Hey guys, this is my first fanfiction. Please bear with me! I'm only fourteen and would love some constructive criticism. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or anything! Enjoy.

Ziva's knuckles shone white as she gripped at the steering wheel. She swerved violently on the busy main road, narrowly avoiding an oncoming semitrailer as the car shuddered with the force of a near by explosion. McGee, sitting in the passenger seat, immediately recovered from the near collision to look for the source of the explosion, it was not easy to miss and was definitely not a good sign.

The two agents were travelling to search a nearby warehouse with their team leader and the senior field agent, both of whom had left for the depot ten minutes prior in a separate car. The gathering cloud of debris and dust marked their destination, the place they were going to re-check for any missed vital evidence to their case.

Ziva brutally manoeuvred the car into the driveway of the explosion site next to their co-workers', which was littered with dusty fragments. Even before the car came to a halt the agents were tearing at their seatbelts and ripping at the handles on the car doors. McGee and Ziva were out of the car in seconds and sprinting towards the fiery remains of the warehouse. The structure's doors had been blown clean off and it was leaning precariously to one side. Before they reached the entrance a figure appeared in the destroyed door way and limped roughly to the side. The shape collapsed onto the singed grass beside the destroyed structure, blinded in an impressive coughing fit.

Ziva's mind was utter chaos; figures, calculations and approximations screamed through it without leaving the slightest indentation. There was no time for any form of shock to settle in. Primarily, above everything that was racing through her mind she knew of the two most important things- Tony and Gibbs. The mantra 'Tony and Gibbs, Tony and Gibbs' played repetitively over and over again in her head as she ran towards the structure and the figure on the grass, in what felt like cartoonish slow motion.

The two younger agents were at their team leader's side in a heartbeat and took in his battered and burnt appearance with wide eyes. Ziva kneeled down beside Gibbs, putting a hand on one shoulder as she tried to catch his eye. He leant forward in another bout of coughing, clutching at his chest with one hand.

Gibbs' clothes were singed and coated in thick layer of dust. Bits of grit and debris slid off his jacket and onto the ground beside him each time he rocked forward to cough. A dark bruise was already beginning to sprout on his temple and what was visible of his arms were a hot, angry red.

The world was spinning for Gibbs as he gasped for oxygen. He opened watery eyes to see Ziva's face inches from his own, a deep crevasse cutting her face with worry. She was speaking urgently to him and shaking his shoulder. He was deaf to what she was saying for the ringing in his ears. He opened his mouth to try and get his message across but his throat felt as though it was laced with the chalky dust that coated him and he broke into another series of coughs.

"Gibbs! Where is Tony?" She asked again more urgently, desperation setting in as vital seconds ticked by.

"Need to find Tony – Inside – closer to bomb" he rasped, his ravaged throat raw from smoke inhalation.

Ziva nodded at him efficiently and turned urgently to McGee. She suppressed the fear that flooded her mind, compressing it in an air-tight bottle for later. Ziva turned to find the place where McGee had been just seconds before void of any being; she looked up just in time to see McGee's silhouette disappear into the destroyed structure. She turned back to her partially injured team leader and took a deep breath. She thought coolly and rationally while she smoothly whipped out her mobile phone and barked down it for two ambulances.

She finished making the phone call and hung up after getting an ETA on the ambulances, urging them with the information that there were possibly two federal agents down. Gibbs, who seemed to have regained some of his senses, was on his feet and already staggering determinedly back to the entrance of the warehouse.

"Gibbs!" she called before taking off after him. "Sit down! I'll go in!" She ordered her boss.

"The hell you will!" He replied as they reached the entrance to the building, she couldn't help feeling slightly relieved to see his struggle for air seemed to have been short lived.

They met the form of two people emerging from the building, one straining under the dead weight of the other as McGee supported the limp and unconscious form of Tony DiNozzo out onto the driveway, his feet dragging flaccidly across the dirt.

"Tony?" Ziva breathed as all three of them gently lowered him onto the gritty driveway.

Tony's head lolled to the side as he slumped heavily to the floor, his face was scarcely recognizable beneath the blood that caked it. His arms were raw and burnt and his expensive suit was blackened and singed.

McGee, breathing heavily from the rescue, slid two fingers to the side of the Senior Field Agent's neck. He waited with baited breath for what felt like an eternity before he felt the relieving thrumming of DiNozzo's heart beneath his fingertips.

He pulled his hand away, now slightly bloodied and turned to Ziva's distraught face.

"I've got a pulse."

She breathed out heavily and lent closer to her injured partner, his breathing was irregular and raspy but it was there. Gibbs leant in beside her and hurriedly surveyed his agent, swallowing forcefully. The Senior Field Agent's left arm, neck and cheek were covered in the same raw burn that was the cause of the continuously seeping blood. His head was inertly sitting to one side, exposing his neck vulnerably.

Gibbs's gut was churning sickeningly with a repulsive mixture of worry, regret and fear. At the same time his mind was alight with unanswerable questions: 'What had happened?' was a popular one that kept continuously cropping up. The questions didn't matter now though, what mattered now was the safety and wellbeing of his agent.

"Ziva, where is that ambulance?" He barked, his eyes remaining fixated on Tony's face.

"Ambulance should be here in…" She looked down at her watch and then back up at his profile, "Three and a half minutes, Gibbs." She replied professionally, trying to hold back her emotions. Gibbs nodded slightly and lent forward a little closer, bringing his hand up hesitantly to the side of Tony's face. He tapped his cheek gently with the tips of his fingers.

"Dinozzo? Come on, Tony?" He said, his voice leaking desperation. He tapped him again and raised his voice louder. McGee swallowed harshly at the rare concern that smothered his boss's tone.

"Dammit, Tony, time to get up!"

Tony didn't stir, his head rolled limply to the side at the contact and slithers of white were visible, concealed under his eyelashes. Gibbs sat back on his heels and looked across at McGee who was sitting on the opposite side of Tony, his expression was that of pure, untainted terror.

Everything had happened so quickly. Gibbs had had barely enough time to blink. A few minutes ago he had entered the crime scene with his Senior Field Agent, the two joking their way up the drive way, the next minute he was staggering wildly about the flaming wreck, trying to find an exit. He had yelled franticly between harsh coughs and had received no answer, the only thing he had been sure of was the heat explosion had come from his agent's direction. Gibbs shuddered.

Ash was raining softly down on the three as they knelt around their injured partner; Gibbs had long since forgotten about his own tender burns and wouldn't remember for some time. McGee had struggled out of his jacket and pressed it vigilantly to Tony's injured arm, unsure whether he was aiding his co-worker or not, he continued to hold it there, feeling as though he was contributing.

It was terrifying seeing the usually energetic, to the point of hyperactive co-worker lying so still and defenceless on the gravel. Tony was usually an ongoing stream of playful remarks and humour, even if occasionally it was pretentious, he never failed to entertain. He continued to uphold his reputation as the team huddled around him, nothing close to boring.

Sirens blared in the distance and the three perked up, swimming back to the surface from their individual worried worlds. In reality it had only been a minute but it felt as though a lifetime had passed, and could quite possibly pass if the ambulance did not arrive soon. Thankfully it did and the three held their ground as a team of paramedics leaped from the vehicle.

The paramedics failed to herd the three anxious team members back and settled on working proficiently and quickly around them. The positioned an oxygen mask over Tony's face and transferred him onto a stretcher in record timing, gently strapping him in and readying him for the trip to the hospital. One of the paramedics approached the huddled group as they watched on fretfully.

"We had a call that two agents were down," He said looking over the three, his eyes resting on Gibbs, "Are you alright, Sir?"

"I'm fine" Gibbs said gruffly, waving off the paramedic and looking pointedly at Tony, "Just look after him."

"You don't look fine. You should ride along in the ambulance. You can get checked over once we reach the hospital." He insisted, pointing back at the ambulance that was prepping to depart. Gibbs looked over at Ziva and McGee who both straightened loyally under his gaze.

Gibbs drew a deep breath and glanced up at his Senior Field Agent and the medial personal that were working over him. He turned his gaze back to the two that were standing protectively at his side.

"I'm riding in with DiNozzo," He said instructively, "Ziva; inform the Director and organize another team to be sent out. McGee; drive my car back and arrange for Ducky to meet us at the hospital.

"Yes, Boss" McGee said, Ziva nodded absently. The three split their separate ways