King's Pie

Chapter 3

"Honey, I'm home!" Bakura declared as he kicked open the door, and Kila jolted, before smiling.

"Welcome home- who's that?"

"It's Priest Seth." Bakura said, setting Seth down in a chair at their table, and took off the blindfold around his eyes, and Seth stayed still. Bakura went over to her and kissed her cheek, wrapping his arms around her waist, Seth saw she was wearing an apron- it was adorable! "What is for dinner, my dear?"

"I don't know how to cook much, and since we're having a guest, I thought I'd made stew…" she murmured, and he grinned, kissing her neck, and she whimpered softly, shivering,

"Sounds like a good idea. I'll set the table." Bakura said, grabbing the plates and setting the table, looking at Seth,

"You should untie him so he can eat, Bakura. He is our guest; we can't treat him like a prisoner." Bakura growled quietly at her words and reluctantly untied him, Kila looked back at Seth as Bakura went to grab Seth and force his cooperation. "Please don't run Priest Seth, I made dinner for you." Bakura pulled back his hand, looking at her, then Seth who blushed faintly.

"…Ok…" Seth agreed and Bakura glared at him as if he was hitting on her, before sitting down, and she served everyone, sitting down. Seth took a bite the same time Bakura did, and they both flinched.

"I-Is it not good?" She asked, and they both looked at her,

"It's great!" They glared at one another and Bakura chuckled, "It's fantastic, Darling." "It's really good."

"Thank you." She smiled, and ate her portion as they devoured theirs, and she gave them seconds. They both ate their fill, and Bakura relaxed as she lead Seth to a room next to hers and Bakura's, "Now, if you could stay here tonight, that would be wonderful- this is all a big misunderstanding and I'll get Bakura to take you back tomorrow morning, ok?" She left and Bakura came in, smirking, holding a rope. Seth tried to fight back, but Bakura tied him to the bed, and left the room, going back to his own- leaving the doors open. "Bakura, take him back!"

"You don't like him?" Seth heard, "You wanted him!"

"I said I'd like for him to leave my sister alone, not kidnap him!" She whined, and Bakura chuckled. "Please take him back to the Palace tomorrow! The Pharaoh will be worried sick!"

"Why would I care!" Bakura demanded, "Sorry I yelled."

"Bakura, you want the Millenniums Items, don't take the Priests! Be SMART about it!" She told him, and Seth was shocked. She wanted the Millennium Items too?

"I'll take him back and be smarter about the Millennium Items, but I want something in return. It's a long way to the Palace." Bakura said, "I only got him to make you happy."

"Geez, Baka, you don't have to kidnap someone to make me happy!" She told him, and Seth heard the bed creaking. "MM! B-Bakura…"

"I just wanted to give you a present before I made love to you." Bakura said rather pitifully and she sounded panicked,

"W-WHAT! You wanted to butter me up with presents? No, get your hands off me, Bakura! AAH!" Seth struggled to ruin the robes but they held strong against his thrashing, "B-Bakura- s…stop! NGH! Ahh! S-stop…" He twitched at the sensual moans ad shivered, attempting not to get an erection. She moaned more,

"Do you like it, my dear wife?" Bakura asked tauntingly, "Come on, Kila, moan my name. Don't be too loud- Seth's in the other room."

"B-Bakura don't thrust so hard!" She whimpered, "I-It really-ngh- hurts." Another half an hour of the moaning and it came to a stop, and Seth was finally able to get free. "I hate you, Bakura!" Kila sobbed, Seth peeking out of his room, and saw her running out of the house, "KILA!" Bakura yelled and the door slammed, making him jolt.

"Way to fuck up, Casanova." Seth commented, and Bakura glared at him, before going into his room. Seth went outside, and Bakura grabbed him- in the nude.

"You may not want to go out there, but, what the hell? DO!" Bakura snarled and shoved the Priest out of the window and into the Ghost town of Kul Elna. The Ghost lunged for The Priest, before he was lifted up.

"Diabound-San, please take us to the Palace." Diabound groaned and they vanished as Bakura came out, livid, and only faced with a large black shadow that he knew was NOT Diabound.


"So…You married Bakura- the Thief." Seth said and Diabound let her use his other palm as a changing room while she made the best of her ripped and torn dress.

"Well- I caught him stealing from me and fed him, sent him on his way. The next thing I know, I wake up next to him, the sheets have blood on them and HE tells me, we're married, and we had our "honeymoon" that night." Diabound put one of his fingers across to the other palm and she walked across. "It's the life some girls wish they had- riches and a 'handsome' husband to come home for- but it's not for me. Thanks Diabound." Diabound purred and kept flying as she looked back, "I wonder if my Ka is alright."

"You have a Ka?" Seth questioned, and she looked at him unsurely.

"I think. Some black ink slipped out of me when I got mad."

"Well- Call it."

"But It doesn't have a name." She said, and Seth laughed,

"Give it one." She thought and opened her mouth,

"Rufflasia!" She hollered, whistling.


The Darkness wrapped around Bakura, boxing him in, visions of when the villagers of Kul Elna were killed, filled his mind. The scream echoed in his head. The blood, splattered on the walls. A sinister voice told him it was his entire fault as he crippled to his hands and knees.

You killed them all, Bakura. Your obsession for attention brought you the soldiers- it's that the attention you wanted? Or was it the WRONG attention? But attention is attention, isn't it? You're in the spot light, now, Bakura! Aren't you happy? No…the darkness in your heart is deeper than the deepest pit in the world. It's a well- and I'll drink from it until your body gives out. I'm the combination of all of the hate and pain of the villagers- and I'll feed of you until my belly is full of revenge, Bakura!

"Rufflasia!" The creature looked towards the sound with two pairs of gleaming golden eyes, its pair of jagged mouths turned from sinister smiles to frowns.

"She calls us." One head said and the other nodded before the darkness released Bakura, and turned into a pair of muscular legs, and the being raced towards the voice.


Diabound stopped just on the edge of the Palace City, and she looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"Mistress Calls, Mistress beckons. She must want us, we reckon!"

A dark shadow appeared near the two and Diabound tensed two heads on the shadowy creature, a jagged tooth, jack-o-lantern mouth on each head, and bright golden eyes they shone like pearls. "I-I think that's my Ka…?" She murmured and it placed a large and sharply talon paw, on a house, looking at her.

"Um- Rufflasia."

"Yesssss?" The creature purred, its five tails, wagged as one, each wrapped around the other from time to time. She jumped off Diabound's hand and Rufflasia's tails swirled into a furry bed and caught her. "The Priest goes home- and we'll make sure you're never alone."

Diabound made his way straight for the Palace and dropped Seth off before vanishing. "SETH!" Seth looked back and Atemu hugged him, the Other Priests circling around him, and while Seth tried to keep up with the conversation, he looked towards the Town, and the large demon had vanished- and Seth was pulled inside.


"Kila!" Nana cried and hugged her sister close, "I-I've been bake the pies and people don't like them as much as yours, but, they buy them!" she said excitedly and looked at her shoulder, where a small creature was. "What the Ra's name is that?"

"This is Rufflasia- He's my Ka." The chibi Rufflasia ragged its tails and licked Nana's finger tips when she reached for it.

"He's adorable! Let's keep him as our Guard Dog for the shop!" Kila smiled gently, and hugged her sister. Rufflasia purred and jumped up on top of Kila's head, and she giggled, and Rufflasia purred loudly.

"Hair smell nice."

"Did it just TALK!" Nana demanded and Kila shrugged,

"I heard it too but I'm not sure." Kila sighed, "I'm tired- I'll go to bed first." Nana nodded and went back to the Oven room, and she lay down, Rufflasia jumped next to her and curled up on her pillow. He purred and lightly nipped the tip of her nose, making her giggle and snuggle closer.

~O~ Next Morning ~O~

Kila woke up to the sound of yelling, Rufflasia gone, and the sheets ruffled next to her, meaning Nana had been there- the sheets had just began to grow cold. "You can't come in here! She's asleep!" There was a crash, "You get the hell out of my house! You don't need Kila, she came home late, don't you understand! The door was thrown open and she flinched, a pair of Guards in the doorway. Priest Seth walked in,

"Kila Ujuhara?" He asked, and she blinked, sitting up, her hands on the bed, and her heart racing. "By order of the king, you are to be placed under protective custody and will stay at the Palace during this time." She was confused, and he took her hand and led her out of the room, Nana's face red with anger for them constantly taking her sister from her.

"I'm sick of you guys coming up in my house and constantly harassing me or my sister! Leave her alone, for Ra's sake!" Nana snarled hatefully, and Kila hugged her, "!"

"Calm down. I'll make you something while I'm gone." Nana softened greatly and smiled. "Know that you're always my sister and no matter what we may fight about or how venomous or words may be, I will always love you." Kila told her, and Nana calmed down, and Kila turned but Nana pulled her away from Seth.

"Let me- at least do her hair, before you take her away. It's a Sister thing." Seth rolled his eyes and they sat down and had a pie, as Nana affectionately brushed and pinned up her sister's hair, "Even the Pharaoh will blush when he sees you." Kila blushed, smiling, and Nana giggled, putting a necklace on her neck. "Kila looks beautiful, like desert flower."

"Nana is alluring like the midnight hour." Their little pact rhyme. Nana went to making more pies and Seth lead her away to the Palace. "What's this all about, Seth?"

"I told the Pharaoh about your situation, and I got him to put you in protective custody in exchange for you making pies for him." Seth told her and she sighed, "I don't want him to come and take you back." She froze, "He treats you terribly." Seth's words cut her like a knife. "I'll take care of you- I got you in my custody." How worse could this get! "Oh, and the only empty room is the one across from mine." It had just gotten worse. "So let's make the best of this." She sighed once more. This was going to be tough.