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Forks, Washington – 2009

Bella's POV

It has been three months since he left. Three painful month since my life is basically over. Now, I've got nothing to live for.

My family, Jake and my friends had tried to help me through my depression. They tried to pull me out, cheer me up even tried to make me smile. But, I can't. And now they gave up on me. My friends never called or visited me anymore, my parents never talked to me again and Jake, he had imprint on the new girl so it left me alone and broken.

I know deep down there's nothing they can do to heal me. I can't even helped myself. There was a hole in my chest and it'll never be healed as long as he was not here. I know I have been a burden to my parents. I didn't want to be like this but I can't helped it. It was just… too much. I can't handle it. Not alone. I needed him, I needed him in my life and to survive. But I can't let this go on. I can't do this to my parents. I know that they talked about me nearly everyday, they worried sick about me but they don't know what to do.

I know I had to move on, to have a fresh start and a new life. But, I can't do this in Forks. Here, just have too much memory about him, about us. I needed to move away.

Manhattan, New York – 2009

Percy's POV

I got expelled. AGAIN. Oh, how amazing. But I had to look at the bright side. Or so my mom told me. Now I'm on my way home. It was winter, and it looked like it was going to be white Christmas.

As soon as I opened the door of my apartment and got in, someone tackled me to the ground.

"Percy!" Annabeth's, my girl-friend of almost 2 years high-pitched voice ring.

"Hi, wise girl." I greeted her.

"Haha. Very funny seaweed brain." She said and playfully punched my chest. We got up and I saw hyper Grover and my smiling mom in the room.

He stepped forward and give me slap on the back. "How ya' doing man?" he asked.

"Great. It's been a long time." I said then stepped aside and hugged my mom.

"Hi mom. Where's Paul?"

"He's out of the town for business." She explained to me.

"Oh." I said and sat on a sofa.

"Percy came, don't be sad just because of that stupid school. Cheer up!" Grover said.

"Nah, I got used to it." I said while eating my blue pancakes.

"Percy why don't you come with us to Olympus tomorrow? You know with the whole camp. It's tradition." Annabeth offered to me.

Glancing at my mom direction she gave me a nod. "OK." I said.

They both grinned ear to ear.

-The next day-

We were on our way to the Empire State Building, when I spotted a McDonald. I quickly walked away. Terrified. Thinking about Nico's way to use Happy Meal.

When I arrived at Olympus the whole camp were there. I decided to not join the tour and just catch up with some of my friends. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see my father, The-mighty-god-of-the-sea, Poseidon.

"Son." He said.

"Dad." I said and bowed out of formality.

"Lord Poseidon?" Annabeth said and bowed.

"Annabeth, will you excuse us? I need to talk to Percy. Alone." he said to Annabeth much to my surprise.

"Of course." She said and went away.

When Annabeth was a few feet away my dad turned to face me.

"So I see you're still with that girl." He said.

I frowned. "Yes, Dad. Is that a problem?"

He sighed and looked at me with that ocean blue eyes. "Well, as you already know I am not very happy about this. She's the daughter of the most infuriating goddess there is. And I'm really not looking forward if someday you decided to join our family with hers. But as long as you think it's the best and it makes you happy, I'll deal with it."

"Err, thanks."

"Oh, and one other thing. I am proud of you, I will be no matter what. But Percy, it might do you well to choose what to do more wisely." He smiled and walked away.

Three hours later it's time to go back. We gathered around in front of the lift, and made a line. Few by few we got in the lift. When there were just me, Grover, Nico, Clarisse, and Annabeth, I heard Athena calling Annabeth. She told us to go ahead and not wait for her.

After saying goodbyes I went back home. When I arrived home, I opened the door and was greeted by the most horrifying thing I ever saw in my life (including monsters and even Titans), my mom and step-dad getting 'it' on the living room.

"EW, mom, Paul. Gross. Couldn't you find a better place to do this?" I said and covered my eyes.

They broke apart. I think. I don't know because I still have my eyes covered.

"Sorry." They said in unison. When I opened my eyes back they both were blushing like crazy.

"Oh Percy you got accepted in a new school." My mom said.

Great. "Really? Where? How do you know?" I said trying to sound happy for my mom's sake.

"Yeah. It is in Manhattan, not far from the bookstore." She said and smiled

"But, I didn't…" I looked at my mom.

"Oh, that's me." She said. Oh, so she assigned me behind my back. Again. Sigh.

"Do I really have to go?"

"You know Percy, I wish you don't either. After all you are my only son, I don't want to be away from you. But, you already know why you have to, right?"

I gave up. Not wanting to hurt her feelings.

That night I stilled how my life would be in the next year? Well that's a mystery that we have to solve right?

- To Be Continued-

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