Rue- Sorry. I forgot I was redoing the story! Well, I'm more just updating cus I'm bored. No one is really reading it anyways xD Well, fiment of my imagination. have fun reading this.


A walk to the park turned out to be so much more than just that. It turned into a struggle for life, a battle for freedom, and a visit from an old enemy.

He looked at the ground as he walked, a small feeling of paranoia creeping in as the bushes rustled more than they should have. He gave a glance back every now and then, assuring that no one was there. Giving himself a false sense of comfort. Thats when it happened.

An audible /woosh/ came, one from a sword drawn from its sheath. Sion immediately jumped forward, somersaulting forward then looking back. It was none other than the main enemy of Sion's entire group, Mugetsu.

"How-!" He had little time to yell out his own question before the crazy ninja began attacking wildly. Sion dodged every attack, no room for him to get in a kick or a punch.

Mugetsu began laughing wildly, attacking from left and right.

Sion noticed a large scar, a burn, that covered the entire left side of his face-and looked as if it went further down his body. The black, tight cloth his it though, leaving Sion in complete confusion.

Just as Sion drifted into thought he began to yell out in pain.

Mugetsu had gotten him.

He held his arm, trying his hardest not to make anymore noise than necessary.

"I'm taking you captive Sion. Then I'm killing you after merciless torture. The entire time I was going about it wrong, taking that disgusting Cyborg you oh-so-totally-love. No, you're powerless without your group of idiots." He grinned, watching as every time he took a step closer to the wounded boy he'd scoot back, trying to get away. Mugetsu pulled out a small device and clicked a few buttons before a bright, blue light came from it, engulfing the two males before they vanished.


"Something is wrong, you guys. Sion never showed up, and he's not with you. He's not even showing up on my radar!" Dominique's eyes began sad, and she probably would have cried if she wasn't a machine. She sat down on the wet ground, head in her hands.

"Kou, I think you know as well as I do what happened." Volt stated. Kou nodded.

"Dominique, we've been expecting Mugetsu to come back and-"

She glared, "You expected his WORST enemy to come back and you didn't him, or I? You two are horrible. How could you do this to him! He was your FRIEND!" She got up, a large gun-like thing growing out of her arm as she pointed it towards Kou.

Volt put his hands up, trying to calm her down but before he could speak he was interrupted.

"Hello disgusting earth swine."

A transmission.