AN: It was requested that I write their wedding as an outtake. So here we have it.

I felt an odd sense of calm as I slicked my hair back. Even dressed up in a fine suit, a silk waistcoat, and a restricting cravat, I was not my usual fidgeting self. Maybe it was the fact that in mere hours, the woman who I would give anything to was becoming my wife.

"Careful with your shoulder," A gentle voice chided and I turned to find Bella behind me. While it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, we had decided that seeing as none of our relationship had been traditional, it would be a shame to start now.

I sighed, reluctantly giving my brush to her so that she could finish up my hair. Being incapacitated, no matter how blessed, as I was to keep the arm, was something that I did not like in the slightest.

Once she had straightened my cravat and brushed some invisible dust of my suit jacket she took a step back. "You look rather dashingly handsome," she murmured, a small smile playing on her lips. I wrapped my good arm around her, drawing her as close as her swollen stomach allowed before capturing her lips in a kiss. "And you, my dear, look utterly ravishing," I murmured once our lips had separated themselves from each other.

She did look ravishing, wearing only her undergarments covered by a flowing silk robe. Her skin seemed to glow as she beamed up at me. Her hair hung loosely around her shoulders and it was all I could do not to just bend her over the nearest surface and take her.

She must have seen the hungry glint in my eyes because she pulled away from me. "Now, now Mr. Cullen, we both know that an expression like that will only lead to trouble and with your mother and sister in the next room, I don't think you want to risk that."

The mention of my mother and sister caused my arousal so sink somewhat, but I merely sighed and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek. "You know me too well, love. I shall go check on the rest of them to make sure they are all well."

I walked through the halls of the villa; thankful for the medicine my father had given me for my shoulder. Without it, I found myself not venturing far from bed, knowing that the pain was neigh unbearable.

I was happy though, that it had not affected my performance in the act of being intimate. While I could not be on top, it did not diminish the times that I would indulge in her body. She simply controlled our coupling from above me.

I tried not to think of my shoulder as a weakness, but being mostly bed ridden would make any man's pride whittle away, especially when I hadn't even been allowed to relieve myself without help. The sponge baths that Bella gave were a rather nice highlight to the depressing situation and I wouldn't have taken back saving her for the world.

After we had fled the country, neither me nor Jacob wanting the investigations surrounding Charles death to get us hanged, Jacob had bid farewell and went to make his fortune in Paris. I still did not see how he would find it when he spent all his time in seedy bars and brothels, but it was his life to do with as he pleased.

I entered the study to find it full of friends and family, early awaiting the ceremony.

"Edward, it's good to see you boy," Eleazer clapped me round the back and I did my best to react as little as possible to the pain that shot through me with the action. Eleazer, along with Kate and Garret, had come along with Emmett and Rosalie from England to be here for the wedding.

It was their first public outing after the scandal of Irina running off with a stable boy and I was thankful that they seemed at ease. I was also thankful that Carmen had decided not to grace us with her presence. There was only so much we could put up with before things took a physical turn.

We talked for a while, sipping on fine brandy, before I excused myself to talk with other's who had come for the joyous occasion.

Surprisingly the time flew by quickly and Benjamin, my new butler, came to tell us that the carriages had arrived to take us to the church of St. Nicholas on the other side of Meursault. Meursault was a beautiful village, built in medieval times, and famous for its white wine.

Everyone took their seats and I stood up front with Emmett as my best man. I had been rather disappointed when Alice and Jasper had been unable to attend due to the distance, but wished them, along with Peter, well in their endeavours.

"Are you nervous?" My brother asked, fidgeting more than I was. I looked at him calmly, "I have no reason to be." He merely snorted in an ungentleman like fashion. "Welcome to hell my brother. Its a one way ticket with no refunds," he quipped.

"Its so nice to know you're relationship with Rosalie is going so great," I quipped back. He shook his head and kept quiet, most likely from the fact that the minister was giving us filthy looks. The fact that Bella was over six months pregnant probably didn't help with his attitude towards us.

It wasn't long before I heard the organ start and the chatter die down, signalling that it was time.

My heart beat abnormally fast in my chest from excitement and anticipation and I watched the procession start to make their way down the aisle. I inhaled a sharp breath as Bella came into view looking almost angelic in her white gown, her arm in my father's.

My father nodded at me as he handed Bella over to me and told me to look after her.

As we faced the Minster, our hands clasped gently between us, I felt any and all tension leave my body.

Our eyes never felt each other through the whole ceremony, even during the rings and the vows. The minister even had to tell me twice that we had been pronounced husband and wife and that I could kiss my bride. It was something earned a few snickers from the crowd, but I ignored them and cupped Bella's face in my hands and kissed her deeply.

I had only hoped for a chaste kiss, so when I tried to pull back only to find that Bella's hands in my hair didn't allow me to do so, resulting in a slightly inappropriate kiss. After some loud throat clearing, Bella let me go. I shot her a look, telling her silently that we would pick up where we left off later on.

She blushed and chewed self-consciously on her bottom lip before turning to face the aisle. "We did it, Mrs. Cullen," I murmured. "So we did, Mr. Cullen, so we did."

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