Reality cracked, spilling forth light in colours without names describable by normal human language and the sounds of damned souls wailing in agony over their unfair fate as a great shape stepped out from the damage to the space-time continuum. All in all, it was a rather impressive light show for no one in particular. Or at least, it should have been.

"Gnarly, I brought the beer and…" The avatar of Tzintchi paused as high velocity tracer rounds and relativistic plasma began to patter off the AT-field of his Eva like a brisk spring rain. Staring down at the automated defences of the Pretoria Arcology in disbelief, he waved his hand and watched the LAI code come undone and the human gunners begin to horrifically mutate into inhuman abominations, their forms horrifically impregnated with Warp energy.

Time crawled to a standstill though, and an avatar of Nyarlathotep, dressed in full Egyptian finery, manifested itself before the visiting god, hovering in mid-air at about chest height for the Eva. Appearing outside his war-machine similarly attired, Tzintchi looks around in incredulity.

"There's… there's life here! I thought you were stuck in boring ass limbo like me!" Tzintchi notes while observing the psychic emanations of the local galactic cluster and finding it teeming with intelligent life, unlike the last time he had shown up to meet with his drinking buddy.

"I'm as shocked as you are, I thought I was going to be stuck in this desolate hellhole for the rest of eternity with nothing to do but watch that bastard Yog-Sothoth be smug all the time and tell me about all the funny stuff going down in the other continuity. But then this crazy bitch like that hottie of yours shows up and screws with how things were supposed to go, and now the universe is fun again!" Nyarlathotep explains.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Which crazy hot bitch are we talking about here? 'Cause I've got a collection of 'em," Tzintchi asks.

"The plague spewing sin against biology," Nyarlathotep adds on, before clarifying, "Of course, this one got a fist bump from me for being crazy awesome… and her Eva as bigger, had four legs and a drill for an arm."

Holding up his hands, Tzintchi asks, "Wait… there's a crazy awesome version of Rei running around from another continuity?"

"Oh yeah," Nyarlathotep states. "Got portals and everything. I was actually kind of turned on."

Reaching into an ethereal pocket, Tzintchi pulls out a small black case and tosses it to Nyarlathotep before pulling out his own case and flicking it open. The Soul of the Outer Gods already knew what was going to happen, but he grinned nonetheless in anticipation.

"Buddy, we've been stuck in limbo for a while, and now you tell me that there's a fine ass Rei out in the multiverse who knows how to get shit done? Well you'd better manifest another avatar, since there's only one response to that," Tzintchi says while pulling out the object in the case, an act replicated by the Crawling Chaos.

Simultaneously flicking out the sunglasses, they put them on, look at each other smugly, and say as one, "Road trip."