King's Pie

"Your Highness, the Pie Seller is here." A guard announced and the King sat up as the veiled person approached the throne, kneeling, and bowing down.

"Good Afternoon, you're Majesty." She said, standing up, holding up a basket, "Would you like a pie?"

"Yes!" He went over to them, "What do you have today?"

"I have the usual, and today's special is apple pie." They said, holding said pie out, and they paid her, and she bowed thankfully, and Priest Seth walked up to her,

"You know- I'm really fond of you." He said softly, and they scoffed,

"This, too, you told to my Sister." They said, putting their hands on their hips, "Honestly, Priest Seth, can you not tell us apart! How horrid!" With that, the person left in a huff and returned home, and Seth was a laughing stalk amongst the other Priests- and his own cousin.

~Town, that Night~

Bakura wandered through the streets, groaning, broke and hungry. The only thing that filled his mind was the scent of something fresh and delicious. Where was it coming from? He looked in the direction of the scent, and followed it to a small window, where a strange pastry in a clay tray sat on the window sill. It looked delicious! And it was about to be his- before he noticed something else. Inside the house, in a bed, was a girl, on the bed, staring at him, covering her upper half with a little bit of a blanket, just staring him down in surprise and shock?

"Are you planning on stealing my pie?" She asked him, and Bakura blinked, being caught red handed, and she frowned, "I don't know if I should be mad that you're trying to steal one of my pies, or mad because you saw me naked." Bakura reached for the pie and something hit him in the neck, making him look to the side, seeing a dart in his neck, looking at her. The girl lowered a blow gun, "You thieving pervert!"

"Im not a-" Bakura fell and hit his head on the window sill on his way down, before falling to the ground. A dart in the side of his neck.

(Next Day)

"We should kill him and use his bones to line the pies…" He heard, blinking, waking up at a table. He sat up, and tried to remember the night before, "Look, Romeo's awake." He felt around his neck, and looked around, seeing a blur, and looked back at it, two girls stood there- one of them was the girl he saw before passing out. "Good Morning, Mr. Thief. I'll go get you breakfast!" She smiled, and left for another room, the other girl growled,

"You don't feed thieves, you kill them!" The brown haired girl hissed, glaring at Bakura, "You're going to eat what she sets in front of you, or I'll slit your throat." The woman warned,

"Nana, don't threaten him! If he was hungry, then he's hungry!" the other girl called from the other room, and Bakura's stomach growled, and the girl entered the room, setting down some wine for him and a slice of pie, "Eat up, there's more! Nana, take some of the usual pies to our regular customers." Nana mumbled something under her breath, but grabbed a basket and put on a face garment, before leaving the small house. The girl sat down across from Bakura as he gobbled down the pie. "You want some more? I can cook, too, if you want actual food." She offered, and he handed her the plate.

"I want the rest of the pie." He said bluntly, quietly adding, "And some milk if you have any." She nodded and left, taking the plate, putting it in the washing bin, and returned with a large cup of milk and the rest of the pie, and handed him a fork, and he went at it. She cleaned the dishes and vanished, returning and sitting down by the window with guitar of their time, and began to play. The song she played had a fast paced beat, and seemed to hold hidden lyrics to it, but she continued to play. It made you want to relax but get up and dance as well. When it was over, Bakura paused eating. "You should be playing in a king's court." She blushed, and looked down.

"Thank you, but I have no interest in playing in a court. I do this because I like it- not because I'm some type of monkey." She told him. "When you're done, feel free to just leave." She smiled, and left to the room she had gotten the pie from, going to make more.

"Would you like to go out and get a drink with me sometime?" She looked back at the door, Bakura leaning in the doorway, looking at her seriously, as she stood up.

"I'm sorry, but I don't drink liquor." She frowned, continuing making a few more pies, and popping them in an oven, shutting it and locking it. "Sorry." Bakura nodded.

"Ah, well, ok, well I'll be going." She smiled and nodded.

"Ok, have a good day." He nodded and left.

(That Night)

She lay in bed alone, as she did the day before, asleep. Nana had yet to return, and there was no pie awaiting anyone on the window sill. There was a knock on the door, and she woke up, sitting up, "H…Hold on…" She got up and went to the door, opening it to Bakura. "H-Hello again." She said, putting a hand over her mouth as she yawned, "Were you hungry again?"

"Um, no, I just wanted to say thank you for the food earlier." He said, and she smiled sleepily,

"Oh, don't mention it." she said, "Well- It's really late- so I'm going to go back to bed. Good night-"


"Well, good night, Bakura." She said, closing the door and going back to bed, sighing, and wrapping herself up in the sheets. A cloaked person sat o the window sill, watching her, before smirking.


She stirred, feeling far too warm, but she opened her eyes anyways, blinking the sleep out of them until her vision was clear. Why did her head and body feel so heavy? She looked to her right and saw she was wearing tons of bracelets and jewelry- it was the same anywhere she looked on her body. She was wearing more gold than clothes. And what was that strange dress she was wearing? She lifted up her left hand, and noticed a single gold ring on her ring finger- then noticed Bakura, sleeping next to her. He opened his eyes and smiled at her, "Good Morning." He smiled, sitting up, "How did you sleep?"

"C-Can you help me take some of these off? I can't really move…" She responded, and he removed half of the trinkets on either of her arms, and some from her head, until she could sit up and get the rest off herself. Bakura watched her and she felt a little awkward. "Um…where am I?"

"We're in my home. You don't remember?" The last thing she remembered was him at her door in the middle of the night.

"Yeah, I remember now." She lied, and he smirked devilishly in satisfaction, "Can I- go to the bathroom?" He pointed to the closed door- there was only one closed door in the room, and the other was wide open. She smiled at him and headed towards the bathroom- before making a fake and bolting out the door.

"HEY! Don't go that way!" Bakura yelled, and she ran straight out of the place, and into what looked like ruins of a village, skidding to an abrupt stop. White. Pasty white things, floated around in the air. One saw her and dived towards her, wrapping around her tightly. What was happening! Why couldn't she breathe? She grunted before collapsing to her knees, gasping for air, as an invisible vice squeezed the oxygen out of her lungs. A burning sensation overcame her. What horrible thing had she done to deserve such pain, she wondered, as she fell to the ground? "That's enough!" The white wisp seemed to back off and leave, and Bakura had helped her to her feet, wrapping his cloak around her and she leaned against him, "You'll leave this one alone." She looked up and noticed they were ghosts- as if they were the trapped souls of those who had once lived in the ruined place. Bakura picked her up in his arms and she gasped in surprise, as she carried her back into the house- not really a house, more like a large shrine.

They were back in the room she woke up in, and he set her down on the bed. "Are alright?"

"…Why am I here?" she asked, in pain still.

"Well, I brought you here- you really don't remember then, huh?" He asked and she shook her head. "Well, you'll be living here now, because we're married."

"But I want to go back home to Nana! Why are we married, when did this happen? Why is there blood on the sheets?" She asked, and he thought for a moment,

"We're married because we got married last night (right here, actually) and there's blood on the sheets because- well, we also wrapped our honeymoon into the same night." Bakura said rather shyly, "Do you not like being here?"

"It's not that- I'm just a little- confused and scared is all." Bakura raised an eyebrow at her words, "I mean- I remember being in my home, and the next thing I remember is waking up in this really soft bed, being so weighted down by gold that I can't even sit up." She explained, and he nodded, "I'm just…a simple pie maker- yesterday, I made pies, today I'm your wife."

"Would you rather make pies than be my wife?" Bakura asked her rather sadly, "Really?"

"No- I just haven't really known you for long and this is- kind of sudden." She said, "I'm just… confused on why me."

"Well, a thief can steal anything they see- and I saw you and wanted you." Bakura said, sitting on the bed next to her, "What would make you stay here with me?"

"…I don't know." Bakura picked her up and carried her out of the room and back outside, where she clung to him and he took her somewhere she didn't know, but he set her down on a pile of gold, and she looked up.

"Until you decide, you will stay here until I get back." Bakura said, and kissed her head, before leaving her there in the gold-filled room. "While I'm gone, feel free to dress up in anything you like." He said before vanishing into Ra-knows- where. She sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest.

~O~ Pharaoh's Palace ~O~

She bowed, "Pharaoh." Seth went over to her, "Go out with me." She flipped him off,

"That is my sister you request such things from, Priest Seth!" It was her and her sister's game- every time they went to the Palace, they switched places. Seth was fond of Nana's sister, Kila. But, since they wore face veils, it was almost impossible to know who was who.

"What's the special today?" The Pharaoh asked, and Nana hesitated greatly.

"Um…the special? It's…um…" Nana shrugged, "I don't know, I didn't make the pies, my sister did." Suddenly, she reached up and pulled off her face veil, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Great Pharaoh- my sister was kidnapped yesterday." She sobbed, "I don't know how to make pies- I tried and all off them deflated."

"Who was she last with?" The Pharaoh asked, and she shook her head,

"Some…some man with short, spiky white hair and purple eyes. He tried stealing from us the night before and she knocked him out and fed him- I left to sell the pies and he was still there when I left. When I came home for lunch, he was gone and she was making more pies, but when I went back out and came back that night, she was gone." Nana cried, "I'm so worried."

"Could she have been taken by Bakura?" Kalim, a high Priest, asked another, and Seth took it personally.

"We'll try and get Kila back!" He declared, and the other Priests glared at him, "That's not your call, Seth!" One of them hissed, and he realized that. " .-., oh yeah."

Nana got to her feet and looked at Seth, "Oh, stupid, senseless, skirt-chasing High Priest Seth, please find my sister!" Nana begged, and the other priests snickered, and Seth nodded, taking her hands,

"Yes, of course!" He promised, and she took her hands back, "Don't touch me, I'm filthy." Seth nodded.


Kila jumped up, almost reaching the top. "Ugh!" She grunted, slipping on the large pile of coins she had stacked up, and fell, tumbling down them and onto the cold floor, an array of clinking and clattering of stray coins hitting the floor, followed the loud thump that came with her hitting the ground. She tried to get up, but collapsed back down, panting slightly. "Honey?" She heard Bakura's voice asked, but she didn't move. The sound of more coins clattering to the floor, and she was lifted up. "What happened?"

"…I fell." She said, neglecting to tell him that she was trying to escape. Bakura picked her up and took the hidden way out of the room. He carried her through the Ghost Town, and she clutched his cloak slightly, until they were in the house she woke up in and he had set her down on the bed. She finally noticed that he looked like he had gotten in a fight and was bleeding a little. "What happened to you?"

"Oh, I got in a…a bar fight." He said, and she frowned. Bakura did smell lightly of alcohol. He flopped onto the bed with a sigh of relief and exhaustion. "Mmm…this feels nice after a long day." He voiced his opinion, as she got up and went to the bathroom, Bakura flinching, ready to jump- until she actually opened the door, and he relaxed. She returned with a slightly dampened towel, and sat on the bed, Bakura looking at her, "What's that for?"

"Sit up for a moment and you'll find out." She said, and he sat up, folding his legs sideways lazily, his hands on the bed between the space. She leaned in and wiped some blood off his lip, and he closed the eye above the towel's reach. He winces when she cleaned up his face, and cleaned up his other cuts and scratches. She rubbed his right cheek with the cloth hard to get off the dried blood, and he groaned,

"Ow, it's not my blood, ow." He said, and when all off it was cleaned, she smiled victoriously when she had finished cleaning him up. Bakura looked into her eyes, leaning down, and to the side slightly, kissing her softly. He withdrew to let her breath, and kissed her again, putting his hand on the back of her head, slipping his tongue into her mouth smoothly. She moaned softly, pulling back, blushing faintly, and panting slightly from lack of oxygen. She reached up and brushed her finger tips across his right cheek, and he closed his eye as she ran her fingers over the large scar over his eye. "It doesn't hurt- it's just a scar." He told her at her tender touch, and she removed her hand.

"Was it painful?" she asked, and he stared at her a moment.

"Yes, it was." He answered, and she frowned, Bakura took off his cloak, and put it around her shoulders, smiling softly as she blushed, and pulled her close, kissing her, before lying down. She put the cloak on every though it was too big for her, and Bakura took off everything but his man-skirt and the few rings he wore. "You look very sexy." She blushed at his words, and laid down, Bakura pulling her to lie next to him. He buried his face in her soft hair and smiling.

"…when can I see my sister?" She asked him, and he looked at her rather irritated, and she sniffed, "I'm so worried…"

"She's fine." He answered, closing his eyes. "Your family is in good health, if not distraught." She smiled happily,

"Thank Ra…" Suddenly, she realized something. "Bakura- when did you see my family?"

"Today, I went into the Palace town to get some things, and I checked up on them. I thought you would want to know how there were, and after that I went to the bar, had a drink or two, then I got into a fight." Bakura told her, relaxed.

"What did you fight about?" She asked and Bakura shrugged.

"Someone said, 'if a thief ever had a wife, she might as well be a slut'. I got up and punched him in the face." Bakura said simply, as if it was as simple as that.

"Why would you do that!" she asked, confused, and he looked at her.

"Well, he was insulting my wife, and I wouldn't hear it." He told her, "Come, sleep, my dear." He said, and she closed her eyes half way, letting him hold her close. How awkward! She didn't even know him very well, and now, she was married to him- with no way out of it.