Here is a NaruHina AU fan fiction :D


Naruto Ran his fingers through his golden locks and sighed. He had just woken up from sleeping in class. He also got detention from Iruka Sensei for falling asleep for the hundredth time. It may have been his first year of high school, but it wasn't his first time in detention.
"Dobe, you really should stop sleeping in class." Said his raven haired friend, walking with him down the hall. "Shut up, and don't call me that!" Naruto yelled at him. "Whatever. Are you coming over to study tomorrow?" Sasuke asked. "Yeah I guess. Although every time we say were gonna study, we end up playing video games of pigging out over food." Naruto said. Sasuke chuckled. Suddenly Sasuke felt someone tap his shoulder. Sasuke turned to see the cotton candy locks of Sakura Haruno.

"Hello, S-Sasuke-kun." She said. "Oh, hey…..Sakura right?" Sasuke said. Sakura turned red. "Ah! Good morning Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said. Sakura pushed him aside and continued to talk to Sasuke. "So….um….Sasuke…. I was wondering….would you like to….go out tomorrow night?" asked Sakura. Sasuke barley understood her with her stuttering, "Oh, sorry, I can't. I'm busy." He said, barley giving her a glance. "O-oh, it's ok maybe…." She said. "Sorry to say, but I really don't have any interest in you right now." He said, turning around, leaving the poor girl to her tears. Naruto was shocked and followed after Sasuke. "God, Sasuke, why can't you be a little nicer to girls?" Naruto asked. "Because, they are just a bunch of hormone filled girls who just like me for my looks." Sasuke stated, scratching at the back of his neck. "Come on! There are guys out there that would give anything for a girl to even talk to them! And I'm one of them!" Naruto yelled, not even noticing the timid blue haired girl watching him from behind. Hinata sighed. "Why won't he ever notice me....." Hinata mumbled with a blush. Hinata sighed and opened her locker. The school day was over, but she felt like it had ended forever ago. She put some books inside her locker and pulled out a notebook that looked like it was about to burst with all the papers that had been stuffed inside. She shut and locked her locker and decided to leave.

She trudged down the hall and sighed. "Sorry Sasuke I got to get to detention! I'll talk to you-" Naruto yelled but was cut off. One of Sasuke's eyebrows shot up. He walked and looked around the corner to see Naruto sprawled out of Hinata, both of them very confused. Sasuke held back a laugh as the two very stunned friends started to realize what had happened. "O-oh, Hinata, I'm sorry!" Naruto said. Hinata was already turning red. Naruto slightly blushed at the fact their faces were only centimeters apart. Suddenly Sasuke grabbed Naruto by his collar and yanked him back off of Hinata. "Alright Naruto, don't kill the girl." Sasuke said as Naruto got to his feet. Sasuke reached down and picked Hinata off the ground. "I-I'm sorry!" Hinata said bowing. Then she noticed her papers were all over the floor. "Oh no…" she mumbled bending down to pick up her papers. Naruto bent down and helped. "I'm sorry, this is my fault. Let me help." He said. Hinata turned a deep shade of red then smiled. "Thank you, Naruto-kun." Naruto knelt down and grabbed some of her papers, then stacked them together. "Ha-ha….here." he said, trying to get the awkwardness to wear off. Hinata smiled and took the papers, smashing them in her binder to speed things up a bit. "T-thank you!" she said taking off. Naruto scratched his head and turned to Sasuke. " 'I would give anything to get a girl to talk to me!' you say. Then you turn around and almost rape the girl. God, she is the only girl I have ever seen be nice to you before." Sasuke said, with a girlish mocking voice. "S-shut up!" Naruto said, turning red and storming off. Sasuke smirked and then laughed. "Naruto, Detention is that way!" Sasuke yelled, pointing in the opposite direction. Naruto stormed back into the opposite direction. "I know that!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke kept laughing then decided it was time to call it a day.

Hinata, still red, walked out to greet her cousin Neji, who was waiting for her to take her home. "This is unusual, you late?" Neji asked. "It's nothing…" She said, getting into his red sparkling corvette. "Alright, let's get you home before your father is angry with me again." He said, shutting her door then getting into his driver seat.

Only a few yards away, Sasuke stood looking at the two drive away. "Hinata knows Neji? Hmm, I've never seen the two together, then again, I barely see Hinata as it is…" Sasuke said, watching as the red corvette sped up and went out of viewing sight. Sasuke took out his phone and wrote a note.

'Remember: Call Naruto!'

He came up to his house and unlocked the door. "Nii-san, I'm home." Sasuke said, shutting and locking the door behind him. Itachi sat on the couch, watching T.V. "Ah welcome home Sasuke. I got you some tomatoes in the refrigerator." Itachi said. Sasuke had a secret addiction for the little red balls, otherwise known as tomatoes. "Oh, thanks Nii-san." Sasuke said, acting like he wasn't totally going crazy inside as he heard the sweet word Tomato. He set his bag down and headed straight for the fridge. He took out a tomato and cut it up, then proceeded to eat the slice of tomato. "Oh yeah, Nii-san. Naruto is coming over to study tomorrow night." Sasuke said, returning to sit down next to Itachi. Itachi was wearing a black tank and some basketball shorts. He was also eating a blue ice pop. "Study?" Itachi said. "More like stay up stairs doing what ever it is you do all night." Itachi said, with a devilish smirk. Sasuke turned from him. "We only play video games! Not anything your sick mind can come up with!" Sasuke said. "Oh… that reminds me… I have to call Naruto." Sasuke said. "Why? So he can remember to bring the condom?" Itachi said laughing. Sasuke punched him. "Shut up! And that's not it!" Sasuke said. Itachi kept laughing, even as the steaming Sasuke went upstairs.

Sasuke shut and locked his door. He opened his phone and searched for the blonde's name. He hit enter and brought the phone up to his ear.

'Hello?' Naruto said.

"Hey its me." Sasuke said.

'Hey Sasuke! What is it? You never call me!'

"Well, Dobe I found out some interesting information you might want to hear."

'Didn't I ask that you stop calling me that?'

"So what?"

Naruto was quite then Sasuke spoke up. "Anyways, listen I found out something today. Neji….." Sasuke said but was cut off.

'I don't want to talk about that bastard! Do you know how much I hate him? He embarrasses me every chance he gets! God damn him!' Naruto yelled.

"Well here is something you may take to heart. I saw that Hinata girl getting into his red corvette earlier." Sasuke said. Quietness…..

'So what….?' Naruto said.

"Come on aren't you jealous at all? Anything? The love of your life got into the car of your worst enemy." Sasuke teased.

"WHAT? What are you talking about….. love of my….. What the hell?" Naruto yelled, hanging up. Sasuke gave a wide smile. He could tell Naruto felt something for the blue haired angel.

Naruto slammed the phone closed and sighed. "Sasuke is such an ass!" Naruto yelled. Naruto got up and his eye caught some of the photos of his friends. Naruto scanned over the photos and started to see a pattern. In every picture that Hinata was in, she was looking in Naruto's direction, with a little red tint on her face. Naruto sighed. "What am I getting so wrecked up about? It's just one girl, besides, she doesn't even like me that way!" he yelled. He accidently hit a box that was sitting on a dresser causing it to fall. A little white bottle fell out and rolled across the floor. Naruto picked it up and looked at it. "Oh yeah…"


"hmm…. Ouch!" the twelve year old Naruto yelled, as he tumbled over and scrapped his knee. He had been running, trying to be better than everyone else. Suddenly he had tripped and tried to use his knew to save himself, to no avail. The people around him started to laugh, and after a few minutes, walked away, leaving the boy to his shameful tears. He got so angry he staggered away and into the woods. "I hate everyone! Why can't people can't just be my friend!" He angrily yelled into the trees. Suddenly his knee began to hurt again. He decided to keep walking though. But, boy, was it starting to bleed. Suddenly, a faint sound of sobbing hit his ears. He went to find the source of the sound, only to come across a small girl, about his age, crying by a tree. "Umm, hello." Naruto said. She looked up with pale eyes. Naruto couldn't help but think she was cute. "What are you doing out here?" he asked. She wiped her face with her sleeve. "I-I r-ran away from… my family…b-because they are all so…." She was saying, but kept crying. Then she noticed his bleeding knee. "B-blood! Y-you knee!" she yelled. Naruto glanced down and sighed. "Yeah, I kinda tripped on my way out here." He said, lying a little. The girl reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bottle. "H-here. Put this on it. It will make it stop bleeding and heal it up quickly!" she said. Naruto sat down by her and rolled his pants up a little to make it easier to reach. "Could you probably put it on for me?" Naruto asked. She nodded and opened the bottle. She poured a small bit onto his knee. He flinched but then sighed with relief. It smoked a tad then it disappeared. "Wow! That was amazing!" he said. She smiled and gave him the bottle. "B-by the way. What is your name?" she asked. "Oh! I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" he said joyfully. The girl was about to tell him her own name, when suddenly she was cut off my the faint calling of the boys name. "Dang it. I'm sorry I have to go! Goodbye!" Naruto yelled, sticking the bottle in his pocket. The girl smiled and waved him goodbye.


Naruto held the bottle close. "She was the first one to ever be nice to me." He said. Suddenly something popped in his head. "Sasuke said…." he mumbled. "God, she is the only girl I have ever seen be nice to you before." Sasuke said. "Hinata can't possibly be the same girl!" Naruto said. He then compared the two girls. Both had white eyes, blue hair, and even the same speech patterns! Naruto turned pale.

Hinata was the first girl to ever be his friend.

But he also felt……like he was feeling something for her.