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Pairing: Dom/Brian

Summary: AU end of The Fast and The Furious: Brian was on the right in that last drag.

Hard Decision

"I used to drag here back in high school. That railroad crossing is exactly a quarter mile away from here. On green, I'm going for it."

Brian just nodded; he knew the score now. We both revved, and when the light hit, we flew. Neither of us won, though there was a very close call with the train coming over that railroad crossing. I couldn't believe we had made it, and from the shocked grin on Brian's face, he was having trouble digesting it himself. Suddenly, I saw the semi and shouted one word.

"BRIAN!" Brian tried to turn out of the way but clipped the front hard, flipping straight over. He flew from the car and I realized he hadn't had his straps on. I skidded to a stop and ran over. He was alive, road rash and a gash on his head, along with a bone sticking out of his arm the only signs of his crash. "Brian, wake up." I shook him gently after making sure his neck wasn't broken. "Come on, Bri, open those baby blues, Arizona." I had gotten him into this. Yes he had betrayed my family, but in the end he had pulled through, right?

"Stop... being... nice... to... me," he gritted out slowly; obviously there were a few ribs cracked. "Can't... breathe. Go... before... they..." Correction, at least one had probably punctured his lung.

"I'm not leaving you here, Buster. You didn't leave me."

"Have... to... this time." Brian tried to smile, and I felt something in me break.

"You're gonna be okay Brian, you hear me?"

"Always... liked it... when... you... got... demanding." He was slipping; I had to get him out of here.

"Come on Brian, let's go."

"Get... outta... here. Don't... want... to... see you... go back." Damn it, even now, the idiot boy thought he knew me.

"Plans change, Brian. You saved me and mine; time for me to return the favor." I started to pick him up, gently, so gently, and that's when he began to cough, blood flecking onto my shirt and the asphalt.

"Let... me... go... This is... a good... way... to die." His smile made I this time, that smile that said everything was gonna be okay, that he knew what he was doing. The smile that lied; oh god how it lied.

"I can't. I can't." I didn't know why, but I didn't want to leave him to die next to the broken wreckage of a car that I had forced him to drive, after a race that I forced him to run.

"You... CAN." The conviction in his voice stopped me cold. He knew what the stakes were, what I was risking sitting here, and how close he was to dying. He knew, and he wanted to protect me; half of me wants to say that he took the assignment to protect me, but that didn't gel.


"Just... to let you know..." he wheezed, forcing the words. "I love... you." He passed out on the last word, turning it into a sigh. He was gone. I didn't even have to check. I laid him down carefully and got into my car. Before I drove away, I looked at his shattered body.

"I love you, too, O'Connor." I drove away as the sirens filled my ears with sound, wondering why the road was so blurry.

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