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Bow was currently stuck in a very peculiar predicament. She stood nervously outside the Gyffindor tower, contemplating on what she should do. She had two options, one was to go to detention and risk the furious wrath of Snape or skip detention entirely. She didn't really know what to do, she had a weeks' worth of detentions and she had only been to one. She imagined knocking on Snape's door and him opening it, yelling angrily for her to leave. But if she didn't go to detention she would get into more trouble for missing detention. Bow sighed, she hated the fact that she was acting like a coward, Snape wouldn't kill her and he wasn't a monster. Huffing audibly, Bow began to make her way down to the dungeons. She reached the door of the potions master's office and knocked confidently or as confidently as she could manage.

The door swung open and Snape stood there, looking slightly surprised. Bow's eyes narrowed when she saw him, taking in his appearance. He looked very tired, not sleepy tired but deep bone tired. There were dark shadows under his eyes and the lines on his forehead were more prominent than ever. Bow had to stop herself from gasping out loud.

The professor walked away from the door and Bow followed. She couldn't help but feel concerned. Every step Snape took he winced, pain flashing briefly in his eyes.

"You can finish your filing." said Snape in a monotone, not looking at Bow. The boxes were still on the desk since last night.

"Professor" said Bow , mentally chastising herself for asking, "Are you alright?"

The professor sighed with irritation and annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I am fine."

Bow gave him another concerned look, not meeting any response. She reluctantly began her detention. She did not notice Snape sit down at his desk and close his eyes for a few seconds , rubbing his fingers on his temples.

"On second thoughts," he said, and Bow looked up from her work, "You can assist me in brewing a potion."

Bow looked positively delighted by the fact that she would no longer have to continue the tedious filing.

"Sure Professor," she said, standing up away from the desk, "What are we making?"

Snape didn't answer immediately, "A pain relieving potion.''

Bow's face was laced with understanding, "Oh."

Snape scowled a little, "Not for me. It appears my stock has completed somewhat and Madam Pomfrey is requesting some more."

Snape lied easily, Pomfrey didn't need the potion, his fellow Death Eaters were often demanding it of Snape, especially after being tortured by Lord Voldemort. Snape had gotten used to the pain and no longer found it prudent to take the potion. He did not like masking his body's symptoms and pain; he did not need his self-diagnosis compromised by a potion hiding what was really wrong with him.

Bow nodded in response, believing him easily. Snape led her into his private potion's lab. He did not know why he was letting her help him but he might as well take advantage of her presence, the potions really needed to be made by next summoning. Snape was not looking forward to it, the night before he was punished for providing a lack of information on the Order's activities. Voldemort was becoming impatient and Snape was walking on thin ice, teetering on the edge.

Snape rummaged in his cupboard and produced some herbs and roots of various magical plants. He placed them on the desk with a cutting knife and a wooden board, "Slice those into strips, no wider than half an inch."

Bow began doing what he instructed, hesitating before slicing, "And for heaven's sake", Snape said,"Please concentrate on what you are doing; we don't need any more finger injuries. "

Bow smirked with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment, "Don't worry Professor."

Snape huffed; he wasn't worried, was he? Snape shook himself and began brewing the base of the potion. The pair fell into silence; it wasn't awkward just comfortable was the rhythmic sounds of the knife cutting and Snape's stirring filled the air. Not long after though Snape noticed that Bow was slicing incorrectly.

"Miss Hartwell, you need to slice the root in one go, not in the sawing motion you are currently doing, we do not want to mutilate the root."

Bow furrowed her brow in concentration as she tried to correct her slicing motion. She still wasn't doing it right. Snape stood from the desk, "You are still doing it incorrectly, here, I'll show you." Snape laid his hand over hers, gripping slightly, "You need to position it over the top and press downwards." Snape pushed Bow's hand down and the knife cut through the root with a soft chopping sound as it hit the board. Then he let go. Bow let out the breath she had been holding in, her heart was racing. She prayed Snape wouldn't notice. He wordlessly returned to his side of the desk and Bow ran her hand through her hair with a sigh.

Snape did not fail to notice this.

Bow began to feel quite confused. The potion master's behaviour has unpredictable and startling at the best of times. It was like he had bipolar or something. Sometimes he was snarky, rude and downright nasty. Other times he could be quite pleasant and even friendly. It seemed like sometimes he was a completely different person.

Snape noticed Bow become quite deep in thought and found himself curious, "What are you thinking?" It was an uncharacteristic question for him to ask; usually he could tell what others were thinking thanks to his mind-reading powers.

"I was wondering" she said, throwing caution to the winds, "if you have bipolar."

Bow waited for the explosion to begin, for Snape to throw her out his office. The explosion never came. Instead, Snape smirked and then chuckled.

Bow gaped at him, dumbstruck. Had Snape actually laughed?

He was unbelievable!

Snape found himself even more amused by Bow's reaction, he returned to his work, the smirk still present on his face, "And why would you think that?"

He glanced up at her face, gauging her reaction, wondering how she would answer. She bit her lip and then replied, "For example, we have just had a civilised conversation, one of a few and yesterday you threw me out of your office!" Bow was no longer smiling and now looked quite irritated, cutting her roots in a violent fashion. Snape felt tempted to scold her for her outburst but resisted. He was feeling…he couldn't quite put his finger on it…was it guilt?

No, it couldn't be.

"I was shocked to see that you were still in my office"

Bow's eyes widened, had he just apologised to her?

The man had to have bipolar, definitely.

"Sorry" she mumbled, finishing off her cutting.

A few hours passed and the pair did not argue again. Snape was finding that she wasn't bad company to have, she didn't pester him with incessant chatter nor did she ask too many questions. She was quite useful.

They completed the potion and Bow stood from her desk, waiting to be dismissed.

"You may go, but you must return tomorrow night."

"Yes Professor, goodnight Professor." said Bow, for some reason feeling weak in the knees. She left his office, his words replaying themselves over in her head.

She didn't know for sure, she was never good at interpreting people's expressions and their meanings behind their words but it sounded a lot like Snape wanted her to return the next night.

She found that she did too.