The big L. word ---------------------------
chapter one love and lesbian "love and lesbian are two different words in the same catogory," announced Gloria the only black girl in her class (atleast the only one who acts like it)."Even though it might send you to hell or get picked on you should have the right to love someone or be a lesbian." "What exzactaly is your point ?"asked her poet teacher ."What shes trying to say is that shes a lesbo and she has her right"giggled chelsea while she answered for Gloria standed in her face."#1 im not a lesbo,#2 thats not what im trying to say,#3 get in my facee one more time and i promise you you will be black just as you act." "settle down Gloria, and chelsea stop with the remarks."" what i meant was that everyone can love everyone they can be who they are and lesbian is just a label." As soon as she said that the bell ring it was time to go home now for all the bull at home she has to deal with.