Last night was really… great. I got to know the girl Edward loves so much. For me, I don't think that she is…qualified to be Edward's girlfriend, I mean, have you seen how she acted. RUDE.

I wonder if Edward is feeling better today. I hear him crying last night. Oohh! Food. I'll eat first and then deliver Edward's tray to him.

Wow! This food is amazing, too bad, I'm finished. Well, time to take Edward his food. Knock, knock, knock. " Edward! Good morning…. Brought you some food," I said. No answer. "Edward!" I said. I sighed.

"Edward!" I yelled a little bit. "Edward stop ignoring me!" I said a little bit annoyed. "Edward, please" I said defeated.

Then I felt someone breathing at the back of my neck and I turned to see Edward behind me with a questioning look. "Why are you shouting at the door?" Edward asked with an amused look.

"I… I thought you were still sleeping. Umm… Here's your breakfast," I said

"You have it… I already ate" I said

"I…. I don't want to look like a pig" I said shyly

"Says the girl who ordered 3 pastas last night" Edward said

"Yeah, you're right. I am still, kind of hungry" I said

"Eat fast. We are going somewhere" he said

"Where is this somewhere exactly?" I said

" I want to give you a tour in London" he said

I just stared at him and exploding with joy inside because I will see the beautiful sights in London. I was interrupted from my thought with someone knocking. Who could it be? I thought.

Edward went to open the door and I ate Edward's breakfast. As I was eating I heard his brothers' voices… um…. What were their names? Casper, Kaizer….. oh! Jasper and um…. Tennet, bennet, lamet… Emmet! Yeah. Jasper and Emmet. I wonder what their doing here.

I was eating peacefully when I heard Emmet's booming voice "BELLA!" he said while hugging me and spinning me around. When he saw that I was about to puke on him he let me go.

" Hi Bella," said Jasper lamely I just nod at him for acknowledgment . Finally, Edward asked the question I wanted to ask if my mouth wasn't full I would've asked it.

" What are you guys doing here?" Edward asked.

"We are here to help you get over Tanya" Emmet said. Edward sighed and closed his eyes.

Jasper then puts his hand to Edward and said "come on, man, she is not worth it for all of this…. Sad thing you are going through".

"Jasper's right Edward, you know how the saying goes 'there are lots of bikini wearing girls on the beach'" Emmet said seriously

We all snickered at Emmet's 'bright mind'

" I am pretty sure that saying is 'there are many fish in the sea'" I said barging in

"Ahhh….. Bella you are living in the medieval times," Emmet said like I'm the one wrong

" That is what old people say it's the future now, I mean, come on, you can't kiss a fish that is gross, even see it in a bikini dancing is…. I don't wanna think about it " he said adding while shuddering at that thought.

"Seriously, Edward, you really need to date other guys… I mean girls" Jasper said

"I can't let her go" Edward whispered

"You CAN let her go. It's the fact that you don't want to let her go" Jasper said boldly

"PLEASE, Edward just give it a try" Emmet said

" Fine... BUT I have to tour Bella first I promised her that" Edward said smiling at me and I blushed lightly

"No, Edward it's fine" I said

" When I promised something I have a sick need to keep it" He said

"Okay, but you're the one who said so" I said

"Go get dressed…. By the way where IS the rest of the family?" Edward asked

"They'll arrive tomorrow" Jasper said

" So today we are going to bug you for the rest of the tour" Emmet said excitedly

Me and Edward both groaned and went to our rooms to get dressed. Then a flashback occurred to me:

It was a boy named Anthony, he never told me his full name so I just called him that, we were playing hide and seek at his house. And then his dad came with an electric piano, the one that he asked for his birthday 3 days ago. He listened to the tune of the keys one by one, he did it 3 times, and then he played the lullaby he had been humming to me whenever we had a sleepover and I can't sleep. I was amazed because it was the first time he had ever touched a piano and he already knew how to play my lullaby. He recorded it and we danced around and around until we got dizzy. Then the flashback ended and Mycel and Lyane dressed me.

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"Momma, What's marriage?" I asked my mother

"Marriage is…. Keeping a promise to someone about loving him forever" her mother said

"Momma, I wanna marry Anthony then," she said pointing at her new best friend

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