Chapter Two

Meetings and Greetings


Carson had told Jamie to wait in the room while she got their stuff. Jamie paced the length of her room, turning everything over in her mind. She had been proven correct on the monster theory. Not that she had expected satyrs and such, but...well, she hadn't actually expected anything. She had never given thought to the reason whymonsters would be roaming the streets of New York City. It had just been a part of her life for so long that eventually she just started hoping that she wouldn't see them. She had never given much thought to the why, just the what.

Ten or twenty minutes later, when Jamie started to get nervous that she wasn't returning, Carson appeared in her doorway. She wore dark jeans, a black t-shirt that clung to her chest, and a black jean jacket in replacement of her scrubs. She looked badass with a sword belted on her waist-or, well, she would have if she wasn't loaded down with skates, Chuck Taylors, jeans, shirts, jackets, another backpack and a camera - all Jamie's.

Carson dumped it on all on the bed and glared at Jamie. Jamie didn't see it. She just ran over to the bed and began digging through her possessions. She finally found what she had been looking for-her camera. It was solid black and bulky. It was cheap compared to what she could have gotten, but it was her pride and joy.

"You're a photographer?" Carson said, obviously disgruntled.

"Mmhmm ..." Jamie replied. She sat on her bed, looking through her stuff. She would never have thought she would be so happy to see her backpack - even when it didn't weigh two pounds and carry all of her school books. "Since I was eight. You should see my room. There are photos everywhere. Mostly black and white but..." she trailed off and shrugged.

"Get changed. We need to leave A.S.A.P."

She nodded and grabbed her wrinkled jeans and t-shirt. She stood and then looked around, frowning. "No bathroom."

Carson rolled her eyes. "I'll leave." And she did, closing the door behind her.

Jamie made quick work of pulling her jeans on and then yanked her black-and-white layered shirts on over her head. She sat down on the bed and pulled on her Chuck Taylors. Next was her jacket, and over that she hauled her backpack onto her back, camera in hand. She looked around her once more, checking that everything was in order, and nodded. She was good to go.

She opened the door to find Carson sitting on the floor next to the door, scabbard and sword discarded next to her. Her head was tilted back against the wall and she was twirling headphones around her fingers.

"Finally ready? I've been out here for ages." She stood and straightened her clothes out.

"You just really like to bitch, huh? And I was only in there for a few minutes." Jamie rolled her eyes and followed Carson down the hallway. "So. What's the plan?"

"We don't have a plan. We just walk out the backdoor, grab a taxi to Grand Central Park and then-" she stopped talking and snorted. "That sounded like a plan."

Jamie laughed. "Yeah, that's because it is."

Carson gave her a sideways glance as they jogged down a flight of stairs. "Do you think I didn't realize that?"

"Whatever." She shook her head. "Anyway, what do we do after we get to the park?"

"From there we leave to camp with the others."

"Camp? Others? Explain?"

Carson sighed. "I'm not explaining the whole camp thing to you-I leave that to Pollux-but as for 'others', that's the satyrs, Jake, Lillian, and Pollux."

Jamie froze for a second, taking in what she had said then, "Yeah. I totally get what you're talking about." She nodded wisely.

Carson didn't even reply. She just kept walking.

They had reached an old, beat up gray door with peeling paint, and Carson pushed through it. Jamie frowned and followed her into an alley that reeked of dead rats and stale beer. Carson looked at her, raising her eyebrows.

Jamie stood in shock, eyes wide and mouth open. "What the hell? This is all it took? This is all? Dammit!" She cursed and kicked the dumpster, wincing slightly at the metal-to-foot contact. "What the hell? It was this fucking simple?"

Carson laughed, obviously enjoying herself. "Yes."

Jamie glared at her and repositioned her backpack. "Do all the asylums have these?"

"Alleys?" She turned and began walking to the street. Jamie jogged to catch up with her, still muttering profanities.

Ugh, you stupid, stupid girl. All you had to do was walk out of the room and into the alley. Ugh. You attacked fucking security guards to try getting out of these damn places and all you had to do was walk a few flights of stairs to the damn backdoor. Ugh. .

She let out a frustrated breath and shook her head back and forth as they jogged up the street. "Aren't they going to realize I'm gone?"

Carson looked back at her, a look of disbelief on her face as the red hand popped up, signaling they had to wait to walk. "Did you really just ask that question?"

Jamie blushed and rolled her eyes. "Okay, stupid question. Just ignore that."

Carson snorted as they crossed the street. "They won't notice for a few hours. Your therapist isn't until around six-ish- I checked your charts."

Jamie nodded and then said, "Why did you come to my room? Why the hell aren't people asking why you're carrying a sword around? Why have I been seeing monsters all my life? And-"

Carson turned around suddenly and held up a hand. "Look, I already told you-I'm not the best person to answer your questions, I don't want to, and I'm not going to. My job is to just get you to camp. Someone will tell you all the sweet little details of being a half-blood then. I'm not doing it."

Jamie stared at her blankly a few seconds and then nodded slowly. "Er, um...What is a 'half-blood'? Because, you know, if I am one..." she trailed off but when she did not receive an answer, she continued with, "I see ... can we just... keep walking? You know, with out the talking?" Carson rolled her eyes and walked towards a little green Volkswagen Beetle. There was a yellow flower painted on the hood, and the antenna had a smiley face on it. Carson dug a pair of keys out of her pocket, trying to hide a blush as Jamie tried to hide her laughter.

She yanked open the driver's side door and slid in. Jamie, now laughing freely, slid in the passenger side.

Carson glared at her. "What?"

"Honestly? This car doesn't suit you at all. I mean-a little green Beetle, a flower on the side, a smiley face on the antenna. This, coming from Mrs. Aloof?" She raised an eyebrow at Carson, but her smile melted off her face at the furious look on Carson's.

"Mrs. Aloof? I'm not fucking aloof. I just don't like talking to idiots-maybe you can see why." She glared at her, jamming the key into the ignition furiously. She jerked the car out of its parking spot and turned into the oncoming traffic.

"Whoa...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" she began but she was cut off by Carson saying, "Just shut up, okay? I'm pissed and I'd rather not end up in an-" She faltered for a few seconds in her rant and then picked it up again. "-argument, fight-whatever. Just shut up. Please."

Jamie sat back in the seat, shocked. Her "aloof" comment had somehow pushed Carson's buttons. It had hurt her and she reacted with anger. Of course she understood why-she had obviously been somehow offended with the same insult at one point and it had hurt her just as much as it did now, maybe more. She knew what she was talking about-she knew exactly what it felt like. She flinched at being called insane, psychotic. It hurt being constantly...insulted. It hurt when you knew that in some way it was the truth-and you were just too scared to admit it.

She stayed silent for a minute, staring down at her hands. "Look, I'm sorry for-"

Carson cut her off mid sentence. "Yeah, I know. You're sorry. I get that. Just never-ever-piss me off like that again. Got it?"

Jamie slid her a glance, trying to hide a smile. "Umm...yeah. I'll try to not...piss you off, but that is going to be hard. I mean, seriously you react-"

"You're doing it again."

"Shutting up," Jamie said, rolling her eyes.

"Good idea."

Jamie nodded and looked out the window as New York flew past her.


It was nearing midnight when Jamie jerked awake. Streetlights and bar signs lit up every street and she could hear teenagers laughing in the distance. She was sitting in an awkward position-legs bunched under her and head bending into the door so that it made her neck ache. She stretched out and looked at Carson, who was turning off the car.

They had pulled into a parking space at a park, one Jamie didn't recognize. It seemed deserted. A car door slammed somewhere in the distance and Jamie jerked in her seat again. She finished blinking the sleep out of her eyes and looked around. Seeing only blackness, she said, "Where are we?"

Carson looked at her for a fleeting second and then back out the window, searching for something in the endless black. "Central Park."

"Oh." Jamie nodded, not sure what else to say. She bit her lip and stared out her own window, hoping to see something, perhaps the unknown figure Carson was staring at so intently. Finally, when she couldn't stand the eerie silence, Jamie said, "Would you mind telling me what we're looking at? Because I'm tired of staring at a deserted park."

Carson looked at her and said, with annoyance laced in her voice, "We're looking for a few of the other satyrs. Apparently they've chosen this night to be late or just assholes." She had a scowl etched into her face as she reached behind her seat and pulled out two swords.

Carson took one and held out the other one for Jamie. She looked at her, trying to detect the sarcasm that she was so fond of using. "" She shook her head and pushed the sword back towards Carson. "No. I have a strict no swords policy. I won't even need it...right?" She bit her lip nervously.

"Take the sword; you're going to need it." And with that she slipped out of the car, leaving one sword laying across her seat. Jamie looked at it distastefully and picked it up with a few fingers by the hilt. It was simple, nothing as fancy as Carson's-just a three foot blade and a leather grip.

"Well. It looks like it's me and you from here on out." And she too exited the car.


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