The Adventures of G and M



She made her way through the thick brush, having seen something fall from the sky, into the jungle. "Hello?" she called, wondering if it has been a ship- it looked like one. She walked a little farther and saw a strange metal ship, snagged in the thick vines of the trees. She looked around. If there was a ship there- someone must have been driving it, right? That was the only logical explanation. So, the pilot must be somewhere within the some distance of the ship, too, right? She looked around- the ship didn't look like something the United States had made- but it must have been hit or malfunctioned to crash in the Jungle.

She looked around, trying to pick out any grunts of pain the pilot might be giving- the cawing of exotic birds, the chirping and buzzing of various insects. Then a growl and she looked to her right, seeing a tiger. She stepped back as it slowly walked towards her, baring its teeth, giving a short growl, and then a short bark of a roar, following her slowly. Her foot got caught in a tree root, and she fell back, gasping in pain, the Tiger growled. Suddenly, it stopped, looking in another direction and snarled, and she looked, seeing nothing. The Tiger roared, backing up, flattening its ears, before turning tail and running away, and she watched it flee, confused and wondering what has scared it off, before something cold pressed against the ankle that was stuck in the tree root.

"Ah!" she shivered, wondering if it was a snake, and looked down, seeing sharp metal talons, on her ankle. The coolness of the metal against her skin was relaxing, but it scared her to follow the rest of the metal armor to see where it led her gaze. There was a sort of hissing/ rattling sound next to her ear and something cold and smooth brushed against her neck. Could it be the side of a knife, maybe? Whatever it was, the sensation vanished, and the hand withdrew slightly, she felt another cold sours on her lower back, and the hand she had her eyes on, grabbed the tree root and shook it back and forth slowly, before ripping the part that trapped her foot, out of the ground. The cold source vanished, and she pulled back her foot, and got to her feet, turning, and blinked in shock.

A strange creature in a full suit of armor was crouched on the ground, and it looked at her, a mask of metal over its face, standing up to its full height. It was so much taller than her- maybe 6 or 7 feet tall. It tilted its head to the side, looking at her, as if wondering something. It got on one knee, another set of hissing and clicking followed, and it was as tall as her collar bone still. It obviously wasn't from here- but how could she thank it? She leaned over and kissed it on the forehead of its mask.

"Thank you." She said, and it looked at her, and she was unsure of what to call it, but she wanted to find the pilot still. Maybe…this was the pilot of the strange ship? It stood up and there was more hissing. She pointed to it, then the ship behind it, "Is that yours?" It turned its head slightly to look at the ship, then her, and pointed to the ship, then itself, and nodded. "This is your ship then?"

"M…i…neh." She blinked, but smiled. Well, he looked ok- he wasn't bleeding anywhere, and that suit of armor wasn't dent in anyway. She was happy.

"I see. Well, thank you for helping me get my foot out." She told it, turning and walking off, turning around to wave and found it right behind her. Not in her personal bubble, but just outside of it. She smiled, "Hi again." It replied with a set of soft hisses and clicks, tilting its head to the side as she backed away. "I need to go now." It glanced at the ground then followed her. Was it going to kill her? Or was it lost? Maybe it was hungry? If it was hungry- then what did it eat? She tried walking away again; glancing over her shoulder- it was still following her. She turned to it and walked towards it, and it lurched back with a, 'Tsch!' (pronounced 'tou-sh'), and she stopped. It wasn't a threatening hiss or chirp- it sounded more surprised/ amused/ intrigued. It was cute.

She turned and walked away, no sound of crunching leaves or twigs- but when she looked back, it was still following her. Would he follow her all the way back to her home? They're just going out the same way as you, Jovana, they're just leaving the same way as you are. But, she navigated her way through the jungle. She figured that, eventually, it would loose interest and leave her alone. That's what she thought, as she put her arms away from her, as she walked over a fallen tree that had fallen over a river, to get to the other side. The water has splashed numerous times on the tree, and she almost slipped, but a metal arm made sure she didn't fall into the river. She got down from the tree, and turned around, the being looked at her. "T-Thank you." She said, and it responded with a soft hiss, and she turned and continued on towards exiting the forest. At one point, she came to an area she had climbed up a tree with looked like it had flimsy and unsafe limbs. She turned to the creature, and it looked at her, her back to the edge of the sharp cliff the tree helped one get to. "You can't climb the tree- it might collapse on you."

It didn't seem to understand, but seemed to be looking at something past her.

She tried to express to it that it would break the tree if it continued to follow her, but suddenly, she lost her footing, one of the tree's branches, snagged the bandana around her head, as she fell, and the creature grabbed her shirt, and pulled her back onto the ledge. "You just keep saving my life, don't you?" It tilted its head to the side, and she ascended down the tree, and found it at the bottom, waiting for her. She stared at it, "Um- Thank you again-" She said, and she tied her log locks back up in her bandana, the stranger being reached for her, and she froze, as it grabbed a lock of her hair. "…You don't like it, do you?" It looked at her, and she looked down, "No one else likes my hair- they think I'm cursed." She murmured, taking her hair from its hand, and wrapping it up before hiding it away underneath her bandana, and continued on.

Eventually, she came to a spot, and pushed aside some grass, seeing her house, and looked back, seeing her stalker making its way through the brush with some difficulty, now that the grass was taller than him. She felt bad, but her house was a mess- when it wasn't looking, she bolted, running as fast and as far as she could, and slipped into a cool and dang hiding place she was sure she'd be safe in, only a sliver of light entering said hiding spot, aside from a medium-sized hole where she his to the left off. She was thankful that her mocha skin matched that of the earth.

She saw a clawed boot, and it vanished, and she exhaled so quietly it was almost inhumanly possible. Something brushed against her led, and she looked to her left, seeing the thing. She yelped, jolted, his her head on the top of the hiding spot, and curled up, holding her head. "Oww…" She looked to where she had seen it, and it was no longer there, making her confused, before the ground was ripped off, and she looked up, before her eyes rolled back and everything went black.


She blinked, seeing a brown ceiling. Her house? She looked over, seeing a pair of shiny black eyes and four single fangs. It tilted it head to the side, and she stared at it, looking down, recognizing the familiar black armor, seeing its mask on the bedside table out of the corner of her eye. She smiled at it. "Did you bring me here?" It nodded, "Well, thank you." She got up, putting a hand to her head, feeling dizzy, and made her way to the kitchen, seeing she was indeed in her own home. It watched as she opened up the refrigerator, looking at him, "I'll make you something too eat- I don't know what you can eat, so just come over and put what you can on the counter." It stood up and went over to her, and she stepped aside so it could raid the fridge, and it followed the suggestion.

Meat. Everything it pulled out of her fridge was meat. And it knew where her meat storage and dry meat storage were as well. She smiled happily, "That's great. Will you eat something I make you?" It nodded, and she smiled, pulling out a pan, as it grabbed its mask and put it on before it left the house, as she cooked. When she was done, it returned, as she put a portion of the meal on a plate, and some rice in a bowl for it, looking in its direction. It returned the gaze, and she noticed it had some blood on its hand, and she stopped what she was doing, and went over to it. "Oh my, are you hurt?" She asked, checking its hand, turning it this way and that. It didn't really respond, as she needlessly wrapped a bandage around its "wounded" hand, and set the meal at the table, "Well, eat up- it will help you heal." It took off its mask and sat down, eating some of the meat, before gobbling it down, "Y-You want some more?" It tilted its head to the side, and she took its plate, filling it high with a second helping, glancing back, seeing it push the rice away in some-what disgust, and she laughed, pushing the meat back into the pot she had made the meal in, having made quite a bit, since she didn't know how much it ate. She set the pot in front of the being. "Here- I'll take your rice and you can have the rest of the meat, ok?" It stared at her moment, before gorging itself on the meat, as she calmly ate her two helpings of rice quietly and somberly, as if she was in another world entirely. It looked at her, licking its lips, and she sighed, before looking up and smiling. "Y-You're done already? That was fast!" She said happily, "Tomorrow, I'll make you extra, ok? I-If you come by tomorrow, that is." She said, and it nodded.

She took the dishes and put them in the sink, and started cleaning them, as it stood beside her, watching. It took a dish and tried to clean it, but the dish shattered in its hands, a piece cutting her cheek, and she flinched, a thin line of blood, slipping down her cheek, and it looked at her, then the shattered plate in its hands. She laughed it off, smiling gently, reaching over, "Its ok, here, I'll get that." She said, taking the broken pieces and putting them in the trash bin, not seeming to notice as she continuously and accidentally cut her hands on the sharpest bits.

Eventually, the sun vanished from the sky, and she vanished into her room, offering the guest room to him, and he lay on the comfy spare bed, staring at the ceiling. It was so cold in the room, and he couldn't find a comfortable position no matter how many times her turned, the sound of water running, ringing in his ears- and when she turned and tossed on the bed, his sharp claws and the sharp protective tips of his armor ripped and tore the comfy mattress to shreds, and when he got on his knees to see the extent of the damage, the mattress was completely fucked up and ruined. He got up and left the room, standing in the hall. He went to the kitchen sink, and attempted to clean some of the left over dishes- in exchange for ruining the mattress. Gently. Gently. He washed them- and dried one. It didn't break! It was perfectly fine, just like when she washed them. So, with confidence, it did another, away from the sink, and it slipped out of its hands. It scrambled to snatch it from the air, but it crashed to the floor, and the door to her room flew open and she abruptly exited her room in a single towel, encasing her body, her hair dripping wet and brown.

"What happened?" It stared at her, as she crossed the room quickly- a trail of water droplets being left behind, but it kept her at arm's length, so that she wouldn't step on the broken dish. She exhaled in relief, a hand on her chest, "Oh, good, it's just a dish," It lowered its head. "Oh- it's just a dish! I can always buy another…" she patted him on the head. "It's not your fault, it was an accident." She said, before getting up and going back to her room, and it cleaned up the mess, before going into her room again, a strange scent floating in the air. It entered the room and stopped, seeing her in a thin night gown, and she glanced back, blushing, and looked away, continuing to brush her hair. It stood there, and was silent, the scent originating from her room. It went into her bathroom and searched out the source, as she lay down in her bed and turned out the light, pulling up the covers, and found a comfortable spot to sleep in. It continued to search for the source of the intoxicating scent- a lot of it was in the bathroom, but it seemed- watered down. So it found the strongest scent among it, and followed it into her bed room, and saw her sleeping. She opened her eyes, looking at it, "Could you not sleep in the guest room?" It shook its head, and she patted the spot next to her, turning onto her back, "You can sleep here if you want."

It went to the offered side, slipping under the covers and laying next to her, as she got comfortable once more and closed her eyes to sleep, the scent vanishing completely. Where was it! It wafted between vanishing and being so strong it couldn't bear sitting around. It got closer to her- she was so warm. It stared at her chest, as she was laying on her side, turned towards it, getting into sleeping. They looked so soft-(a/n: talking about her boobs, ladies and gentlemen) - were they? It poked one gingerly, and it bounced. "!" It was squishy and really soft. It glanced at her; too see if she was awake, before grabbing a small portion of the exposed boob with three fingers. "What are you doing?" It looked up, and she was staring at it curiously. The strange scent, filled the air, and she took off its mask, "If you keep wearing that, you won't be able to breath. Honestly." She said, setting it on the table beside her, before she was pushed onto her back, "Hm?" It searched her for the scent, since it was strongest around her. She blushed as it searched her for the source of the scent, and when he finally found it, she flinched away from its curious touch, and it looked at her as she pushed her gown down between her legs, blushing. "M-Maybe you should just sleep in the other room…"

It wrapped its claws around her hand, and pulled her back to laying down, n wrapping an arm around her waist and laying its head on her chest (which, it noted, was both warm and soft, thus, pleasing it). "I guess you could stay- but only I you behave!" It looked at her at the last word.

"Be…have." It gurgled, before nuzzling her soft chest, and fell asleep in its overall warmth.