What's this? Dead Zone? Yes. I've had this idea for a very long time. It's the only one I've had for… an even longer time. Just felt like writing it. Might jump start my writing again…

Johnny closed his eyes, took a deep breath. One hand gripped his chosen weapon tightly, the other brushing lightly against his cold countertops. A flash of images rushed to him. Determined, Johnny crept through his kitchen. He would not allow such an invasion in his home. He touched the refrigerator door gingerly, glancing around warily. Another vision. He'd been there! Just a second ago! Johnny knew he was close. Two more steps. Nothing could break Johnny's focus. Not even the door opening.

Bruce walked in. "Hey, Johnny-"

"Shhhhhh!" Johnny hissed. His fingers came into contact with the wall. There! Johnny swung with all of his might.

The fly fell to the floor, dead.

"YES!" Johnny pumped his fists in the air, flyswatter still in his grasp.

"Man, you have got to get out."

Yeah. That's it. Silly. Whatever. Review, maybe?