Ikuto: Why?


Ikuto: Thats bad cuz..........

Wolf: I can't update Emails and if I make my Amuto fanfic on my parents cp they mite look at it so i cant make it perverted!

Amu: How are you making this then?

Wolf: I'm just making it right on fanfiction~ Anyways welcome to my first Rimahiko fanfic~~ Rima and Nagi do the disclaimer!

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:.:.:Remember Me:.:.:

:.:.:Chapter 1:.:.:

Rima's POV

I need to go soon... How am I going to tell my friends?

I'm going to text them... I'm going to change numbers soon so they won't be able to text me back...

To: Nagi, Amu, Tadase, Yaya, Utau, Ikuto ect.

From: Rima

Guys... By the time you read this I'll be on an airplane going to America. I'll be changing numbers soon so don't even try to text me back. Utau, Ikuto, we're not even friends but Amu was a stalker and got Ikuto's cell number and gave it to me and ya........ I just added all my contacts that weren't my family. I might come back in High School so Bye guys.

I was crying as I sent this.

"Rima! Time to go!" I heard my mother yell at me.

"Coming Mama!" I replied.

"Rima, good news! We'll be back for grade 11 and 12!" my dad said.

Great... I hope my friends won't hate me...

Nagihiko's POV

I just woke up from a good nights sleep. My cellphone was flashing. I've gotten a text.

It was from Rima... She sent it at 4 am! Must have been important!

As soon as I read the message I dropped my phone. She left me...

I quickly got dressed and went to the Royal Garden. When I got there everybody was already there.

"Nagi! Did you get the text from RIma-chii?" Yaya asked.


"If you're sad Nagihiko I could help cheer you up!" she said.

"I'm fine!" I snapped back.

"I was o-o-o-only t-t-trying to h-h-h-help!" she started to cry.

"Sorry Yaya. I don't need anyones pity. I've got to, bye."

Utau's POV

Okay... Why would I get a text from some random person? Oh... It's Amu's friend... The short one. Looks like shes moving to America for a bit.

Looks like Amu does like Ikuto. She has his numbeer and gave it to Rima. I looked to see who she sent it to.

Kukai... Soccer Boy! Hm... I should have his number. I quickly added it then texted him.

I asked for a ramen eating contest.

He quickly replied no, he had to cheer up Amu.

Aww... WAIT! I don't care if he can't...

Amu's POV

"Why didn't she tell us?" I was crying. She was one of my best friends.

"It's ok Amu-chan... She says she could be back for high school..." Tadase said.

Kukai walked over to Tadase with a smirk on his face and whispered something to Tadase.

"WHAT?" he quickly checked his text.

Tadase looked like he was going to kill someone.

"How did you get his number...?" he asked.

"Whoes number, Tadase-chan i mean Tadase-kun?"


"Oh... Funny story... I kinda found it once when I stayed over at his house........." I sweatdropped.

"He. Will. Die." Tadase muttered and walked away trying to find Ikuto.

"Cheer you up?" Kukai asked.

"Sort of."

"Smooth move on calling him Tadase-chan," Ikuto said popping out from behind the bushes.

"Hey Ikuto," Kukai said. "Why are you here?"

"Can't I visit? I wanted to see Amu-koi,"

I blushed 50 shades of red. "Don't call me that!" I yelled.

"Well, she's not the only reason I came. I wanted to talk to you Souma," Ikuto said.

"Eh?" we both said in unison.

Kukai's POV

Tsukiyomi wants to talk to me? What the fuck?

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't want Amu to hear..."

"'Kay," I'm pretty sure Ikuto had a plan to embarass Amu... He said something about emabarassing her while talking to someone.

We walked away and I saw Amu get up and follow us silently leaving Yaya to eat her candy alone.

"I want to propose to Amu," he said.

"WHAT?" I yelled. "Really?"

He mouthed no. I could hear Amu running away.

"Okay, now that she's gone here is what I wanted to tell you," he began. "You know my sister right?" I nodded. "Well, when you guys get older I have a feeling she might like you when you guys get older. So, you guys might start a thing which is called dating which is where y-"

"I know what dating is," I interupted.

"Oh... Well, this makes it easier. So basicly my point is if you guys do ever date, be kind to her or else I'll-"

"Hunt me down and kill me in the most painfull way you can think of."

"I was going to say get Amu to slap you but.... You're idea is better,"

"Why did you come talk to me now?" I asked.

"She texted you asking if you want a ramen eating contest right?" I nodded. "Well, I have my reasons,"

"I-i-i-ikuto!" Amu stuttered when we got back.

Ikuto bent down and Amu seriously thought he was going to propose... Wow.

"Ikuto? Are you going to-"

"Tie my shoe lace, yes. Propose, no. Silly, silly girl. You listened to our conversation didn't you?"


"Well, that was a lie..." he said. "For now," he muttered real quiet that only I heard. I don't think I was supposed to though.

Nagihiko came back and said, "I hate Rima Mashiro, I'll never think of her again."

We all gasped. He was heart broken and we knew it.

Wolf: So?

Ikuto: Some Amuto...

Kukai: A tiny bit of Kutau...

Nagi: Rimahiko...

Wolf: So?

Ikuto: Good,

Kukai: Nice.

Nagi: Good,

Wolf: REALLY THATS NEW! -has a laugh attack-

Utau: Shouldn't we help her?

Mikki: Woah wtf? Why am I here? And you don't need to help her... This is normal. BTW: IM NOT MIKI AMU'S CHARA! I'M MIKKI A PERSON! IN REAL FUKING LIFE!

Rima: R&R