Rue- Okay, I'm going to rewrite this story and make it a lot better than it used to be. I'll also try to continue it with help from you guys. Thanks!


"Is it dead?"

"No. He's still breathing, though he is in critical condition. These burn marks came from a ship, and his breathing isn't right due to floating through space for so long. It looks like he's a Mikado goon." The girl rolled her eyes at the male, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Let's just get him back to full health before we judge," she hissed. The male nodded, grabbing tools to begin.

The body twitched under pressure. When there was painful cuts or stitching it yelped out in protest. Soon enough, the male pulled away and placed the tools on a tray at his side. When all the tools were in place the tray was pulled into a hole in the wall. The hole closed up, leaving it look completely normal.

The two of them stared, standing on both sides of the operating table, waiting for the person to move. Nothing.

After a while, they were about to give up. But then, the hand twitched. It clenched into a fist before the patient's eyes flew open.

"Where am I!"

The patient sat up, short but still braided hair following. A hand flew to his face, noticing the mask had been removed. Then noticing the scars left from burns.

"You! You did this to me!" he yelled, grabbing the male's collar. The male's eyes widened, though he was used to this from patients it still worried him.

"N-No! I found you like this! I swear! I was just helping you!" The girl stared a moment before pushing the patient off of the doctor.

"What's your name." She stated it more than asked, obviously not afraid of him.

"I'm Mugetsu! Now I demand you tell me how to get home!" The male clenched an angry fist close to his chest as the other hand propped him up.

"Home? Where is your home?" The male asked. Mugetsu glared at him, particularly not liking him.

"Mikado Corp." Both the male and the female gasped, taking a step back. Mugetsu raised a brow and chuckled. "I'm guessing you're a rival company?" The girl glared, hate filling every movement of hers. She grabbed a knife off of one of her shelves and ran at Mugetsu.

This made him laugh even more. He jumped up and off of the table, ninja movements still part of his fighting style. He finally landed to teh ground and grabbed her from behind, taking the knife as well.

A few screams were all that was heard before Mugetsu escaped the metallic building.