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Author Note: This is just a really random thought that turned into a fluff piece. Please do not hate me for this and I assure you this is not based on me, just some other little fan I imagined up. I would take either of them disease ridden and all...sadly

The young fan girl switched off her TV and briefly had Sam and Deans' faces swirl before her eyes. She had always been a Sam girl. He had captured her interested since the very first season, his looks, voice, personality and his emotional vulnerability.

She thought of Sam's journey through the seasons and realised something. She was no longer a Sam girl. After five years of tuning in weekly to see the adventures of the Winchester brothers it had changed. It wasn't a progressive change, it was sudden. She was now a Dean girl.

From now on she would coo when Dean had screen time and cry when he cried. It was a very sudden change and one thought sparked it all. Wait, Sam's had like three sexually transmitted diseases...

He had been given the clap by the handsome male witch that gambled a person's years in poker. He had been the poster boy for genital herpes thanks to Gabriel and pestilence had given him syphilis.

To her Dean was the cleaner option...but is he really?

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