The handle of the door turned slowly , tentatively.

I could sense her hesitation as she entered the room. She closed the door softly behind her , her hand resting on the handle for a second, before she turned and meet my eyes.

She inhaled nervously , contrasting greatly with the determined look in her eyes. She almost looked relieved as she saw me there , waiting , just as I promised.

As she stepped forward the moonlight from the window illuminated her body , her white skin reflected and her amber eyes glowing. She was wearing a sheer black lacy dress , which surprised and excited me , I had never seen her this way before. She looked older , years above her age.

She had never looked so beautiful .

And I had never felt so guilty.

Very slowly and apprehensively , she came over to me , never taking her eyes off mine. And as she approached , I stepped backwards until I reached my bed , making me sit on the edge.

Carefully , not knowing how I would be received , I placed my hands on her waist. She exhaled roughly and her whole body shivered under my touch.

In response to this I pulled her roughly onto my lap , her knees either side of my waist. Her skin was cold and covered in goosebumps. I pressed my lips to her neck , softly, before drawing back. She gripped my shoulders tightly , her hands grasping the fabric of my shirt.

She looked at me, her gaze unreadable.

"Are you sure you want this ?" I asked , as a combination of guilt and lust filled up inside me.

"Yes" She said breathlessly. I kissed her neck , her collar bone. Her whole body shuddered.

"Are you sure?" I slid my hands under her dress , along her thighs , up her spine , reaching under her bra.

I waited .

The tension in the air was almost tangible .

I held my breath.


She voice was unsteady and nervous but was filled with love as she spoke my name.

"I want you"

That was all I needed.