The Adventures of G and M

Chapter 3

She woke up with the two of them clinging to her, making her blush. Malkai was one thing- his friend was another. She shook Malkai awake, and he looked at her, pointing to the other one, "His hands are on my butt- please do something…" She begged, and Malkai looked over her side, before leaning over, and shoving his friend off the bed, and they hit the floor with a loud thud, before Malkai curled up, being too tall for her bed. He nibbled on her neck and she moaned softly, "Malik…" She whimpered. They had shared names, but she still liked calling him Malik. He fell back asleep, his friend waking up, and grabbed her arm, pulling her out of her bed. She yelped in pain, and Malkai was on his feet. The two growled and snarled at one another, before Malkai's friend set her down, and she waddled over to Malkai. Malkai's friend left the room, and Malkai gently pushed her towards the shower, and she went into the bathroom and showered. She came out in a bath robe; Malkai was in her closet, glancing at her, and going back to what he was doing.

"What's going on, Malik?" She asked, and he offered her a shawl and an outfit he had picked out for her. She took it and shut the door, pulling on her panties, looking at Malkai, "Can you help me with my bra, Malik?" She asked, afraid of using any affectionate terms, as he helped her with her bra. He wasn't hers- they weren't married. She knew nothing about him, and he knew nothing about her. She pulled on the shirt he had picked out for her, and he helped with her pants. She knew that there was no way he could be really hers. He didn't belong here, and where ever he lived, she probably didn't belong there. He would most likely leave after the baby was born, and she'd be alone once more. He zipped up her boots for her, helping her to her feet, and left the room. She took only a few things, and put the shawl on, and exited her room, Malkai waiting for her, making her wonder what was going on. He had picked out her outfit- that meant something was up.

His friend was no longer in the house, but Malkai was waiting for her, offering her his hand, and turned his head towards the door, before looking back at her. She rubbed her stomach, "I'd love to go for a walk- but I'm pregnant, so I can't go too far." He let her hand go, and went outside, before coming back in, looking at his hands, and putting them a few inches apart, as if measuring the size of something- or distance. "Oh, so its close? Ok, that's fine I guess. As long as it doesn't hurt the baby…" She said, and he helped her outside, and she gasped a metal ship on the front lawn- just like the one she had found when she had first met Malkai. She pulled back, making him stop, and look back at her, as she shook her head. "I'm not going on that." She said, pulling her hand away from his, frowning, and he tilted his head, confused. "I'm sorry, but I don't belong where you do."

His friend growled something, and Malkai paid him no attention, leaning down, taking her hands in his, nuzzling her hair, before walking backwards, attempting to take her with him once more- but she refused him once more, her hands on her stomach, shaking her head. "No. I'm staying here." She turned to go back into the house, but he picked her up, and carried her aboard the ship, as she hollered her protests, "Malik! MALKAI, PUT ME DOWN!" He set her down on a soft bed, as the back part of the ship closed, locking them in, and his friend worked on something. Flashing digital-looking symbols were everywhere- she didn't understand any of them, and Malkai lay next to her, scary-looking weapons on a large cabinet on the other side of the small room, which was mostly taken up by the bed. Malkai held her, as the ship lifted off the ground, and she clung to him tightly.


Malkai's POV

"ai…Malkai." I woke up to Ah'Jil calling my name, "Malkai, we're on our way home- maybe your mate is hungry- she doesn't look too good…" I looked at Jovana, who looked pale. I listened for her heart- such a faint pulse. "What's wrong?"

"The oxygen mask- quickly, get it now!" He got it, and I put the mask over her mouth and nose.

'ksh, hah' She opened her eyes, taking a deep breath of the oxygen, and looking at me. I was pleased to know she just needed oxygen- her people here trained for years to go into space and I hope the baby wouldn't be injured by this or hurt. She hardly breathed- to save oxygen. I made sure to get as many I oxygen tanks as I could from the nearby village, with Ah'Jil's help- but eventually, she would have to adjust to the air of our home planet. Jovana closed her eyes, a hint of something I couldn't put my finger on, in her eyes, before she closed them. "Do you have any spare parts, here, Ah'Jil?"

"I have a radio and some other stuff in the back room." I got up and got to work. A radio- it could work.


She laid there, her stomach growling, making her open her eyes, seeing Ah'Jil. He had food- Malkai, was no where in sight, and she had an oxygen mask on. Ah'Jil set the food down on the floor for her, next to the bed, so it was within reach, and went back to piloting. She leaned over the edge of the bed and found he had brought her a sandwich- and some weird substance. She frowned, but ate it anyway, feeling like she was going to heave it all up after she did. Jovana laid back and relaxed, Malkai came into the room- even when they all looked the same, and somehow- she could tell Malkai apart. She reached up and he took her offered hand in one of his. Malkai offered her something- a pill? "What's this for?" She asked, and he produced another one, taking off his mask, and he tossed it in his mouth and swallowed it down, "You want me to eat it?" He nodded, and she smiled uneasily, "O…Ok." She said, and hesitantly popped it in her mouth and swallowed it down.

"Can you hear me?" A deep and husky voice asked, and she looked up, wondering who had said that. Who did that sexy voice belong to?

"Y-Yes…" She answered hesitantly, and Malkai looked at her,

"That's great." It was Malkai who was speaking! She reached up and Malkai took her hand, putting it against his cheek. "Your name-tell it to me once more, now that I know what you're saying."

"Jovana." She said, and he closed his eyes,

"Mmn…I love your voice." She laughed, "Your laugh, too. I am Malkai." She blushed, and Ah'Jil peeped on the small love scene,

"I like your voice too," She said, kissing his forehead, and he put her hands in his dreadlocks,

"Do that thing you do when I misbehave- I like that too." He said, and she grabbed on to his dreadlocks and shook his head from side to side, and he purred, "Just like that." She laughed and they hugged, cuddling up on the bed, and Ah'Jil went back to piloting, grumbling to himself. "We're going to arrive shortly-"

"Where are we going?" She asked, and he licked her neck.

"My home planet." He said, "I want you to live with me on my planet…" He put his hand on her stomach, rubbing gently, "I want all three of us to live there, Jovana." She frowned faintly, and closed her eyes, enjoying his cold embrace. "You'll love it- there are flowers bigger than a man there. They're large and colorful- different hues of blues and purples and reds." Malkai told her, painting her a vivid picture of the place he grew up and left. "In my home planet, I will build our home, and we will live there with our family, were only we can hear each other's voices."

"Wait, only I can hear you?" She asked him, and Malkai chuckled.

"Well, I am the only one who can hear and understand you- I will speak a different language to my people and to them, you speak a language they don't understand." Ah'Jil snarled at Malkai to stop being so weird and Malkai told him to shut up, Jovana amazed,

"I didn't understand any of that…"

"Yes." He said, and she used his arm and chest as a pillow, as he rubbed her stomach gently, lulling her to sleep-and he changed her empty oxygen tank for a full one. Malkai refused to leave her side. When she woke up, he asked her simple things- her favorite color, what family she had, had she had any lovers before him. She relaxed and listened to him as he told her of his planet- how beautiful it was, and his own family members. She ran her hands through his dreadlocks, pulling on them every so often. He loved that. She listened to his comments- how he loved the way she rocked her hips when she got out of her clothes, how she cooked meat for him every night. Malkai nibbled on her finger tips, her palm, and her ankle- anywhere on her that was covered and in range when he had an urge to nip on something. She hummed to him and Malkai would sing some song of his people softly, and at one point, they both fell asleep- then Ah'Jil woke Malkai up for some stupid shit, and she woke up as a result of Malkai waking. Malkai left the room and Ah'Jil gave a high-pitched shriek, before Malkai came back and lay next to her.

"Was I worth it?" Malkai asked her and she raised an eyebrow, confused. "The intercourse…"

"OH!" She gasped, realizing what he was talking about and blushed, looking away slightly, "Y…Yeah…" Malkai fumbled with the button on her pants, and she blushed.

"I cannot break the defense on your pants." He growled and she blushed harder- they he cut the button off. He nibbled on her panty line, pulling off her pants and began to remove her panties when she pushed him away, "Hm?"

"W-What about your friend?" She squeaked and Malkai got up, going over to Ah'Jil, grabbing him by the back of the throat as she covered up.

"I'm going to please my mate. If you interrupt, I'll kill you and throw your body to your dogs." Malkai warned him, and Ah'Jil shivered. Malkai returned to her and closed the door, covering up the glass with an extra blanket. He returned back to her and she blushed, Malkai sliding a hand under the blanket and out of her hand, gently pulling it away, Jovana blushing. He rubbed her stomach gently, laying his head on her swollen abdomen, listening to the sounds of his offspring in her stomach. They child kicked and hit Malkai right in the face, and Jovana blinking in surprise, as Malkai pulled back, "He's strong." Malkai commented and he touched her cheek, "You'll be a fantastic mother, Jovana." He told her and she smiled, before gasping in surprise as Malkai went back to nibbling on her hip line and pulled down her underwear, licking her lip and she shivered. "Don't be afraid of me," Malkai told her, and she looked at him, "Have I not been gentle before?"

"You have…" She agreed softly, "W-What if my water breaks?"

"I'm not going to EAT our CHILD, thank you." Malkai said and she laughed at her own silliness, "I'm hungry and when we get there, there will be little to no privacy for us, I'm sure. Your tenseness is bad for the baby- just relax and enjoy it." She smiled and nodded, laying back, and he licked her lips before nipping them and she jolted,

"P-Please don't bite me- it hurts…" She murmured and Malkai nodded, getting back to pleasuring her, taking care to be as gentle as possible. The heat in the room raised but Malkai ignored it and she pulled on his dreadlocks, making him purr as he fingered her. When she did orgasm, he made sure that not a single drop got on the sheets, and Ah'Jil pounded on the door, Jovana flinching away from Malkai's touch. "I-I thought you made sure that your friend wouldn't interrupt!" She whimpered, flinching as Ah'Jil slammed on the door once more and Malkai covered her up, licking his fingers,

"Stay covered up." Malkai warned and she did, pulling her panties back on, and her pants, Malkai opening the door and stepping out, making sure Ah'Jil didn't get in. "Don't give me your shit, get back to driving!" Malkai snarled and Ah'Jil snapped something back, "I'll make sure your life is worse than the Black Warrior can give if you harm or even TOUCH my mate in anyway, Ah'Jil!" Ah'Jil tried to get past him and to her and she stayed back, but Malkai shoved him off and the door shut. After a while, Malkai returned and lay next to Jovana as if nothing had happened. "We'll arrive soon."

"Malkai, what just happened?"

"Oh, nothing, he just got a little- excited- off your hormones is all." Malkai answered, hugging her close and nibbled absently on her ear.


The Ship landed and everything shook when it did, Ah'Jil returning and Jovana snuggling up to a Sleeping Malkai, shaving him away. Ah'Jil told him something and a door opened and he vanished. Malkai growled, "Yeah, you can wait a couple minutes." Malkai waved him off and hugged Jovana.

"A…Are we here?"

"Yes, but we can just wait a minute or two-" she got up and hesitantly exited the room and Malkai groaned, "-or not." Malkai got up and Jovana quickly went back into the room, blushing.

"It's like there are duplicated of you and your friend everywhere!" She said softly, and Malkai chuckled. He exited the ship and she reluctantly followed him closely and he stopped, Ah'Jil telling all of them he found Malkai- and there were hundreds of thousands of other Predators similar to Malkai. They were quiet and tried to get a peek of Jovana before she came out. Malkai offered her his hand and she took it, letting him gently held her down out of the ship, her other hand on her stomach. She came to stand next to Malkai and they just stood there for a moment- but already her legs hurt so much. Some of the Predators had human skulls handing from theirs waists, the women were taller and more buff than the men.

It was when she saw the Human skull her stomach churned. He had played her! That was a human skull, so they probably took humans like her on a regular basis and kill them. She had been PLAYED! Malkai took her hand and held it and she pulled her hand back, making him look at her questioningly, "You played me!" She snarled with anger and sadness. "You don't love me! You don't even like e, probably. I'm just a play thing for you!"

"What are you talking about!" Malkai asked, and she went back into the ship. "If I was 'playing', which I'm not, then why are you pregnant with me child and why did I bring you here?" He asked her and she blinked, and reluctantly went back to his side, one of the others pointed to her and snorted/ chuckled, saying something. Malkai went over and punched him out, the others catching him and looking at Malkai. "Got anything else to say about her?" The Predator go to his feet and shook his head. "Good." There was a screech and a large, hideous monster was running at Malkai and herself. It jumped at them.

Spooked by this bold move, Jovana punched the creature in the jaw, and sent it flying, before losing her balance, and falling back onto her ass. Malkai helped her up and she frowned, hands on her stomach watching the mutant as it slowly got back up, whimpered, its tail between its legs, and it limped sideways, circling around before hastily limping away. "Honey that was my DOG you just attacked." She looked at Malkai, "That's a predator hound, my dear; they're our pets, not vicious attackers."

"I'm so sorry!" She sobbed, and Malkai patted her on the head, and she blushed faintly,

"It's alright; he was a bad dog anyways." The other predators stared at her in slight shock, and she hid behind Malkai slightly. Another predator said something, and Malkai looked over at a bigger predator- a female- as she attempted to approach her, and got between them. They said something and he snorted. "Fine." The bigger predator gently took Jovana's hand and led her away, Malkai at her heels, keeping the other predators at bay as they went to touch her.