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Title: Exclusively

Pairing: Bella & Edward

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*Edward Cullen*

I woke with a ring of glitter around my dick... I kinda don't want to wash it off

I laughed. Fucking James. He always went for the young, flighty, lip-glossed college girls. They were easy to get drunk and eager to fuck. I texted back.

I don't want to hear about your shimmering shaft!Where to tonight?

I waited for his reply. We'd been out every night this week. Each night a different club or bar; each night a different girl to bed.

Pink, yeah?

I responded straight away.

Fuck NO! I need some ass with class. Apotheke?

I wanted a quiet night, a place where the girls actually had some style, some poise and weren't so annoyingly clingy. The problem with James was he had to have the hottest, youngest chick in the establishment. He kept a score of which one of us managed to pull the best looking girl.

He was marginally ahead, of course. Simply because he would always get there at least fifteen minutes before me and because he always chose the clubs close to his loft in SOHO.

OK, Apotheke. I'm fucking on fire this week Ed. Catch the fuck up! Be there at 10:30.

Competitive bastard.

I'll be there by ten, and have the hottest girl in the place hanging off me before he steps one foot through the freaking door!


At exactly 9:55 I strolled up the dark alley off Pell Street, past the line of exceptionally dressed guys, and a few cute girls, waiting to gain admittance. I nodded to Felix the bouncer, and walked straight in.

James and I frequented a lot of places, and spent a lot of money. We never lined up. We never needed to. Our looks, what we wore, our cocky fucking arrogance and the way we flaunted our wealth; we were a bar or club owners' wet dream.

My eyes instinctively scanned the small venue. I skipped over the girls that were already with guys, or had guys in their party. The predator in me knew to stay the fuck away from girls that were taken. No point starting a fucking fight and getting the pretty face smashed up. It made it harder to get laid.


She was sitting at the bar alone on a stool. She had smooth skin, vibrant red hair that hung in soft waves over her shoulders and a figure-hugging satin dress, silvery-grey. Silver fuck-me heels complimented the outfit; her legs were above average.

I strolled up, placed one hand on the bar next to her and ordered a whiskey, gave the barman my credit card and asked him to set me up a tab. I could feel her eyes on my face. I gave her a minute to absorb me. Then, game on Edward Cullen, I purposefully, slowly turned to her and gazed directly into her eyes. I drank in her facial features and then I gave her my panty-drop Sex God smile. I literally heard her gasp.

Yep, still fucking got it. Eat my dust James Phoenix!

"Hi," I said, innocently flirty. "I'm Edward." I slowly took her hand in mine, caressed her knuckles and then let go.

"Hello," she gulped.

"Are you here alone?" I queried in a soft voice, still staring at her intently. I let my fingers slide around my whiskey glass provocatively before bringing the glass slowly to my lips and savored a seductively small sip.

"Um, I'm waiting for someone." She smiled, her eyes still on my lips. "I'm Victoria."

"It's lovely to meet you Victoria. Tell me; is this someone male or female?" No use getting comfy if she was waiting for her boyfriend.

"Um," she looked embarrassed, and then disappointed. "A guy, I met him today, he asked me to meet him here."

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

"Would you mind keeping an eye on my whiskey please Victoria while I go to the restroom?" I smiled as she nodded, staring into my eyes. Hypnotized.

Shit, she's fucking attractive. Sounds Canadian. Cool it, it's OK, plenty of time to get the next best girl in the place.

I was walking to the restroom, across the very small dance floor when I caught a glimpse of the most fucking delectable legs I'd seen in my entire life. It was like everything slowed – 24 frames per second turned to 12 frames.

'Legs' was walking in front of me and I followed. My eyes traveled up from her killer black patent heels and delicate ankles; her pale skin was creamy and flawless. Then her calves, perfectly molded, not overly defined, but with a shapely elegance. I felt my heart rate skyrocket and my dick twitch. Her thighs were exposed, her fucking creamy thighs. Her flowing short skirt stopped mid-thigh, swishing in slow motion around the smooth skin as she walked in front of me, mesmerizing me with each slow and tentative step.


If there was any weakness, any weakness at all that I had, it was that I was a leg man. And this body that was cautiously making it's way through the people on the dance floor to the restroom had the most perfect set of legs I had EVER encountered.

I hadn't even seen her face, but instantly my fantasies were of those luscious and perfect milky white thighs around my hips as I plunged myself into her and fucked her against a wall; preferably in a mirrored room so I could see her legs surrounding me.

Keep your cool Cullen; she could be here with someone.

She walked into the unisex restroom, of which there was only one. I stood at the door, knowing she was in there, visualizing those fucking thighs, and her slowly pulling her panties down over them.


I was fucked. I had to have her, and I couldn't care less if she was with someone. I was taking her home. I couldn't let those thighs be around anyone else but me.

Shit, get a grip!

I needed a plan. I took some deep breaths. I'll see where she is sitting, make sure she's not with a guy, and then I'll go for the kill.

After what seemed like eons the lock on the door clicked and she opened it. I stood there, waiting for her to see me, but she was rummaging in her purse, looking for something as she walked forward.

I stupidly looked down – and got a front view of her legs.

Holy fucking hell.

It took all my restraint not to sink to my fucking knees and bury my face against her thighs. I was frozen, in a stupefied daze, because the entire volume of blood in my body decided at that moment to flood into my dick.

Apparently when I'm erect and stupefied, I can't speak. 'Legs' shuffled passed me, her head and one of her hands still buried in her purse. Meanwhile I looked down to see a huge bulge trying to burrow it's way out of my wool pants as if it was some creamy-thigh seeking missile, itching to launch and somehow thrust itself between her absolutely delectable legs.

I lunged forward and into the restroom. I twisted the lock and stood with one hand on the back of the door and one clenched by my side.

Her perfume. The sweet floral scent swirled around my nostrils, making them flare, making my mouth water. Holy fuck. I'm gone.

Focus, stop letting your dick think for you.


If I rubbed one out now and found out she was with someone, no harm done. While gut wrenchingly disappointing, it wouldn't be the end of my night; it was only ten.

If I didn't rub it out and she was alone, I would have to spend at least an hour, sitting next to her, speaking to her, using my charms, gazing constantly at her glorious pins, buying her at least a few drinks, before I could offer to take her home, there was no fucking way she wouldn't notice my painfully engorged arousal.

If I did it now, and she was available, I could probably talk to her for a few hours without thinking with my dick, so when I did get her home I'd be recovered enough to fucking enjoy every precious second those legs were wrapped around me.

Decision made.

I wrestled my dick out of my pants and started pumping the life out of it, imagining her legs, the curve of her ankle, the smooth, pale, firm and silky skin. In less than a fucking minute I was shooting my load into some rolled up toilet paper.

My heart was hammering in my chest. I cleaned myself up, fixed myself back in my pants and took a deep, calming breath before walking out and washing my hands.

Get it together.

This will be the ultimate test. You must find her, figure her out quickly yet precisely. What will work on her, what won't. Whether she will be instantly attracted, dazzled or coy.

I slowly walked back to the bar, to see James, standing where I had been previously, putting the hard word on Victoria.

Fucking prick! I took my iPhone from my pocket; 10:05pm. Thinks he's going to win two nights in a row, no fucking way.

I need to find 'Legs' before he realized Victoria was waiting for a guy and he began his prowl for someone else.

I passed by the bar, my eyes casually seeking her out. I walked along the wall to the left side of the dance floor and gazed at the girls dancing. Most of them made eyes at me as mine briefly locked with theirs before looking away. I hadn't seen her face; a curtain of shiny chocolate brown hair had shielded it, hanging in soft waves past her shoulders.

I was seeking her glorious legs.

I continued my way in a wide arc to the scattering of low lounge chairs along the wall towards the exit.

There they were. Casually, almost demurely crossed. Her ankle slowly bouncing up, down, up, down. Fuck, now I'm hypnotized.

My eyes followed her long perfect legs to see her slim waist, small but well-rounded breasts, a delectable glimpse of her milky collarbone. Her graceful neck, her small hands were holding a hi-ball glass, her plump flesh-pink lips surrounding a black straw, as she sipped. Her eyes were lined with sexy black eyeliner and a smudge of charcoal grey shadow. Her shapely eyebrows perfectly symmetrical, slightly raised, as she listened intently to her friend telling her something.

She was stunning.

She will be mine.

I stood there like an idiot, trying to decide my best approach. Come on too strong, I would risk her shutting me down instantly. I could usually figure girls out pretty quickly, but there was something about 'Legs' that was different. Her clothes and make-up screamed confidence and assertiveness, but her posture and the nervous bouncing of her leg told me something else. I glanced at her friend. Also perfectly dressed, perfectly made-up.

I'd been around long enough to know that the pixie-like fashionista sitting next to her on the two person love-seat must have dressed 'Legs' tonight. I recalled the way she had walked unsteadily on her heels to the restroom; she was not used to wearing those shoes. She had her head buried in her purse when she came out of the restroom, a deliberate move not to make eye contact? It seemed like she did not want to be here and even now, she was not looking around, not scoping the place for anyone. She was not here to pick up.

I could read this one of two ways, either she was extremely shy and uncomfortable in this environment, or she was already taken and therefore not looking to hook up with anyone.

I had to do this very tactfully and before James spotted her. She was, hands down the most exquisite creature in the room. Fuck, not just the room, in the whole of Manhattan.

My daze was broken when the pixie jumped from her seat and bounded into the arms of a man that had just arrived.

"Jazz," she squealed.

They were obviously together; did that mean 'Legs' had a date arriving as well? My gut ached. And then, I saw his face. I knew that face.

No fucking way!

I stepped back, turned and walked to the bar. I had a small piece of business to attend to before playing the winning hand fate had just dealt me. I couldn't stop the grin spreading across my face.

"James!" I slapped him on the back. His hand was on Victoria's waist.

Sap, has no fucking idea.

"Edward," he grinned at me, smug. "This is Victoria." He introduced her as if it was sure thing that he was taking her home tonight.

"Yes, we've already met," I grinned back at him. I reached over to pick up my drink from the bar. "Thanks Victoria for minding my whiskey."

"That's OK," she said, looking coyly at James.

They shared a look, and the pieces fell into place.

Fucking cheat! He had already met her and asked her to meet him here?

"So Victoria, did your friend turn up?" This will be fun. I took a sip of whiskey, all the while making sure that 'Legs' was in sight.

Victoria smiled widely. She was drop-dead gorgeous, but she had nothing on the girl I'd be escorting home tonight.

"Edward, it's James, James is my friend," she laughed sweetly, and placed her hand on his ripped bicep.

"No, really?" I stared James out, taking great pleasure as he realized I was on to him.

"Well, that's so great. James you never told me you met a gorgeous woman earlier in the day?"

"I, uh, I didn't…?" Fuck! This is fucking funny. I wonder how many other times he'd happened to arrange to meet the winning woman, before I even got to the bar?

I should have been royally pissed, but I was too anxious to get over and officially be introduced to 'Legs'.

I downed my whiskey, took a deep breath and slapped James playfully on the back. "The night is young, my friend."

I turned and casually walked towards the exit, and stopped in front of pixie and her man. I arranged my face in a surprised yet friendly expression.

"Jasper? Jasper Whitlock?"

He looked to me, recognition covering his features and then a broad grin. "Edward?" he pulled his arm from around the pixie's waist and shook my outstretched hand.

"Hey, imagine running into you after all these years? You look like you haven't aged a day!" I exclaimed.

Jasper and I had been at NYU together. The last time I'd seen him was when we'd been on an all night bender. I'd introduced him to James and the three of us had partied the night away. Jasper had hooked up with a stunner; I recall her name was Maria.

James had scored a bimbo Barbie doll, as for me, I had scored an up and coming model. Fuck, those were wild days. Lots of alcohol and too much cocaine. That had been five years ago.

Fuck, had James and I really been doing this shit for more than five years?

"That was a lifetime ago Edward." He laughed.

I smiled at him and then held my hand out to introduce myself to the pixie. "Hi, I'm Edward. Jasper and I studied at NYU together, yeah, a lifetime ago."

She smiled and shook my hand vigorously. "I'm Jaspers fiancé, Alice," and then she giddily motioned towards 'Legs'.

This is it, don't fuck this up.

"This is my friend Bella."


I looked directly in Bella's eyes, and watched, mesmerized, as she uncrossed her heavenly legs, placed her glass on the table and reached towards me, extending her hand.

As soon as our hands made contact I held my breath. Her hand was warm and small, but the buzz, the electrical pulse emanating from her skin sent a jolt up my arm.

She flinched minutely. She would have had to have felt that? I looked back into her eyes and they were wide, as she stared at my hand, her cheeks colored a vibrant crimson.

Bella, the name fits her so well, she is insanely beautiful.

"It's lovely to meet you, Bella." I tried to sound casual, but my entire brain fried itself, as I stood there motionless, her hand still caught in mine, desire coursing through me.

"Join us Edward? Unless you're meeting someone else?" Alice sounded extremely encouraging. I slowly pulled away my hand and stood frozen as Bella's hand slowly lowered to her lap. She clenched her fingers in the fabric of her skirt, inadvertently dragging it up a couple of inches, revealing an even more arousing glimpse of her perfect, creamy thighs.

I felt a firm slap on my back and I reluctantly dragged my eyes away from Bella to look at Jasper. "I'm sure Edward was just on his way out, Alice," I could hear the tension in his voice.

Of course, Jasper knew my game. He knew that if Bella were available, I would be after her. His reaction just confirmed it, she was available and I was elated.

She will be mine.

"Actually Jasper, I just set up a tab at the bar, so I insist on buying you all a drink."

I casually motioned to the waitress and she briskly swept over to take our drink orders. I took no time in walking casually to sit on the love seat that Alice had vacated when Jasper arrived. My legs were now parallel to Bella's and I rested my hands on my knees, desperately wanting to slide them over her milky smoothness.

Cullen, do not look at her legs. They are the grand prize; you need to win over her mind first.

"So, Bella, are you a student?" I thought I'd test the waters, small talk, friendly and hopefully revealing; get her talking about something she was passionate about, get to know her. Analyze what tactic could work to ensure she would say 'yes' to the ultimate question.

"Umm, no, I graduated last year." Her hands were still in her lap, still clutching the soft fabric of her skirt. It was too fucking distracting. I almost wanted to place my hands over hers to make her stop.

"Bella and I also went to NYU, didn't we Bella?" Alice was trying to prompt her friend and I instantly asserted that my beautiful Bella was shy. Maybe even suffering from low self-esteem, which made me nervous, because girls with low self-esteem never thought I was truly interested in them.

They saw me as the predator I am. Out to get what I want, cocky, handsome and assertive. They cowered from that, they didn't believe they were worthy of my attention. And now I knew the exact way to handle Bella. She would take time, a lot of time, and I was beyond motivated, because the prize was in full view and that visual inspiration was all I needed.

The night progressed slowly as I engaged Jasper in casual and relentless banter about the crazy things we did in college; reminiscing about the staff and the campus facilities. I purposefully ensured we had a steady supply of fresh drinks; taking stern notice of how many drinks Bella had consumed and ordering her water between cocktails, so she wouldn't get too shit-faced. I wanted her pleasantly relaxed and aware, not rolling drunk when her legs were in contact with mine.

Alice made my job a hell of a lot easier, prompting Bella to be involved in the conversation and trying to subtly encourage her to engage with me one on one.

"Do you have a girlfriend Edward?" Alice questioned as soon as Jasper had excused himself to use the restroom.

"No, unfortunately. You know Alice; women usually assume I have a girlfriend, based purely on my looks. They convince themselves that I'm not single, so they don't often come and talk to me. I find it really difficult sometimes to meet people. I'm so glad I recognized Jasper, or I would have probably ended up heading off early."

Alice grinned. "You know Edward, Bella has that exact same problem. She doesn't realize how gorgeous she is and most guys just think she would be in a relationship, so they don't bother talking to her, isn't that right Bella?"

I looked into Bella's eyes and I noticed her delicious crimson blush return.

"Umm, well, sometimes…I suppose." She looked down, and I stupidly followed her eyes to see her hands pull at the hem of her skirt, and then smooth the fabric over her thighs towards her knees.

My dick sprung to life.

Fuck, already? What am I, seventeen?

Jasper returned. I thanked god that my shirt concealed my hard on.

Alice wanted Jasper to dance, so she dragged him away, leaving me speechless with my stupefied arousal.

"Edward!" James sidled up, his arm wrapped around Victoria's waist. He smiled at Bella, waiting for an introduction.

"James, are you heading off?" I questioned, making him sweat it.

"Um, yeah, you?" he hedged.

"I'll probably head off soon. This is Bella, Bella this is James and Victoria." Bella smiled and said a timid 'Hello'. I caught James's quick glance up and down the length of her body, just as Bella unconsciously crossed her legs, the movement caused her ankle to touch my shin, sending a pulsing vibration up my leg and into my dick.

Her perfect legs glowed. The pristine vision seemed to be enough of a confirmation for James. He nodded, in defeat, or possibly acknowledgement of his automatic disqualification, given he had broken the rules by arranging for Victoria to meet him here.

"It was lovely to meet you Victoria. I'm sure I'll see you again soon?" I couldn't help but push James's buttons a little, considering his deception and, to be brutally honest, I thought Victoria was the type of girl he should be going after, not the flighty college girls that left fucking glitter lip-gloss around his eager dick.

Fuck I hope the dirty bastard cleaned that shit off.

"Bye Edward, bye Bella," said Victoria sweetly as James guided her towards the exit.

I watched them leave and then I looked at Bella. She was staring at me, and it shocked me, because her demeanor had changed drastically. She was biting her plump bottom lip, her gaze absorbing my hair, eyes and lips.

Am I misreading her, or is she dazzled by me. Does she want me?

"Edward, can I ask you a huge favor?" She resumed her nervous lip-biting as soon as the last word gushed from her mouth.

"Um, yeah? Well, no, it depends on what it is," I stated, trying to keep my friendly casual tone, even though my voice should have sounded like a feral animal ready to jump on some helpless prey.

"Jasper won't let me make my own way home, he always wants to take me, to make sure I'm like, OK, and not walking the streets looking for a cab. Problem is, I know Alice has something special planned for them tonight, and she'll want him to leave soon, so I thought if maybe you can reassure Jasper that you'd make sure I got home safely, he wouldn't worry as much and that would really make Alice's night."

It was the longest stretch of words she'd said all night and I sat gob smacked, knowing full well that Jasper would not trust me to get Bella home safely. Well, I'd get her home, but he wouldn't want her with me, he knew me too well. And then I wondered why he'd even worry about her. Why would he be so protective of his fiancé's friend? No harm in asking, I thought.

"Why would Jasper be so protective of you, I mean I'm sure you're capable of getting in a cab aren't you Bella?"

She sighed, "Yes, of course I am, but you know what brothers are like, um, he, you know plays the big brother card on me all the time."

"Brother?" I had no idea Jasper had a sister; and they looked nothing alike!

"Half-brother actually, we have the same mother."

I'm totally fucking screwed now. There is no way I'm getting any closer to Bella's thighs, not if Jasper has anything to do with it.

"Sure Bella, let's just see what Jasper says, I'm happy to escort you home or at the very minimum ensure you actually get into a cab."

She smiled with relief. My dick finally connected with my brain and instantaneously returned to its passive flaccid state.

There is no way Jasper would let me escort Bella home.

Jasper and Alice returned and I couldn't help but notice the tell-all look pass between the two girls.

"So, Jazz and I are heading off Bella," she smiled.

"Really, so early? I think I'll stay here with Edward for a while." And then her hand slid over the top of mine, which was resting palm down on my thigh.


Her hand sent a jolt of pure heat through me. I immediately looked up to see Jasper shooting daggers at me.

"No, I'm sure Edward was going to leave, right Edward?" he sounded livid. Alice looked puzzled and Bella looked deflated.

"Yeah, I should really head off too. Um, I'll just go and fix up the tab." I looked down at Bella's hand that was still over mine and I gently squeezed it before letting it go. I stood and walked to the bar.

I didn't need to turn around to see that Jasper was telling Bella exactly why she should be getting straight into a cab and out of my grasp. I couldn't blame him. I doubt he'd want me messing with his half-sister and then walking away from her. That's what I did, and I suddenly felt a pang of guilt, for the women that I had conquered, fucked, and promptly ditched as soon as they had fallen asleep.

I ordered my last whiskey, and asked the barman to settle my tab as I downed the drink in one swift and satisfying gulp.

But then I thought of Bella and I was not sated at all.

"Hi," breathed a peroxide blonde that just sauntered up and brushed her arm against me. Normally, Edward Cullen would have smiled and flirted. OK, so I can't have Bella, but I could easily, instantly, get this woman beside me to invite me back to her place.

The thought of it, rather than exciting me, physically repulsed me. If I couldn't have Bella, I wanted no one.

I ignored the blonde, signed the credit card slip, leaving a very generous tip. The blonde stepped away from me and ordered her drink. I turned my shoulder to her and grabbed the business card that the barman left with my credit card. I wrote my name, address, cell number and email address on the card. I had no idea if Jasper would want to reignite our easy friendship after tonight, but I seriously hoped he would.

I paused, before I turned to see the heated yet hushed discussion Jasper was having with Bella. Suck it up Cullen, and get the fuck home.

I slowly walked to the table, smiled at Jasper and handed him the card with my details.

"Jasper, it's been great running into you, I hope we can keep in contact?"

He glanced at the card and gave me a tentative grin. "Sure Edward."

"It was lovely to meet you Alice." Then I turned to Bella. "You too Bella. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening."

I shook Jasper's hand and moved to walk out.

"We're leaving too Edward, wait up." It was Alice. I froze, and then I turned to see Bella rise from her seat. She brushed the breezy soft fabric of her skirt down over her thighs. She was biting her lip again.

Jesus Fucking Christ!

We all walked out, and strolled casually in silence down to Bowery Street. Jasper instantly hailed the first cab and opened the door. "Bye Bella, thanks for coming out."

Bella and Alice shared a girly hug, whispering something to each other and then Bella's face broke into a glorious smile.

"Goodbye guys, have a fabulous time."

Then she looked at me. "Goodbye Edward, thanks for the drinks." She turned and started to get in the cab.

I closed my eyes; I could only imagine what it would do to me, seeing her gorgeous untouchable legs swinging into the cab. It would be pure torture to watch her go.

I opened my eyes to see her cab pull away, and Jasper was hailing another. "Edward, do you want to take this cab?"

"No, Jasper, you two take it."

"Bye Edward," Alice smiled and jumped in the backseat.

"I'll call you, Edward; we'll meet up, yeah?"

"Yeah, Jasper, let's make it soon, OK?"

I stood as their cab sped off, and then I hailed the next one.

Maybe I was getting too old for this shit; a different woman every night.

Sex. It always felt good, but it was shallow and meaningless. I tried to recall ever being attracted beyond reason to any of the girls I'd gone home with in the last twelve months, and I couldn't think of one. None of them had been as mesmerizing as Bella.

I was suddenly forlorn. Was it because I didn't score tonight, or was it because I didn't score Bella?

Fuck, I don't even know her last name.

Before I knew it, the cab pulled up in front of my brownstone on 93rd Street.

I started walking up to the stoop.


God, my mind is playing tricks on me. I shouldn't have had that last whiskey.


I turned, and there she was. Bella was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She looked nervous and then smiled at me.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" I walked down the steps to stand in front of her. "I mean, you were in a cab, you're supposed to be home. How did you know I lived here?"

"Alice is a great pick-pocket." She held up the card I had given to Jasper. "She slipped it to me."

"Why would she do that?" I questioned; completely and utterly dumbfounded.

"Well, I…I just thought that maybe you, I mean if Jasper hadn't forced me to get into a cab, that maybe we would have ended up here anyway." She looked down to her shoes.

She wants to be here?

She looked up, her face determined as she looked into my eyes. "I want it to be you, Edward." She grabbed my hand in both of hers and slowly squeezed, massaging my fingers, sighing, then pulling my hand up to her face. She glided my palm over her jaw, closing her eyes, breathing heavily. She kissed my palm.

Oh Fuck!

I was instantly pulling her hand to walk with me up the stairs.

I was trying to decipher her words; she wants it to be me? What does she want me to be? I unlocked the door and we stepped in. I locked the door behind her.

She was still holding my hand.

"Can I get you a drink?"

"No, I just want your hands on me Edward." Bella reached up and put her arms around my neck. She pushed her body against me. I could feel her heat radiating and electrifying me.

I lowered my lips to hers. The kiss was tentative; then almost instantly I lost all control as my hands moved on their own volition to run over her ass, and to finally, finally glide over her silky milky thighs.

Fucking perfection.

I bent, and swung my arm behind her knees to lift her and carry up the two flights of stairs to my bedroom.

As soon as we were there, my lips found her mouth and I started undoing the buttons on my shirt, my mind racing with desire. I had to get my lips on every inch of her legs.

My bedroom was a mess. I never, ever brought women home. It was always at their place, so I could leave and they couldn't ever stalk me.

My mind was mess. Bella was pulling her silk top over her head. She was standing in her skirt and shoes and an exceptionally sexy satin bra. I couldn't be sure because of the dim light, but it looked black, and before I knew it my hands were covering each satiny cup.

"Edward," she breathed. "Your hands are so…"

She grabbed one of my hands, bringing it against her face again, licking and nipping at my fingers, moaning as she held it to her mouth.

Bella likes my hands.

I wanted to touch and kiss her thighs.

I need her spread–eagle on the bed, NOW!

Her bra and skirt were gone and then I yanked her panties off to reveal her beautiful pale milky skin. It was completely flawless; as if she had never exposed her body to the sun.

I discarded my shirt, and unbuckled my belt; all the while Bella stood motionless, completely naked and staring at my hands.

"You like my hands?" I whispered as I wrapped one around her waist and guided her to shuffle onto the bed. I removed the rest of my clothing to stand naked and erect in front of her.

"Yes, Edward, your hands are so…so…touch me!" she practically whimpered.

"Oh Bella, I intend touching you. I'll have my hands on you all night." I smiled as I pushed her gently to lie down in the middle of my bed.

She was still wearing her shoes. I was right, they were brand new, barely even scuffed on the soles as I slowly dragged each one off, and started massaging her feet, slowly.

She was staring at my hands and obviously enjoying the massage as her body wiggled and writhed under my touch.

I fucking couldn't stand it any longer. My hands left her feet and traveled to her calves. Gently rubbing, she was silky smooth and soft. Her eyes were wide, her head propped on the pillow, staring at my hands as they made their way up her legs.

My mouth dropped to the top of her left knee, and I kissed and licked her skin. I slowly inched higher, as my hands continued to rub and surround her curvaceous thighs.

"Edward," she moaned. "I…need to tell…God, are you…? I'm a…"

I had never had a woman in my bed, well, this bed, in this house. I was grinning because the woman that was now in my bed, with the most spectacular legs in the world, had sought me out and she loved my hands. Well, what more motivation did I need?

I pushed her thighs further apart and my tongue dove for her swollen clit.

"Ed-ward!" she screeched and tried to close her thighs around my head. Oh, fuck me yes! Those milky thighs were now squeezing my head, as she tried to either suffocate me, or eject my tongue from where it was lapping.

"Stop, please!" she wailed.

I raised my head to look at her. She looks horrified?

You've got to be kidding me. No one's ever tasted her, that can't be right?

"Bella, has any man ever…?"

"No," she barked.

Well then, she really does need some hands on her.

"Bella, take my hand." I pushed my right hand up to her. She grabbed it, desperate for it, holding it to her face. "I want you to relax, and I want you to kiss my hand, caress it, and don't tense up, or I'll take it away."

She groaned and then she started pressing my open palm to her mouth, breathing hotly over it as her trembling hands rubbed my fingers.

I lowered my head and used my left hand to hold her thigh, then slowly I resumed my tasting.

Bella was hot. She was moaning and writhing and sucking my fingers into her wet mouth. I couldn't believe her taste. She was so warm and soft and responsive. I built up a rhythm, I could feel her squirming, I could sense her heart rate climbing.

I slowly placed a finger lower and gently pushed in.

Fuck! She bit me, hard. Rather than stopping and pulling my hand away, I instinctively pushed another finger inside her and slowly started a shallow rhythmic thrusting.

God, I hadn't given a woman this much attention since I was nineteen. Foreplay was something that happened in the cab on the way to the random woman's home. I hadn't gone down on a woman in years, and finger fucking them? I was always so eager to get my dick inside, I never bothered.

Bella was enjoying my mouth and my fingers, the ones inside her, and the ones in her mouth. I didn't stop what I was doing even when I felt and heard her come.

"Arrrrgghhhhhh! Edward!"

Her body shook, her teeth clamped down on my forefinger, and I could feel her get even wetter. I fucking couldn't stand it anymore.

I slowly pulled my fingers from her body and my hand out of her mouth, so I could kiss her. She was exhausted from her climax, she was panting and her skin was flushed.

"Bella, I have to get a condom, I'll be right back."

"No!" she grabbed my arm, and pulled me on top of her.

No, she doesn't want me to get a condom? She doesn't want sex or she wants me bareback? FUCK!

I placed my hand to her lips.

"Bella, I always use a condom. I get tested every six months as well. Let me just get one from the bathroom, I'll be less than twenty seconds."

She forcefully held my hand to her lips.

"I'm sorry, it's just that Alice says that it feels better without one, and so I thought, you could…I mean I'm disease free and protected against pregnancy…" she was running my fingers over her lips and then she sucked the two fingers that were previously inside her, into her mouth and groaned.


Was I really going to debate the pros and cons of whether I should be using a condom, when she's safe and protected and I know I'm safe too?

I was so painfully hard, I had to ease the pain, and between her thighs was the healing balm!

She wouldn't let go of my hand so I positioned myself between her legs again and kissed her neck.

"Edward, please, can I touch you?" she groaned.

I was way too fucking aroused for her to start stimulating me with her warm tiny hands. I had felt her softness and wetness and my dick needed to be there, like twenty minutes ago. But Bella pushed me, as if she wanted me to lie on my back, so I reluctantly rolled over.

She straddled me and that's when I thought I'd really fucking lose it, because now her thighs were even more accessible and my hands started instantly rubbing them up and down. She had sandwiched my dick between her warm pussy and my abdomen, her healing balm was very slowly rocking onto me. She was looking down at my hands as they ran from her hips to the tops of her knees.

She slowly ran her trembling hands over my chest, drinking in my body, her dainty fingers circling my nipples. She bent forward and started licking them, one, and then the other. Her hair falling over my neck and chest, she smelled like fruit, a fucking exotic juicy ripe fruit. Her hands were rubbing from my chest to my abs and back. Then she pushed herself back up using her flat palms against my chest for leverage, simultaneously pushing her whole body weight into my dick.

I was in an erotic stupor, and Bella seemed to be equally mesmerized as she stared at the action of my hands on her legs.

Fuck, I think we were made for each other.

"Bella, I want you." I pushed my hips up, trying desperately to ease the intense throbbing of my dick against her silky wet and warm body. "Do you want to be on top?" I moaned as I rocked, my hands traveling up to her hips, ready to lift her up as soon as she said yes, and impale her on me.

"I…oh god…Edward, I…can't be…on top!" she dropped her head, the silky curtain of her hair falling forward as she panted.

I instantly flipped her so she was lying on her back, and my hands pushed her hair from her face. She looked upset.

"It's OK, I'm happy to be on top," I was practically grunting at this stage, so eagerly aroused that I just had one focus. The thought of feeling her heat without the barrier of a rubber was frying my brain.

"Edward, please, just promise me, you won't stop touching me, promise me you won't stop." Her words were breathy and wanton.

Fuck she was gorgeous with her hair dishevelled and her pink lips now ruby red from our passionate kissing and her eye makeup a sexy smudge.

I smiled and I positioned myself between her legs. I then lifted her neck, removing the pillow so I could lay her head flat against the mattress. I moved her arm, so I could rest up on my forearm, and then when I had my balance and I could see she was comfortable, I pushed my fingers to her mouth.

Her elbow bent as she grabbed my hand greedily, kissing the tops of my fingers, moaning as her tongue flicked out to gently suckle them. The vision of Bella with my fingers in her mouth brought me undone.

I pushed the head of my dick against her, and slowly wiggled forward. Bella's body tensed, I couldn't read the look her eyes.

"I won't stop touching you, I promise." I knew it would be a slightly complicated trying to fuck her while my fingers were constantly in her mouth, but I was physically fit, and if the speed at which I had managed to come when I thought about her legs earlier in the restroom at the bar was any indication, this round of fucking would be relatively short, but oh so blissfully sweet.

I eased into her slowly, inch-by-inch, savoring how she felt and wanting to absorb every second before I would lose it and start literally fucking with abandon.

She was tensing, while she sucked hard on my fingers, grazing them with her teeth, and then as I moved slightly forward, she bit down whimpering a moan.


She's a virgin!

Her words came flooding back, I want it to be you, Edward… promise me, you won't stop touching me, promise me you won't stop.

Jesus fucking Christ, I never saw that coming.

Bella was trembling, her teeth lightly biting my fingers, her hands digging into the flesh of my palm.

This was going to hurt her.

Promise me you won't stop.

"I'm sorry, it won't hurt for long. I won't stop…" I breathed in her ear, and she nodded her head slightly.

I pushed forward, meeting the resistance, feeling her whole body tense in pain. I looked at her face as it contorted and anguish consumed me.

I pushed myself all the way in.

Her cries were muffled by my hand. I had to make this good for her, so I slowly, shallowly, started thrusting, feeling her stretch around me. I was in pure ecstasy, but conscious that I had to make this, her first time, one that she would want to remember.

"Bella, are you OK?" I managed to growl.

She pulled my fingers from her mouth. "Yes, kiss me, please?"

My lips were instantly over hers, kissing, sucking, my tongue exploring her hot wet mouth. Her body was no longer tense, and I started thrusting deeper, yet still slowly, trying to gauge her reactions.

Bella was slowly rocking her hips up to meet me, so I glided my hand under her gorgeous ass and over the back of her thigh, pulling it up, bending her knee, allowing me to slide deeper.

"Does this feel OK Bella? You need to tell me if I'm hurting you." I kept my hand on her silky thigh. I closed my eyes; the sensation of her bombarded me.

"It…feels, I can't describe, so amazing." She gasped.

I panted with relief, and then I re-positioned my hand, so she could take it back in her mouth. I saw her lips smiling as she sucked on my forefinger, her hooded eyes were sparkling in the dim light, her breathing becoming erratic.

I tried to focus on whether I was hitting her clit as I thrust, because I knew that it wouldn't take long before I came. I could feel it building.

I slowly removed my moistened hand from her mouth and kissed her before lowering it between our bodies and rubbing, gently stroking her clit.

I felt her orgasm almost instantly. God, she did love my hands.

"Edward!" she cried out, her body convulsing underneath me as her pelvic muscles contracted, milking me as I came inside her in long hard thrusts.

We lay panting, our breath mingling. I could feel her heartbeat thundering in her chest. I kissed her slowly, delicately.

She is mine.

Bella wanted me to be her first, and now, I was determined to be her first and her only lover.