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"I think you should get pregnant again when Kate's nine months," Alice informed me. Sydney was able to sit up, now, but just barely. "That would be so perfect- your kids would each have eighteen months between all three of your kids."

"I don't think so," I said. "My uterus is going to take a few years off. I just lost this baby weight."

"OK, fine," Alice grumbled.

The Cullen's annual Christmas party was in full swing. I still had trouble telling the twins apart- they were being passed around like hot potatoes- all the babies were. Kate would probably be ready to sit up and glide, soon. I hardly got anything accomplished when I was trying to do stock work in the store. Kate had turned over early- right at three months. She wasn't going to let Sydney, Newton and Hale out distance her- she wanted to join the 'party' during the play dates. She was getting Edward's copper hair and would probably get his emerald green eyes eventually, too. I guess there was something dominant about my genes, because this baby had my lips, too, just like Jeannie. She was quieter, more introspective, not as outgoing, but more sensitive than Jeannie. My Jeannie Newton-Cullen was still the life of the party. Her honey-blonde hair was still in spriggy curls, but it was longer, now, long enough that I could braid it, which I had done tonight for the party. I had lost Jeannie, but I found her dancing with Emmett. She was bouncing so hard that the curls were coming out of the rubber bands.

Edward was going to stop by once his shift at the hospital was over, which I was looking forward to. Charlie was scheduled to stop by, as were Angela and Jacob, although Jacob wanted to get to the Christmas party at Sam Uley's on the reservation.

The doorbell rang and Jake and Angie entered with Will and Wendi and their drawing presents.

"Hi, everyone!" Angela cried. "Merry Christmas!"

"Ang!" I cried, hugging her. "Hi, Jake!"

"Merry Christmas, Bells," he said, hugging me. He had taken extra care to tame his hair and pull it back into a ponytail tonight.

Wendi and Will hugged me, too, before running off to play with Jeannie and Emmett.

"Did you guys dress Emmett up as Emmett Claus this year?" Angela asked.

"No, Santa Claus really is scary," I said.

"I agree," Jacob said.

"Hey, Emmett," Carlisle said. "Can I get you guys a beer or an egg nog or something?"

"A diet coke," Angela said.

"Egg nog," Jacob said.

"Be right back," Carlisle said.

"Where's Edward?" Angela asked.

"Finishing up his shift at the ER," I said.

"What's the deal with his internship?" Jacob asked.

"Well, he's getting offers from everywhere, just about," I said. "I'm getting nervous. I don't want to leave Forks in June."

"I know you don't. We don't want you to, either," Jacob said.

"We love Figgy and Katie so much," Angela said.

"That's part of marrying a doctor, I guess," I said. I might have to sell the store, soon, unfortunately, if Edward and I moved away. I was prepared for it. I heard a familiar engine pulling in the driveway. "That's Edward's car!" I cried.

Jeannie lit up and dashed to the screen door, eager to see her father.

"Hi, Daddy!" she said, slapping her hand against the cold glass.

"Hey, Figgy!" Edward said, coming up the walk and into the house. He always made it a point to pick her up and hug and kiss her first. He worried that going to Kate first might make her feel insignificant for not being his own flesh-and-blood child. Jeannie didn't seem to notice. "How's it going, Bean?"

"Santa!" Jeannie cried.

"I know, I know," Edward said, hugging and kissing me. "Santa comes tonight. Hi, Bella. Where's Kate?"

"She's being held by Esme."

"I got good news," he said. "Very good news."

He told me the good news; I was elated. "We have to tell everyone!"

"Let's do it!" Edward said.

We got into the living room- everybody had to tell Edward hello.

"We've got some news," Edward said. "I got the job offer- and I'm going to take it. The Forks ER has offered me full-time a job. We're not going to leave the Forks/La Push area- we're staying here."

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