Chapter Twenty-One:


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"I don't think Potter here's spent more than a second looking at himself in the mirror and he looks pretty damn fine to me."

Heads were buzzing around Hogwarts, the newspapers were waiting on edge for a full report to write. Monday passed with many murmurs, whispers and speculations as to why Harry and Draco's six year feud suddenly turned into friendly smiles, light conversations in the hallways, as they walked one another to class, and sat beside one another as well. It was all very confusing for everybody else, but the two boys had decided to keep their relationship secret at least for a little while. Monday night, Draco and Harry found each other after dinner outside of the Great Hall.

"Mine or yours?" Draco asked immediately, gently wrapped his arm around Harry's ignoring the inquiring looks of the students filing out of the Great Hall.

"Ron's still not talking to me, won't even look at me," Harry grumbled sadly and sighed, "and everybody in your dorm knows, so yours," he said decidedly.

With a curt nod, Draco led Harry down into the dungeons and into the Slytherin Common Room. "You again," a snarl sounded from the couch as the small, Second Year Slytherin stood to greet Harry and Draco entering. There were a few other nameless Slytherin's in the Common Room, all who looked on at the situation.

Draco Malfoy with his arm tightly slung around Harry Potter's own arm, that definitely wasn't a sight one expected to see everyday. "Willum, mind your own sodding business," Malfoy snapped lightly, he wanted to be up in his room, crawling into bed with Harry.

"This is my business," hissed the Second Year haughtily, "This is my Common Room too, Malfoy. And I have a say in it and I say that I don't want Potter here, whether or not he's your boyfriend," he growled icily.

Harry glared daggers down at him but before either could say anything, another Fifth Year stepped in with a grimace. "Dumbledork's letting his Golden Boy play with the snakes now, is he?" he shot a deep glare at Harry, approaching the couple.

"You better watch yourself, Potter, we're not as nice as they say we are," another piped in sarcastically.

With a dark look, his deep emerald eyes pierced into those surrounding him. "Hah, you think I'm scared of you? Let me warn you and say that..." he stepped menacingly closer to the second year, towering over him with a sinister expression, " is you, who should be worried of me," Harry's tone was not one to be reckoned with, but the Second Year merely huffed and said no more. He knew when to back down, and smartly enough so did the rest of the Slytherin's. Harry Potter was famous for a few things, his power and his temper being a few of those.

Draco merely cast a sour look at the occupants of the room before hurrying Harry along up the stairs on the left into the Boys Dormitory. He closed the door quickly behind him and found that Crabbe and Goyle were already there, both bumbling over a hex book for the Defence Against the Dark Arts duel tomorrow.

"I'ts useless, y'know. You should really just concentrate on charms and shields," Harry advised them as Draco led him to what seemed to be his bed, perfectly made up in one of the corners. It was really quite depressing in these dormitories, Harry found, no light of day making its way into the room.

"Er, thanks," Crabbe nodded, flipping to a separate part of the textbook he was holding.

"Is everybody this riled up about that Duel tomorrow?" Draco drawled, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as his eyes hardly ever left his mate.

"Don't really see why. I mean I was all up for it but..." Harry trailed off, his eyes meeting with Draco's unsurely.

"It should make for an entertaining lesson. To see what some nitwits come up with, that is," he smirked, throwing his shirt to the side of his bed and reaching for his belt now, fully aware that Harry had sat down on his trunk and was watching his every move with a raised, expectant eyebrow. "I wonder if Longbottom'll survive," he mumbled.

"Zabini's his partner, isn't he?" Harry asked uneasily, he didn't much like the idea of Neville duelling with Blaise, for he didn't see it ending quite well.

"Yes, he is," Draco began smiling at the prospect of it, unlike his mate. "We'll be off to bed then boys, knackered and all," he grinned.

"You're sleeping here?" Goyle questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course, you expect me to sleep in the Tower with the Weasel?" Draco scowled and shiver at the thought of it, he beckoned Harry towards the bed as he himself slid into it, beginning to close the curtains around him.

"Guess not," Crabbe shrugged uncaringly, turning back to the textbook they were riffling through.

As Harry climbed into bed with Draco, lightly pulling the covers over them, he pecked the blonde chastly on the cheek and smiled down at him. With a slight wave of his hand, the curtains closed as Draco raised his eyebrow. "I guess you'll be using Wandless magic tomorrow in our duel, then?" he inquired.

"You'll just have to wait and see, now won't you?" Harry grinned, kissing Draco once more before laying his head to rest on the blonde's chest, feeling arms wrap around him. "Are you happy? With this?" he asked softly, closing his eyes wearily. It had been a long day, of avoiding questions and not being able to openly touch his mate without the many straining eyes of students.

"Harry, I haev been dreaming of this day since I offered you my hand in friendship six years ago," Draco whispered truthfully, "Of course I'm happy, love," he kissed the top of Harry's unruly raven hair before the two of them were enveloped in the warmth of their sleep.

Harry couldn't think of a better way to wake up; he was listening to the heavy heartbeat pounding in his ears through Draco's bare chest, his hands ghosted lightly across the perfect pale skin of his lover's abdomen, his morning happiness pressed eagerly against Draco's thigh. Upon looking up, he found Draco smiling blindingly down at him, his silver eyes filled with weary joy.

"Morning, Harry. Sleep well in the dungeons?" he smirked, bending down to capture Harry's lips. The same passion, electric heat burst between them as always. Neither could really explain how it felt so impossibly good to even just touch one another in the slightest.

"I could sleep in a dragon's cave well as long as you're with me," Harry grinned.

"Such a suck up," Draco mumbled and then winked before clearing his throat from its groggy morning voice. "Time to get up then, got a full day ahead of us. Defence is first thing, is it not?"

"Urgh, but Draco it's only-" Harry turned to the bedside table to look at the clock, "Six thirty! Why the bloody hell am I up at six-thirty?" he cursed, moreso to himself since he wasn't rudely awoken or anything of that matter. It was a strange day, when Harry Potter got out of bed earlier than everybody else.

"I must be rubbing off on you, now up," Draco smirked, pushing Harry gently off of him and swinging his legs off of the bed. "I'm in the need of a good shower, it has been a couple of days," he shivered at the mere thought of it.

"Urgh, me too," Harry groaned, though he still wouldn't mind getting a few more moments of shut eye. Reluctantly, he got out of bed as well and watched as Draco quietly collected a clean school uniform for the new day.

After the boys got ready, which Harry was utterly surprised at how bleeding long somebody could take brushing their hair, it was already eight o'clock. Draco stood and observed his reflection in the mirror, the other boys were up and bustling around as well now as Harry fastened his tie and came up behind his lover, snaking his arms around his waist and pecking him on the nape of his neck. Draco smiled at Harry's reflection, recieving a small smirk in response.

"I'm surprised at how long it took you to get ready," Harry commented.

"Try living with the poof for the past six years...bleeding uses all the hot water!" Blaise snipped, coming to stand beside the couple's reflection with a genuine smirk.

"Good looks take time," Draco drawled heatedly.

"They do? Because I don't think Potter here's spent more than a second looking at himself in the mirror and he looks pretty damn fine to me," he smirked, and then had to duck the hand that swung very threatningly at his face.

Harry chuckled shaking his head, "Do you ever think about anything else?"

"How can I, with you two bloody walking around snogging one another?" Blaise teased.

"We do not walk around and snog," Draco glowered, but the other boy merely shrugged and walked off to retrieve his school bag with a grin. "So what are we going to..."

"...walk out of here holding hands, or throwing hexes?" Harry finished for Draco, "Alright c'mon then," he untangled himself from Draco and started towards the door.

"Come hither, dear Prince, we await your lead," Blaise teased as Draco shot him an icy glare, but when he heard Harry's small chuckle he couldn't help but smirk as well and then led the way out of the Slytherin dungeons and up to the Great Hall.

Breakfast was uneventful as the two 'friends' departed one anothers sides, only to sit next to their house mates and stare longingly across the Hall. Harry didn't like being away from Draco's contact for too long, and henceforth wasn't always the chipper one at meals. But today was different, because he kept reminding himself what was to come after breakfast. The Defence Duels.

As Ron sat down at the Gryffindor Table, he did so many spots away from Harry and beside Neville instead, Harry frowned at this but said nothing. So he ate uneventfully alone, grateful for the shared glances from Draco and occasionally Blaise as well.

Finally as breakfast ended, Harry and Draco met in the Entrance Hall and quickly strode side-by-side as they had the previous day through-out the halls of Hogwarts, ignoring all whispers and heads that followed them. Blaise was on Harry's other side, casually casting looks over his shoulder at the Mudblood and Weasel who followed not far behind to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Once inside, they all seated next to their partners as Remus strode in with a smirk on his face ."Morning class!" he chimed, getting minimal response as per usual. "As I said, anything goes that isn't illegal for these duels. I have set up a Duelling area which you are not to exit," he cocked his head behind him, where a Duelling stage had been set up just like back in Second Year, although much shorter. "Each pair shall have five minutes and five minutes only, and no more. After I blow the whistle the first time, you may begin. As I blow it a second, you must lay down your wands and I shall be the judge in whom was the winner of each pair. So first off; Mr Longbottom versus Mr Zabini," he called.

The two boys made their way to the front of the classroom, Harry sent Neville an encouraging look, for even he wouldn't want to go up against Blaise although he wouldn't have doubted being able to beat him. "Wands at the ready," Remus began slowly, the class settled into complete silence to look at the boys standing at opposite ends of the podium. Neville had a nervous smile, as Blaise was smirking readily.

The whistle blew and the duel began. Colours and hexes, shields and charms were thrown so rapdily across the stage. Wands and wizards battled it out, wit courage and speed all muddle into a five minute duel. It was surprising when Neville successfully knocked Blaise out with an Unconscious Curse, it stunned even Harry until everybody began to clap for the victor.

The class continued on like this, everybody began slowly and nervously but then a large variety of spells were cast, bringing excitement in all those participated and watched on the side lines. Hermione, surprisingly lost, to Pansy Parkinson. Ron and Nott became a draw. And then, after everybody else had gone, Remus turned a cheery lopsided grin on the last pair to compete. "Of course he left us till last," Draco mumbled beneath his breath only so his mate could hear, who smirked and rolled his eyes.

"Mister Potter, Mister Malfoy, if you would,"

Everybody stilled and watched as the two infamous boys slowly stood up from their seats and made their way onto the duelling stage. They gave each other odd, sidelong glances before parting to their own opposite ends of the stage. Suddenly, Harry didn't have a good feeling about this. He looked across and held his gaze with those liquid silver eyes, the same eyes he woke up to that morning and wanted to wake up to every morning for the rest of his life.

With a sweaty palm he gripped his wand, his eyes never leaving Draco's. On the other side of the stage, Draco wasn't doing so well himself. He felt his instincts riled up inside of himself, he was about to throw hexes and curses at his mate, the one person he was sworn to protect since his inheritance began. Remus' whistle had blown, but the boths hadn't heard it. The class was stilled, nobody moved or spoke as they somehow felt the energy that was being awkwardly passed between the two. The reluctancy, and the wait to see who would cast a curse first.

Harry took a deep, shuddering breath and threw a simple Tripping Jinx at Draco, though he did not speak or move his wand. Draco suddenly fell to the floor and grimaced, and by the time he was on his feet once more the fight had begun.

Draco spoke with ease, the curses rolling off the tip of his tongue every few seconds as Harry blocked them off or threw them in reverse. Harry did not speak a word, or use his wand as he retaliated. Colours soared, the energy level heightened, and Draco found himself getting more into it despite the need to protect his mate growing. He knew Harry could throw off any curse, he wasn't so worried after the three minute mark.

"Incendia Insum," Draco threw the curse, black tendrils lashed out of his wand and towards his mate. Harry hadn't seen a curse like this before and his eyes went momentarily wide before he expected the force of it to crash into his Protego shield thrown up simeultaneously. But the black tendrils didn't hit his shield, instead Draco drew back the curse and ended it right before it hit the invisible barrier.

Harry blinked a few times, wondering whether or not he should fire a curse in response. "Mens congelo," he whispered, and Draco's arm automatically dropped and his wand clattered to the floor. His hands came up to the sides of his head and began scratching curiously. It was an odd feeling the blonde was going through, as if a ton of ice cubes had just been dropped on his brain.

Remus blew his whistle and quickly stepped onto the stage, "Finite Incantartum," he flickered his wand at Draco but the icy feeling didn't seem to stop.

Draco decided that it didn't hurt, it was just too strange feeling. He wanted it to stop. For some reason, his body and mind felt numbed together. "Harry...what did you do?" he looked up at his mate who was smiling sadly over at him.

Harry gathered himself and sauntered over to Draco, unawares of the entire class watching still hyped up from their exciting duel. "It won't stop until I let it go," Harry exlpained, and then as he came close enough to Draco he reached out and brushed his fingers against the side of his face. Immediately a warming sensation rushed up to Draco's head, releasing the cold.

It took a few moments for the Slytherin to regain himself, he retrieved his wand being offered by Harry who was smiling sheepishly now. "It didn't seem like you much wanted to fight anymore, so I thought I'd end it," he shrugged.

"I do not believe it was in my wishes to duel against you in the first place," Draco grumbled, his head was feeling a little strange. "Potter, whatever you did it was the strangest feeling I have ever known," he admitted as Harry blushed and looked away from the Veela.

"Yes, Mister Potter. What was it that you just performed? I have never heard of any mens con-"

"Don't say it!" Harry abruptly cut off Remus who raised an eyebrow at him, crossing his arms and expecting an answer. Harry shuffled his feet and looked interestedly down at the ground, "It's, uhm, well...sometime I kinda made up..." he whispered.

"Something you made up? Harry you cannot possibly mean to tell me that you...created a curse?" Remus asked in a low, tone as the brunette slowly nodded, all eyes turned on Harry now in amazement. "What was it and why can't I say it?"

"I just don't think it advisable to say it aloud unless you know what it does, you could very possibly freeze your own brain and I wouldn't know how to get you outta that one," Harry replied sheepishly. "It's a Mind Freezing Curse, it creates the feeling of ice being dumped over your brain. It makes you unable to really think, or feel much for that matter. I've been developing a few experimental spells that could help me when..." he trailed off.

Remus nodded knowingly, though it was rather difficult for him to shut his mouth, "Well, that's..."

"That was an unfair duel," Draco broke in quickly, he felt his mate's uneasiness by the topic of conversation and felt like coming in to aid him. Harry looked quizzically at him.

"And how so, Mister Malfoy?"

"Harry said that he thought I wanted to end it, so he ended it. He could've done that, or something else, all along. It was not fair for he was not putting his full effort forward, and truthfully neither was I," Draco stated, Remus looked knowingly at him.

"Yes, yes well you both may be excused from the assignment if that is what you wish," Remus concluded.

"I don't think that's fair," a cold voice sounded from the back of the classroom, Harry turned to look at Ron who was staring blankly up at the Defence teacher.

"What do you suggest then, Mister Weasley?"

"Have Harry duel you," Ron shrugged noncommitally, diverting his gaze now to something on the other side of the classroom. Everybody looked between Remus' uncomfortable gaze to Harry's bored one.

"I have no problem with that," Harry said quietly after a few minutes, "It might do me some good, actually. A little real competition," he teased the blonde who sneered over at him.

"You know I'm the only real competition for you, Potter," Draco drawled, but did not take offense to leaving the stage and allowing their Professor to take his place. He wanted to see what was to come of their duel as well as most of the classroom who was now looking expectantly at the werewolf.

Remus took Draco's spot, his wand raised as Harry slipped his own back into his pocket. It was useless to him these days anyway. "On the count of three," He began, "One, two, three," Remus quickly threw a wordless hex at Harry who anticipated to have it rebound.

But then something wholly unexpected happened. A loud cry, a flutter of black velvet wings shot up out of Draco's back, and the blonde boy was lifted off of the ground and Harry found himself suddenly wrapped in their familiar warmth. He was peering up at Draco's shocked face, blinking down at him. "Draco...what was that?" Harry asked slowly, unsurely.

"Reflex," Draco grumbled, he cocked his head in Remus' direction with a small sigh, ignoring the gasps and astonished students who were looking at a whole new sight they had never expected to see. Draco Malfoy had just sprouted wings and not only flew with them, but flew to Harry Potter's side and blocked a curse, protected him, and was holding him in his arms. "Sorry about that Professor, I do not believe my Veela instincts are going to allow you to raise your wand at Harry's direction again. Ever again," he added again with slight malice.

Remus was wide-eyed and shocked but quickly this turned into a small smile and he nodded vigorously, "Of course! No need to apologize, Draco,"

"I guess the cat's outta the bag," Harry commented dryly, looking on at the stunned faces of the Defence class. Except, of course, for Blaise who was grinning in the corner.

"The what is out of what now? Potter, I would appreciate it if you would stop speaking in riddles," Draco hissed, still not releasing his mate as he ignored his classmates around him.

"Boys, I think it would do well to uhm...release one another and...put away your...erm..." Remus stuttered, blushing lightly, "I think it's best if class were adjurned for today," he concluded confusedly. Vaguely aware that most of the students in the room didn't make a move to leave, all still captivated by Draco's wings enveloping Harry Potter - whom didn't seem uncomfortable with it whatsoever.

"Harry? You've got, uhm...a free period now?" Ron's uneasy voice sounded weakly from beside the couple who turned to face him, Draco scowled but the redhead ignored him.

"Er, yeah I do," Harry said, having not spoken to Ron since Sunday.

"Do you two, wanna take a walk? I think we should, maybe get away from..." he trailed off and looked behind him at the class, most still staring slack jawed at the two of them.

"You know? I think that's a great idea," Harry agreed hurriedly with a grin, he untangled from Draco and grabbed the blonde's hand instead ignoring a few further gasps at this gesture and inclined his head towards Hermione. "You coming?" he asked, and the led their way out of the Defence classroom.

It wasn't just Herimone, Ron, Draco and Harry walking down onto the Grounds however, as Blaise was quickly at Draco's side. They completely ignored the very astonished, questioning faces and the voices screaming at them in the crowded Hogwarts hallway. Mostly, astonished faces just followed them with widened eyes, as Draco had yet to retract his beautiful velvet wings. Even Ron, Hermione and Blaise couldn't stop staring at them as they walked.

"So Ron, what did you want to talk about?" Harry urged.

"I erm," Ron took a deep breath, "I've been going over this for a few days in my head now and...uhm..I wanted to say that, I'm alright with this. I mean, you haven't really got a choice anymore anyway, and whatnot, but I'm alright and...Malfoy here," he stuttered.

Harry shot him a blinding grin, his emerald eyes filled with happiness. He didn't feel a care in the world, his hand still entwined tightly with Draco's with the heat emenating between them as Ron, his best mate, was giving his blessing. "Thanks Ron, it means so much,"

"I told you he would come around," Hermione commented quietly from behind them, smiling over at her boyfriend and reaching for his hand as well.

"Yes, all is well," Blaise drawled sarcastically, "Now all you two have to do is deal with the entire student body..."

"Not to mention the Daily Prophet. I wonder what good old Rita Skeeter will have to say about this," Ron chipped in with a smirk, Harry groaned loudly.

"Yes, but I do not have to deal with Weasel all the time do I?" Draco grumbled, but everybody merely ignored him beside Ron's icy glare.

Harry found himself grinning again, despite the minor prospect of having to deal with the public in the back of his mind. He then said something that caused for all five teenagers to be sent into a row of raptious laughter, "So Draco...when do I get to meet dearest Daddy-In-Law?"

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