Jericho walked slowly back towards Mahogany Town, the Great Ball holding his brand new Tangela, who he had nicknamed Vinnie, resting inside. Jericho couldn't help but think back to all the events leading up to his Pokemon's captures and evolutions over the past two days. He remembered capturing Kashin after being separated from his family, and later capturing Aquarius at Alexis' suggestion, and then having him evolve while surfing through the storm. Then there had been the dramatic battle on the storm ridden route when he caught Arabella, and finally catching the mischievous Vinnie only fifteen minutes ago. The bag the Tangela had stolen was now back on Jericho's shoulders, and Jericho had double checked he still had his plastic bag of supplies, his spare change of clothes and his assorted bits and bobs. But as Jericho looked down at the Great Ball, he realised of who he should have been thinking of: his parents. His new capture had knocked his grandmother's letter right out of his mind. The letter had answered all of his questions, and there was nothing standing in the way of him heading back to Kanto and visiting his grandfather. Yet Jericho was still feeling a bit worried. He was on the run from the police, he'd get in trouble for what he did at the ferry terminal, and he didn't think he could leave Alexis behind. He had only known her for a short time, but they had quickly bonded, and she had been so nice, friendly and helpful. It would be such a shame to have to say goodbye…
"Oi Jericho, what's wrong?" While he had been thinking, Jericho's had continued walking, and was already back in Mahogany Town. Alexis stood right in front of him, smiling and holding a badge in front of his face.
"Oh hey. Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was walking." Jericho replied. "You won your badge, congrats!"
"Thanks." Alexis beamed. "I can enter the league now, I am so happy!" Jericho merely smiled, before going back to his thoughts. Alexis could see he was down, and decided to try and cheer him up.
"So, who's in the Great Ball?"
"Oh, I just caught a Tangela, called him Vinnie." Jericho said, smiling.
"Sweet as!" Alexis beamed. "You must tell me-" But before the girl could finish, there was the sound of muffled music coming from her bag.
"Sorry, must be my PokeGear." Alexis said, and reached into a pocket. She pulled out her PokeGear and flipped it open.
"Hello Alexis, is that you?" Professor Elm bellowed.
"Yes sir." Alexis replied. "I just won my last gym badge, so I can-"
"That's really wonderful Alexis, but there is a major problem at hand." Professor Elm said. Jericho looked a bit shocked by this abruptness, but Alexis seemed to be use to it.
"What do you mean?"
"I can't explain it all now, it'll take to long. But I just need you to go to Saffron City and collect Professor Oak." Elm explained.
"Why can't you get one of the others to do it, like Charles or Lyla?" Alexis sighed.
"No, this is very important!" Professor Elm said. "He won't be at Saffron for another two hours, so you have time to get there."
"I thought Professor Oak worked in Johto now." Jericho said.
"Jericho, is that you?" Professor Elm squawked. "I thought you went back to Kanto!"
"I got held up a couple of times." Jericho replied, and Alexis smirked.
"Ah, very well then. And Professor Oak still lives in Kanto." Elm said. "He was here yesterday, but he had some matters to deal with back home. He has requested Alexis to come and collect him, as he needs help with this major problem."
"What is the major problem? Is it Team Rocket again?" Alexis asked. Jericho gasped when he heard the name: his father always commented on Team Rocket when they appeared in the paper. He knew they were a villainous organization who stole Pokemon, but didn't think that Alexis or someone like Professor Oak would have had dealings with them.
"No, it's not Team Rocket, but it is because of last night." Elm said, sounding very irritated. "Just make sure your Pokemon are up to scratch, and then head down to the Magnet Station." And then there was a beep, signifying the call had ended.
"He is always like that!" Alexis growled.
"Can I come with you, on the Magnet Train?" Jericho asked.
"Of course you can." Alexis said, beaming. "Though those police officers might still be looking for you, so I think I'll have to sneak you in. But security is pretty lax, it'll be easy."

"Do you think we should train up our Pokemon?" Jericho said. Alexis shrugged as she began to walk towards Route 42.
"We could, but I am not even sure why he wants us to." She replied. Just then, her PokeGear began to ring again. Angrily, Alexis opened it up. "WHAT?" She boomed.
"Excuse me, there's no need to shout!" A woman's voice replied. Jericho wheeled around at the sound of it.
"Mum?" He exclaimed.
"Jericho!" The voice of Isabel Athlew shrieked. Alexis tossed the PokeGear over, which Jericho caught with pure delight.
"Hi mum." He said, his voice shaking. "How are you? How's granddad, has dad arrived back yet, is…"
"Everything and everyone is fine." Isabel said, and Jericho could hear her crying tears o joy. "Your father has arrived back, though he can go back and pick you up if you need to."
"No, it's fine, I'm catching the Magnet Train soon with a friend." Jericho replied, as a tear of joy streaked down his face as well.
"The Magnet Train? Okay, I'll have your father meet you there." Isabel replied. "When is your train leaving?"
"I think it is leaving in two hours, so around one' o'clock." Jericho said. "I can't wait to see you all again, I have tons of stories to tell you, and-"
"WATCH OUT!" Alexis screamed, as she shoved Jericho to the ground, and landed alongside. The PokeGear flew from Jericho's hand, and hit the back wall of a small wooden house. Jericho rushed to grab it, but Alexis grabbed his collar.
"Why are you holding onto me?"
"Because of that!" Alexis said, and pointed to the sky. Jericho looked up and gasped.
A giant orange Dragonite was dive bombing the town, firing out multiple balls of blue flame. Between each one, the dragon let out a horrendous roar, which shook windows and made Jericho's ears hurt.
"I think we now know what Elm was talking about." Alexis said, as she pulled out a Great Ball and pressed the button. Her Dewgong formed and it bent low to the ground, imitating her trainer.
"Use Ice Beam on that Dragonite!" Alexis said. Dewgong looked up at the skies, and nodded.
"I'll bring Evelyn out for back up." Jericho said, and pulled out his PokeBall. Evelyn quickly formed, and smiled warmly at her trainer.
"DEEEEEEWWWW-GOOOONG!" Dewgong cried, and fired a light blue beam from her horn. The rampaging Dragonite turned around, distracted from destroying a small cottage, and was hit straight in the chest by the beam.
"DRAGA!" He boomed, and fired more blue balls of flame. Locals from the town were all running and screaming, and a small family rushed into the Pokemon Centre to avoid the attack.
"FLARE!" Evelyn cried, and tackled Jericho to the ground. Dewgong pushed Alexis away with her tail, and winced as the flames hit the ground, blasting her backwards. Jericho shielded his eyes from the blast, and looked towards the skies as the smoke cleared. Dragonite had turned and was speeding into the distance.
"Are you alright?" Jericho asked Alexis and the Pokemon.
"I'm fine." Alexis said, rubbing her bruises from the previous night.
"Eon Flar Flare." Evelyn said, smiling. Jericho grinned, but then his face fell as he looked towards the wooden building. The pink PokeGear had shattered, its pieces scattered. Alexis saw this too, and she let out a groan.
"Oh well, so we don't have a phone." She said. "We are all alright, and we have to start heading towards Goldenrod."
"What if we meet that Dragonite again?" Jericho said, still annoyed he could no longer call his parents. Alexis looked at the skies and smiled.
"I guess we'll just have to train."


Alexis led them all up to the middle of Route 43. Jericho was amazed as a flock of Mareep and Flaafy ran by, playing a sort of tag game with each other. Several Pidgeotto's dived down towards a small lake nearby, their beaks open wide to catch the Magikarps bobbing on the surface.

"Here is good." Alexis said, stopping at a free patch of land. She pulled out a variety of Poke, Great and Ultra Balls, and threw them into the sky. Meganium, Dewgong, Venomoth, Primeape, Pidgeotto and a Lickitung all formed.
"I didn't know you had a Lickitung." Jericho said, as he released Evelyn, Kashin, Aquarius, Arabella and Vinnie.
"I caught him last night." Alexis nodded. "But there is no time to waste. If that Dragonite shows up again, we must be able to stop it!" She said to the eleven Pokemon and Jericho. "Now, I have a number of tin cans and some other stuff we can use as targets. Some of you can fire at them, while the rest can battle each other and maybe some wild Pokemon."
"Sounds like a plan." Jericho said. "Ok, umm… Arabella and Vinnie could do the target practice."
"Aquarius and Dewgong could battle in the water." Alexis suggested. "And Meganium and Venomoth can do the target practice, and I'll have Primeape, Lickitung and Pidgeotto do some training." Jericho smiled at this, and their Pokemon split up to go and train. Alexis arranged a number of cans and rocks ten metres away from the others, and waved her hand to signal for them to start. Arabella began stockpiling, while Vinnie summoned up dust and fired an AncientPower to destroy several of the cans. Venomoth fired out a Signal Beam, and Meganium charged up for a Solarbeam. Jericho walked around; making sure things were going great. Aquarius and Dewgong's battle had attracted a small crowd of water based Pokemon, including some Magikarps who dared to be up with the Pidgeotto's still flying around. Alexis' Pidgeotto kept staring at her fellow birds, before diving down and using Aerial Ace on Kashin.
"Don!" The Donphan huffed, before swallowing the Cheri Berry in her trunk. The fire type Natural Gift was blasted out, but Pidgeotto flew up into the sky, and the beam hit a tree. The top branch burst into flames, sending a disgruntled Noctowl flying towards the next tree.
"Aim for the Pokemon next time." Jericho joked.
"Phan Don!" Kashin replied, smiling widely, before preparing to dodge Pidgeotto as she swooped back down. There was a burst of fire from nearby, and Jericho jumped aside, as he watched Evelyn dramatic battle with Primeape.
"Pri Pri Pri!" Primeape screeched, and attempted to use Karate Chop,"
"FLARE!" Evelyn cried, and fired out a powerful Flamethrower. The ape was sent flying backwards, nearly hitting Alexis as she tended her injured Lickitung.
"Wow, that was really powerful!" Jericho said.
"Flare Eon Fla." Evelyn panted, before collapsing. Jericho rushed over and pulled out a Potion, spraying it on her.
"Don't faint, you'll feel much better in a minute." Jericho said.
"Flare." Evelyn replied. Alexis had finished caring to her Pokemon, and rushed over with them in tow.
"I don't think that this is going to work." She sighed. "We don't have much time, and it'll take forever to level them all up."
"Speak for yourself." Jericho said, as he pointed behind her in shock. Alexis wheeled around, and her jaw dropped as she looked at the glowing Pidgeotto behind her. Beneath it, Kashin was lying on her side, clearing having fainted.
"It's evolving, again!" Alexis squealed in delight. Everyone watched in awe as Pidgeotto began to grow, her wings extending and her head crest stretching down to near her talons. The white light disappeared, revealing a Pidgeot standing on top of Kashin.
"Pidge." She said, though in a much deeper tone. Alexis squealed again, and rushed over and hugged her Pokemon.
"Mega!" Meganium cried, and all of Alexis' Pokemon raced over, even Dewgong, who made huge waves as she splashed out of the water and slid towards her fellow team.
"It seems your training is sort of working." Jericho said. "But I agree, we need a more productive method of doing this." Alexis nodded, but was too happy to notice. Jericho grinned and looked around. Arabella, Aquarius and Vinnie came over, and they all sat with him, watching the happy scene.
"Tan!" Vinnie said, and pointed a vine into the sky. Jericho looked up, wondering wheter Dragonite had returned, but instead saw a Golbat flying down, a grey envelope between his feet.
"Golbat Gol Gol!" He cried as he neared. Alexis looked around as well, and her happiness faded away. She rushed towards the descending bat, and grabbed the letter before it had stopped moving. Her eyes darted across the grey letter inside, and they rose in shock, before turning into a smile.
"Finally you've done something useful Silver." Alexis muttered.
"Silver, who's that?" Jericho said, walking over. Alexis seemed to have forgot he was there, and leapt up in shock.
"Oh, he's just a… friend, of sort." She muttered, as she pulled a pink pen out and scribbled something on the letter. Golbat grabbed it, and turned and flew away. Alexis watched it leave, before pulling all of her PokeBalls out.
"Come on Jericho, we have to head down to the Pokeathlon."


Jericho and his family had briefly visited the Pokeathlon, and the boy was still amazed by it all: the huge blue dome that seemed to stretch into the skies, the flashing lights, the stalls and vendors, shouting out into the crowds, and the masses of people who came to watch and take part, their Pokemon standing alongside. It was all very exciting, and Jericho wasn't too sure which way to turn. Alexis had gone off, taking Lickitung and Dewgong with her. So Jericho, his Pokemon and Alexis' other four Pokemon stood in the foyer, not sure which way to look.
"Maybe we should head upstairs." Jericho suggested.



"Pidgeot!" The Pokemon all replied, and headed towards the escalator. Pidgeot and Venomoth flew forwards, while Jericho picked Vinnie up so his vines wouldn't get caught, while the rest followed behind. Jericho and Evelyn recognised the stands they had been seated at only a fortnight ago: plastic red seats, surrounded with years of filth and rubbish that never seemed to be clean. The blue balcony looked down over the course, with a number of activities taking place. Currently, the Speed Course was under way, and a Dodrio, Arcanine, Electrode and Miltank were racing around the relay course.
"Venomoth Ven Ven!" Venomoth said, waving a wing towards a Venonat sitting with a small family nearby. The Venonat jumped up and waved its antennas. Jericho smiled, and Venomoth just smiled. There was a boom for a stand in the middle of a stadium, and a slightly chubby man in a singlet spoke into a megaphone.
"And now the Relay Race is over! I will tally up the points and see who has won the challenge!"
"Darn, we missed the whole event!" Jericho sighed. A lady sitting by herself in the front row turned around.
"Don't worry, there is a Jump event happening afterwards." She said.
"Oh sweet!" Jericho said. The lady chuckled, and then turned to look at all the Pokemon.
"That is quite a team you have there!"
"Oh, there aren't all mine." Jericho said, and quickly explained the situation. The woman smiled as he finished, before fishing around in her pockets.
"It is so nice of you to look after your friends Pokemon." She said. "My husband takes part in lots of these events, and has collected lots of points and money. I brought this sweet with some of his points, but it turns out it's for Pokemon." She laughed, as she finally pulled out a small object. Jericho grabbed it, and saw it was some sort of Pokemon lolly wrapped in blue paper.
"Thanks a lot, I am sure one of them will love it." Jericho replied, and he unwrapped it and turned around. "Anyone particularly want this?"
"Tangela Tang Gela!" Vinnie said, and fired a vine, wrapping around the sweet and pulling it backwards. The treat disappeared inside the dark space amongst all the tangled vines.
"Don!" Several of the Pokemon grunted in complaint, but Vinnie just danced cheekily before suddenly glowing white.
"Oh my, an evolution!" The lady gasped. "I haven't seen one in years." Jericho watched in shock as the Pokemon he had had for only a few hours began to double in size, and arm-like vines began to sprout. When Vinnie became around the same height as Jericho, he stopped glowing, and stood there as a very tangly ball of blue-green, with red tipped arms and feet.
"Tangrowth!" He boomed and hugged Jericho.
"Wow, congrats!" Jericho said, grinning madly.
"Flareon Flare." Evelyn said, grinning broadly. Just as everyone moved in for a group hug, they all hard a large explosion, causing the dome to shake.
"What was that?" The lady said.
"I'll go and investigate." Jericho said, and pulled out of the embrace and ran towards the escalator. But he had forgotten that it only went upwards, and began to move up again. But he watched as a boy with vivid red hair ran across the blue tiled floor, with a Feraligatr chasing behind. The admin people were shouting, people were crying and screaming, and it seemed that the service counter had been blown up. Jericho tried running down, but went nowhere. Suddenly, all the Pokemon charged, desperate to see what was happening. They collectively bowled into Jericho, and he finally clunked down the stairs. His already sore bruises hurt more as he landed in a lump at the bottom, with Evelyn, Arabella, Pidgeot and Primeape piled on his body.
"Arbok Ar!" Arabella said, as she slithered across the tiles towards the doors, which had been shattered. Jericho raced after, with Pidgeot and Venomoth flying over, and the others running behind, making the building shake with their collective movements. Jericho was expecting some reaction, but lots of people were running from the stadium, so it didn't seem too uncommon. As Jericho and the Pokemon burst out into the bright sunlight, the sounds of police sirens filled the air, and more people seemed to be screaming out here.
"Meganium Nium!" Meganium said, and she ran towards a bench a few metres away. Pidgeot and Venomoth were there, but Venomoth turned into energy and were sucked into their PokeBalls, revealing a depressed looking Alexis.
"Alexis, what happened?" Jericho said. Alexis looked up, and Jericho could see a fresh cut on her chin, and that she had obviously been crying.
"There isn't any time to explain." She said, but she pulled out a bag filled with the blue lollies Vinnie had eaten, along with a glowing blue rock and a battered gold rock that was shaped like a crown. Alexis also pulled out her assorted PokeBalls, and brought back Meganium and Primeape.
"Bring yours back as well, and get on Pidgeot's back." Jericho pulled his Poke, Great and Ultra Balls out, and quickly brought back his six teammates.
"Alexis, what did you do?" Jericho said, as he uneasily climbed onto Pidgeot's back. Alexis couldn't help doing her trademark smirk at this point.
"Oh, an old friend and I did a little bit of a heist." She replied, before grabbing his arms and putting them around her waist, and giving Pidgeot a small kick as they began the quick flight to Goldenrod.


It took only three minutes for Pidgeot to reach the wide city. Jericho had only been there a few hours ago, so he was hoping not to be recognised. But there seemed to be a few more police officers on the scene, and Alexis had spotted some back on Route 35.
"How do you expect we get in?" Jericho bellowed over the wind.
"I know a few people." Alexis said, turning around a winking. Jericho raised an eyebrow as Pidgeot began to descend. Alexis had been acting very suspicious ever since she had rescued Jericho that morning: the bruises, her unwillingness to mention what had had happened, the explosion at the Pokeathlon, and now her 'contacts'. Jericho hadn't known her for long, but was worried that she was doing something illegal.
"Alex-" He began, but she waved her hand, telling him to stop talking. There were some police officers down below with a Growlithe, looking around. Jericho nodded, but couldn't draw his eyes away from them. Suddenly, Pidgeot dived into darkness, and Jericho looked around in shock.
"Where are we?"
"The Magnet Train Station." Alexis said. "I took a more unconventional approach." Pidgeot moved quickly through the short tunnel, and they were suddenly on the white brick platform. There was a path of yellow bricks leading from the red staircase towards the point where the train would soon arrive. Pidgeot touched down on the slightly dirty platform, and Jericho got off and admired the high ceiling, bright white lights and the steel track the train moved along. There was a whirring black machine at the very end of the station.
"What is that for?" Jericho asked.
"It's the magnet." Alexis replied, as she stroked Pidgeot. "There's one at the Saffron station as well. If the train is coming towards Goldenrod, they turn off the magnets at Saffron and the train gets pulled towards here. There are other magnetic pads as well, to help the train go, along with some mechanics in the tracks to make sure it doesn't stop. And when it heads back to Saffron, they simply switch them around again." Jericho nodded, but he was distracted by a distant rumbling sound. Something moved out of the corner of his eye, and he turned around just as the Magnet Train rushed through the tunnel. It sucked a lot of air in, and Pidgeot cried out in shock. Jericho was blinded by dust that picked up, but could still make out the trains brilliant white outline. As he blinked to clear his eyes, Jericho could see about five coaches with a blue and red stripe around the centre and black windows. The roof was curved slightly, and the coaches were connected by a bendable grey rubber passage. At each end, the train dipped down 45 degrees, and turned into the magnetic part of the Magnet Train. It was pointed and looked ultra modern.
"Wow!" Jericho said, barely noticing as about two dozen people got out of their coaches. But as they left, someone occurred to him. "Where are the other passengers?"
"Oh, we are having the train all to our self!" Alexis said, grinning mischievously as she waved towards the magnet. Jericho raised another suspicious eyebrow, but simply sighed and rushed towards the train.
Jericho admired the yellow walls and shining grey seats and poles, and couldn't help but smile at how wide it was. Alexis chuckled as she walked in, and the doors slid shut behind Pidgeot.
"Send your Pokemon out, we need to start doing their training." Alexis said, as the Magnet Train started moving. The two swayed slightly, but the train was moving swiftly but smoothly, and Jericho was able to sit down without tumbling over. He pulled out his Poke, Great and Ultra Balls, and Alexis did the same. Soon, their eleven Pokemon were all standing in front of the two, making the coach seem a lot smaller. Jericho was surprised to see a Lickilicky replacing Alexis' Lickitung, but quickly figured it had evolved during whatever she had done at the Pokeathlon. As Jericho thought that, Alexis pulled out the bag with the blue Pokemon lollies, and began passing them around to the Pokemon.
"We need to get the Pokemon ready if Dragonite fights back." Alexis explained. "So I have a heap of Rare Candy's to help them level up and learn new moves."
"Ah, so that's why Vinnie evolved!" Jericho said, patting his Tangrowth on the head.
"Catch me up in a minute." Alexis said. "But I also got a Water Stone and a King's Rock." She explained, pointing to the blue rock and the crown shaped rock respectively. "The Water Stone evolves Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, but the King's Rock evolves Poliwhirl into Politoed." She pulled out her PokeDex, and showed Jericho a picture of them both. Poliwrath looked almost identical to Poliwhirl, except a bit taller and fitter. Politoed, however, was bright green, and looked like a chubby toddler.
"I am not sure, is one more powerful than the other?" Jericho asked.
"Poliwrath is part fighting, if that helps." Alexis shrugged. Aquarius had heard the mention of Poliwhirl, and he waddled over and looked at the PokeDex. Alexis smiled and used the buttons to flick between Poliwrath and Politoed. Aquarius stared at them for a few seconds, before jabbing a gloved finger onto the screen when Poliwrath appeared.
"So you want to evolve into Poliwrath?" Jericho asked, as he grabbed the Water Stone.
"Poli!" Aquarius said, and placed a hand on the stone. There was a flash of blue light from the stone, which was replaced by white light from Aquarius. Jericho, Alexis and the Pokemon beamed as Aquarius began to expand. He became taller, a bit wider, and his hands expanded. The white light disappeared, and Aquarius stood there as a much fitter Poliwrath.
"Wrath!" He boomed, in a deeper voice.
"Sounds ominous." Alexis chuckled, as she put the Kings Rock away and passed around more Rare Candy's. Jericho just grinned and gave Aquarius a big hug. Aquarius hugged back, and nearly snapped Jericho's back in half.
"Owwwww!" He said.
"Poli!" Aquarius gasped, quickly letting him go.
"It's alright, you just need to get use to your new strength." Jericho said. Aquarius nodded, and they moved back towards the others.
"Flare!" Evelyn said happily, as she quickly swallowed a Rare Candy. Kashin put down one of her berries in order to inhale the berries into her trunk, and then fire them into her mouth. Arabella reluctantly accepted hers, tossing them in with her tail, while Vinnie ate whatever came nearby.
"How far is it until Saffron?" Jericho asked, as he stroked Evelyn. Alexis looked out the window, and saw a wooden bridge and lots of water bellow.
"We are just passing over Route 32, so we still have a little bit left." She replied. Jericho nodded and came to look out the window as well. It was marvellous to see the water and nearby trees stretching out as far as they could see.
"This is just magnificent!" Jericho said, as he watched a Seaking leap out of the water below.
"I know, I just loving catching this train." Alexis said, smiling. "It is faster than flying to Kanto, and you get to see some truly spectacular- SHIT!" Jericho smirked at this, but then his eyes caught the orange blur moving rapidly alongside the train.
Dragonite had caught up to them.
"Everyone, we need to get you back inside your PokeBalls quickly!" Jericho cried, as he reached into his bag.
"No, we need them to fight!" Alexis said.
"But what if they get injured?"
"All Pokemon get injured at some point in their lives!" Alexis snapped. "And we don't have time to huddle in the corner and hope the powerful rampaging dragon ignores us." And she turned to her Pokemon. "Meganium, can you charge up and prepare for Solarbeam?"
"Mega." Meganium replied, and went and stood near the window.
"Good. Ok, Pidgeot and Primeape, you two go towards the Goldenrod end of the train, and Venomoth and Lickilicky go into the next coach. Dewgong, you stay here." A chorus of 'Dew', 'Venom', 'Ape', 'Pidgeot' and 'Licki Licki!' came from the Pokemon as they moved into the next coaches, or stayed behind. Jericho and his Pokemon watched them leave, and then looked at the window at Dragonite, who was trying to catch up to their coach.
"Ok… what do you guys want to do?" He said sheepishly.
"Arb!" Arabella said, and began stockpiling.
"Phan Don Don?" Kashin said, curling into a ball and out, asking wheter to Rollout or not.
"Um… I think…" Jericho said, but was cut off as a blast of orange energy struck the coach wall behind him. The explosion shattered the windows throughout the carriage, and Jericho, Evelyn and Vinnie were sent flying forwards. The coach swayed dangerously, and the other doors were blasted open, causing air to be sucked in. Dewgong had shielded Alexis behind her, and the trainer now rushed to the edge of the coach, ignoring the wind as she searched for Dragonite. There was an orange blob in the distance, as Dragonite recharged following the attack.
"Ok Dewgong, use Signal Beam to distract him when he gets back, and then Meganium strike with Solarbeam!" Alexis boomed.
"Your very tactical." Jericho joked, earning a stern look from Alexis.
"I have learnt to be tactical after my dealings over the past few years." She snapped back. She wheeled around, and looked grave. "Incoming!"
"Ok guys." Jericho said, whispering to his Pokemon. "If the attacks miss, I want Vinnie to use AncientPower, and then Evelyn, you use Flamethrower on them to make them extra powerful." The two Pokemon nodded. "Arabella, keep stockpiling, and Kashin and Aquarius be prepared for my next move." There was a roar, and everyone looked through the holes where the doors and windows had been, and saw Dragonite coming up, his left fist covered with fire.
"SIGNAL BEAM!" Alexis boomed.
"DEWGONG DEWGONG!" Dewgong cried, and fired a rainbow beam from her horn.
"Drag!" Dragonite fumed, as he swerved to dodge the attack.
"MEGA!" Meganium yelled, and fired the powerful green beam of solar energy. Dragonite was hit square in the stomach, and the dragon flapped his wings furiously to try and hold his ground.
"Evelyn and Vinnie, now!" Jericho said. Vinnie waved his arms, causing dust to rise up from the ground down below and formed into rocks, and then sent them flying.
"Flare!" Evelyn said, releasing a strong jet of flames that engulfed the rocks, turning them to comets. Dragonite was a little bit away from defeating the Solarbeam when the Flame-AncientPower struck, causing a bright explosion and sending Dragonite falling towards the trees. Meganium stopped firing, and began panting with exhaustion.
"Great job!" Alexis boomed to the coach, and everyone grinned, before realising Dragonite was flying back up, and had an Outrage prepared to fire towards the Goldenrod end of the coach.
"PIDGEOT, PRIMEAPE, GET OUT!" Alexis screamed.
"Kashin, use this Pomeg Berry!" Jericho said, pulling one of them out of his medicine bag.
"Don." Kashin said, catching it with her trunk. Suddenly, Pidgeot and Primeape burst past, nearly hitting the others.
"Aquarius, use BubbleBeam!" Jericho said. Outside, Dragonite fired the blue balls of flame at the Goldenrod end of the train. The whole thing blew up, knocking everyone over except for Kashin and Pidgeot. The whole train rocked, and smoke began to seep in through the holes in the coach. The side of the coach was blasted aside, and only the wheels and part of the floor remained. Kashin blasted the ice blue beam from the berry, but there was too much smoke and she missed, allowing Dragonite to spin and avoid it, and used Fire Punch to turn Aquarius' BubbleBeam into small wisps of smoke.
"Primeape, CLOSE COMBAT!" Alexis roared. Dragonite turned around in time for a barrage of punches and kicks from Primeape.
"We need to get some of them out of this coach!" Jericho yelled.
"Good idea! You send Kashin and Vinnie out, I send Pidgeot and Dewgong." Alexis said. The one Pokemon took the commands and ran into the next coach to be with Venomoth and Lickilicky. Arabella was glowing white, having Stockpiled three times.
"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" Jericho screamed, and he, Evelyn and Aquarius leapt for cover under a seat. Alexis raised an eyebrow, but understand as white ball formed.
"AR-BOOOOOKKKKK!" The snake roared, and fired the powerful, blinding beam. Dragonite had tried moving, but was hit full on, and was sent crashing down towards the trees. However, the Spit Up was powerful enough to damage the roof and the floor, and Jericho could see that the metal was buckling.
"We have to get out of this coach!" Jericho yelled, and pushed Evelyn, Aquarius and Arabella forwards. Alexis nodded, and she rushed through the doorway with Meganium and Primeape.
"Where are we now?" Jericho asked. Alexis looked through the cracked window as the Pokemon regrouped.
"We are nearing mountains… I think the train is picking up speed." She said, sounding worried. They heard Dragonite roar in the distance, but they were moving rapidly away. Alexis looked through the doorway towards the damaged coach and the destroyed end of the train.
"I think that when the magnet at the end of the train got destroyed, the slight magnetic pull disappeared, and now the Saffron end if much stronger." Alexis explained.
"I suppose it makes sense." Jericho said, as he noticed the green trees blurring past, and could see Mt Silver looming over them coming rapidly close. The roar of Dragonite got closer, and Alexis just growled.
"We need to get rid of this fricking Dragonite!" She snarled. "I have gone up against greater foes than this, and much weaker ones, and my training still hasn't improved." She wailed, and collapsed to the ground, crying. Jericho was shocked by this, and kneeled as well and hugged her.
"You are a great trainer, why do you doubt yourself?" He asked. Alexis sniffed and wiped away tears Jericho hadn't even noticed.
"I have just been overshadowed a lot. Unlike the other regions, Professor Elm gives out lots of PokeDexes. There are nearly ten of us, and we get compared to each other." Alexis explained. "While most of them are off doing amazing feats, I am still struggling behind, doing my best to answer calls, doing odd jobs and not being able to battle gyms." She let out another howl, and Meganium came closer, and nuzzled her trainer. The other Pokemon came, and Jericho backed away to let them hug her. Alexis stopped crying, and tried to hug as many of her Pokemon as she could, though it was quite difficult.
"So, are you ready to take on Dragonite again?" Jericho asked. Alexis stood up, patting Meganium and Dewgong, and nodded.
"Ok everyone, I think that we should rely on powerful attacks to knock him down." She said. "Also, I noticed how Aquarius and Kashin missed due to the smoke, so maybe we should try a few moves to lower Dragonite's accuracy."
"Sounds like a good idea! But I don't think my Pokemon know any of those sorts of moves." Jericho said sheepishly. Alexis growled, and was going to reply, but there was another loud roar from nearby.
"He's getting closer… Ok, just prepare ourselves for an attack." She said. Suddenly, it turned dark outside, with the lights in the coach providing them with their only light.
"We are heading through the Mt Silver tunnel." Alexis said, grinning triumphantly.
"Do you think Dragonite will still attack?" Jericho said, hoping for a few seconds of hope. But his question was answered with a furious Hyper Beam. It came through the end they had just come from, and everyone yelled and cried out. Arabella, Vinnie, Meganium, Primeape and Pidgeot were sent flying towards the other end of the coach, and Kashin and Dewgong where hit with bits of broken wall. As the dust cleared, Jericho looked and saw Dragonite in the doorway, holding onto the sides of the coach. The two damaged parts of the train had come loose, making their current coach the end of the train.
"FLAMETHROWER!" Jericho yelled.
"Flareon Flare!" Evelyn growled, and fired the jet of flames.
"Drag!" Dragonite growled, as the flames began to push him backwards.
"Everyone, we need to get in there and help!" Alexis said. "Meganium, charge for Solarbeam. Dewgong, Ice Beam, Primeape prepare for Focus Punch. Venomoth use Psychic, Pidgeot use Aerial Ace and Lickilicky prepare for Rollout!" Jericho was amazed that Alexis' team knew such good moves, and watched as Dewgong and Venomoth remained stationary and fired their attacks. Dragonite showed considerable discomfort at the ice attack and the Psychic nearly blasted him off.
"Pidge!" Pidgeot said, and flew forwards with glowing wings.
"Licki!" Lickilicky said, and curled up into a ball.
"Arabella, you start stockpiling!" Jericho said, deciding to take action. "Kashin you prepare your Rollout as well! Vinnie you use Vine Whip and Aquarius use Wake-Up Slap." Aquarius charged forwards first, and slapped Dragonite on the head as Pidgeot used Aerial Ace.
"DRAGONITE!" The dragon fumed, and lashed out with a Fire Punch, knocking Pidgeot backwards into Evelyn, causing the Flamethrower to stop. But then the two Rollouts hit, and the force of the heavy Pokemon forced Dragonite to let go. Then, Primeape charged forwards, and swung a glowing right fist to force Dragonite further backwards, followed by Meganium's powerful Solarbeam. The light from it caused the lights above to shatter, and Evelyn moved to avoid the showering droplets.
"Ok Dewgong, make an ice barrier!" Alexis said, as she reached into her bag. The train moved out from the tunnel, and they left Dragonite behind in the darkness. As Dewgong began freezing with Ice Beam, Alexis pulled out her TM case and opened it up, revealing a number of discs. As the train entered into the second tunnel, Alexis pulled out the ones she needed.

"We need to get everyone ready for when he gets back." Alexis said, and passed several of the different coloured discs to Jericho.
"What moves are these ones?" He asked.
"Oh, there is Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Focus Blast, Poison Jab, you name it, it's there." Alexis said, as she attached a green disc to Meganium's head. "Use them on whoever you want." Jericho grinned down at his Pokemon, but this disappeared at the sound of another roar nearby.
"I think our dragon friend has found some strength." Jericho sighed.
"Then move into the next coach." Alexis said, and began walking towards there with her Pokemon. Jericho and his team followed, as Evelyn examined the Shadow Ball TM, and Aquarius looked happily at the Focus Blast one. Within thirty seconds, they had all moved into the next coach, and Jericho had picked out the TM's he would use. He put Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Poison Jab, Gyro Ball, Hyper Beam, Shock Wave and Energy Ball into his bag.
"I'll teach them the moves when we get off and find a safe place." Jericho explained.
"Good idea. Until then, we'll just level them up." Alexis grinned, and passed out more Rare Candy's. There was a thud from behind them, and everyone looked towards the other coach.
"Moth!" Venomoth cried, as she looked through the window.
"Our good friend is back." Alexis sighed. "And he seems to be trying to destroy our ice barrier."
"This is getting repetitive!" Jericho groaned. Alexis nodded, and then her eyes lit up and a wide smile formed across her face.
"You grabbed the Shock Wave TM, didn't you?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Who are you going to use it on?"
"Vinnie." The Tangrowth danced happily at being mentioned. Alexis grabbed Jericho's bag and pulled the yellow disc out. She then jammed it onto Vinnie's head. He stopped dancing as yellow light engulfed him.
"What are you doing?" Jericho gasped.
"We need Shock Wave in order to outrun Dragonite." Alexis explained. "Lickilicky, use Stomp to break the wall." Lickilicky nodded, and then stood on the wall. It cracked, revealing a number of wires. The yellow light disappeared, and the TM cracked as it was now useless.
"How do you feel Vinnie?" Jericho asked.
"Tang!" Vinnie said happily, and flexed his vine like arms.
"Good. We need him to use Shock Wave and power up the train to make it move faster." Alexis said, as they rounded a bend. Vinnie nodded, and walked towards the hole in the wall. He put his vine arms onto the wires, and then fired the electric bolt. The wires sparked, and they moved into the magnet at the end of the train. The magnetic pull on the train became stronger, and the sleek white machine began to move faster, causing Jericho, Alexis and most of the Pokemon to topple over.
"Great idea!" Jericho said, grinning. But there was a crashing sound behind them, and Venomoth used Psychic to open the door. They could see Dragonite, holding onto the seats and trying to pull himself forwards.
"Venomoth, try and hold him off!" Alexis cried.
"Evelyn use Fire Spin to destroy the seats!" Jericho said. Evelyn and Venomoth stood in the doorway. Venomoth's eyes flashed pink, and she used Psychic to lift Dragonite up. Evelyn then released the lasso of flames, which began to enclose around one set of seats.
"Dragonite Nite!" Dragonite growled. He fought off the Psychic and turned around, looking like he was preparing to go. Alexis and Jericho were about to celebrate, but then Dragonite fired a Hyper Beam towards the ground. The force of the attack sent him flying backwards, and he smashed through the door, through the rubber section and straight into Venomoth. She was squashed, while Dragonite lay on top, recharging.
"Quick, Aquarius and Arabella, go into the next coach!"
"Same with you Meganium, and Primeape as well!" Alexis yelled. The four Pokemon moved to make room, and Alexis quickly brought Venomoth back.
"Pidgeot use Wing Attack, Lickilicky use Lick, and Dewgong use Aurora Beam!" Alexis shouted.
"Evelyn Flamethrower and Kashin use Slam!" Jericho yelled. "Vinnie, hit the wires with another Shock Wave!" Dragonite could only watch as Evelyn fired the Flamethrower, but the dragon had recharged enough when Pidgeot came over, and he roared and slashed at her with a purple claw. Pidgeot gasped and collapsed onto the ground, looking very weak. Lickilicky lifted his tongue up, but Dragonite moved, and instead Dewgong got licked. She froze up, paralysed and unable to attack. Vinnie fired another Shock Wave, and the train picked up speed again: they were out of the tunnel now, but Jericho couldn't identify what they were passing by. The windows looked like one of the blotchy paintings his mum always brought, and he felt a bit queasy.
"DRAGONITE!" Dragonite roared, and began to suck in energy.
"DON!" Kashin cried, and leapt onto his back. Dragonite fell forwards as he fired the Hyper Beam, and half of the floor was destroyed, only one with of the axles. As the coach sagged and began to screech along the tracks, Dragonite and Donphan were lifted into the air, smashing into the roof and taking out a light. Kashin fell backwards, unconscious, while Dragonite's head stuck in the hole. The two trainers brought their ill Pokemon back, and Alexis ran towards the door, pushing Lickilicky in front of her.
"Come on Evelyn and Vinnie!" Jericho said, and he walked up on the seats to avoid the hole and Dragonite's thrashing tail. Evelyn followed him, and the two rushed through the door with Vinnie. Alexis and the rest of the Pokemon were there, and Meganium was firing a Razor Leaf attack to cut the rubber section holding the coaches together apart. The train was moving at three times the speed it was at the start of the journey, and judging by the mass of green and brown, they were passing over a forest. Alexis looked at an electronic map on the wall telling them were they were.
"Oh my goodness, we are only about two minutes away from Saffron!" She gasped.
"Wow, teaching Tangrowth Shock Wave was a good idea." Jericho grinned.
"I know, and we have to do it again." Alexis said, and Lickilicky moved towards a wall to kick it in.
"Won't the train be moving too fast to stop? Besides, we are making good speed." Jericho said.
"It isn't fast enough!" Alexis snapped, as she pointed into the next coach, where Dragonite was using Fire Punch to damage the coach roof.
"Mega!" Meganium said with a beam, and the rubber section was fully cut. The coach slid away, and came to a halt. But as they swerved around a bend and the map showed they were a minute away from Saffron, Dragonite managed to blast the roof away with an Outrage, and was now chasing after them.
"He'll never catch us!" Jericho said, his voice cracking slightly, as Evelyn, Vinnie, Meganium and Lickilicky exchanged worried looks.
"I know, but his Hyper Beam is long distance!" Alexis said. She pulled her remaining balls out, and Meganium, Primeape and Lickilicky were brought inside. Jericho figured he should do the same, and watched as his four Pokemon were all brought inside. The map flashed, telling them they were about to enter the platform. Jericho looked at the window and could see a number of yellow buildings, along with a tall glass skyscraper. He recognised them all from occasional trips to Silph Co, and realised that he was nearly home. Alexis was staring through the hole and could see Dragonite approaching, absorbing in energy.
"He is going to Hyper Beam us…" Alexis said.
"If that doesn't hit us, than we'll be killed when this speeding train hits the bloody wall!" Jericho said. Alexis nodded, and then grabbed her bag, tossed Jericho's to him and then pulled him forwards.
"What the-" Jericho gasped, as Alexis jumped out of the back of the coach, just as Dragonite fired a Hyper Beam from nearly a kilometre away.

Everything seemed to happen at once.
Firstly, Alexis had headed for the platform, and she landed onto the grey brick. Jericho's shins smashed into the edge, causing him to gasp with pain as the two rolled along the yellow brick path.
The train, on the other hand, had been going far to fast for the people in the control room to stop it. The front smashed into the wall, and it and the coach behind it bent upwards, while the other coach smashed into them. The black tiles cracked and smashed.
But this didn't compare to the damage from Dragonite's Hyper Beam. The immense power of it hit the piled up coaches, unaware what would happened. There was a huge explosion, blowing out two walls of the station. Jericho and Alexis were blasted against the wall by the stairs, their heads thumping against the hard surface. Bits of jagged metal and black tile were blasted across the platform, and half the roof caved in. Jericho coughed violently, as dust and smoke filled the area. Blood was streaming down his legs, and when he tried to stand up, he felt a sharp pain there and in his head.
"We have to move." Alexis said from nearby, but there was too much dust to see through. "I can smell smoke, and there could be another explosion soon." Jericho nodded, though it made his head hurt. He lifted an arm, trying to find Alexis. But she found him and grabbed him, pulling him upwards. Jericho could see the destroyed chunk of the building, the flaming wreckage of the magnet train and the blown apart station from up here, but Alexis pulled him away before they could get a better look. They ran down the staircase, ignoring two bemused guards rushing up past them, and ran through the ticket barrier. The station was crowded with a mixture of curious people: families with shouting children, confused friends and couples, several distressed elderly women who had been frightened, and a number of Pokemon trying to go and help with the mess.
"Alexis, over here!" A voice boomed from across the hall. Alexis wheeled around, and saw an old man in a white coat waving from near the glass doors.
"Professor Oak!" She said, and pulled Jericho towards him. Jericho recognised Professor Oak from several pictures his grandparents had of him: grey hair, a sort of square head but a friendly face, a red shirt and brown pants.
"Hello Alexis, it's good to see you." Oak said, as he looked towards the upper floor. "I have a feeling we won't be taking the train?"
"No, I don't think we will." Alexis said, smiling lightly. "Oh, Jericho, this is Professor Oak. Professor Oak, this is Jericho."
"Hello." Jericho said, moaning from the pain in his leg.
"Hello Jericho. Professor Elm mentioned you when I called this morning and- Oh my, look at your legs!" The Professor gasped, as he stared down at the blood gushing from the wounds. "Let's get out of here and fix you up." And the three walked through the glass doors.
"Professor, we need to find a safe place, there is a-" Alexis began, but Oak waved a hand.
"I know all about the rampaging Dragonite." He said, and walked towards where the tracks were, high above them all.
"Why are we heading towards him though?" Jericho said, as his face began to turn pale.
"I need to see him for myself. Besides, we are well protected, I called my grandson." Professor Oak said. There was a loud roar from the sky, and Dragonite soared up above the yellow building, scanning below from his two targets. Jericho whimpered, and Oak presumed it was from the pain and passed a first aid kit from his bag to Alexis. She opened it up and quickly pulled out some bandages and plasters.
"DRAGO!" Dragonite roared, and a ball of blue Outrage flames formed in his mouth.
"It's going to attack!" Alexis cried. Oak heard the flapping of wings behind him and smiled.
"Not likely." He said with a beam. Jericho and Alexis exchanged looks of shock, just as Dragonite noticed them. He was about to fire when a powerful Flamethrower cut through the sky, smashing into him.
"What was that?" Alexis said. Then, a blur of brown rushed past them, leapt into the sky and hit Dragonite in the gut. The dragon tipped backwards and smashed into the edge of the building, before toppling over and landing on the pavement. Jericho stood up, with one bandage on, and he and Alexis moved away, just as the blur landed, and Jericho nearly fainted with shock
There, standing right in front of them, was Entei.
The great beast stared towards the three, a look of upmost seriousness upon its face. The intimidating tiger turned away from them and looked down at Dragonite, who was whimpering from the attacks. Then, Entei turned and walked backwards slightly, staring up into the skies.
"SKY ATTACK!" A voice yelled from nearby. Jericho looked to the sky, and was stunned to see yet another legendary Pokemon coming towards them: Moltres. The magnificent bird was glowing white, so Jericho couldn't tell what it looked like in real life, but remembered seeing it on television, and how it was yellow with cool red and white flames.
"Entei, Fire Blast!" The voice said again, and Jericho could know see a boy in a black shirt and blue pants running nearby. Entei opened its mouth up wide, and then fired five balls of fire into the sky. They joined and spread out, forming an interesting symbol. Moltres then charged through the flames, and suddenly looked like a fire falling through the sky. Dragonite could see Moltres coming, and turned and flapped his wings furiously. The dragon had barely made it above a fire hydrant when Moltres swooped and slammed into him, lifting him upwards and sending him spiralling into the sky. The flames and white light disappeared, and Moltres floated in front of Dragonite, daring it to attack. But Dragonite knew better, and turned and flew off.
"That was so COOL!" Jericho yelled, and grinned like a little kid. Alexis laughed as she stood up and patted Entei, who let out a pleased growl.
"You know these legendaries?" Jericho gasped.
"I know them, but I know him better." Alexis said, and pointed to the trainer in the black shirt. Jericho looked at him, and the sight of the scruffy brown hair and teenage face made him recognise Blue, the current gym leader of Viridian City. He had also seen him in a number of battles, but mostly with two people called Red and Leaf.
"Hello there Gramps." Blue said, and Moltres landed besides its trainer. "Hey Alexis, who's the toy boy?" Jericho blushed at this, and Alexis kicked Blue in the leg.
"Don't be rude, Blue." Oak snapped. Blue raised his hand in defence, and then patted and hugged his Moltres and Entei.
"Good job." He said, and brought them back inside their Ultra and Master Balls. Blue then turned towards the three. "So Gramps, I am guessing that is the Dragonite you called me about?"
"Yes Blue, you're quite right." Oak said, nodding. "I will explain what is going on in a moment, but first we must-"
"JERICHO!" Everyone turned around, wondering who was shouting, and Jericho gasped as he recognised three figures running towards them.
His mum, his dad and Beth.
His parents were wearing the clothes they had worn several days before, and his father hadn't seemed to have shaved since then either. The three were running flat out, the happiest Jericho had ever seen them. He tried to run forwards as well, but his legs wouldn't let him, and he propped onto Alexis as his family approached.
"Oh darling!" Isabel yelled, and she squeezed her son tightly. Jericho gasped in pain, as he had scratches from all his adventures over the past day, and his mum let go, and then she and Beth gasped.
"Oh my goodness, look at your face!" Beth said. "Did someone punch you?"
"No." Jericho said, as his face began to hurt from smiling. Bruce gave his son a pat on the shoulder and ruffled his hair.
"You must tell us all about what has happened!" Isabel said. Before Jericho could reply, Alexis cut in.
"Sorry Mr and Mrs Athlew, but our regions face a major crisis, and we must do something about it." She said.
"Who are you?" Beth scoffed.
"I am Alexis, and have been looking after your brother." Alexis snapped back.
"What Alexis is trying to say," Professor Oak said, "is that while you have been looking for your son, these two have gotten involved in a very major situation, and we need them to fix things."
"How serious is it?" Bruce asked.
"It is life threatening." Professor Oak replied. "Now, we will go into the Silph Co building, I know people there." He said, and began to lead the way. Blue followed behind, but Alexis waited for Jericho. Bruce and Isabel exchanged looks, before silently agreeing to hear Oak out.
"Come on then son." Bruce said, and hoisted him up so he wouldn't have to walk. "Wow, your bag feels a bit heavier, what have you got in there?" Jericho grinned and began to retell his adventures.


The conference room at Silph Co was rather plain: a long brown desk, black chairs, white walls and whiteboard, projector and several laptops at one end. It used to be an office before two trainers battled there, leading to a rebuilding. It was simple, but Oak only needed it for the long table.
One the polished surface, he had placed a large map of Johto and Kanto, which had several crosses on it. There were also close up photos of some damage it had caused, along with a mountain, waterfalls and an aerial shot of small market area. Blue had set up a laptop, and several live satellite photos of Johto and Kanto were being shown while they waited for Professor Elm to video chat to them.
"I am glad you are all here." Oak said at the head of the table. Jericho, Alexis and Blue were on his left, with Evelyn, Meganium and Blue's trusty Arcanine with them. The Athlew family sat opposite, clearing uncertain about what was happening.
"Early this morning, it came to my attention that something wasn't right." Oak said. "I noticed the serious problems with the weather, which were hard to miss, but Blue, along with Professor Elm and several Dex Holders, have brought my up to speed with that. I thought that would have been the end, especially as the two legendaries in question were captured." Jericho was confused, and went to raise his arm, but Alexis shook her head. Oak glanced over briefly before continuing. "But then I received a distress phone call from a friend in Blackthorn City. She had noticed a Dragonite that had been injured during the storm. It had been rescued by several people from the Dragon's Den, but he didn't want to be rescued. She said that it seemed to want to go back to it's pack, and escaped, causing major damages." Blue pushed a photo forwards, showing several flaming huts and a large crater.
"We stayed near there!" Isabel gasped.
"Several police officers attempted to subdue the creature, and fired a chip into his body to try and call it down. But it entered in the wrong place, fuelling Dragonite's rage." Oak said grimly. "The chip also provided a power up instead of neutralising it, and now Dragonite can lose PP. So Dragonite flew around Johto, causing major destruction in Ecruteak and Violet Cities. But when it reached Mahogany Town, Alexis and Jericho managed to prevent any further damage, and Dragonite was forced to leave."
"However, this only made Dragonite angrier." Blue said. "That is why it searched the skies for you two, and most likely spotted you when you flew to catch the Magnet Train and followed you."
"But your Pokemon scared it away." Jericho said happily.
"But where is Dragonite now?" Leaf asked. Oak frowned, and grabbed a pointer from the whiteboard, and placed it on Saffron.
"So we last saw our friend here." He said. "It most likely began to travel back to Johto and find it's pack." Oak traced a line with the pointer, and ended up near Cianwood City. "I believe Dragonite is going back to the Safari Zone, as we have confirmed that a number of Dragonite's went there after the storm. But we need to capture Dragonite and remove its chip."
"Why do you need Jericho to be here for this?" Bruce said. "He may have five Pokemon, but he only just caught them, they won't be well trained."
"Hey, there are fully evolved!" Jericho said indignantly.
"I require Alexis and Blue to help me more." Oak said. "However, Jericho does have a wide selection of Pokemon and I believe he can help greatly."
"Please Mr Athlew." Alexis said. "It will be really great experience for him."
"This isn't our decision to make." Isabel said, and looked at her son. "Do you want to go and finish battling Dragonite?" Jericho was shocked by this. He looked down at Evelyn, who was smiling and making him know she would fight. He then looked at Alexis and Meganium, who grinned as well, then to the anxious Oak, his bored sister, his stiff faced parents and the calm Blue. Jericho just wasn't sure. None of his friends had started their journeys, yet he had done a years worth of travelling in just two days. He had been scraped, scarred, beaten and bruised, survived an army of Tentacool and Tentacruel, outrun a police force, been an accessory to a possible robbing, and had just travelled a hundred kilometres on a speeding train being chased by a deranged dragon. As he remembered these good and bad times, a smile appeared across his face.
"I am a Pokemon trainer: I can't turn this down, it is my duty!" He said. Alexis clapped, Oak breathed with relief and Blue clapped him on the back.
"Then you can go." Bruce said, while his wife nodded. Oak was about to speak, but the laptop and projector flashed, and Elm's face appeared.
"Oak, I have just received word that Dragonite is flying over Olivine City and is close to getting to the Safari Zone."
"Thank you Professor, keep me posted." Oak said, and then turned to the three trainers. "Heal your Pokemon, teach them whatever moves necessary, and then let's teleport to Johto and stop this Dragonite!"

Pokemon Moves:
Evelyn: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam

Kashin: Thunder Fang, Gyro Ball, Poison Jab, Natural Gift

Aquarius: Surf, Mind Reader, Dynamic Punch, BubbleBeam

Arabella: Crunch, Sludge Bomb, Stockpile, Spit Up

Tangela: Power Whip, AncientPower, Shock Wave, Wring Out