Title: I Love You, Do You?

Summary: Edward is a millionare, an owner of a famous italian restaurant and heartbroken Bella a selfless clumsy beautiful religious Human .

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Edward:25,Bella:20 (just graduated college)

CHAPTER 1: Problems

Song for this chapter: Like a Knife by Secondhand Serenade


"But Tanya why? Is my love for you not enough?" I said I can't believe she's breaking up with me I gave her all she wanted is it not enough

"Because you don't have time for me Edward you only give me my physical needs you don't love me you're just obsess with me" she said

I can't believe I'm hearing this, "first of all Tanya I spend time with you even though I know I'm tired second of all If I'm just obsessed with y-" then it hit me "who's the new one in your life? Huh? Is that the reson why huh?" she didn't answer me "answer me Tanya! .The. .In. Your. lIfe"this time I was furios because I was already holding her wrist so hard that maybe it would leave a bruise "TELL ME THE TRUTH!"



I let go of her wrist and she took the chance to run away from me .she opened the door from my bedroom and left. "YOU'LL COME BACK TO ME TANYA. REMEMBER THAT"

I layed down on my bed Ugh! This is really a wonderful Sunday just as I was about to propose this happened. I got up and punched a mirror absentmindedly and it broke into pieces, "OW! FREAK, THIS IS REALLY A PERFECT DAY!" I said from the top of my lungs "MIKE GET ME THE FIRST AID KIT" He came handing me the bag I grab it and ask him to leave.

I studied my hands it wasn't deep I can do it I mean my dad's a famous doctor. After I'm done with my hand I just lay there good thing my family was still in canada for a reason I don't know I just layed there thinking about Tanya our happy moments together. I sighed.

Then I started sobbing then I just broke down and started crying myself to sleep. I know it wasn't manly but my girlfriend left me what were you expecting.

I finally fell asleep.


My family and I are going to church well I mean it's Sunday I was already getting dress then I heard my mom called "Bella! We're gonna be late honey can you hurry up" I looked at the clock 6:45am oh my gosh it starts at 7am I hurried to go downstairs of course clumsy me tripped at the last stair good thing I caught myself I just ate an apple and dad started driving thank God we made it in time well we listened to the sermon about How God tested Job in my conclusion after the rain comes the rainbow. We got home and I prayed to God " God I know After the rain comes the rainbow. Help us Lord with our financial problems and Lord I pray for the people who has problems help them Lord. Thank you for all the blessings you've given us. Amen"

After that I went down "mom can I borrow a book in the library and I needed to return some to" "kay be back before lunch. Love you"she said I smiled "love you too mom dad bye" the library wasn't really that far it's just a few blocks away so I just walked while singing deaert song you by hillsong.

After my singing I finally reached the library I opened the door and greeted a good morning to Rica the librarian and returned some book andgot just two books and those two books were very hard to find that it took me 5 hours to find them I showed them to Rica she looked at me "only two bella" "two is better than one" I replied

After that I went home and helped mom prepare lunch we are having ham and cheese eating I helped mom with the called me around 6:00pm and told me that Alice was in the phone you see me and Alice are looking for a job she promised she'll call me when she finds us one and maybe this is it.I went to the living room hurriedly before I could even say anything she started first "Hi Bella guess what I FOUND US A JOB!" we both squeal "oh thank you thank you thank you Alice" she giggled and said "no problem" "so who are we working for? Where are we going to meet and when?" I asked "Edward Cullen, There famous italian restaurant you know 'Tesoro' (a/n: sweetheart in italian), meet me there 9:00am" "kay bye" "bye"

After I hung up my parents were standing there smiling "well" dad asked I smiled and said "ALICE FOUND US A JOB" I squealed and we are rejoicing I got accepted. After the rejoicing mom and me made chicken after we're done I called dad we said our prayers and eat after eating I wen't to bed after saying goodnight to my parents and pray.

I slept happily still can't believe I got accepted and the fact that alice found us a job. Sigh.

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