Author's Note: Since I'm not going to update this anymore – I thought I might as well upload the snippets of stuff I'd already written. I'm not too sure this is even a good idea, and whether you'll be able to even understand it….but oh well.

Here you go…

(This is especially for you, RR .)

The first time she had wandered into that child's room, it had been due to simple curiosity.

The entrance had been strange enough; a large ivory door decorated with gold and silver, in pristine condition and shining magnificence, and yet once you neared it, it would become clear that all was just a simple picture painted on a much plainer and smaller door.

Kyoko had cocked her head to the side then, and without a moment's hesitation, twisted open the handle and stepped in.

She found herself standing on air.

To be more specific, she found herself standing on a large soft, warm cloud floating gently hundreds of feet above the ground. It was comfortable, and she had the sudden urge to lie down and close her eyes.

"Who are you?"

Kyoko blinked and turned around; she had not noticed that she was not alone. On the other side of the cloud stood a small boy, his hair as white as the clouds around them, and his large lavender eyes staring curiously up at her. His small arms greedily clutched a jar of colourful candy to his chest, as if it held his greatest treasures, and if Kyoko had met him in the real world, she would've squealed at his adorableness. For he was: adorable, cute…..but also possessing some kind of otherworldliness about him.

Like an angel.

Kyoko blinked again, realizing that she had been caught staring. "Who am I? I can be anything. I can be anything I want to be….anything that you want me to be." She skipped over to him, bouncing softly on the cotton texture of the cloud, giving a mock curtsey with her simple shift as she landed in front of him. "What would you like me to be?"

The boy stared in amazement at her, his small mouth opening in an 'o'. "Are you an angel?"

"If you wish me to be."

Suddenly his mouth tightened and he shook his head frantically, clutching the jar more tightly to his chest. "No…no…I don't want you to be an angel. If you really can be anything I want to be…then…."

"Will…..will you become my mama?"

Kyoko did not say a word, and simply leaned down to hug him. He was so small in her arms….so fragile….

Like a breakable toy.

"Let us destroy the mafia together…."

"Are you a succubus?"

Kyoko spit out her drink, and if she had managed to acquire more sincerity, she might have apologized to the boy in front of her for receiving most of the drink on his face. Instead she stared blankly at him, a microscopic hint of embarrassment on her cheeks. "What makes you think that?"

The boy wiped his face with his sleeve. "Well, you appear to me in my dreams, and you're a girl. And you're beautiful."

"That doesn't mean I'm a succubus. I'm just a girl who appears in your dreams, and who happens to be beautiful." She paused. "That was a compliment wasn't it? Thank you."

"You're welcome."

An awkward silence passed between them.

"….are you really not a-"

"No. I'm not."

(wagashi-hime has entered the chatroom.)

wagashi-hime: … one's here …dammit.

(wagashi-hime has left the chatroom.)




(siGrE has entered the chatroom.)

siGrE: found her

siGrE: found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her found her





siGrE: punish

siGrE: kill

(siGrE has left the chatroom.)

(Harada Hiroshi has entered the chatroom.)

Harada Hiroshi: No-one here yet? Why am I always first? -_-;;



(Saya-chii has entered the chatroom.)

Harada Hiroshi: Ah, hello Saya-san.

Saya-chii: Hi H-chan!

Harada Hiroshi: …. Please stop calling me that..

Saya-chii: Hehehe

(wagashi-hime has entered the chatroom.)

Saya-chii: Ah! Waga-chan!

Harada Hiroshi: Hello Wagashi-san . It's been a while

(wagashi-hime has created a private chat)

wagashi-hime: Saya…it's done. 09126246, at the usual place. I've found the intruder.

Saya-chii: Hehe~~~ Efficient as always.

wagashi-hime: …don't break your promise.

Saya-chii: I'm a girl of my word P:

wagashi-hime: …are you planning on involving Hiroshi soon?

Saya-chii: ….

Saya-chii: No.

Saya-chii: Never.

The white haired teenager grinned at him cheekily. "But it's so fun to pretend to be a hormone driven teenage girl!"

"Yes, Shou-chan?"

"You're being disturbing."

Byakuran pouted. Haru simply sipped her drink, and wondered why her forum friend was so ambiguously gay.

"Tell me I'm beautiful, Mukuro."

Mukuro raised an eyebrow, but did not even spare her a glance, too preoccupied with his 'fishing'. "I'm afraid I don't make a habit of lying."

Kyoko pouted, however the action was as cold as her heart. "Basil would've said so." She smiled dreamily as she twirled in a happy dance in the white-washed corridors of her labyrinth. "He would've told me how beautiful I was, with the charm and desperation of a knight wanting love from his princess."

Mukuro's gaze did not waver from the motionless fishing line in the grey pond, and his expression stayed unchanged – unaffected. "Your vanity knows no bounds, it seems. Rejoice, there is now none to tell you how beautiful you are. Basil is gone, and I unfortunately am not generous enough to indulge you."

Kyoko stopped her movements, her dress billowing around her still figure. A blank look washed over her eyes. "Gone?"

The purple headed boy shrugged. "Gone forever."

"What am I now, Mukuro?"

No one answered back. The prison stayed silent and lifeless as it had for many years now.

"What am I now? Am I a ghost? I no longer have a body, maybe not even a soul; just a living conscious floating within the dreams of others. What am I now? What am I?"

The silence was overwhelming. Kyoko felt tears beginning fall from her eyes as fear finally began to settle into her being.

"What am I now?"

"Hello, child."

Byakuran did not stir from his chair, nor did he flinch from the ghostly words from nowhere. A grim smile formed on his perfect lips, and his eyes crinkled in fake amusement, as he leaned forward towards his desk to his new visitor. He could not however, hide the trembling of his fingertips nor the bead of cold sweat that ran down his neck.


She laughed, an eerie imitation of joy and amusement pouring from her non-existant lips.

"No, I am no longer Sasagawa Kyoko. Didn't your friend 'Harada Hiroshi' tell you? 'Sasagawa Kyoko' died two days ago – I believe her funeral will be this Saturday, if I'm not mistaken." Her tone was as flippant as if she was talking about the weather.

Byakuran licked his dry lips. "Really now?"

"Uhuh. But guess what?" A childish giggle echoed through the room and the white haired boy flinched as he felt a cold hands carefully take hold of his shoulders. A breath of cold air exhaled next to his ear, and he froze as the singsong voice whispered into it.

"From now on I am your nightmare.

I will haunt your dreams, your every waking day,

I'll be with you….forever and ever.

Until the day you die….or until the day you give in to my insanity."


"Whatever do you think happened to Kyoko's shadow, Gokudera?"

A single hand rose from the still waters of the grey pond, weakly clasped onto the fishing line as Mukuro carefully, ecstatically reeled it in. It was the colour of shadow, black and withering, tendrils of black mist wafting from it like smoke.

All was still, as Mukuro simply stared at his prize.

(waiting…waiting all this time….)

All was still, as he reached out to it with a shaking hand.

(…so long… long……"

All was still, as a single, terrible smile graced his lips.

"Whatever do you think happened to Kyoko's shadow, Gokudera?"

(the end)

Author's Note:

So yeah, just a bunch of snippets of the story which will never be uploaded properly. There were a lot of ideas which I was eager to use, but most likely it'll just be recycled if I ever do write that spiritual successor fic I'm promising.

I'm not going to explain what was happening in each of these scenes, because honestly – it's complicated and will take some while to explain. Also I might be recycling them for the possible spiritual successor fic – so think of this as a kind of preview.

By the way, did you guys manage to guess in the end who the internet chatroom people were? It probably got obvious as you read on, but just in case:

Saya-chii: Byakuran

Harada Hiroshi: Irie Shoichi

wagashi-hime: Miura Haru

siGrE: Basil/The Original Keeper (the one that gets killed in Chapter 1)