My first Doctor Who fic! In fact, you could say my first ever fic, but I had a pokemon one a while back that I scrapped =P

Disclaimer: The Doctor doesn't belong to me, but I do keep a pet Dalek in my wardrobe ^^

The bus was reasonably new, but already some of the paint had been lightly plucked away by numerous grubby fingertips, exam nerves getting the better of each child's relaxed composure. Long ago had the companies given up on fitting seat belts into such vehicles, knowing that they were about as beneficial as a plug socket in a bathtub. Wasted money on protection that the students never used.

"Nissa, DUCK!"

Nissa immediately obeyed the warning, learning from practise that ignoring it would result in some kind of unpleasant experience, most likely pain. A moment later there was a wet slap against the front window directly above her head.

"What the hell is this?" she exclaimed, picking up the plastic bag between her thumb and forefinger. She offered an apologetic smile to the nonchalant driver, who simply shrugged and concentrated on the road ahead. With that she walked down the isle and picked a seat in front of the year 7 boy responsible for the sloppy missile.

"Right Jack, so either you stole paint from the art block and didn't have anything to carry it home in, or that there is the remains of a body"

"Wrong and wrong" He grinned, brushing his sandy fringe from his eyes. "Those are strawberries from my lunchbox. I tried to make a smoothie by jumping on them."

Nissa, not really knowing how to respond to such a comment, rolled her eyes, gave one last reproachful glance at the bag of vivid red gloop and turned to gaze out the clouded window. Condensation had built up, and various unspeakable images had been marked out on the glass by the younger kids, providing small cracks through which you could view the outside world. It was through one of these fissures that Nissa spotted the man who would later play a huge part in her near future.

He stood alongside the two 6th formers who normally caught the bus, as if waited. They stood slightly away from him, obviously uncomfortable with his presence and confused as to why the stranger was just standing there for no apparent reason. The man himself seemed oblivious to their quizzical looks, and stood in total silence, occasionally rocking back on his heels with his hands clasped firmly behind his back.

As the bus pulled up a large grin spread across the man's face and he abruptly moved to board the bus, much to the astonishment of the two students at his side. As he approached the driver signalled for the stranger to stop, reluctantly turning to face the suited man. At this point the majority of students had let their conversations drop; the air buzzed with curiosity.

"Sorry mate," the driver coughed. "This bus is for students only; we're not open for the public."

"Ahhh, well…" The man grinned "It's a good job I'm a student then! … Student teacher that is. My car broke down, and I wouldn't want to disappoint this lot!" He opened his arms wide towards the many confused faces, grinning again as he did so. "Besides, I have a pass." He waved a wallet in front of the driver's face. Nissa longed to see that pass, as she could spot a fake form a mile away, but he quickly slipped it away into an inside pocket once the driver had given him the nod. Why would the council give a teacher a pass when they were perfectly capable of driving in on their own?

This was the first opportunity that Nissa had had to get a proper look at the newcomer, and the more she looked the stranger he seemed. His clothes were… odd, a brown suit with pink shirt and a bowtie that brought the two together. But a bowtie? She hadn't seen one of those since her uncle's wedding two years ago. His hair was brown as were his eyes, which had depth to the, intelligence beyond anything Nissa had ever met before.

"Dammit" Nissa muttered. She had caught his eye, and now he was strolling towards her. She let her straight black hair fall across the right side of her face and stared intently out the window, anything to look dull and uninteresting.

Even with these defences she still felt the teacher's suit brush against her uniform. Great. There were still 20 minutes of bus ride left and she was sitting next to a teacher. In a way she wanted to talk to this man, he just invited questions, but she believed the best way to get through this was to avoid conversation completely, just keep staring out the window…

"Hi there!" The strange man said, and Nissa froze before sighing and turning to face him. He wanted to attempt conversation. So be it.

"I'm the Doctor."

And there you have it!
Public transport isn't really the Doctor's style, but he'll cope ;)

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