" Would you give yourself up to save your sister… Utau?" he concluded.

All I heard then were gasps.

Amu's POV

Wait! What would he want with Utau…

" Utau never did anything to you, leave her out of this! Don't fuck with me old man!" Ikuto growled, as Hosina chuckled with amusement.

"He he" he chuckled in his deep voice, "You may want to hurry. She'll be nothing but a memory by next Wednesday. Good day." He left, still chuckling, only making Ikuto madder.

" Ikuto, calm down. We'll save her some way. I promise." I hugged Ikuto buring my face in his chest. As we had our little moment, we were rudely interrupted by Nagi. "Ahem!"

"Oh! Sorry!" I flustered remembering that my friends were still there. I wish I didn't blush easy…

" Ya'll have a lot of explaining to do!" Rima yelled though her mouth causing her face to turn red and tremble with anger.

" Seems like she recovers fast…" Ikuto murmured. I giggled. "I heard that!"

The atmosphere seemed to be a little happier.

Utau's POV

I started to wake up at the sound of a banging. Boom! Boom!

I didn't know where I was but this has to do with Easter!


When will they stop! First they wanted the Embryo. Then Ikuto was mind controlled. Now… I really dunno but it has to do with Ikuto. I just know it! It always does.

Then I examined my surroundings. Dust covered the air. Heat filled the air making me sweat more. I think I'm somewhere on the inside but there's an opening near by. Brown boxes were stacked on top of each other. Except they were tiny! They were even near me! I was looking straight out a window!

Wow! Can you be any dumber at a time like this Utau! I scolded myself!

I was really in a room, just plain, ordinary. There was lights, not on; no fan. Great I could use that right now!

Clearly I was hanging by my hands, like in those old movies where they hang you by your hands with ropes, just I'm in chains. I had a few scratches and cuts, but enough to get infected. They were starting to burn. My throat burned. I needed something to drink. My body felt strange, like tingling. My eyes sight was begging to become blurry and my nose stung.

Soon I was panting; more sweat fell from my face, trailing down my body. I feel like shit! I tried to open my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I kept trying to yell for help.

Suddenly my body have surges of pain come through me.

What…what's happening to me?

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