow that's um, ok," she scrambled for words. Sora tried to relieve her by hastily apologizing for not thinking about his words. "No really it's fine; you shocked me a bit is all." She reassured him. Riku decided to take the lead before Sora opened his mouth and said something that made her faint.
"Do you remember where you came from?" Riku spoke softly choosing his words carefully so as not frighten her into giving him answers. He could sense that she was no threat to them and didn't want to make her feel that they were a threat to her. Her expression seemed to turn inwards as though searching for the answers. With a look of utter confusion she turned lost eyes to his that made his heart ache for her.
"No, I don't remember much of anything it seems." Hey eyes closed as if she could wish the memories back into place, but such a thing could not happen. Riku looked as Kairi returned from wherever she had gone with a cup in her hands. He silently berated himself on not noticing her absence to begin with.
"Here," Kairi gently placed the water in the girl's hands helping her to sit up and drink it. "It's just hot water with honey and lemon, but it may help the scratchiness in your throat."
"Thank you," the girl gave a relieved smile as she began sipping its contents soon gulping it down despite its temperature as if she hadn't had anything to drink for years.
"Woah, slow down there!" Sora cautioned as he reached to stop her from sucking the water down placing his hand on hers. She seemed to listen to him and slowed down her drinking before finishing the cup and letting Sora take it.
"Do ya remember anything? What about your name?" Goofy asked the girl now staring at her hands as if they held all the answers she was searching for. Her face scrunched and her eyes closed as she asked herself if she held the answer to the dog like being's question. Softly, almost like a whisper, the song presented the answer to her, as though it were a gift it was so happy and proud it could give to her. Her eyes snapped open as she laughed in relief and smiled widely at the group looking at her. "Yes! Yes I know it!" She seemed to unconsciously seek out those blue eyes that set her at ease as she presented them with the only thing she truly knew about herself.
"My name…my name is Ameris!"


Violet eyes looked out upon the land she had fallen in with a mix of wonder and apprehension. Her dark hair drifted across her face as the recently cut strands fluttered just below her shoulder. She silently watched the sun set and the moon begin its ascension. Its bright light seemed to fill the sky as its full face smiled down upon her. That light bathed her in a calm that resonated with a deep ache that lie within her. As though the minute it left once more she would cry out for comfort from its soothing rays. She couldn't say she hated the dark, it felt too familiar for her to truly hate it, but it did not bring her the comfort that the light held. Like its piercing radiance would blaze across her soul to brighten the darkness that lie ahead.
"Ah, here you are," a feminine voice sounded behind her, though she gave only a minor glance in its direction. A slender hand came to rest on her shoulder in a way meant to bring comfort, though it felt like nothing of the sort. "Come, we have much to plan for the upcoming future." The voice softly demanded before turning away once more. The girls violet eyes looked at the moons light one more time before turning away from it to go once more into darkness.