Decided to revamp the prologue.

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Lightning flashed in the sky as Link, the young Hero of Time, thrust the Master Sword in the monstrous Gannon's face, his body covered in several wounds from his fight with the Dark Lord Ganondorf; the twisted sorcerer that had thrown Hyrule into darkness for the past seven years. Ganon gave one last roar of protest that slowly died out as its hog-like face slowly slumped to the stone floor with a dull thud.

The Hero of Time looked down with a set and determined expression at the grotesque demon that Ganondorf had become as a final, desperate act to win for several, silent seconds before he slowly pulled the Master Sword out of its face as blood dripped down from his body. As it was being pulled out, the blood evaporated as it hit the air; leaving the blade clean of the demonic ichor.

"Link..." Zelda, Princess of Hyrule and leader of the Sages, panted out softly as as sweat dripped from her forehead. "You... you did it..." She said with a smile as she started to walk toward him and Link blinked before he looked back at her as a small smile came to his face.

"Way to go, Link!" A small of blue light, Navi, shouted as she flew around Ganon to land on his shoulder and he gave a tired sigh as he sheathed the Master Sword then put the Mirror Shield on his back.

Zelda was almost to him when he suddenly swooned and dropped to one knee and alarm flashed in her eyes as she quickly knelt beside him. "Link!" She yelled before she paused as Link struggled to open his pouch, the Golden Gauntlets gleaming weakly as he moved. "Here," She said as she started to reach for it when the tower suddenly shook. "W-what the?" Zelda asked in disbelief as she looked around before she noticed Ganon, one of its eyes gleaming with a malevolent light.

"It's Ganon!" Navi called out when she saw the same thing and immediately flew around the two of them rapidly. "We have to hurry, he's trying to bring the entire castle on top of us!" She said and Link's eyes narrowed before he forced himself to his feet, bringing Zelda up with him.

Zelda looked into his eyes uncertainly for a few seconds before the fire in them hardened her own determination. "Follow me!" She ordered then quickly ran towards the stairs, moving far quicker than one would believe possible in a dress, with Link not far behind. Due to the injuries he had sustained, though, he found himself begin to trail behind slightly as Zelda passed through the doors into a hallway then turned out of sight. "Kyaaa!" She suddenly screamed in panic and Link's eyes widened in alarm before he grit his teeth to pick up the pace while Navi flew ahead.

Link entered a large room littered with bones, armor, and blades and froze in shock as Zelda stood in the middle; imprisoned in a crystalline barrier. Ganondorf! How can he still have this much power remaining? He wondered before his eyes narrowed as he heard a familiar, dry rustling.

"Link, the bones!" Navi called out in warning as the bones suddenly flew together to form a pair of Stalfos; Ganondorf's skeletal warriors that could outfight most mortal soldiers. "They're tied to the barrier, you have to destroy them to free Zelda!" She announced and Link nodded his head as he readied the Master Sword and Mirror Shield with a shaky breath while the room shuddered around them.

"Link, just get out of here!" Zelda called out but Link ignored her as he twirled his blade then put the shield out defensively, his eyes intense as he and Stalfos carefully circled each other.

The stalemate came to an abrupt end as one of the Stalfos suddenly charged forward with a powerful thrust that would have easily passed through the armor of a Hylian Soldier, but Link blocked and easily held back the blow while he brought Master Sword out behind him; a blue aura emanating from the blade. "Watch out!" Navi called out in warning as the second Stalfos leaped high into the air to come down with a downward slash and Link's ears flicked once before the blue aura went red.

"Hyaaa!" Link roared as he went into a spin and the red aura swept out in a destructive circle that instantly vaporized the skeletal warriors, and immediately Zelda's prison disappeared with a flash of light. The green-clad warrior suddenly stumbled mid-spin and dropped to one knee as the room started to collapse around them, his breathing heavier as his vision started to go dark at the edges.

"Link!" Zelda said as she ran over to help him up with a concerned expression as she took in his current state. To use such powerful magic in the state he's in... She thought when a sudden flash of insight came to her. "There will be more traps like that waiting for us further down." She said and Link's eyes closed as he slumped in her grasp.

"We're not gonna make it like this!" Navi said as she rapidly flew around in circles before the two of them paused as Link suddenly stood up straight.

"We're going back the way we came." Link said as he freed himself then put the sword and shield back in place on his back.

"But Liiiiiink!" Zelda started to say when he suddenly picked her up, making her call out in surprise as he ran back out.

"Link, what's the plan?" Navi asked as she flew alongside him and he adjusted his grip to open his pouch one-handed, his grip now steady as a soft glow issued from his left hand, to pull out the Longshot. What is it about the Triforce of Courage that gives him this kind of strength? She wondered as she noticed his breathing growing heavier while blood continued to flow from his wounds before she nodded her head. "I got it, just look for me!" She called out before taking off in a blue blur as they came out of the hallway back outside.

Link went halfway up the stairs and was going to stop in order to look around when the wall behind him suddenly collapsed towards him, giving him no choice to but to jump. "Liiiiiiiiiink!" Zelda screamed as the two fell through the air towards the pit of lava that lay below the castle, the hair ruffling their clothes and hair, before she closed her eyes and pulled herself against Link tightly. He ignored the scream and the hug as he focused his entire being on one thing, a small blue light far below them that came to a sudden stop. He brought the Longshot up and closed his left eye as he aimed a little below Navi then pulled the trigger mechanism, releasing a hook attached to an unimaginable length of chain; putting all his faith in his fairy partner and the craftsmanship of Dampe, the creator of the small device in his hands.

The Longshot had been well-named indeed as the hook slammed into a small, rotted tree that Navi hovered in front of and the two Hylians were quickly pulled in at a speed that stole their breath away.

Zelda's grip tightened slightly as she readied herself for a bone-breaking impact when their momentum suddenly slowed before they came to a stop. "W-what..." She said as she slowly opened her eyes before her breath caught as they dropped again, only to land safely on the ground after a couple of feet. "" She asked as she looked at Link with wide eyes, but all he did was offer a small grin then glance down at the ground. She followed his gaze before smiling when she saw a golden, winged trim that had appeared on his boots.

Behind him the castle continued to crumble and lake of lava hissed angrily as huge chunks of the black stone fell into it, and he carefully put her down then walked over to the tree and leaned against it while Navi hovered worriedly beside him. "Finish... it..." Link gasped out as he shakily opened his pouch and Zelda nodded her head then moved forward to stand at the edge of the sheer drop.

"Sages of Hyrule, the time has come!" Zelda yelled to the cloudy sky as she brought both hands up and a beam of pink light shot up from her to pierce the clouds. In answer to her call, six more pillars of light - red, green, blue, tan, purple, and yellow - appeared around the pit as the floating island that the castle rested on began to fall into the lava.

"This is for my Brothers!" Darunia, the massive and muscular Goron turned Sage of Fire, roared as he appeared within the red light and thrust his stone-like arms into the air.

"For the Kokiri!" Saria, the child-like Kokiri turned Sage of the Forest, said with quiet determination as she appeared within the green light raised her delicate arms up.

"The Zoras!" Ruto, the fish-like Zora Princess turned Sage of Water, declared imperiously as she appeared within the blue light pushed her firm arms to the sky, her fins fluttering with the motion.

"For the good of the Gerudos!" Nabooru, former thief and second-in-command of the Gerudos turned Sage of the Spirit, yelled fiercely as she appeared within the tan light her tanned arms reached for the heavens.

"For her Majesty." Impa, last of the Sheikah and skilled bodyguard of Zelda, now Sage of Shadows, said as she appeared within the purple light as she thrust her pale arms up high.

"For the goddesses." Rauru, the wise and ageless Sage of Light, said firmly as he appeared within the yellow light and brought both arms up in a sweeping gesture.

"Ganondorf, you are too dangerous to remain free." Zelda declared as she looked down at the melting patch of ground. "For your crimes against the goddesses and countless innocents, you are hereby sealed to the Dark Realm, now and for all eternity!" She intoned and all the Sages suddenly brought their hands together as if in prayer and the pillars of light disappeared before shooting towards the tower that still held Ganon while Link slowly sank to his knees as he succeeded in storing the Longshot and started to pull out a healing potion when he had to close his eyes as a bright flash of light filled the area.

When he could see again, he found Zelda, Darunia, Saria, Ruto, Nabooru, and Impa standing before him and looking at him in concern. Link offered them a triumphant grin in reply to their looks as he pulled out the red healing potion and closed the pouch.

"Link, hurry up and-" Navi was suddenly cut off as the ground behind Link shattered like glass and a large arm covered in black armor shot up to grab the back of his tunic. "If I am to be sealed, then you shall come with me!" Ganondorf roared as he pulled in the stunned youth, knocking the healing potion from his grasp as they both fell into the black void.

"No!" All the Sages yelled at the same time as they ran to the hole and looked down in shock as Link and Ganondorf were swept towards the Dark Realm.



All the of them shouted in horror and Link's eyes narrowed as he slowly closed his left hand into a fist then slammed it into his right palm, the two meeting in front of his torso. "Hup!" He called out as the two impacted and Ganondorf blinked as he looked at him in disbelief. "HYAAA!" Link roared as he tucked his arms to his sides and flames erupted from his entire body in an orb of fiery destruction.

The resulting explosion of power sent Link and Ganondorf spinning away from the vortex that lead to the Dark Realm and the Dark Lord quickly disappeared into the dark unknown.

"LINK!" Navi screamed in terror as she flew into the void while the Sages could only watch helplessly, their own magic depleted, and Link cast one final, terror-filled look as he extended his left hand out before he disappeared from sight. The blue fairy watched for several, long seconds before she gave out a sob and raced back to the already closing hole to Hyrule.