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Chapter 25 – Epilogue

Approximately 63 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes, and 48 seconds later

Mokuba watched his brother and Bane pacing in step with each other in the living room, worried and frantic expressions on both their faces. It was almost too much for him to handle. They'd been at this for the past forty-five minutes. "Will you two stop it?" Mokuba roared, ultimately halting both of them in their tracks.

"There's no reason to raise your voice," Seto replied softly, but he gave in anyway. He sat on the couch next to his brother, Bane plopping himself in between them.

"You don't even have a reason to be tense," the younger boy quipped.

"And you do?"

"Yes! I do! Willow chose my bed to give birth on! Why wouldn't I be tense?" he exclaimed, waving his arm wildly in the direction his bedroom was in.

Seto just rolled his eyes and leaned back, his hand subconsciously stroking Bane. The cat seemed to sigh and relax at that point, but he was still one nervous kitty. "Willow's going to be fine, Bane," the brunet whispered, scratching the black cat behind the ears. "Joey's going to make sure nothing bad happens to her."

So they waited…and waited…and waited. About thirty minutes later, they heard Mokuba's bedroom door open and then shut. Joey walked down the hall and appeared in the living room.

"Congratulations, Bane. Ya are the proud father of two precious, little kittens. A boy and a girl," Joey cooed as he picked up the cat.

"The delivery went well?" Seto asked nervously.

The blond nodded, but paused when he saw the stressed look on the brunet's face. "What's wrong with ya?"


"Seto's been acting like you're the one who was giving birth. He actually wore down the carpet," interrupted Mokuba. "So when can I get my room back?"

"Well, I was wonderin' if we could turn the pantry into somewhat of a room for the cats. It'll stay warm and cozy in there, but for tonight, would ya mind if they stayed in your room? Willow's pretty drained right now and I don't want to move her just yet."

"Okay," Mokuba relented. "Can we see them?"

"Sure," Joey replied cheerfully, leading them back to the bedroom. He opened the door as quietly as he could and walked over to the bed. Setting Bane down next to Willow, the black cat immediately started licking his mate's face.

As the other two stepped closer to the bed, they saw two tiny forms curled up against Willow. One was black, while the other was grey.

"The black one is a girl and the grey one is a boy," said Joey, smiling proudly down at the kittens. "What do ya think?"

"They're ugly," blurted Mokuba. To him, they looked like rats or something.

Seeing the appalled look on Joey's face, Seto intervened—even though he agreed with his brother. "They're adorable, Puppy."

The blond narrowed his eyes. "You're lyin'," he ground out. "Everybody out. Let's leave this new family alone."

The next day, Mokuba entered his room, determined to take a better look at the kittens. What he saw nearly took his breath away and made him change his mind about moving them out of his room so soon.

Willow was curled up on the bed, asleep, with Bane lying next to her from behind. The kittens were trying to move closer to her, probably in search of their next meal. Mokuba couldn't help but think that they looked so helpless. They needed warmth and comfort for the time being. And he was willing to give up his room just for that. At least for now. Pleased with his decision, he left the room and shut the door softly behind him.

"How long are ya gonna stand there and stare at the door?" Joey inquired. Mokuba had left some time ago, saying that he was going to sleep over at Yugi's for the night and that the cats could have his room for now.

Seto turned and faced him, an odd expression on his face. "He's growing up. Mokuba made a very mature and selfless decision."

"Is that why ya look so worked up?"

The brunet sighed and wandered away from the door. "I don't know. So what do you want to do tonight? We can watch a movie or something."

Joey approached Seto slowly, wrapping his arms around his neck as he guided the brunet's head closer to his. Their lips met and a heated kiss soon turned into one of passionate ecstasy.

"I want ya to make love to me tonight," the blond whispered in his ears as they pulled away. "I'm ready to give myself to ya…completely."

Seto felt his mouth go dry, unable to form a coherent response to that request. "You're sure?"

"Well, don't you get nervous! Otherwise you're gonna make me nervous," replied Joey, smacking Seto lightly on the arm.

The brunet gently took his hand and led them back to their bedroom. He sat Joey on the bed and then ventured into the bathroom. A few minutes later, he returned with a few items in his hand and placed them next to the bed.

"What's that stuff for?" Joey asked curiously.

"It's for making the experience more pleasant," Seto growled, pushing his soon-to-be lover back against the mattress, his blond hair splaying in all directions as soon as his head hit the pillow. Apparently, the brunet's confidence was back full force. "I'm going to ask you again. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, Seto. I do."


His heart warming to that answer, Seto leaned down, trailing soft kisses around Joey's face and neck as he worked on unbuttoning the blond's shirt. When he succeeded, he pushed at the sides, exposing his Puppy's toned torso. Placing his hands behind Joey's lower back, he lifted him up and removed the shirt from his body before laying him back down.

Staring at his blond lover, Seto removed his own shirt, tossing it to the floor carelessly as he brought his lips down to his Puppy's chest. His mouth gravitated toward one of the blond's already taut nipples, lapping at it gently with his tongue before sucking and tugging on it.

Joey cried out at the unexpected sensation, his hands clenching the sheets as Seto continued to tease him. When he felt like he couldn't handle anymore, the brunet moved away. Mentally sighing in relief, the blond was brought back to a state of delirium when Seto attacked his other nipple. If this part was making him squirm in pleasure, there was no telling what the rest of it would make him feel like.

Deeming his Puppy ready for more, Seto pulled away from him again, admiring the flushed look on his face. Inwardly smirking, the brunet undid his belt, doing away with his pants, boxers and socks in one fell swoop. His erection stood proudly, which only made Joey blush and avert his eyes. But Seto would have none of that.

The blond cried out when he felt a hand stroke his still clothed member. He thought he was hard before, but the stimulation he was receiving from such a subtle movement was driving him wild. Bucking into the rubbing hand, Joey panted and tossed his head from side to side. Unsure if he could last from this treatment, his hand found Seto's, pushing it away so he could undo his pants.

"Does the Puppy want more?" the brunet teased.

"Yes, Seto! Just…I want ya!"

He didn't have to hear that twice. Shoving the blond's shaking hands away, he quickly undid his pants. Slipping his fingers underneath the hem of both Joey's pants and boxers, he pulled the both of them down at once, his hands making sure to discard the socks as well.

With his Puppy fully naked now, Seto took this time to stare at the one he loved so dearly. The blond seemed to glow beneath him, his body contrasting deliciously against the bed. He looked like an angel. His angel.

"Seto?" Joey whispered unsurely, embarrassed by the close attention he was receiving toward his body.

"I'm just admiring the one who's stolen my heart," Seto replied, lowering his body over the blond's.

"Don't say such embarrassin' things," he grumbled, looking away.

"I'm only stating the truth, Puppy," the brunet stated softly, reaching over to the nightstand. He grabbed something and dropped it on the bed. "Are you ready?"

The blond shyly looked up at him, nodding jerkily as he did so. Seto gave him a reassuring kiss before spreading Joey's legs. He picked up the bottle he'd dropped and squeezed something into his hand, spreading the substance over his fingers.

"What're ya doin'?" Joey asked innocently.

This took the brunet by surprise. He knew the blond was inexperienced—hell, he was, too—but he wasn't aware that Joey didn't even know the basics. "I'm going to prepare you," he replied. When the blond still looked confused, he elaborated. "I'm going to use my fingers first to stretch you. It'll hurt more if I don't do this."

"It's gonna hurt? How much?"

"I honestly don't know, but I'm going to do the best I can to make it all pleasure soon. I promise," he said, kissing him again. He used this as a distraction to work in his first finger. Feeling the blond tense up, he moved his other hand to Joey's lower abdomen, gently stroking him there in a means to get him to relax. It worked.

When he felt the tension momentarily leave the blond's body, Seto moved his finger in and out until it moved with ease. Adding a second finger, Joey froze again, but it didn't last as long as before. And when the brunet started scissoring his fingers, the blond started forcing himself down on them. Seto had to restrain himself from taking the blond right then and there. He wasn't finished preparing him yet. Finally inserting his third finger, Joey moaned, raising his hips in time with Seto's finger thrusts. Believing the blond was ready, he removed his fingers, much to his Puppy's dismay—if his whine at their loss was any indication.

Reaching for the bottle again, he poured more stuff into his hand and coated his throbbing erection. It almost felt as if he couldn't do it quickly enough. When he was fully coated, he spread Joey's legs further and positioned himself before the blond's perky entrance.

"Are you ready?"

"I-I think so," the blond replied nervously, drawing his legs up some to make it easier to spread his legs even further.

Seto took Joey's hand in his. "If it hurts, just squeeze my hand, okay?"


Taking a deep breath, the brunet pushed himself through the blond's tight opening, heat consuming his hardened member as he buried himself to the hilt. Joey let out a short, surprised yelp at the pain, but Seto took matters into his own hands when he stilled and coaxed him into relaxing with kisses and sweet words.

When the pain gradually began to subside, Joey wrapped his legs around Seto's waist; they almost seemed to lock in place there. Bucking his hips ever so slightly, the brunet took that to mean he could continue. Pulling back out almost all the way, Seto thrust back in, hitting something that made Joey see white.

"Ah!" the blond cried out in pleasure. The brunet froze, not sure what he had done. "Don't stop! Do it again!"

Seto did as he was commanded. He continued to move in and out of the blond, making him pant and moan in a way that drove him mad. How could his sweet Puppy make such seductive noises?

Joey felt as if his insides were on fire. The burning sensation of both pleasure and pain were sending him over the edge. Seto was fucking perfect! He'd hit his most sensitive spot on the first try. How'd he get so lucky to have a lover like him?

"Uhn…mn, S-Seto," Joey moaned, clawing at the bed.

If his Puppy kept making those erotic sounds, he wasn't going to last. Seto placed his hand around Joey's member and started pumping it to his thrusts. Thinking the blond vocal before didn't compare to how he was reacting now.

"Oh, Seto! I'm gonna—" Joey gave a short, silent scream as he came all over Seto's hand, collapsing against the bed in exhaustion as his lover continued to pound into him.

A few thrusts later, Seto came hard into the blond beneath him, spilling his hot seed deep within him as he groaned in completion. His arms gave out and he fell ungracefully on top of Joey, the mess between them quickly cooling. Their lips meeting once more. Seto kissed his lover for all he was worth before withdrawing from him.

Tiredly reaching for the towel he'd put on the nightstand, the brunet cleaned them off and laid down on the bed, drawing the blond to him. Pushing Joey's sweat-soaked locks out of his face, he kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"I love you," Seto whispered contentedly.

"I love ya, too," replied Joey, snuggling further into him. Life couldn't be any sweeter than this.

End Lemon

Tea had kept her word and decided to give up a career as a dancer to pursue one in psychology. Working to help people, especially teens, became her new dream.

Yugi and Yami decided to venture out into the world, exploring new places, cultures, and ideas. They planned to open their own shop where you could buy artifacts and treasures from everywhere.

Duke was able to regain the Black Clown Game Shop; however, he converted it into a small orphanage. Tristan decided to help him, and since they were now dating, their lives felt complete.

Ryou—and Bakura, too, surprisingly enough—decided to open their own Café where the former thief spent most of his time in the kitchen creating new and delicious creations. The both of them couldn't be happier.

Malik and Marik decided, since fighting was all they could do, to get more discipline in the area. And with the opening of their Dojo getting nearer, everyone could see the change in them.

Mokuba, on the other hand, discovered that Willow, Bane, and the kittens had really changed him. With his new love for animals, he thought that becoming a veterinarian would be the right future for him.

Seto and Joey did, in fact, go to university on the subject areas they'd decided on before. But that wasn't all. They had transformed the Kaiba Mansion into a safe house for anyone needing to escape from a life of abuse, homelessness, etc. It was a safe haven that provided food, shelter, and a fresh start for anyone who was ready and willing to accept it.

Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. Journeys begin and end, and new doors open while others close. Moving above and beyond your tight knit circle of friends can be scary and daunting, but the future holds more than one can possibly imagine.

Be smart. Be safe. Be secure.