- Reckoning -

Summary:Love what a foolish thing. With love Harry managed to do what no one else thought possible. He had cursed their world to suffering and now he was paying the price. Slash-LV/HP


Warnings: slash, non-canon, alternate universe, dark-Harry, Order bashing

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters . . . no matter what my conscious tells me.

I dream in darkness

I sleep to die

Erase the silence

Erase my life

Our burning ashes

Blacken the day

A world of nothingness

Blow me away

Sweet Sacrifice – Evanescence

~ Chapter One ~

The Final Battle was upon them. Harry had graduated two years ago from Hogwarts and had immediately joined the war efforts. There was no way he could simply remain neutral like he had desired to in the beginning. After all the Boy-Who-Lived was a key player in the war he should be there to lead people to their deaths. Now he was in amongst the fray of people who were firing spells and aiming towards there enemy.

As clichéd as it appeared, the Final Battle was at Hogwarts, the one place that Harry had ever called home during his younger years. It hadn't mattered that he desired to avoid the place at all costs. They had crudely planned for the end battle to be there and it wouldn't have changed no matter how much Harry desired it for he wasn't truly in charge, he was only the second in command and whatever the leader says goes.

Twisting he shot off a spell randomly to incapacitate the person before him and sighed. This was war and to be honest he was bored. You'd think he would have been exhilarated or even furious at the other side but no he was plainly bored out of his mind. There was no anger in his movements, no passion for the death of his foes. None of this duelling nor his opponents could hold his attention any more. After learning numerous spells to keep himself alive it was hardly worth any effort and truth be told he didn't even have to be moving to kill his enemies. He could have just remained in the one place and fired off spells he was that proficient. Harry guessed that his training had paid off after all.

Ducking as an unknown curse flew towards him he sent a Cutting Hex towards his attacker barely even glancing in their direction. A pained scream confirmed that he had hit his target. Harry moved on without another thought. He didn't have time to dwell about what he had just did or even care for his enemy had a larger support than they did. They had to come down for him to win. What he needed to do was find the leader and take him out before someone got him if that was even possible. Then they would have a chance to beat them.

Sighing Harry ploughed through the people trying to find his target, the same target that his partner was searching for. He unleashed curse after curse, some light though they were mostly dark spells. He didn't have time to consider his actions. He didn't have time to waste thinking about the lives he was taking. If in all honesty he truly didn't care for them at all. They were just pieces in the way of his eventual goal. They were simply in the way of his partner winning.

However his enemy wasn't in sight and he gave his partner a shrug before turning around and taking out more of the opposition. If his enemy wasn't in sight what was he to do? He couldn't wait for them to show up and leave his allies just waiting around defending themselves. No he had to act especially with the odds against them.

He settled his gaze on others instead. They were lesser but still important to the opposition. So he picked a target and silently crept up to them avoiding the spells that were sent his way. His lithe figure practically danced out of the way of many of them making it unnecessary to return fire. Harry could see his target before him not bothering to turn around and see who was sneaking up behind him for the finishing blow. He smirked cruelly.

"Avada Kedavra."

Arthur Weasley fell dead. Harry heard Bellatrix give an insane cackle before turning back to fighting his godfather and sending a cruciohis way. Yes he knew that he should scold Bella for simply playing with Sirius but she was having too much fun for him to ruin it now. He was also having fun playing his little games with the Light fools so who was he to tell her off? It was the only entertainment they could gain from this pointless exercise.

Stealthily he moved on again ducking through the fray of spells to find another target to assassinate for fun. Behind him he could hear the Weasley's crying over their lost family member but it didn't faze him not after what they had done to him. No he would never forgive and never forget the wrongs that they had done.

Harry finally caught the one person he wanted to kill more than anybody on this entire field, Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore stood calmly surrounded by death and war and he looked directly at Harry. If that wasn't enough of an invitation to open fire on the old man Harry didn't care because he was finally allowed to attack the one person he was aching to kill in revenge.

He moved forward and immediately sent a Cutting Curse towards Dumbledore's wand arm. It didn't hit but cause Dumbledore to move. Harry narrowed his eyes and began sending a volley of curses to his former headmaster. Yet all Dumbledore did was black and dodge. He didn't attack which infuriated Harry even more and made him choose more lethal spells.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bellatirx fall to Moody though she had succeeded in her goal of killing Sirius. He couldn't locate Lucius or Draco not even Rudolphus or Rabastan. It worried him because that meant they were dead or captured and neither was good as their numbers began to dwindle and the Light gained more of an upper hand.

"Why do you do this my boy? Why did you join with Tom? There were so many other options for you to choose you did you choose the one that would destroy us all?" Dumbledore asked in is grandfatherly voice.

Harry gritted his teeth. There was nothing he desired to say to the meddling old man and yet here he was still trying to get his attention through those little tricks he fell for as a child. They didn't work any longer. He was no longer the ignorant child that listened to everything he was told. He'd grown, felt betrayal and desired revenge for it.

"Was it for the power? Did he promise you his love because we both know that Lord Voldemort loves no one. He isn't capable of it Harry. After what he has done to his soul he isn't capable of feeling anything remotely light. You should know that by now."

All this caused was more spells to be thrown at him to simply get him to shut his mouth. Harry knew that this Voldemort wasn't capable of love but he did in his own way care for Harry. There wasn't anything else Harry could ask for since Wormtailhad screwed up the ritual. The blood of the servant, willingly given, had been what the ritual asked for. Wormtail hadn't given it with true intentions at heart. He'd screwed up the ritual and because of that the Dark Lord didn't feel anything beyond dark emotions. Harry understood that his lover didn't feel any emotions that resembled anything light. The Dark Lord could do cruelty and hate but he couldn't do love or generosity not even to him but he was alright with that because at least it was a pure emotion.

They continued to dance around each other, spells flying at a rate in which the surrounding people couldn't even identify what the spells being used were. It was a shocking display of power, one that both caused others to fear and revere the two powerful wizards duelling. Spells of different colours shot across each other and both blocked and dodged the ferocious attacks. Yet neither got hit by any spell the opponent sent. They weren't even hit by a spell from someone other than the two of them for they dodged those as well making it difficul to predict what would happen next or who would win.

The one other thing that shocked them the most was neither was out of breath yet. They broke the duel occasionally and stood against each other calmly as if they were only training for the next war but weren't actually in it. The focus they had on each other was amazing and many were comparing this battle to the one of Grindewald and Dumbledore though they had never seen it.

"What have I done to fail you Harry? Was it sending you to the Dursley's, your last relatives? Was it the numerous times I have placed you in danger only to have you triumph against the adversaries? Why have I caused you to feel so much pain and suffering my boy?" Dumbledore asked solemnly.

Anyone who knew the old man well though, knew he was lying. Albus knew exactly what had pushed Harry over the edge into the Dark but he wouldn't speak it out loud in fear for losing the faith others had in him. If Harry admitted to it they would only call him a liar so it didn't matter much whether the truth was spoken today or not. No one would believe it since all evidence had been destroyed.

"I will never forgive and I will never forget what you have done to me old coot." Harry finally snarled.

It was the closest thing to an answer he would give the old man in front of these damned people for he had no intention of anyone discovering his secret. This old man would pay for the pain he had caused him to suffer at the hands of everyone he had once trusted, once loved. He would pay. Just as Harry began to speak another spell the headmaster cut in again.

"I'm terribly sorry my boy for everything that I have done and everything I am about to do but this is something that must be done for the greater good regardless of whether you live or die."

A Cutting Curse sped past him from Dumbledore's wand. Harry tracked its path and realized too late that it was headed directly for the one person whom he had come to care for truthfully. The curse was headed directly at Voldemort who was too busy duelling several people at once to notice the fatal stray curse that would be their end.

Harry screamed out as his beloved was struck down by the curse that cut open a straight line across his chest. Turning back to Dumbledore he began to walk forward in fury when he realized something wasn't right. Pausing, he slowly looked down at his own torso. He was bleeding in exactly the same place Voldemort had been hit as well. His hand automatically went to it as his eyes widened in shock. The hand held the wound and he knew it was no illusion. It was real. Dumbledore had discovered a way to kill both of his adversaries at the same time, in the same way.

With his eyes still wide and his mouth slightly open in pain he couldn't help but look up at his past mentor. Dumbledore's solemn eyes seemed to pierce him as if he truly felt for what he had done but for obviously different reasons than the ones Harry felt. Dumbledore was sad at losing his favourite little pawn while Harry was sad he would be leaving this world, leaving his loved one.

"I'm sorry my boy but you should have remained with us. We could have done so much more for you than he did. We could have protected you against what we needed to do for the greater good."

Yes he would have been protected had he not joined with Voldemort but that wasn't the point since he had been escaping from them to begin with. He would have been protected from this ritual but not from what he had faced everyday with them. The words that he had heard so long ago seemed to echo back to him from the headmaster's eyes.


Those of you with hearts of ice and cruel in your attentions,

Join together in life and death soon to be forgotten,

For when one leaves this plane the other shall follow unbidden,

One shall remember their tortured life,

While the other forgets and continues in strife,

Neither can live if the other dies joined together now say your goodbyes.


In barely masked horror, Harry stumbled away blindly reaching for his love as they slowly died on the battlefield that had once been his home, the only place he had loved to return to every year. All around him, his slain comrades watched with hollow eyes as their leader's consort walked through the fray that remained unnoticed by those that were slaughtered by the Light. He tripped over limbs barely recognizing where he was walking.

They hadn't been strong enough . . .

Draco was sprawled on the ground unseeing eyes no longer in his head but lying beside his head almost forgotten amongst the other gore on the ground. Blood bathed the grass around him and yet he still managed to look elegant like only a Malfoy could. It tore at his heart to see his best friend there when he should have survived this battle with the Light. They should have won.

They died for nothing . . .

Rudolphus and Rabastan were lying near each other, limbs ripped from their sockets and blood still oozing from the wound. They appeared to have attempted to reach each other even without the use of their arms but failed. Blaise wasn't far from them a cutting curse having cut straight through his middle. None of his friends deserved this pain for simply siding with what they believed was right.

Everything we have strived for is coming to an end . . .

Bellatrix was lying on her back a Blood Boiling curse having struck her down. Beside her he finally located Lucius. His blond hair was permanently red now and his intestine surrounding him. Tears ran down Harry'sface. If it was for his fallen comrades or the pain he was feeling from his bleeding wound as he stumbled through what was left of the fighting he didn't know and it didn't matter he was focused on the only blurry image he needed to see. He needed to reach Voldemort.

The Light was looking on with sad eyes. Sure they had done this to their fallen hero but he was still there friend. He was still the one person they had played with, had solved puzzles and mysteries together, the one person that had saved their lives on countless occasions regardless of the risk to his own life. His was their friend and they would never forget it even if he had caused them so much pain and suffering. They could honour his death like the true hero he was now that he was giving his life to save their own even if it was involuntary.

"We're sorry Harry. Perhaps if you had listened to us you wouldn't have been in this situation. You should have listened to me I could have helped you. I am the brightest witch of our year aren't I? I could have helped solve your problems. Together we could have prevented your death." Hermione spoke through tears as he walked past.

"Yeah mate. We could have grown up and become Aurors like we originally planned to do in our fifth year. Taken on the baddies and mad them pay for the death of our friends. We could have been war heroes together like so long ago when he were protecting the stone or saving Gin." Ron said as he wrapped a comforting arm around his girlfriend.

"Harry we could have been so good together. You needn't have gone to Voldemort if you needed someone to love you. I could have done that even better since I have the emotion. I can feel the emotion. Harry, why did you leave me? Why did you choose him over me?" Ginny wept.

Harry's heart ached for the one he loved and almost as if hearing his plea the rain began to fall on him obscuring those that had stolen everything from him and only leaving him with the one path, the path to his beloved, the path to Voldemort. He didn't want to have to listen to their complaining anymore. He had chosen the Dark for a reason and he was still faithful to that reason.

"I am sorry Harry I should have tried harder to protect you. I should have done more to help Lily's only son. Even if I would have died, I should have chosen you over Albus. How could I have caused you so much pain? I have never regretted much in my life but now I have failed Lily twice." Severus murmured softly without any expression on his face.

"Harry you should have just reached out to us. Reached out and asked for help. We would have come to your aid if you called." Neville said sadly.

"Do not fear death Harry, for death is just the beginning. Besides you can not die. You will live forever travelling worlds with the soul of the one you love with your heart even if he does not remember you, does not return your love. You will be together for all eternity." Luna spoke dreamily.

Harry heard none of it. There was only one thing he was able to focus on and that was his fallen love. His only desire was to be by Tom's side when they finally lost their lives to the Light, when they finally died together not in old age but still in each others arms. He finally located him about ten metres to the right and collapsed next to him knowing that they were done. Nothing could save them now.

Wrapping his arms around Tom, Harry looked though tear filled eyes at his love. The blood was mingling together and pouring of their bodies now as they lost their lives. Around them the Light stood in a circle almost waiting for them to die so they could celebrate their victory. He could see the fear Tom had as death was grasping at them but there was nothing he could do but speak words of reassurance.

"Have no fear my heart--" Harry paused only to cough up some blood from his lungs, "--for our love is eternal and nothing can come between that . . . even if you were to forget all about me . . . I would still remember you . . . I would never betray you . . ."

The identical wounds gradually worsened as they moved to be in each others arms their dead companions surrounding them almost lovingly. They no longer had the strength to look into each others eyes but feeling their bodies close together was enough for them. Harry's breathing became ragged as the blood filled his lungs making it harder for him to breath. Tom wasn't even attempting to speak listening to the calming words that he knew would come true should Harry speak them.

"Where ever you go . . . I will follow you . . . mind, body . . . and soul . . ."

With those last words Harry James Potter and the Dark Lord Voldemort died on the battlefield, their souls speeding through dimensions just as the ritual had intoned as the Light surrounded them and cheered for the long battle had finally been won.

So seriously . . . Good? Bad?

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