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Amy sat at the console swinging her legs over the metal grill which made up the floor of the TARDIS. She hated this, hated being left behind as the Doctor saved the lives of everyone and anyone. He had left her when she was a child, in that small English cottage, and he had left her blind with the angels. The stone angels… Amy shivered. Those memories were just not worth revisiting.

And now he had left her again.

But he always came back, and she only ever let him go if he made that promise.

Besides, this time it was different. Amy was not locked in the blue box to stop her from hurting herself, she'd already done that much. It was to stop her from hurting herself even more.

Of course that's not what the Doctor had said. "Come on Pond, you know what kids are like! You'd just attract attention to yourself. Plus who else could I trust with watching the TARDIS? I'm relying on you here."

He'd gone to a school of all places, he understood kids, he thought like them, and he tended to get on best with them. Forget the 900 year age gap, he had never grown up. Or maybe that's just what time lords were. Oversized children with time machines as toys. Mad men in blue boxes.

She glanced at the monitor again, and then at her arm. Amy, the unbeatable invincible Amy, had burns all over her left arm, from her elbow to the tips of her now morphed and twisted fingers. The Doctor had taken away all feeling from it with some kind of futuristic medication; that she was glad of, but she hoped he could help her further. It was a blackened, shrivelled mess, and it no longer felt like a part of her.

That's the thing about time machines. They can go back in time. It seems obvious, but when you really think about it all kinds of things are possible. The Doctor, her Doctor, had explained the principals to her. Paradox's and parallel universes, there was so much out there. But he had said that to get involved with any of those hidden wonders was a time traveller's suicide.

Yet here they were, in the past. It was the guilt, Amy thought, the guilt that had made the Doctor come back. The idea was to stop the fire ever happening, to stop Amy being burned. Of course she wanted that, but what she didn't want was sit cooped up in here forever. Knowing the Doctor he'd already gotten himself another objective.

Amy made sure that she wore something long sleeved, something that would cover up her less than unsightly arm, before patting the console fondly and throwing open the doors to somewhere that, for once, she was familiar with. Earth never really changed.

Amy thought about how long she had before she got frazzled… again. This time travel thing could mess up your mind, it really was not advisable to think about it.

Nissa felt more than a little disappointed when Mr. Kopp walked into her physics lesson. He was their usual teacher… mundane and boring. He wrote notes on the board, you copied them down, and that was how he worked. It was even more depressing when you could see the Chemistry labs across the hall through the glass in the door, where kids routinely blew up obscene chemicals to create brightly coloured flames and sparks.

"So where's the sub you were talking about?" Jade said next to her, resting her chin on her fist. "All I see is a balding, middle aged nutcase, y'know, the same one we see every Monday morning."

"You didn't meet the Doctor" Nissa whispered sourly. "I bet he'd have had us setting the desks alight if he'd turned up."

As the girls were slowly put to sleep by Nigel Kopp's monotonous ramblings, a suited figure approached the classroom door, much to the delight of Nissa.

"That's him!" she hissed. "That's the man I was talking about, the one form my bus!"

A short rapping was followed by a head, poked round the doorframe. It was the doctor alright, bowtie and all and he looked like he would be the one to get a detention, not to be giving them out.

"Excuse me, sorry I'm late... but I was informed that today I should be taking this class as part of my training. It also stresses that I must be unsupervised… so you best be off then, yeah?" The Doctor's smile was contagious, but nothing could move the concrete lines that formed the scowl on Mr Kopp's face.

"And where is the proof of this arrangement Mr…" The teacher blatantly didn't believe a thing coming out of this man's mouth. In fact, Mr Kopp thought that he was most likely speaking to a 6th former having a laugh.

"errr Doctor."

"Mr Doctor?"

"Yeah, that'll do. Scoot off now would 'ya?" The Doctor flashed a small card in front of the teachers face, and to the watching students the expression was priceless… but brief.

"If I am to leave the room, then who is to be assessing your teaching performance Mr. Doctor?" Mr Kopp said triumphantly. He thought he'd caught the man out this time, and for a split second the Doctor's face seemed to draw a blank, until an expression of recognition graced his features.

"Why there she is! Just a bit late 'tis all, but better late than never as one wise man once said. Benedict O'Brien, really nice guy. Ms Pond, just the woman for the job."

The red head at the door, a woman in her 20s from the looks of things, had a bemused look on her face, but seemed happy enough to be in the Doctor's company. Amy soon fell into the role, she had gotten used to this spur of the moment role plays, being around the Doctor day in day out.

"Yes, that's me… Ms Amelia Pond, at your service."

Mr Kopp, totally defeated, sulked out of the room, and the Doctor instantly leapt up.

"Well we told him, nice one Pond." He turned to his apparent colleague. "I always know I can count on you…" He then turned to the class, who had watched the events unfold before them with ever strengthening curiosity. "Right, let me show you some real science, originating from the sub space of Alpha Benovion to be precise, though you didn't hear that last bit from me." He winked craftily. "And Nissa, look after this for a mo would you, I just need to see what this school's excuse for Sulphur Diohydronate looks like.

When Nissa looked over the card that the Doctor had thrown over to her, she got a brief glimse of a permit allowing the Doctor to sell bananas to the people of Tokyo. When she looked up the Doctor passed her another of those smiles again, before dashing off to investigate the chemical shelves. When she took another look at the banana-card it was a plain, white and exceedingly dull piece of paper.

And there you have it! I have a slightly better idea about the plot now, which is good. Anyway, until next time!
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