The Bliss of the Darkness

Chapter 4

Part 2

"Look over here, Demon Wench!" "Satan's whore!" "Demon concubine!" Alza kept her head down, the edges of her hair blackened by flames as angry as the words behind thrown at her, as she lay against the wood cross she had been tied to. Her wrist tied out and her ankles tied together, blood coming from a variety of wounds upon her now bruised flesh. Jack came and cut her down, even as more rocks were thrown at her. They took her back into their house,

"I…I just went out for groceries." Alza murmured, "They clubbed me over the head…My own parents…"

She had been in her own village for a few months now. 3 or 4. She had forgotten, and gone mostly numb during the recent months. She washed herself in the water, and Derek bandaged her up. When they fell asleep, she grabbed a lantern and her shawl, and went to her parent's home, and knocked on the door. Her mother opened it.

"Oh…it's you. What do you want?"

"I just want to come home." Alza said pitifully, "That's all I want." Her Mother scowled,

"The only reason we welcomed you back, was because your Demon was here. Now that he's not, we don't have to be nice to you. So get lost, demon bitch." Her mother snarled icily, and slammed the door in her face, so hard and so abrupt; it blew out the candle of her lantern. Alza dropped the lantern, and ran. Away from the house, away from the village. Until her feet bled and she tripped and fell on her face against the forest floor.

She sobbed loudly, happy no one could hear her, as she pulled herself against a tree to sit. Alza hugged her knees to her chest as she wailed and moaned. "B-Beelzebub, Beelzebub." She sobbed, until she stopped crying, the sounds of the night comforting her. She closed her eyes, unable to go anywhere because of her damaged feet and lower legs, the decision to sleep here for the night wasn't really a choice she could choose to make or not. She kept her eyes closed, and eventually, fell asleep. Lionel found her in the night and carried her home, broken lantern and all, setting her in bed.

When she woke up, it was the same thing all over again. Going to the market for food, people refusing to sell it to her because she was the concubine of the Devil, being stones almost to death, and going home to cry and sleep. She missed him. She missed Beelzebub. She had called for him repeatedly, but even though he promised he's come to her, he hadn't shown up a single time. She missed him.

He never hit her or raised his voice against her. All the places he had taken her to were to keep her safe- even though they were continuously relocating, never staying longer than a few days in one place. He made sure she had the best possible accommodations (aside from the 3rd to last place with the moth-bitten rug). But that place, he used his wings to wrap her.

"Stay here today." Derek said, the next day following, as the brothers left to go get the food. She sat in a rocking hair, wrapped in a thin shawl. She slept in the chair, gently rocking back and forth. A brick flew through the window and crashed through the leg of the rocking chair, causing the left side of it to snap and Alza to fall to the floor. Alza whimpered and hid in the basement, where there wasn't a single window, and only a light bulb dangling from the ceiling. Once more, she cried to herself. Eventually, the brothers returned, Jack taking the broken rocking chair to the back to fix, as Lionel and Derek made dinner. "You'll sleep with us tonight, Alza. The villagers don't seem to concerned when you're around us- only when you're alone. Sorry this keeps happening," Lionel said, and she shook her head,

"I deserve it. There's no place in this world for me…being Satan's concubine and all." Alza said sadly, and the brothers watched as she sulked to the master bedroom of their 2 room house.

That night, she refused to eat, and she slept in the middle of all of the brothers. An eerie wind wailed outside the window. Alza sat up in her knee-length night gown of white cotton, a little bow on the top above her sternum; the strips that held it up were ruffled. She stared at the window, quiet, a shadow flickering outside of the window. She a soft whimper, she climbed over Lionel who moaned in an erotic way in his sleep, as she set her feet on the cold wood floor. Walking across the log cabin room to the window, she hesitantly unlocked it and opened the window, looking outside.


"B…Beelzebub?" She questioned with disbelief, before putting her hands on the window sill and climbing out. She shivered from the cold of the night and the fresh dew of the grass. Alza turned for a lantern,

Don't…come to me…

An orb of gentle, white light appeared in the forest, not too far away. She grabbed her thin shawl, wrapping it around her, and went towards it. It slowly led her through the darkness, to a small clearing of flowers. Beelzebub was sitting amongst them, and he looked up at her, long silver hair in its single braid. She sniffed, running over to him and tackling him to the ground, as he caught her. He groaned, but smiled, standing up with her arms around his neck,

"Beelzebub-" She sniffed, tears at the corners of her eyes, and slowly rolling down her cheeks, hugging him closer. "Husband." She sobbed, as he hugged her tightly, despite the pain her bruises gave her. "I called for you." He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. Beelzebub stroked her hair, staring at something beyond her. "Take me back." He looked down at her silently. "Take me back to live with you." He kissed her lips gently and she kissed back.

His wings slowly rose into the sky, lengthening and eclipsing the moon, as the brothers realized she was gone from her room. Beelzebub hugged her to him, and she clung to him tightly, as when the brothers got there, they met only a flurry of petals. As if some winged creature had just shot into the night.