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AN: Here it is, the first chapter of my Greysified Shrek sequel! Enjoy!

A story book opened, and a voice began to read it.

"Once upon a time, in the beautiful hospital of Seattle Grace, the Chief chose a handsome young Neurosurgery attending to one day take his place. The employees celebrated, having waited a long time for this day. But unfortunately, a disgruntled patient placed a horrible curse on the Chief's heir. Every night after sunset, a terrible dark and twisty form took over him. Desperately seeking help for his successor, the Chief and his wife sought help from a wise Cardio surgeon. She instructed them to lock the young Doctor in an abandoned hospital, there to await the kiss of the beautiful Nurse Rose.."

A nurse, fully scrubbed in and wearing a surgical mask and scrub cap, could be seen riding across the desert on a horse. Day changed to night and back periodically.

"It was she who faced a perilous journey through blistering winds and scorching desert, and the obvious problems that arise from riding a horse on the freeway."

The nurse now left her horse behind, climbing a rocky hill to see a somewhat familiar abandoned hospital. She smiled under her mask, crossing the rickety bridge and entering the hospital. As she climbed the stairs, it became obvious that she had been narrating the story.

"She was the most beautiful nurse in all the land, and it was her destiny to break the dreaded curse" she paused as she reached the door of the attending's room. "She alone would climb to the tallest floor of the hospital, reaching the doctor's room.." she paused again to remove her mask and scrub cap, and spray mint into her mouth. "Cross over to where he sleeps, pull back the curtains to find him.." Nurse rose yelped as she pulled back the curtains to find a familiar female general surgery attending lying in the bed, reading a magazine. "Doctor Shepherd?" she asked nervously.

"No" the woman, Doctor Miranda Bailey, frowned.

"Oh thank god" said Rose, relieved. "But then.. where is he?"

"He's on his honeymoon" said Bailey, returning to her magazine.

"Honeymoon?" shrieked Rose. "With whom?"

Meanwhile, elsewhere, everybody's favourite dark and twisty surgical resident, was adjusting a video camera to film the cottage where she and her new husband Doctor Derek Shepherd were going to spend their honeymoon. After she was finished, Derek scooped her into his arms and carried her inside the cottage, smiling.

The next day, a young intern named Lexie came by with a basket of sweets she was selling for a fundraiser and knocked at the cottage door. When the dark and twisty Meredith and Derek opened the door, Lexie screamed and ran away, dropping her basket.

"I think that was my sister" Meredith frowned. Her frown quickly changed into a smile when she spotted the abandoned basket, and turned to Derek, both of them having the same thought.

And so, that afternoon the newlyweds had a picnic on the beach. Derek pounced on Meredith, kissing her furiously. A wave washed up over them, and when it rolled back Meredith was surprised to find that she was no longer kissing Derek, but a vet named Finn who had been out swimming. Derek emerged from the sea soaking wet, and dragged Finn off of Meredith, before hurling him back into the ocean.

That night, the pair visited a jeweller, who was holding an engraved ring Meredith had had made for Derek in the hot coals, adding some finishing touches. He took it out and laid it in Meredith's hands, but of course it was too hot, and Meredith tossed it around a little bit before accidentally throwing it high into the air. Derek reached up to catch it, and it landed on his ring finger. He looked at it, seeing that the inscription read 'I love you', and smiled at Meredith.

The next day, Meredith and Derek were running through a field of daisies towards each other, but when they met in the middle and joined hands, it became obvious that a mob was chasing the two, wielding torches and pitchforks.

Later, the mob hid in the bushes, waiting for one of the dark and twisties to set off their trap. Meredith was the one to do it, ending up dangling upside down with her face covered in mud. The mob surrounded Derek, but, it was a little known fact that we was a master of martial arts, and dispatched of them easily. He smiled, wiping the mud of the bottom of Meredith's face and kissing her while she still hung upside down.

A few weeks later, the newlyweds arrived home from their honeymoon, returning to Meredith's house.

"Home sweet home" Meredith sighed. Little did she know, her peace was about to be shattered..