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9. The Wing That Gives You a Shivery Feeling part 5

Harry couldn't believe this was happening. He was situated on top of Draco Malfoy in this cosy environment the Slytherin had required. His fingers were wrapped around said Slytherin's cock. But instead of hexing him, Malfoy was grabbing his hair almost painful while he was moaning and shivering.
He'd made the joke about George's candy rashly and now he waited for Malfoy to snap something insulting. His movements stilled. Then Malfoy pulled his head up until their noses were a few inches apart and looked at him with an enigmatic smile.
'What would you do if I had?'
For a moment Harry wondered what the Slytherin was on about, mesmerized by the unfamiliar expression, before he remembered his joke. Looking at those silver-grey eyes, he smiled back and teased: 'I'd say you were as foolish as a certain Gryffindor!'
'Hey!' Malfoy responded with an indignant look, but his eyes sparkled. Harry felt something stir in his stomach. Something similar to the first time he saw Hogwarts as an eleven year old. Excitement, a little anxiety, but also the certainty that his live would never be the same from now on.
'So you wouldn't warm me up?' Malfoy said softly. Their eyes were still attached to another.
'That wouldn't help, now would it?' Then, more sincerely, he added: 'But maybe I could hold you until you stopped shivering and I could kiss you without my tongue being bitten off?' Malfoy's eyes widened in surprise and the sight made Harry's heart race.
'You could,' the Slytherin replied. Their mouths were hovering above each other and Harry kissed him. It was nothing like earlier kisses. The feel of Malfoy's lips was amazing, their texture and pressure and how they moved slowly against Harry's, the longing almost tangible. Malfoy parted his lips and touched Harry's tongue with his own. When Harry gasped in surprise, Malfoy slipped his tongue into his mouth and began mapping every nook and crevice he could find, with an accuracy as if he tried to store them in his memory for ever.
Harry pulled his hand out of Malfoy's pants and tenderly cupped his chin instead. His thumb caressed the pale skin. Slowly he lowered himself so he could slip his other hand along Malfoy's neck and tangle his fingers in the silky looking blond hair.
'Malfoy,' Harry murmured between kisses.
'Draco,' the Slytherin said, 'call me Draco!'
'Draco,' repeated Harry, granting him the favour. The Slytherin sighed and kissed him again.
Harry's last thought for a long time was: 'He's as sweet as a Moodwing.'

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