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First Rain Storm

"I want to be loved, more than I am now. I want that so deeply, so strongly. I want to engrave myself onto you, so that when I'm gone there's some sign that I was there in your eyes, in your heart. I want to sleep within your arms and wake up every morning knowing that you are mine. These feelings are so strong and they keep building. I want to share some of these feelings with you!"

Harry thought it had to be some big cosmic joke that had him once again wearing a dress and reciting lines from The Moon's Curse in front of a large audience. When he had first decided to audition for the Spring Play he had not know what production they would be putting on, when he learned it was this particular play that drug up so many old memories for him, he'd had second thoughts, but Remus had told him he should go for it and so did Sirius.

The school's drama teacher, Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart, claimed to had fallen in love with Harry's audition and had this "vision" of him as the perfect Lady Victoria Mackintosh. And history repeats itself.

"I want you so bad that it's almost painful every time that we are close! Why don't you understand that?" It would have be easier to stage kiss his co-star if the role of Lord Bryan Young wasn't being played by such a big homophobe, but showbiz is showbiz and you can't choose who you work with.

"Victoria! How could you?" It was a miracle the girl playing Lady Anne even managed to remember her lines, she'd botched them something terrible during the first few run-throughs, but had gotten better at it with more rehearsals, only to once again botch up during all five dress rehearsals. Lockhart had wanted to remove her from the production, but it was too late to find a replacement since the girl's understudy had come down with a bad case of the flu a week before opening night. Luckily the girl seemed to have gotten over the bad case of nerves that had her royally screwing up before.

"Anne, I'm sorry." Harry collapsed on the stage and didn't move as the final battle scene began.

"All of them are dead. How could love meet such an ill-fated end when all that we wanted was someone to cherish us above all else?" The entire auditorium was silent as Anne delivered her final soliloquy surrounded by the dead bodies of her friends. "Oh sweet moon, we thought you'd put us under your spell and blessed us with this love. Oh sweet moon, why did you curse us all?" The girl playing Anne never had been able to cry on cue, so she buried her face in her hands instead, but the fact that he fake sobbing lasted a full four and a half seconds longer than it should have proved she had once again forgotten her lines. "Oh, my dear sweet Victoria. Torie, my dear friend, how dare I end your life and in doing so laid ruin to all our loves. Worry not my friend, I shall be joining you soon."

The whole room seemed to be holding its breath as Anne let out a pained cry and fell dead to the floor.

A pregnant pause... and the room exploded into applause.


"Wow, Pup, that was amazing. You did great." Sirius patted Harry hard on the back, before ruffling his hair and smiling proudly at him.

"Cub, you were the most beautiful Victoria I have ever seen, even better than when your mother played the same role." Remus pulled Harry into such a tight hug he was sure he heard some of his ribs cracking.

"You were really good, Harry," Mathias said with a smile.

Harry smiled back.

"How about we all go out for ice cream to celebrate a great opening night; I'll treat the whole cast and crew." Sirius offered loud enough for the rest of the students backstage to hear. There was many loud cries of agreement. "We'll all meet at Stephan's Sweet Shoppe in half an hour."

"You can count me in!" Mathi chirped.

"Strange, Mathi, I don't remember you being on cast or crew."

"I was on tech." Mathias lied.

"As if, you just want free ice cream." Harry rolled his eyes.

"So I wasn't on tech, but I was on chauffeur duty, I drove you home from every rehearsal." Mathias pouted.

Remus chuckled at the two teens' antics. "Just get the boy some ice cream before he starts begging."

The group all laughed as they exited backstage and made their way towards the parking lot. "Hey, Harry, wait up!" Harry turned to see who had called him and saw a vaguely familiar looking boy running his way. "Hey, I'm Jesse, from your art class," the boy greeted them. "I was told to give you this." Harry hadn't noticed the single red rose Jesse was holding until the boy extended it towards him. "Great show, by the way, see you in class Monday."

"Wait! Who is it from?" Mathias asked, but Jesse had already disappeared into the crowd.

Harry's three companions turned and looked at him expectantly as he opened the card attached to the flower. "Why is it always a dress, Kid?" Harry read aloud, "Pretty good show, for an amateur." There was no signature, but Harry already knew who it was from. "Stupid jerk," he grumbled, but the pleased smile on his face said otherwise. "Well, what are we waiting, let's go get ice cream."


"So, Harry, was that rose from him?" Mathias asked later that night when he and Harry were alone in Harry's room; Sirius and Remus had already gone to bed and Mathias was going to stay the night.

"Huh?" Harry was sitting on the floor playing with Prongs, the puppy Mathias and gotten for him and Sirius as a Christmas present. "What are you talking about?"

"That rose you got after the show tonight, was it from Malfoy?"

"Oh, yeah." Harry tossed the chew toy in his hand across the room and watched as the little black puppy bounded out of it. "Draco has seen me play Lady Victoria before, back in the UK. I had spent half an evening walking around with him while wearing the dress for the role and he wasn't too happy about it. He retaliated by calling my acting amateurish." Harry smiled dazedly at the memory of that night so long ago. A lot had happened that night, somethings that he would not soon forget.

"Harry?" Mathias called out, pulling Harry's attention away from the path they had drifted down.

"Sorry," Harry mumble sheepishly.

Mathias rolled his eyes and shook his head in exasperation. "Can you pay attention to anything for more than five seconds, or are you off you bipolar meds?"

Harry couldn't help but falling into a fit of giggles at that moment. "Draco once asked if I was bipolar not long after we first met." He explained at Mathias' questioning look.

Mathi rolled his eyes again. "Can we not talk about him anymore." The older teen grumbled.

"Sorry," Harry said again, regaining control of his giggles. He had forgotten that Draco was sort of a taboo subject with Mathias. The American boy had made it quite obvious that he disliked the Malfoy and couldn't stand to hear Harry talk about him. Buy for some strange reason, Mathi was always the one asking questions that would get Harry talking about the British blond. He never gave a reason for his curiosity, but Harry always complied and answered his questions.

In the three months since Draco had shown up on Harry's doorstep in America, Harry had spent his time bouncing between hanging out with Mathi and hanging out with Draco because Mathias absolutely refused to be anywhere near the Malfoy. Draco didn't seem to mind Mathi's company at all, but that might be because he used the time to, in some sly way that usually only Harry and Remus notice, insult the American. Harry had tried to make Draco at least attempt to be nice to Mathi, but it was hard to be friendly with someone who made it no secret their dislike of you.

Harry didn't understand the two of them at all. How could two complete strangers act like that towards each other right off the back. The moment Harry had introduced Draco, Mathias had immediately sneered at the blond and set about glaring at him the rest of the evening. Draco made no comment about the looks of disdain coming from the other boy, but had set about making a permanent enemy of Mathias before the evening was over with. It was stupid, petty, and childish for the two of them to behave that way, yet both insisted that Harry was over exaggerating when he mentioned their obvious rivalry. And the worst part was, Harry was caught right in the middle.

It was obvious Mathias was trying to build a relationship as more than friends with Harry, but at the same time it was just as obvious Draco wanted to continue their old relationship. The two of them were constantly competing for Harry's time and attention. They repeatedly tried to one-up each other in their signs of affection. It would have been bloody annoying if it was so sweet.

At the moment Harry had no idea what he felt for either of them.

Mathias was a good friend. He was nice and caring. He made Harry laugh and smile. He was great.

On the other hand, Draco was a right git. He was annoying and arrogant. He made Harry's blood boil with rage. And Harry loved him dearly.

Harry knew he had never stopped loving Draco and he doubted he ever would. Draco was his first love. There was a passion between them that existed no where else. They were connected in ways that transcended life, the universe, and everything. One look from Draco was enough to make Harry's heart melt. One touch made him burn with lust. One word ignited something within Harry that made everyone else cease to exist. That was until he remembered the heartache Draco had caused him.

So far they hadn't spoken of Pansy Parkinson or Draco's family, save for Harry's initial questioning about why Draco was here. The Malfoy had assured Harry that they didn't need to worry about Pansy or his father, but Harry wasn't too sure. Draco was betrothed to the Parkinson chit, and his father had made it quite clear that Harry was not to interfere with them, and Draco had made it clear when it came down to it he would always pick his family's orders over Harry. So that begged the question: why was Draco here, in America, trying to win Harry back?

"Harry, are you listening to me?"

Harry blushed and looked up at Mathias apologetically. "I'm sorry, my thoughts were wandering."

Mathi sighed. "I was asking whether or not you were busy tomorrow, I though maybe we could go to the Cinema."

Harry blushed a brighter red and turned his attention to the puppy that was now curled up in his lap. "I- uh, I'm supposed to be going out with Draco tomorrow, I'm sorry."

There was three full seconds of silence before Mathias finally spoke, "It's ok. Maybe some other time. Look, it's getting late. I better head to bed. Good-night, Harry."

"G-night, Mathi." Harry mumbles as he watched the other boy leave the room.