Cannibalistic Utahraptor, a short story!

Two Utahraptors crept through the ferns and primtive flowers, and then a massive nut from a tree fell on one of their heads.

He fell to the ground, injured. He was now prey to other animals.

A member from a rival pack saw the Utahraptor, and dragged him away, and this Utahraptor was a cannibal.

The cannibalistic Utahraptor ate the injured Utahraptor.

The other Utahraptor fled to the nest.

The Utahraptor warned the other Utahraptors of a cannibal.

"There's a cannibalistic Utahraptor around here, and he ate my pack mate!'
But no one believed him.
"Shut the crud up, young one. No Utahraptor is a cannibal."

So the young Utahraptor ran off and found his pack mate's carcass, and dragged it to the nest.
The other pack members saw the bite marks and thought it was an attack from an Iguanadon.
"He was killed by an Iguanadon, stop dreaming."

Then, something was hiding in the bushes. The cannbialistic Utahraptor!
The cannibalistic Utahraptor grabbed a baby Utahraptor and was about to eat it.
The pack attacked the Cannibalistic Utahraptor.
The baby fell from the Utahraptor's hand, but the Utahraptor grabbed it again and ate it.

This angered the pack, and the pack slaughtered the Utahraptor.

Blood and guts fell everywhere.
Every Utahraptor cheered for the death of this cruel Utahraptor.
But as they were cheering, a herd of Iguanadons plowed straight through their nest.
All of the Utahraptors died but the one that told them about the Cannibalistic Utahraptor and two babies.
Then that Utahraptor became a loner with the two babies until they grew up into adulthood.
Then they started their own pack and then their pack was recovering.