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Lady Sandrilene fa Toren walked the winding paths of Winding Circle temple, deep in thought. She made her way to Discipline, the small cottage where she and her foster siblings had grown up and learned of their magic. She was twenty now, and was visiting her foster brother, Briar, as he had come home from his travels. Lady Sandrilene, or Sandry, as her friends called her, smiled at the thought of seeing Briar; it had been almost a year since their last meeting. She pictured his black hair, beautiful green eyes and tan skin...

Like what you see, Lady Sandrilene? Came a voice in her head, making her blush.

Oh, quiet, you. Or I might just turn around and go back to Uncle. Sandry laughed at the panic in her foster brother's mind.

What? No! I've been looking forward to seeing you for months! I have to see my favourite sister!

What about me and Daja? Came another familiar voice in her head. Sandry's eyes widened.

Tris! Where are you? She demanded of her sister. Sandry had not known she was close. Tris chuckled in her head.

It was going to be a surprise, but I couldn't help but interrupt you and Briars flirting. I'm in town.

Sandry blushed like mad, and mentally nodded in agreement to Briars protests.

Before she shut them off, she said I'll be at Discipline in a minute.

And, a minute later, as she lifted her hand to knock to the door of the small cottage, the door flung open and she was pulled into a massive hug from Briar.

"I've missed you!" she said into his chest, hugging him back. She couldn't help but think of how nice it was, just to be in his arms. It just felt so right...
OOOOOH! Tris sounded in her head.

Shut up, weather girl came the reply from the Lady as she broke apart from Briar and walked into the cottage, only to be attacked by Lark.

"Sandry! Oh, how are you?" she demanded. Sandry laughed.

"I've been fine, thank you, Lark. And I'm sorry for not visiting earlier, but Uncle..." she trailed off. Her uncle, Duke of Emelan, had been bed ridden for a month now, due to his heart attacks. Lark nodded knowingly, and steered the two young Mages to the kitchen, where Sandry took a seat next to Briar. Lark gave the two an amused look, for reasons they could not figure out, and brought them tea. For the next hour or so, the three talked and caught up, until Lark had to check on one of the new students, and left Briar and Sandry alone.

"Let's go to the roof" suggested Sandry, smiling at memories of the four foster siblings going up there to think. Briar just nodded and grabbed her hand, not seeming to notice her blush, and dragged her up to the attic and onto the roof. She settled down next to him, and didn't seem to mind when he casually wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer. On the contrary, she liked it, sighing and resting her head on his shoulder. They just sat like that, occasionally reminiscing about their childhoods and laughing at the innocence of it all. They were so caught up in each other, in fact, that they did not notice when Tris arrived, until she remarked from behind them,

"You two should really get a room"

Spinning around, they blushed madly and greeted their foster sister with excited squeals and hugs (from Sandry) and quick smiles (from Briar). The three talked and laughed until night fall, when Tris had to leave. The stitch witch and the green mage went down stairs to see her off.

"I'll visit you soon" promised Sandry as she practically crushed Tris. The mage just rolled her eyes.

"Of course. Goodbye, Sandry, Briar" she smirked, and added in her head to Sandry Have fun with Briar, sister, earning herself a death glare from the noble. She just turned around and laughed, her wild red hair riddled with small lightning bolts swinging around her back. Shaking her head, Sandry looked at Briar. He was very attractive, and his dark green eyes had the mischievous glint that she had come to know and love. He glanced at her and smirked, and she realized he could tell what she was thinking due to their magic connection.
"I knew you liked what you saw!" he announced brightly, grabbing her hand and guiding her through the maze that was Rosethorn's garden.
"So what if I do?" she muttered, again red. His face immediately went serious.

"Because it matters to me what you think of me, Sandry" he said. Sandry mustered up the courage to look in his eyes. She saw so many emotions... worry, love ('I am his sister, after all,' she thought) and...Passion? Looking away, she sighed.

"I must go. I'll visit you tomorrow, okay?" she smiled up at him "I promise"
Briar gave her one last hug "Of course. I'll be waiting"

As Sandry rode through town, she decided on visiting Tris. When she got to the inn where her foster sister was staying, she told her guards to put the horses in the stable, and went inside. At once, all heads turned to her, the niece of Duke Verdris of Emelan, but she ignored them, calling out to Trisana Chandler in her head.

Which room? She asked. When she got no answer, she frowned, but then Tris appeared, running over to hug her friend, even if it hadn't been long at all since they had seen each other. Tris grabbed her hand and lead her to her room, sitting down on the bed.

"What do you want to talk about?" asked the redhead, smirking slightly "Because I bet I can guess"

Sandry frowned, and put up her mental barrier. "Briar Moss, that's who I want to talk about" she sighed.

"I knew it!" cried Tris "You two were so..." she was lost for words.

"I don't know what it is! I just... Can't help but blush every time he touches me, and... I want to be close to him all the time... What's wrong with me, Tris?" cried the girl in despair. Tris nodded knowingly.

"You're in love with him, Sandry"

Sandry froze, and slowly turned to her foster sister, who was smirking at her. "Impossible..." she breathed "I can't love him! He's...He's...!"

"He's in love with you, too"

Sandry put her face in her hands. "No, he isn't" she sighed sadly. Tris looked at her in disbelief.

"Honestly, Sandry, if you could see the way he looks at you, you'd know. Trust me. He loves you as much as you love him"

Lady Sandrilene felt like crying. She did love him. She loved everything about him. His messy black hair, his dark green eyes, the feel of his arm around her shoulders, his voice, his laugh...

She looked up. "I'm going to Discipline. I'll talk to you...soon"

And with that she left the now grinning Tris, on her way to find the man she loved.

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