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Life is like a dream. It's foggy, unpredictable, and, most of the time, you have no idea where the hell you are. The teenaged blonde looked up at the unfamiliar night sky and sighed.

"Matt?" a timid voice called from behind him.

Matt counted to three and pivoted in place, giving his best reassuring face. "What is it, T.K.?" He already knew the question about to be spoken from the young boy's lips, yet for the scene to go smoothly he had to ask anyway.

"Are we ever gonna get home?" The younger blonde's eyes filled with tears and bore into this older brother's, trusting him to say the right words that will make everything be okay, like a kiss on a boo-boo. The kiss did no real benefit to the wound, but it was nice to believe something in that simple kiss could make it all better.

Inside, Matt's gut twisted. Were they ever going to get home? They seemed so far away. How'd they even get here, anyway? You can't get out of somewhere you don't even know how you got in.

Matt laughed internally at the meaningless question. A three-year-old could have seen that they were screwed.

Well, Matt thought, looking down at T.K., maybe not.

"Of course we are, silly. Why wouldn't we?" Matt read his lines like a pro, putting enough emotion into his script that for a second he even believed himself.

The young boy's eyes became hopeful. "Really?"

"Uh-huh. Now, you go back to the others. I smell fish cooking." Matt watched his younger brother disappear into the foliage and sighed. He looked at the moon. He felt bad about lying to T.K., but what was he supposed to say? 'No, we're never going to get home because I don't know how to get us home. So we're basically screwed for the rest of our life. Hope you like fish, buddy.'

Matt rolled his eyes. That would go over real smoothly.

The conflicted teenager fished in his pockets until he found a small rectangular object. He admired its silver sparkle in the moonlight. Slowly, he raised it to his lips and blew.

Such a delicious melodic sound came out of the object it was impossible to believe such a small thing could make such a beautiful sound. Matt closed his eyes, immersing himself into the music he created.

Back in the real world, he had wished to be a musician. The traveling lifestyle suited him and the big wages were a plus. And then there was the whole concept of creating something-- something so stunning and breathtaking out of nothing. It would be delightful, in Matt's opinion, to get up every morning and know that you were making something out of thin air, out of nothing but a piece of metal and your breath.

Matt opened his eyes and lowered the harmonica from his lips, the music ceasing. It was no good to live in such a fantasy. Every dream must end so you can open your eyes back to the reality that was before you.

Even if that reality sucked.

Matt sighed again, and slipped his treasure back into his pocket. There was no use dreaming such things now, when he was stuck chin deep in this crapload called the "DigiWorld."

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I always do the T.K./Matt relationship from T.K.'s POV, so I thought I'd switch it up. I like doing Matt's POV because I have a lot of leeway in what I want his thoughts to be. Plus seeing him love his brother just gets me all tingly inside.

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