Hey, how you all doing? This is my first time posting something for Tsubasa, so I hope it meets people's expectations! It's just a short poem from Fai's POV on Kurogane kind of :) Hope you enjoy it!

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I Don't Want to Wake Up

*Fai's POV(TRC)

And I don't want to go to bed

Because I don't want to wake up tomorrow

Knowing that I have to live

For yet another hour.

And another after that

And again and again,

Why can't this Earth stop spinning?

And put my misery to an end?

And I'll keep walking through the days

In my confusion and in my slumber,

And I'll look around, and not recognize

This world in which I wander.

And I'll gaze into his eyes,

And only find myself wishing

That I could be good enough for him. Oh, how it hurts

To know that it is not him that I will be kissing.

And so, I don't want to wake up,

I want to merely dream all day.

To be locked up, in my sleep

Safe in my mind, I want to stay.

I don't want to live in this world,

If living only means regret.

I'll be regretting these actions that I take,

And I'll wish that different circumstances were met.

And I hate it that I want to cry,

And still, I hold back these tears.

In truth, I want my eyes to dry

And I want you to chase away my fears.

But, for you, I run away

So no one can cause you damage.

Yet, in this process, I hurt myself,

And only you are left to manage.

In short, I don't want to sleep

In order to prevent these orbs from opening,

So I don't have to survive in this heap

Alone, where you aren't living.

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Oh, and I don't mean that he's literally not living, it's kind of hard to say what I mean by that, but if you can't figure it out than ask me and I'll try to explain better :)