Guilt of Innocence


Chosha Kurenai

Chosha's notes

I've had this idea for a long while now, but for reasons unknown, I've never actually got around to starting it. Still, the idea came up a while ago when I watched Naruto and was thinking 'Sasuke seemed to be getting on well with his team, but after Itachi came back, he suddenly acted differently. I've seen stories where Sasuke is a spy for Konoha in Otogakure before. Unfortunately I haven't seen a completed one and also it's never explored as to why Sasuke would have become a Spy in the first place. That's when I came up for the idea of Guilt of Innocence, exploring this particular line of Sasuke becoming a spy, his reasoning and how it might have affected Shippuden's storyline. Particularly concerning more recent happenings as in from the Shippuden Sasuke vs Itachi battle onwards. Thus, Guilt of innocence came to be. Please note that dialogue from the anime/manga may show up quite often, particularly the Sasuke retrieval arc, for story purposes. As for why? Well, continue to read and you'll find out.

Important Note:

This is the Beta'd version of the chapter. Thank you to my Beta, Diagomi Weaselette, for making sure any stupid mistakes were corrected.


It is well known that Sasuke abandoned Konoha in his pursuit of power to join Orochimaru. However, this was only a cover story. In fact, Sasuke went there on Tsunade's orders to act as Konoha's informant within Otogakure. One agreement and his path had changed forever…


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Chapter One:

Sasuke's Decision – The Lady Hokage's Request

The Valley of the end. The border of the Country of Fire and the Country of Rice fields, split in two by a large waterfall supported by two great statues. On the fire country side stood an image of the first Hokage in all his glory, dressed in battle armor and grim expression on his stony face, hands in a half ram hand seal as he faced the statue that stood at the other side, of a man with long messy hair also in old battle armor, mirroring the first Hokage's position at the waterfall's Rice Country side. The roar of the waterfall was the only sound for a moment that accompanied the two young ninja that stared each other down, opposites of each other, one dark, one light, and both just as determined.

In the ninja academy of Konohagakure, it had been taught that these two men had fought against each other on this very spot many years ago. And, it would seem that once again a battle would be fought on the same spot hundreds of years later.

Perhaps it was irony?

Or perhaps it was fate.

Uchiha Sasuke, with the black markings of the cursed seal crossing part of his face, one eye gleamed golden against the black cornea, the other deep ebony on white, looked upon Uzumaki Naruto as they stood on the statues, the river and waterfall separating them. Naruto's blue eyes were pained, yet determined, even as he smirked back at him, a chuckle having just left his lips.

"Why the serious face, dumbass?" he drawled

He could see Naruto's eyes widen, then narrow, his hands curling into fists at his side enough that the veins seemed to bulge to Sasuke even when he wasn't using his Kekkei Genkai. The trembles visible even across the gap that split them, his eyes looking pained.


Sasuke blinked, waiting.

Suddenly that cracking in his voice vanished as he roared across the gulf at him. "What made you like this! Why!"

For a moment, Sasuke closed his eyes. What made me like this…? He questioned back silently. I'm sorry, Naruto. I can't tell you the truth. Believe me, there is much more to it than you can know. This is my mission. And for that mission, you cannot know the truth of what it is that I'm doing now.

Because this was just an act. A ploy. A cover story for his real reasons for going to Otogakure and to Orochimaru's side. Something much deeper than the words he spoke to Naruto about his quest for vengeance. Something that only three people knew the truth about. And it all started with a question. A question that changed Sasuke's life forever.

'Uchiha, will you be our Spy in Otogakure?'

~Three Days Earlier…~

Konohagakure no Sato had finally begun to settle down after the assassination of the Sandaime Hokage at the hands of Orochimaru and finally, the Godaime Hokage, the Slug Sannin Tsunade, had been chosen after agreeing to take the title due to the interventions of Jiraiya and Uzumaki Naruto and since then there had been plenty to take care of. Looking over documents that had piled up without the Sandaime being in office, the healing of various people who had been injured that only Tsunade in her years of study of medical jutsu could heal. In fact she had been so busy that it was only now that Tsunade could actually look into the one situation that had been on hold since in invasion on Konoha. That being the situation with Otogakure and Orochimaru itself.

And it was a situation that wasn't really one that should have been put aside.

Orochimaru had somehow managed to get into the chunin exams undercover, managed to mark the last surviving Uchiha for a reason that was unknown until Mitarashi Anko was questioned about her meeting with Orochimaru that he had an interest in the Uchiha's kekkei genkai, an interest that he had harbored for a while. He had also managed to assassinate the Yondaime Kazekage, posed as said man and also managed to get the Suna ninja to attack Konoha along with the Otogakure ninja, causing countless damages and the death of the Sandaime Hokage. Was the attack on Konoha merely an afterthought after marking the Uchiha, or was there more to it than that? Orochimaru had shown his hand, shown just how dangerous he was, and that he wasn't someone that they could just leave to his own devices. The rumors about Otogakure also helped to add to that.

However, there was a problem. They had no idea where Oto was other than it being in rice country. All the bases were hidden, and there was no obvious ways of finding out exactly what Orochimaru was up to.

However, there was a way.

Orochimaru himself had planted a spy in Konoha once – Kabuto. With obvious results. If a spy could be planted within Otogakure, it was possible to find out the right information and be able to cut Orochimaru off at the pass, so to speak. Of course it was likely that Orochimaru would expect something like that, and be on the watch for any ANBU or Jonin spies.

Except for one person that he would not expect. Someone who would seem to have a legitimate reason for going into Orochimaru's 'care' who would not be suspicious. Orochimaru obviously was expecting that after marking him, Uchiha Sasuke would go to him seeking power to be able to defeat his brother.

Tsunade had looked into the surviving Uchiha's file before she had begun to heal the mental trauma caused by the Tsukuyomi to get a glint into his past. For a while, Tsunade hadn't been sure if he would mentally recover. There had been a certain lack of care and counseling after the incident six years prior. As it was, he had woken up at the very least. And unfortunately, Tsunade could also see why Orochimaru may have thought that Sasuke might join him also, considering the circumstances. However, if he could be convinced, they might also be able to have a spy in Orochimaru's ranks that could give them the information they needed in order to be able to deal with anything Orochimaru might try against the village.

Unfortunately, Tsunade would have to convince the boy's sensei to allow this to happen. Hatake Kakashi was rather protective of his students, but he would take a lot of convincing considering Sasuke was someone that Orochimaru had actively sought out. Also, it would depend on Sasuke's ability to act. Orochimaru would be suspicious if there were no problems with Sasuke leaving. Thus only Tsunade, Jiraiya (who had suggested the idea), Kakashi and Sasuke himself would know of the plan to avoid Orochimaru from finding out through any other spies he himself might have.

However, at this point in time they had nothing else that they could rely on.

She could only hope that the young Uchiha would agree. For Konoha's sake.

But before she could even ask Sasuke about it, she would need to get his jonin sensei's consent also. Since he was still a genin – although it was unsure if this could have been chunin since the chunin exams were disrupted during his fight in the exam – Kakashi did still have some power in the kinds of missions that his team would take and overlooked their training. Since Sasuke was also without parents, for all intents and purposes in this case, Kakashi was something like the guardian of the two-orphaned ninja of his team.

Which was her current problem as she looked over her sheets at Kakashi who stood at the other side of her desk. The Jonin looked tired still, probably as a side effect from having been caught in Itachi's genjutsu, but he was otherwise fully healed from his encounter with the Akatsuki. However, he was frowning, his one visible eyebrow furrowed, obviously displeased by Tsunade's request. She supposed she could see his point. After all, Orochimaru had an interest in his student. He had informed her that Orochimaru had shown up the day he had sealed the cursed seal on Sasuke and obviously wanted Sasuke for some reason.

"You couldn't be serious," Kakashi said finally. "You know that Orochimaru has some kind of plans for Sasuke. To send Sasuke into Otogakure… It's giving him up to something we can't even begin to comprehend."

"Unfortunately, Kakashi," Tsunade said softly. "We don't have much of a choice."


It was something that he came to terms with a while ago. The antiseptic smell, the itch of unfamiliar clothing, the irritating brightness of white wash. The dark associations with them that still haunted him in his nightmares and a ghostly pain in his arm from a long healed scar, painful memories of the past…

It was official.

Uchiha Sasuke hated hospitals.

Which was quite unfortunate at this moment in time, considering the Uchiha's current location

The room was white all over. White washed walls and ceiling with a ceiling lamp that had a plan lampshade covering it. The cork board just above the head of the bed had various papers tacked to it, some with regular hospital information and another with basic information for the patient on it so any of the medics could note whoever occupied the bed at the time was the correct person who might be needing a check up, or a blood test, or medication. The bed itself, not the most comfiest of things in the world but certainly not the hardest thing that any ninja had ever lay on stood close to a wide window looking at the yard outside and curtains were open for both the window and around his bed. Two flowers sat in a slim glass vase on the side board and other than a mirror over a sink at the opposite end of the room; it was devoid of much else but the obvious smell of disinfectant that made it obvious to anyone what the room was and where it was situated, no matter how much he pretended he was in his own room or somewhere else altogether.

So far, there was only one occupant in the room – Sasuke himself. He was lying sprawled out on the bed half under the white blankets, one arm above his head, the other laying on his forehead as he looked up at the ceiling blankly, his dark hair splayed out a little on the pillow his head rested on. The hospital clothes itched a little, but it seemed distant as though it was only a memory of an itch than a real one and his head still felt fuzzy, as though someone had stuffed it full of cotton wool, making his thoughts sluggish for a while. Even now, some things felt somewhat unreal, even though he knew what he saw now was what was real and that genjutsu that had knocked him into that coma had been released by the new Hokage, or so he had been told. Despite having been in a coma for at the very least several days, he felt exhausted, physically and mentally from his confrontation with that man, yet despite his exhaustion the Doctors hadn't left him alone. Once he had been mentally awake as well as physically, the nurses had bombarded him with questions that felt very familiar to him, drawing up his hatred of Hospitals once more as he answered the questions with monosyllabic grunts and hums, hoping that they would hurry up and finish and leave him alone once more. The old scar that had come from so long ago ached as it did each time he went into a hospital, reminding him fiercely of the time he had gotten it. Only now it ached as much as it did the first moment that Itachi's shuriken had sliced it open six years ago.

Except… it doesn't feel like it was six years ago. It feels like yesterday…Sasuke screwed his eyes shut as his mind was again assaulted by the images, sounds and smells from the massacre, burnt into his mind by Itachi's sharingan, feeling the acidic taste of bile rising to his throat. I don't want to see this… I don't want to remember it this vividly…How much had he forgotten about the details of what happened that night? He had remembered most of it, of course. The first time Itachi had done this to him it had forever scarred his at the time in his six year old psyche, but there had been details he had forgotten, details he had purposely forgotten, so that he could keep functioning, not crumble under its weight. But now it was all back, every sight, every smell, every feeling…

The feeling of bile in his throat grew further and he sat up, hand shifting to his mouth as he fought the feeling down, eyes screwed shut again for a moment. While he had managed to hold it together in front of Sakura before she left and the nurses during their questioning, it was hard not to want to release the pent up emotions in some way, but doing that in front of them…showing weakness…he couldn't do that. He couldn't let this weakness, this helplessness, be seen by anyone.

A flash of the red tinted world crossed his mind's eyes again and he shook his head harshly, pushing himself up from the bed as a restless energy filled him, his limbs trembled faintly and why was it so hard to pull himself back together?

Growling faintly under his breath he stalked to the sink, turning the tap on and splashed cool water to his face, washing the taste of bile from his mouth and rubbed the cool water around his face and the back of his neck, the cold jolting him from the dark memory with a gasp, the cold feeling shocking against his hot skin. Scooping up more water he did it again, rubbing his face once more before catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His skin was pale, his hair a little more messy that normal for being bedridden for so long and dark marks under his eyes to put Gaara's to shame. Then he met the eyes of his reflection, flinching back at the look in his eyes. A look he hadn't seen in a while. The look that for a moment, almost frightened him. Was that really his eyes that looked so dark, so icy, so…enraged? Quickly he tilted his neck, pulling the neck of his hospital shirt to look at the cursed mark on his neck. The black comma markings were just as livid on his neck as the first time he had got it when Orochimaru had bitten him in the forest of death, the tiny kanji markings of the Fuuja Houin circled the marks.

But if that's still in place… these dark feelings…the cursed seal isn't influencing my thoughts at all… They're all mine. All my hate. All because Itachi brought up those memories all over again. He shifted a hand to his face, looking through his fingers at the mirror. Eyes full of killing intent. Isn't that what Gaara said to me during the Chunin exams? And it's all Itachi's fault.

In the mirror he could see Itachi's face, that blank look as he glanced at him. "I have no interest in you." And Sasuke's eyes narrowed darkly, his teeth gritting as he lashed out, the glass smashing under his knuckles to create a spider web across the mirror, making the image of Itachi fade away so he could only see his own image distorted by the cracks, and could feel a throbbing pain in his hand. Shaking it out he stalked back to the bed and threw himself on it so that he was lying on his back looking at the ceiling once more and the faint cracks in the wall, laying his hand across his eyes. What am I meant to be doing…? For so long I've tried. I've trained and trained myself to try and become stronger than Itachi…And still I couldn't do anything…I couldn't even do anything against Gaara either. He gritted his teeth again. He says that I don't have enough hate…Still when I first activated the Sharingan the first time it wasn't in an effort to get stronger, or to kill, but to protect that idiot...from Haku once…and from Orochimaru…And when I faced Itachi in Hatred…I couldn't do a thing… does that mean I don't hate enough as he said, or is it because I wasn't trying to protect anyone…? Is that why Naruto could defeat Gaara when I couldn't?

To hate…or to Protect…

What do I need to do…?

Shaking his head, Sasuke turned onto his side toward the window, closing his eyes. No, right now, I really shouldn't think on this. My head's still messed up, my emotions are a mess. I can't think on something so important like this. What I need is sleep and to get a hold of my emotions again. I need to be calm, rational… I really want to hit something!

Unfortunately there was very little in the room to pummel except perhaps the pillow, since the mirror was already a fragmented mess on the wall. Sighing in frustration, he focused himself on calming his still raging emotions, to calm them into his normal control. But it wasn't long before the image of the Tsukuyomi returned in his mind's eye, the images coming back once more and he gasped, sitting up, his sharingan activating in his panic before he groaned, burying his face in his hands.

It was official.


He could only hope that he would be able to get out soon before his thoughts and the memories drove him to insanity.

"Ah, Uchiha, I see you're awake," a voice said from the door and Sasuke stiffened, whipping his hands away from his face to look toward the door. There stood a woman that he had seen only a few times since he had woken from his comatose state. She was a shapely woman with long blond hair in low ponytails and piercing amber colored eyes that looked at him like a hawk. The very person who had brought him out of his coma in the first place.

"…Godaime Hokage." Sasuke murmured, trying to make sure his unfeeling mask was back up to hide the mess of not quite sorted out emotions that still coursed through him. However he realized as the woman entered the room, she wasn't the only one there, but Kakashi was there as well – obviously he had made a full recovery as well. However, Kakashi seemed troubled. As he entered, his one visible eye fixed on Sasuke, looking him over with a frown and Sasuke resisted the urge to snap at him, settling for a half-hearted glare in return. Why was he eyeing him like that? Did he honestly look that weak right now? Why else would he be looking at him with what almost looked like worry…?

Was that possible…? But why?

His eyes traveled back to Tsunade again who had picked up his file and was flipping through it again, frowning faintly as she eyed him over the top of the file for a moment, as if appraising him. Not one to back down from something like that, he stared back at her, waiting. She was obviously here for some reason. And whatever the reason was it seemed to have Kakashi at least slightly concerned, though he could have been imagining things.

"How are you feeling?" Tsunade started off first of all, drawing Sasuke from his musing once more.

"…Fine," he said, not really wanting to go through all those questions all over again. On every visit to a Hospital he had ever had, always was there a long list of questions, constantly repeated over and over to the point he could respite them all in order from memory and had made a monosyllabic answer to all of them. He half hoped that this time his suspicions that something was up would be correct just so he wouldn't have to hear the dull repetitive questions once again that day.

From the sideways look that Tsunade was giving him, he was sure he was meant to elaborate on his flashbacks because of the Tsukuyomi, his underlying anger and confusion between if he should walk a path of hatred or a path of protection of his comrades. Instead, he stubbornly set his jaw and stonily returned her amber gaze with his ebony one.

Finally the Hokage closed her eyes with a sigh and snapped the file shut, taking one of the seats close by and Sasuke once more had to look between the two of them. To him, there seemed to be more in their gazes than just a concern for his heath. However, he waited for them to say something. Kakashi obviously wasn't about to say anything just yet, as if waiting for Tsunade to say something first. It was getting to the point where Sasuke was about to ask what was going on when Tsunade finally spoke.

"I'm aware that it has only been recently that you've started to recover from your injuries," she said, picking out her words carefully, however it was that careful wording that had Sasuke frown slightly and sit straighter, listening. Obviously this was going to lead somewhere. "However, there is a problem that we have that you may very well be able to help with." She turned to look at him directly, her amber eyes boring into his own. "Uchiha, will you be our spy in Otogakure?"

Whatever he was expecting, that wasn't it.


Sasuke looked between Tsunade's somber expression and over to Kakashi, who's single eye seemed to be furrowed in something close to displeasure. So that was probably the reason for Kakashi's concerned expression before. He had obviously been asked about this before and wasn't pleased with the thought.

"Orochimaru," a shiver ran up Sasuke's spine at the name, in his mind's eye he could see the lightning fast movement as fangs pierced his neck and the burning pain that traveled like fire through him. His hand twitched slightly, wanting to rub at the cursed seal on his neck that began to burn faintly despite the seal caging him, but suppressed the urge as Tsunade continued. "Is still something of a threat. It's obvious that he has some plans for Konoha, and it's likely that he has some plans for you. Unfortunately if we sent an ANBU or Jonin to be sent into Otogakure he's likely to work out that they are spies and dispose of them. However, he seems to believe that you will go to him, since he has already marked you," this time Sasuke did put a hand over the seal at his neck, remembering that Orochimaru had seemed so confident about this. "I'd like for you to take up an act of betraying Konoha and going to Orochimaru to spy on him for about three years. It seems that the reasoning he would like you is to act as a body for some kind of immortal jutsu. That's why it's only for three years. As soon as it becomes a danger to you, you'll need to retreat to Konoha once more. Another reason is because your presence in Oto will likely prevent Orochimaru from trying to cause any more damage in Konohagakure for a while."

"This will be entirely your decision though," Kakashi said finally. "If you feel against it, you can decline. Orochimaru was after you after all, and you'll be in the heart of danger having to go to Otogakure yourself. Once you're there, we wont be able to help you other than to respond to any messages you might send. You are still a genin after all."

Sasuke felt a stab of annoyance at the jab of his current rank, but pushed it down before he did something he would regret, tightening his hands into fists as he frowned, looking down at the blankets. So he could take up the mission or not, it was completely up to him. He could back down-

But then I'd prove him right, Sasuke thought instantly, giving a glare from under his bangs in Kakashi's direction. He doesn't think I'm up to it, that I wouldn't be able to act appropriately to get through this without failing. But just because he had failed in killing Itachi that time didn't mean that he couldn't handle himself. He hadn't been named rookie of the year for nothing. Still, this wasn't the only reason either. Itachi says hate, Naruto says protect, and Orochimaru thinks he can grant power so easily. If I do this, I might be able to figure it out. Figure out who is right, and find my own way, find my own power in order to finish this madness already. I wont back down. I can't. Otherwise I'll just be proving Itachi right that I'm still weak.

He met Kakashi's eye with his dark ones for a moment before drawing himself up. I know you're just saying it because you care as my teacher, but… "I accept the mission."

Kakashi's eyes seemed to slip closed almost pained as Sasuke's answer met their ears.

Tsunade gave a very small smile at this. "Thank you. I'm sorry to have to ask this of you. But you were one of our only choices that we can use for this mission." She picked up something and passed it over to him. Giving the Hokage a strange look, he took the item and checked it over. It looked like some kind of small scroll. Nothing new. However, it was obviously important. He glanced back at her, cocking an eyebrow in a silent request for explanation.

Thankfully it seemed that Tsunade understood the silent question as she elaborated. "That is a special scroll for you to use to communicate any findings of yours to us, one that is sometimes used by undercover ninja when out on long term missions," the Hokage said. "You activate it with a little of your blood on the seal of the scroll, and then you write on it as you would normally do. The words on it will be copied onto an identical scroll that I will have in my possession, and the words will vanish from your scroll, so that if it is found, none of the details of your findings will be found out. If we have information or any orders for you while you're in Oto, the seal on the scroll that keeps it closed will turn yellow and you'll need to put a little blood on it to open it and read what's inside. Anyone else who does this will find nothing written inside."

Sasuke nodded. It looked like the scroll had quite a few jutsu on it if it needed a blood sacrifice to work.

"However," Tsunade continued, pulling his attention back to the Sannin-turned-Hokage once more. "I need to tell you that you'll be pretty much alone in Otogakure. So keep on your toes and leave nothing to chance. If we're going to convince Orochimaru that you are there for no other reason than the ones he expects, you'll have to pull off an act to fool even your own teammates. You'll have to convince them you are leaving, that you're joining Orochimaru, not because of a mission though. They cannot know. The mission must be done in utmost secrecy, as we don't know if Orochimaru has any other spies among us. The only people in Konoha who will know of this mission will be myself, Jiraiya and Kakashi. Can you do it?"

Were they trying to make him irritated by asking these things? He knew that it would be difficult, but from the time of the Uchiha Massacre, Sasuke had learned to make himself seem cold and unfeeling no matter what, even if he felt hurt, or tired or anything else. He had enough anger from his encounter with Itachi that he could focus on to add to his mask of indifference to make it seem as if he was abandoning everyone. He was certain that he could pull it off, because of that control he had drilled into himself because of Itachi.

Ah, something I can thank you for, Niisan, He thought with sadistic amusement before he nodded to Tsunade. "When do I start?"

"At the first opportunity," Tsunade said, before standing up. "Konoha will owe a lot to you for this. I'm sorry we had to ask this from you."

Sasuke gave her a small nod, before Tsunade left the room, leaving Sasuke to his thoughts. However, he wasn't left alone, he realized as he turned the scroll in his hands for a moment, looking through his bangs at his silver-haired teacher who had stayed behind. For a moment, they just looked at each other in silence. Finally-

"Are you sure about this? There's a lot that you'll be giving up."

Sasuke eyed Kakashi for a moment. Was he trying to get him to back out, or was he actually trying to show some form of caring for him? It was hard to tell when it came to Hatake Kakashi.

"I've made up my mind. I'll do the mission." He said, closing his eyes. Because this might be the only thing that will actually help me to figure out which path will be right for me in the end.

There was nothing else that could be said. The decision was made.

Uchiha Sasuke would be the Konoha spy.

And only three other people would know.

Sorry Naruto, Sakura. But if I'm going to do this, you'll need to see me as the enemy.

To Be Continued….



~Hokage: literally meaning 'Fire Shadow', the name of the leader of Konoha.

~Godaime Hokage: 'Fifth Fire Shadow', the current leader of Konohagakure

~Sandaime Hokage: 'Third Fire Shadow', the previous leader of Konohagakure, killed during a battle with Orochimaru during the chunin exams.

~Konohagakure no Sato: 'the village hidden in the Leaves', the main village in Naruto situated in fire country, sometimes shortened down to 'Konoha' or 'Konohagakure'. Ninja from this village are known as 'Konoha (leaf) ninja'.

~Otogakure: the 'hidden sound village', a village made by Orochimaru, though more of separate bases spanning over rice country. Ninja from here are known as 'Oto (sound) ninja'.

~Yondaime Kazekage: 'fourth wind Shadow', the previous leader of Sunagakure, assassinated by Orochimaru during the chunin exams. The father of Temari, Kankuro and Gaara.

~Kekkei Genkai: bloodline ability. Special ability unique to certain clans. There are many types of Kekkei genkai throughout the ninja world.

~Sharingan: 'Copy-wheel eye' the eye based (doujutsu) kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan. The eyes become red with three comma marks around the pupil. Only users are Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Itachi and Hatake Kakashi (via transplant)

~Suna: aka Sunagakure no sato, the village hidden in the sand. The main hidden village in Wind country. Ninja from there are known as 'Suna (sand) ninja'

~Sannin: 'sage', a title given to Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru

~Jonin: 'elite ninja'

~Chunin: 'Journeyman/middle ninja'

~Genin: 'low/junior ninja' – the first rank of a ninja.

~ANBU: Short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (meaning Special Assassination and Tactical Squad) The ANBU usually work in teams formed to the requirements of the mission, ensuring maximum success. The shinobi in the ANBU are handpicked by the village leader; chosen for their individual capabilities and special skills. Age, gender, background, or previous rank bears no weight in this decision. Unlike other ninja ranks, the ANBU wear black uniform with a white armor vest and a mask in the shape of an animal so that their identity is not known. They often operate under code-names.

~Tsukuyomi: an ability of the Mangekyou Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye), the next level of the regular sharingan. The Tsukuyomi creates an illusion controlled by the user, including time. Often stylized by the negative colors and a red sky.

Genjutsu: illusionary technique

Fuuja Houin: evil suppressor – the seal around Sasuke's cursed seal that allows him to suppress the cursed seal.

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