Chapter 1: Need

He was tired of being 'on' all the time. Being the Chief Enforcer wasn't a cake walk nor all that prestigious as many of his officers and troops seemed to think. Most of the time it was tedious, stomach churning, exhausting, sorrowful, maddening and just plain lonely.

'When was the last time he sought any kind of sexual release?... Oh, just last week,' he thought sardonically. But when was the last time he went all the way...allowed a partner to take him in every way possible?...Try never!... And there lay the problem.

Every leader who was responsible for the safety and welfare of those beneath them, needed to be dominated occasionally for relief of stress and continued mental balance. But Feral was too well known and feared to seek that relief openly so he suffered in silence.

Hell, he knew he was insufferable, hot tempered, and easily angered but so would anyone be if they had to go without being touched for too long a period but he had no idea how to solve his problem until he came across an ad about a new type of club in the local paper after a truly hellish day.

It sounded perfect for his needs and, what was especially important, kept him anonymous while doing it. So with hopes high, he prepared to go out that Friday night after he'd learned of the club.

Arriving at the location in the warehouse district, he found the club had taken over an old electronics factory and converted it into a one of a kind venue. The parking lot was at the back of the building and as he passed the front of the place he saw a line was already forming.

He quickly parked his hummer at the rear of the lot then reached for something on the seat next to him. Pulling the soft nylon mask over his head, he fiddled with it to insure it covered every part of his face and that his ears were comfortably through the holes meant for them.

This was the main feature of this club...everyone was required to wear a mask and no one was allowed to speak. It was truly a unique place. He chose to wear a long sleeved cotton shirt of dark brown and black jeans with black tennis shoes. He would practically turn invisible inside the club he was certain.

He walked around the building and joined the line out front. It was eerie to be standing with some twenty people and no one was making a sound as they waited eagerly to get inside. Only their constantly moving bodies told how excited they were to be here.

Feral looked up at the sign which showed two harlequin masks in glowing colors of red/green for one and purple/gold for the other. The club's name was, appropriately, Hidden Faces. He liked it.

It took him more than fifteen minutes to get inside but, finally, he was stepping through the wide doorway after paying the twenty dollar cover charge. Instantly, he was wrapped in a reddish darkness that barely allowed patrons to see the bar and dancers. The laws for such places insisted patrons should be able to see and hear well enough to keep them from harm. This place skirted the edge of that law very closely.

You could see but if you were poor of sight, you'd be nearly blind. The main feature of the lighting was not being able to see your partner that well thus retaining the anonymity it boasted. The music was subdued enough not to blast your eardrums out but loud enough to feel it through your body and many were already dancing to its rather tribal beat. It was the kind of music to make your blood heat and raise the excitement level to a boiling point.

Another cool thing about the place was it catered to both sexes, not that Kats cared who they were with but some clubs did specialize to one sex over another due to certain sex specific interests.

More Harlequin masks adorned the walls and were joined by two really prominent signs that proclaimed the rules. There weren't too many and they were tastefully done so it almost looked like art on the wall rather than something so utilitarian.

He moved closer to one of the signs along with a few others to read it.

Dear Patrons,

Please follow these few basic rules and enjoy the delights of Hidden Faces. Anyone who breaks the rules will be banned permanently. This is to ensure the purpose behind the club is kept intact. Many Katizens are lonely and need companionship but are too well known or too shy about seeking it out. Here at Hidden Faces we try to provide the right atmosphere of anonymity that allows such individuals to finally let go and enjoy sex and closeness without worry of repercussions or discovery. Please enjoy yourselves and come often. The Management.


1. Masks will be worn at all times, even during sex, while in this establishment.

2. No form of speech but your paws and senses are allowed at any time, except in dire emergency. In each room there is a panic button to notify employees of the club to come to your aid. The only time a voice should ever be heard is in the case of fire or an attack by an omega. For ordering drinks...merely point on the menu of which there are plenty at paw.

3. Respect each other. If someone makes it clear they do not want your attentions, heed their wishes and find another partner. Remember, this place is for having fun and, perhaps, filling a void within yourself by seeking companionship, if only for one night.

4. No fights, jealousy spats, or possession struggles are allowed and are cause for permanent banning from the club. If you find yourself losing your cool, please leave until you have better control of yourself. We want this to be a safe and fun environment for all.

5. If you over indulge in alcohol, you will be escorted out. Know your limit.

6. All forms of sex is allowed but must be consensual.

Feral nodded to himself. This place tried to cover all bases and canny enough to utilize some psychological tricks to accomplish that as well. He was impressed. With luck, he would find what he desperately needed here.

Over the next couple of hours, he simply mingled, danced with a few prospects and drank a couple of glasses of some truly decent wine. He'd almost picked out a blond female or perhaps that dark haired, well built male, but as he moved to intercept one of them, his nose caught the scent of something more interesting.

He froze in mid step and tried to find that elusive scent among so many others in the room. seemed to be heading off in that he moved through the crowd like a swimmer to the right and rear of the club.

The masks being worn were of all varieties and colors but one thing they all had in common were they covered the head entirely. When he finally located the one with the scent that had enticed him, he discovered it was a male wearing almost the same type of mask as he was and the same color.

The tom was very well built, a little shorter than himself, and seemed to be some light color of fur. Hard to tell in this light plus the tom was nearly hidden by his clothes which were of the same type as his own, only a different color but under these lights he couldn't tell what that color might be.

Moving up behind the tom, he pressed against the hard body to get its attention since the male was already facing a female. The stunning female wearing a gaudy mask was visibly offering an invitation which the tom seemed to be considering, that is, until he felt a powerful body leaning against him, suggestively.

He turned his head and found his nose buried in the neck of a big tom behind him. The scent was delicious and really different in some way he couldn't identify. Rejecting the female, who was a bit miffed at being dismissed, he turned around to face the male, giving him a more thorough look. He liked what he saw and smelled so gave his head a nod toward the back rooms.

The male nodded eagerly and the two of them linked arms and headed for a large doorway covered in a glittery black curtain with the Harlequin symbols sewn on it. The doorway led to a broad hallway full of doors that went on a long ways and turned off at the end, probably leading to another hall with more of the same rooms. The place was certainly big enough to have more than a hundred rooms for their guests.

Above each door was a set of special green. When the red was on it was it was vacant. The hall was lit by the same reddish light as the main club area but the floor was covered in a thick carpet, effectively muffling sound. It gave the area a hushed quality. The music from the dance floor could be felt more than heard back here.

The smaller tom grabbed a room that had just turned green with the occupants exiting past them. He quickly stepped in with the bigger tom on his heels who closed the door firmly behind them and pressed the button next to the door that indicated the room was occupied. Feral turned to study the room as his companion was already doing.

Here again, the owners had thought of their customers every need. Inside the rooms, the light was a blue hue that gave it an eerie look. The rooms were small, thickly carpeted, with a queen size bed and elegant hooks on the walls for clothing. A small table boasted a stack of dark towels and near the door stood a roll-around, deep, netted basket for tossing the dirty linens in. There was also a small sign on a long, thin cupboard next to the table. Both males went to read it.

*Welcome! Please enjoy yourselves. We've done all we can to make this place comfortable and sanitary for your pleasure. In the small table with the towels is lube. In this cabinet are sheets. It is appreciated if, when you are done, you pull the old sheet and put on a new one before you leave as well as tossing your towels and sheets in the basket provided. If there is something amiss please don't hesitate to tell the management. Thank you!*

'Seems they thought of everything,' Feral mused, very pleased with the accommodations. The male seemed to agree as he wrapped an arm around Feral's waist and tugged him toward the bed.