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The Curse of Aphrodite

Chapter 3





I hate crowds. I knew I shouldn't have moved to New York, but it's tempting to have a fresh start and with all those brochures hanged on Renee's house did not help anything.

Today's the day.

I fixed my shirt and hair. I thought it was too tidy but I looked good enough.

I carried my small Gucci bag (a gift from Renee) and went back to my not-so-long journey to Sally's book corner, the place where I hoped to work at.

I was trying to find a job and the criteria that they needed suits me. Besides there must be a thousand or so book there. I would never get bored to read the samples of that much book. I had to save some money so I can buy some more things that I desperately needed like a new laptop. After that I think I should continue my schooling so I can get a better job in the future.

Hmm, some school here offer scholarship. And I think I could try for those. At Marymount college perhaps? Or Manhattan university? Hmm let me think of that later. Now my first priority is to get this job.

I made my way through the busy city of New York. I found the store on the corner of one street.

I calmed myself and made sure that everything was on its place. I opened the door and heard a little bell tinkling.

"Hello welcome to Sally's Book Corner. How can I help you?" Said a beautiful black-haired girl who looked like my aged.

"Err, I'm here to applied for the job." I said nervously.

"Oh. Wait here for a second!" she said. She turned around and ran inside to the staff room while calling "Sally!" over and over.

Ok, Bella here it comes. Take a deep breath and calmed yourself down right now!

I took several deep breaths. Not long after that, a middle aged woman came out of that room.

She looked nice and carefree. She somehow reminds me of my mom.

"Hi, you must be Bella. I'm Sally. I got your apllication and I liked it. You seemed to be perfect for this job so I chose you."

Yup she is a nice boss. She called me a few a days ago and we made an appointment today. So here we are.

"Thanks. I really appreciate this. I hope I won't disappoint you though." I replied.

She laughed and smile.

"I really used to hang around some extra ordinary teenager. So seeing you so shy and calm feel strange and you looked so nervous it's kind of funny for me." She said before laughing again.

Well, to say that I was ashamed was true. I blush madly and she just patted my shoulder.

"Come on. Let's get you to work and I'm going to introduce you to my son and his friends."

I nodded and we (well she dragged more likely) went to the staff room.

"Hey guys this is Bella. She is the new employee that I told you about." She said loudly.

The people in the room looked at me and smile.

"All right Bella. From right to left. This is Thalia..." she pointed to the girl who opened the door for me earlier "...and this is Nico..." the black haired guy that looked younger than me "...and this is Grover..." black guy with casts on both of his legs.

I said hello and they said hello back.

"Where is Percy?" Sally asked.

"Right here mom." Suddenly a voice spoke from behind me.

I jumped a little and move aside to let him in.

So this was Sally's son's back that I was looking at. He turned around and kissed his mom cheeks.

The moment I saw his face I instantly noticed how cute and handsome he is.

He looked playful and fun. He then took a look on me before smiling and said hello.

"I'm Percy." he said.

"I'm Bella. It's nice to meet you." I offered my hand for him to shake.

He took my hand in his and I couldn't help but notice how manly his hand was. Slightly rough but still soft. I wonder how old is he? Does he go to school? Where does he live? With his mom? Does he have a girlfriend? Wait the last one off the list!

He shook my hand and released them.

He turned around and sat with his friends.

"Where have you been Percy?" Sally asked from the doorway.

"I just talked to Annabeth mom. She said she misses you and she'll see you soon. She'll come here on this weekend." He said.

I noticed that his eyes glommed when he talked about her. Maybe that's his girlfriend. He's out of the market Bells!

"Really? Yeah I miss her too. Make sure you told her that and I can't wait to meet her." Sally said.

"Of course mom." Percy said. He picked up the TV remote and changed the channel much to Thalia's dismay.

"Come on Bella. I'll show you where the storage room is." She said and dragged me out of the room.

She brought us to storage room and showed me around. She showed the bathroom and mini kitchen.

"So Bella, you can start tomorrow. How's that sound?" She asked after the tour.

"Yeah, that'll be great. But um, what am I supposed to wear?" I asked her.

She laughed.

"You can wear anything you like honey. It's not that important. Just wear a jeans and plaid shirts. Oh and you'll meet your partner tomorrow. Her name is Lily. You both live in a same building." She explained to me.

"Really? I don't know much people. I rarely go out and I'm still new here." I said.

"That's ok. You'll meet her soon enough." She said.

"Um, Sally there's something I want to ask. If you don't mind." I said. I really wanted to know.

"Ok. Shoot." She looked confused.

"Who is Annabeth?" I said.

She chuckled.

"That's Percy's girlfriend. She's very smart and beautiful, you'll meet her this weekend."

Oh. OH!

He had a girlfriend. I heard a voice in my head saying 'I told you so'.

"Oh. Sorry I was just curious." I smiled.

She told me it was ok and we talked some more until it was time for me to leave.

On the next day I woke up early and prepared myself. I ate my breakfast (home made pancakes and orange juice) and checked my appearance again. Don't want to look bad on your first day. I checked my watch and saw that it was time to go.

Almost half an hour later I arrived at Sally's and entered the store.

Sally was there behind the cashier machine.

She looked up when she hears me (or the bells).

"Hi Bella. You're on time. Here put this on." She handed me an apron and a hat.

"Thanks Sally." I said and put them on.

Sally told me that I was in charge of helping costumers to find what they need and recommend some books for them. And she told me that Lily would be in charge of the cashier.

The door bell ring and I saw a girl with blonde hair come.

"Hi Sally." She said.

Ah she must be Lily.

"Hi girl! Lily, this is Bella. She is the new employee and you'll be working together." Sally said.

"Ok. Hey Bella. Sally said we lived on the same building. Is that true?" She said.

"Yeah. I'm new so you probably hadn't met me before." I said.

Well we quickly get along.

That day pass quickly. And it was time for us (Lily and I) to go home. So, we took our sort of uniform off and told Sally that we were going home. We decided to walk since it wasn't that far from our apartment.

We walked through a couple of busy streets and some alley. When we were walking through the quiet streets, I felt someone was following us. I looked around and saw no one there. I shrugged.

Maybe that was just my imagination.

I felt someone was watching us. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Lily, do you feel something strange?" I asked Lily.

"Yeah Bells. Kind of like someone is following us." She said.

I saw her face and noticed that she look terrified and panicked.

"Maybe we should cal 911." I said.

"No, that's kind of ridiculous. Not necessary. Police wouldn't make them go away." She said.

"Them? Who?" I asked her, confused.

"You don't want to know what." She said.

Ok. This is getting creepy. Is she crazy?

She suddenly looked back and gasped. She took my hand and told me to run.

"What? Lily? What is it?" I asked.

"Trust me you don't want to know Bells. Just run as fast as you can, until I told you to stop!" she practically shouted at me.

I was curious so I looked over my shoulder and saw a strange creature. A beautiful yet scary woman. She was wearing brazen slippers and had flaming hair. When I looked down, I saw her legs wait, leg? One of her leg looked like an animal's leg and the other a prosthetic bronze leg. I looked at me and smiled. It smile sent a chill to my bones.

I screamed so loud that I thought I broke the monster's and Lily's eardrums.

Lily pulled me to an alley and told me to be quiet.

We hide being a trash bin.

I saw the monster looking to our hiding place and whimpered. I was so scared. I thought monster were fictional only. Oh my Gods please help me!

The monster got closer and closer and I couldn't help but began whimpering and sniffing. Oh gosh! I don't want to die like this! In an alley! Die because a monster had the need to kill me!

The monster somehow found us and raises its hand. Or a gun,a knife, bare-handed? I didn't know I was hiding my face on my hand.

I heard a swooshing sound and screamed louder that I've ever had.


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